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The complete solution to get your QUIZ Funnel built…because the Ask Method Company will do it for you

The Web 3.0 Economy Is Here and I wonder…

are you using questions, quiz funnels, and live events in your marketing?

++ LIVE DOCUMENTARY Tasos Perte – The Live XP Funnel


See Inside the Revolutionary Bucket.io®2.0 QUIZ Software + BRAND NEW QUIZcart Technology & More 

Saturday, June 25th @ 7pm CT

Solving Major Problems & Challenges with the power of questions & entertainment

Building trust

Caring about them, helping them in their journey, let them be the center of the universe as they wish

Collecting Sensitive Information With Zero-party data

Respecting people’s privacy

Eliminating economic recession, uncertainty, and distrust with “Gourmet” live events

+ Live Documentary: building a quiz funnel and enhancing it with live events – daily videos

+ INSANE…we are rewarding 1 lucky brand

2022 Quiz Funnel Masterclass 3.0


Bonus : *will be explained in tomorrow’s video in detail.

Here’s a quick overview:

I’ll be building 2 funnels for your business:

  • A quiz funnel with the Ask Method
  • A live XP funnel by combining the “Ask Method” and the “7 Ideals”

I’ll build those 2 funnels from start to finish so you don’t have to do the work.

I’ll be refining, tweaking, and improving those funnels until they are profitable and can run on autopilot.

This bonus takes away all the pain associated with building the quiz, marketing it online, and improving it.

It’s a huge bonus and I never offered something like it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Behind the scenes

Live Documentary:

I’m building a quiz funnel using Ryan Levesque’s “Ask Method” and enhancing it with live events using my “7 Ideals” method.

I’m going through the 2022 live quiz funnel workshop that Ryan is hosting this week and various other resources and guides, and my notes from past workshops.

This is the introduction.

I’ll be releasing daily videos documenting my progress.

A New World

Only 1 Currency

There is only ONE currency in the new world, a world less about stuff and things, a world more about experiences, and that’s TRUST.

And to build trust, we need to start listening carefully to our target market, being curious, and asking…QUESTIONS.

What’s the best way to use questions online?


And who’s the master of quiz funnels?

Meet Ryan Levesque, founder and Inc 500 CEO of the Ask Method Company and Bucket.io.

And meet Tasos Perte, founder of this site, marketing consultant, and creator of the 7 Ideals method, and we’ll be discussing how we expand upon those amazing quiz funnels that Ryan makes.

Quiz Funnel Clinic Tuesday June 21 @ 1 pm US CT

Early-Bird VIP Opportunity Saturday June 18 4 pm ET 

1 lucky business owner will get rewarded big time (INSANE)



questions & live events: killer combo

Expanding Quiz Funnels with the "7 Ideals" Methodology by Tasos Perte

  • Building an amazing quiz funnel with the help of the “Ask Methodology” and expanding upon it
  • The power of entertainment as the antidote to distrust, economic recession, and uncertainty
  • 2nd layer of questions, adding new criteria
  • 1st immediate custom live experience
  • Adding live events as a new service to what you already do as a brand with our live event frameworks
  • Gourmet experiences, small groups of people (1-12), week-long, high-ticket

Main Challenges for business owners and marketers: Data, Privacy, Trust - Ask Methodology by Ryan Levesque

  • Collect Sensitive Information, Respect People’s Privacy, Build Trust
  • Certain “Questions” in a certain way as the answer to all 3
  • Quizzes as the most effective way to use questions online (outperform surveys, assessments, forms, and other methods)
  • Quiz funnel building with the one and only Ryan, Inc 500 and sympathetic guy

Live 2022 Quiz Funnel Workshop

June 13-18

It’s happening only once-in-a-year


cheaper leads, high volume, high conversions, valuable data, better sell and better serve

The #1 strategy to collect sensitive data

  • A full WEEK of interactive, get-it-done live training (June 13-18) INCLUDING dedicated Live Q&A sessions…
  • Discover how to choose your QUIZ TOPIC, come up with your BIG IDEA, your QUESTIONS, and we’ll even build a QUIZ in real time!
  • Can’t Make it Live? Your Ticket includes a FREE Digital Replay Pass through June 26th
  • Resources include 18 Dedicated QUIZ Funnel Templates, 90+ Pages of Real Life QUIZ Examples, and a Step-by-Step QUIZ Funnel Blueprint…
  • And Much More!

Use our coupon code to attend the epic event for free and get access to our bonus


Upcoming Webinar

  • Empathetic, Emotional Storytelling
  • Value-Driven, Customer-Centric Approach
  • Superior live experiences
  • HQ Products/Services
  • Respecting consumers and the environment
  • Fighting economic recession, uncertainty, and distrust

with amazing live events



quiz funnels’ Main Benefits

Cheap Leads/Low-Cost

Minimizing risks, avoiding traps, reducing production costs

Fast Results

High Conversions

High Volume

Incredibly Valuable Data

Better sell and better serve your ideal prospects and repel those you don't want



Improved User Experience

Sunday June 12 Message

Monday June 13 Message

the web 3.0 future symposium

June 6-10: 5 days 5 ways to get ahead of everyone

Day #1 Highlights

more highlights coming soon

Guest: Trey Sheneman - CMO at Ask Method

All types of data, traffic, lead generation in a cookieless world

Key Takeaways & My Additions

  • We are moving from browser-side tracking to server-side tracking.
  • Conversion API
  • We can no longer trust data from advertising networks
  • Collect user information and data from the very first contact, tease them
  • The power of questions and quizzes
  • Disruption brings opportunities
  • More emotional and empathetic marketing
  • Start listening to your prospects and customers
  • Multi-channel business building
  • Build your own platform (website)
  • Segmentation, personalization, currency of trust, overdeliver, and privacy

We are not saints

We’ve reached this point

We, marketing professionals and business owners played a big role in building distrust with the market. We wanted to make more sales for our clients and ourselves, and so we relied on massive advertising on big tech platforms, easily, affordably, and effectively for quite a long time.

But things changed…

Day #2,3 Highlights

more highlights coming soon

Guests: Lee Richter - CEO The Global Leaders Collective and Landon Ray - founder & CEO of Ontraport

Product development, blockchain, NFTs.

Email marketing, SMS marketing, the future of email.

A new dawn

The internet has been a blessing for business owners so far

The history of the web, all the problems associated with Web 2.0, and the new era of entrepreneurship and marketing away from 3rd-party data.

Web 1 Web 2 Web 3

We are moving toward a more private, safe, and secure internet where marketers should discover alternative ways of running ads and approaching consumers.

Brands that are looking to maximize profits without caring about customer experiences and quality will have a hard time surviving.

Also, we have to reshape our strategies for traffic, the way we structure our privacy policy, product development and launches, emails, funnels, and so much more.

We are moving away from 3rd-party data on which we relied heavily up until now to 1st-party data and zero-party data.

Digital Marketing Guide

Web 3.0 Visual

Digital Marketing Guide

Web 3.0 Quiz Funnels

One of them is the goldmine

Analyzing all types of data from zero-party to 3rd-party, its category’s benefits, what the future of web 3.0 brings, and how to get prepared in order to shape a winning strategy.

Extracting sensitive information

are you prepared for the web 3.0 future?

Test your

Web 3.0 Readiness

A fun and short quiz to help you discover your Web 3.0 readiness. Areas to improve in your business, common mistakes to avoid, and what to do next. 

Free Templates

Why getting these quiz templates?

What I LOVE about quizzes (and why I’m talking about them so much lately) is that they WORK no matter what your business model is!

Whether it’s E-commerce and you ship physical products in the mail…

Or you sell digital courses, memberships, or other programs…

Or you’re a coach, consultant or agency that works with clients…

A local small business…

And EVEN if you’re just starting out!

No matter your business model, there are quiz funnels working RIGHT NOW in all of them.

Ryan put together a MASSIVE Template Swipe File, which contains 18 Templates, and Dozens of Real-Life Quizzes, Case Studies, and Canvas diagrams!

That’s 93+ pages of SWIPE files you can use as inspiration for YOUR high converting Quiz Funnel.

You’ll see real life examples AND the template landing page, quiz questions, and more!


14 QUIZ Funnel Diagrams


15 Real-Life Case Studies for e-commerce, consulting services, digital products, local businesses, and many more…


There are 27+ different marketing funnels

Take this FREE assessment to discover which of 27+ different marketing funnels is right for you:

  • Based on your type of business, industry, product, and price point of what you’re selling
  • Get a funnel template diagramming your funnel
  • PLUS a real-life case study to see an example of this exact type of funnel in action
the power of quiz funnels purple-background-with-quiz-word-colorful-people_2795614

Various Examples

  • What exactly is a quiz funnel in detail
  • How it works
  • How brands use sales & quiz funnels
  • Illustration of a funnel
  • Benefits
  • Are they complicated?
  • Are they fading away?
  • Various examples (including mine)


quiz funnels’

real power

The Power Of Entertainment

Expanding quiz funnels with the 7 Ideals Method

7 ideals banner 666

7 Ideals Expansion - Antidote to Economic Recession, Uncertainty, and Distrust

  • We build a quiz funnel using the “Ask Method” of Ryan
  • When people complete the quiz we collect data and check if the prospect or customer meets some criteria
  • We deliver our first live experience
  • We then ask another set of questions to discover if they belong to a certain group of people
  • We use our live event framework to provide a “gourmet & very private” week-long experience to a very small group (1-12 people)
  • We check all 3: we collect zero-party data again, we respect their privacy, and start building trust by showing up live during our very first communication
  • This is another layer to what you already do as a brand, a new service

A lineup of marketing giants…

Uncovering a myth that holds you back

Curiosity didn’t kill any cat

Curiosity is one of the most powerful forces, fuels progress, innovation, and creativity, and helps us learn and grow. That’s why you should start asking questions in your business and life.

Join The Wave

*exceptional marketing professionals, innovative business owners

Trey Sheneman

CMO, ASK Method Company

Lee Richter

CEO, The Global Leaders Collective

Landon Ray


Jodi Daniels

Founder & CEO,Red Clover Advisors

Ryan Levesque

Founder & CEO, ASK Method Company & Bucket.io


Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Founder, WebMarketSupport, creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology

June 6-10, 2022 | 4pm ET | 3pm CT | 1pm PT

Web 3.0

The Problematic Web 2.0 Goes Away

Transitioning into the new economy

In the current 2nd version of the web we’ve lost our direction, consumers lost control of their privacy and data, and big problems came to the surface.

The centralization of user data on big tech companies caused a series of major problems for business owners and consumers such as the rise in advertising costs, the decline in the effectiveness of those advertisements, very bad user experiences, and complaints.

So, we are moving away from an unsafe and insecure web to a new environment, away from hunting money and maximizing profits to impacting the world and changing lives as business owners and leaders, and away from 3rd-party data on which we relied heavily up until now to 1st-party data and zero-party data.

Also, we have to reshape our strategies for traffic, the way we run ads, the way we structure our privacy policy, product development and launches, emails, funnels, and so much more.

This shift is going to disrupt the whole advertising industry.

Let us know if you’re ready to transition!

A world where brands are impacting and changing people’s lives with amazing products and services, superior user experiences, and unparallel live events. A world where impersonal brands that are money machines are fading away, giving space for personal communication, ethics, and transparency.

Your Ideas & Words Matter

Join Us

Schedule an interview to discuss Web 3.0, get your questions answered, get featured on our blog, and host your own content. Thousands of people will be visiting these pages in June.

Traffic & Lead Generation
Product Development, Blockchain
Email Marketing Evolution
Data, Privacy, Trust
Marketing Funnels
Live Experiences

Contest: Quiz Funnel 2022

Is this your 1st quiz funnel?

Which of those categories best describes your business?*

WMS Agreement*

WMS Terms*

These changes come as a result of user dissatisfaction with online experiences and distrust. Marketers, business owners, and agencies overwhelmed users with countless ads, retargeting campaigns, and other marketing communications, and advertising networks had their users’ data breached, stolen, or sold in a series of scandals.

Get Ready To be challenged

Don’t focus on selling your product

You should instead focus on listening to the market. You have to insist a little bit here. Consumers are more than eager to share exactly what they need, but you need to be there, ask the right questions, and listen carefully.

Are you really equipped to do so?

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A week-long event to help you navigate through these tough economic times and become competent in an ever-changing marketplace by understanding and elaborating on your unique advantages as a small business or startup.


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