Quiz Funnel Masterclass 3.0 Open

The complete solution to get your QUIZ Funnel built…because the Ask Method Company will do it for you

The Web 3.0 Economy Is Here and I wonder…

are you using questions, quiz funnels, and live events in your marketing?

++ LIVE DOCUMENTARY Tasos Perte – The Live XP Funnel


See Inside the Revolutionary Bucket.io®2.0 QUIZ Software + BRAND NEW QUIZcart Technology & More 

Saturday, June 25th @ 7pm CT

Solving Major Problems & Challenges with the power of questions & entertainment

Building trust

Caring about them, helping them in their journey, let them be the center of the universe as they wish

Collecting Sensitive Information With Zero-party data

Respecting people’s privacy

Eliminating economic recession, uncertainty, and distrust with “Gourmet” live events

+ Live Documentary: building a quiz funnel and enhancing it with live events – daily videos

+ INSANE…we are rewarding 1 lucky brand

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