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You're Reading:Wiki Trader App – Sarah Markel Re-Visited, Seducing ManHood with Elegance … Hard to Resist BUT …

Wiki Trader App – Sarah Markel Re-Visited, Seducing ManHood with Elegance … Hard to Resist BUT …

by Tasos


Dec 1, 2016




Unfortunately there are many positive reviews online about this program (shame on these affiliates) but hopefully there are the ones that tell the truth so it is a critical point for me to step ahead and analyse the video presentation.



Inside Wiki Trader App




I could not believe my eyes when I saw “The” woman, head-star of a new Binary movie.


Hey Sarah, how are you my precious?…I’ve missed you, it was Fall of 2015 if I remember correctly when I busted another Binary auto trading crap. It was YOU Sarah Markel, the one, now you have a new name of course, you are the lady “Kelly Wallace” … and what a beautiful new haircut…so gorgeous though, I would marry you if I was free, no second thoughts.


She is the enigmatic soul behind this new incredible Binary app that is promising millions to the masses…Is that possible?…Is it legal?…What else you need to know?..







Pop-Corn / Coca Cola for Me



When you visit the homepage you are surrounded with these headlines

  • Don’t miss out on this free offer
  • Easily make $8600 extra per month using our automated trading app
  • Take action now for instant profit … 100% FREE
  • Without any trading experience
  • Financially free, at last I can afford vacation and luxury restaurants, join the beta testers…and the rest


The movie claims

  • Kelly’s firm became famous of some crazy investments over the years
  • Investments in the hyper loop (nonsense term), commercial space travel (UFO tech?), plenty of other bizarre things
  • She’s on her way to catch a flight now but she will donate a few minutes of her time to us, some of us will become victims at the end but who cares, right Kelly?
  • The firm’s newest development, Wiki Trader
  • The last month statements she holds in her hands show the unbelievable results of her clients….wOw what a proof guys
  • All of them are making at least $35,000 per month and some are millionaires already
  • They are rolling an exclusive undercover team at Wiki Traders’ headquarters, we are invited to follow her….oh my gosh…I would follow you to HELL lady

Some Extra Sauce

  • Electronic Music to create a “Suspense” environment
  • The mansion, the sports car at the garden
  • 100 people are invited to join this secret co-op and try out the latest update of the software
  • Latest tests show the average user will make close to $12,000 daily
  • A private jet of course with the pilot waiting outside for Kelly
  • But Wiki Trader is a money making machine for the vast majority of its clients for many years now…with the domain registered 2 months earlier
  • Among them you will find high level traders, elite brokers (partnered scams)…it’s a safe place for big wigs to diversify their portfolios
  • But Kelly does not want the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • Her father was a mid school math teacher, her mother a receptionist…what a heart touching story my love
  • And Wiki Trader, a simple platform for normal people like you and blah blah blah…..


This is when I stop the video from playing and move forward to access the free beta testing app for FREE of course…



Upon Signing




Now Kelly is begging for me to deposit $250 in order to open another account with yet another scam broker so that she and her team will make a commission out of me.


Kelly…please tell me just that and I will deposit $1 million right away…where in the world have you seen beta testers pay out to test software for a company?….ha ha ha







Final Words



Another outrageous scam ruining the binary market’s reputation…Stay away by all means….

The app?…a simple plugin for random signals at best, anyone can program that with 1 hour lessons, wake up people and ….



Take the Future in your Hands



You don’t have to rely and hunt these kind of programs that promise the heaven on Earth, Automated ATM’s do not exist…You can make millions, but it takes time to get there….

You wanna know how I got started online? and what a beautiful journey so far…but…Promise me that you will put the work and everything is possible my friends…


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help






That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Have you ever lost money to a Binary scam?..Till next time, your online partner,

















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