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At last, Michael Hyatt opened the doors for his new release of the 5 days program. People are registering like maniacs. In less than 24 hours more than 1500 people are already included in Hyatt’s next classroom.


Michael Hyatt – The Author


Michael Hyatt is an author, speaker and the former chairman / CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. His publishing career begun at Word Publishing while being a student at Baylor University.

His expertise cover areas like leading with purpose, personal productivity, book publishing and social media. He has been featured in various popular magazines/news/sites such as Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN…


5 Days to Your Best Year Ever history

This is the 5th year that Hyatt is offering this training to the public and it’s a huge success so far with thousands of satisfied customers






Product Information



Best Year Ever is a Training by Michael Hyatt that helps people

  • Reach their full potential
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Live a life that matters
  • Give priority to the ‘Important’ things, instead of the ‘Urgent’
  • Follow a proven goal accomplishing process
  • Get out of the ‘Stuck and Stressed’ mode into the ‘Clear and Control’ mode
  • Accomplish more and have greater clarity in life



Independent Study Course: $197

5 modules with video lessons 10-18 minutes long including workbooks, downloadable audio files, and full transcripts. A very flexible structure that gives the opportunity to learn while doing other things (audio files). It’s designed to help people make the new year their best ever through motivation and tips on how to stay clear of distractions.

VIP Course: $397

Everything that the previous package contains plus additional material to help people stay on track. Last year students of the Best Year Ever gave their feedback and this subject was what most of them asked help for. Furthermore, there is another bonus, a special presentation called ‘Conquering the messy middle’.


  • Autographed first edition copy of Best Year Ever (hardcover $24.99)
  • Exclusive VIP Facebook group & monthly coaching ($997)
  • Powerful goals playbook ($97)
  • The Never Stuck System – 3 proven tools to help you recover from an achievement slump
  • The motivation reboot worksheet – an exercise to reconnect with your purpose and channeling new energy for your goals
  • The weekly achievement tracker – a progress-monitoring template for building key habits and reaching big goals
  • Goal Psychology 101 – 5 mental shifts you must make to achieve your dreams in 2018
  • Take the driver’s seat – 4 strategies for owning the decisions that define your direction


Live event package: $997

  • All that the previous packages contain plus
  • Special Best Year Ever notebook ($97)
  • Personalized coaching from Hyatt & Team ($1,997)

Slogan: Create an action plan based on cutting-edge goal-setting research…and have your Best Year Ever in 2018

Location & dates: January 2-4, 2018, Nashville TN.(limited to the first 550 people)







I have already announced the webinars in a previous post but today you can get a very special price. The Early Bird Deadline is approaching and you might miss a big chance here…

…because there is the…



5 Days to Your Best Year Ever – Bonus



Today and for the next 16 hours or so Michael Hyatt is giving an extra to those that will get the coaching program. Along with that, you are getting the Goal Tracking System for Evernote.

It is a behind the scenes look at how Michael is tracking his goals.

  • He explains everything in a screencast (with a click by click steps). Simply plug and play with your very own goals.
  • With an Evernote template tracks key motivations, next actions, progress reports and random notes for each goal.
  • A PDF with printable step by step instructions and hacks to use Evernote as a goal visible center. Because you don’t want to fail for the “out of sight – out of mind” syndrome.


And with the Special Early Bird Pricing, you’ll save $50 on the Independent Study package, $100 on VIP, or $200 on the brand new Best Year Ever Live event package.


Bonus Updates – 15 Dec 2017


Design Your Days Goal Achievement Kit. A 3-part bundle packed full of everything you need to break your biggest goals down into bite-sized, daily steps.

VIP / Independent

  • Exclusive “5 Days To Your Best Year Ever” VIP Facebook group – Please note there will be no live monthly coaching this year ($997 Value)
  • Signed copy of Your Best Year Ever book ($24.99 value)
  • Powerful Goals Playbook ($97 Value)
  • The Never Stuck System: 3 Proven Tools to Help You Recover During an Achievement Slump ($147 Value)


  • All Bonuses from VIP Level
  • Special Notebook/Binder
  • Personalized Coaching from Micheal Hyatt and Team

Open Cart Purchase Bonus (24 Hours Only)

  • Product: The Weekly Achievement Tracker: Your Progress-Monitoring Template for building key habits and reaching big goals (PDF + Video + XML File)
  • Opens: 12/11/17 at 04:00am CST
  • Expires: 12/11/17 at 11:59pm PST

MidCart Purchase Bonus (24 Hours Only)

  • Product: Design Your Days Goal Achievement Kit: How to Master the Art of Everyday Wins (2 Videos, eBook)
  • Opens: 12/15/17 at 04:00am CST
  • Expires: 12/15/17 at 11:59pm PST

Close Cart Purchase Bonus (24 Hours Only)

  • Product: Stay on Track: Goal Tracking System (4 Videos)
  • Opens: 12/19/17 at 04:00am CST
  • Expires: 12/19/17 at 11:59pm PST

Webinar Bonuses

  • Show Up: Take the Driver’s Seat: 4 Strategies for Owning Decisions that Define Your Direction
  • Stay On: More Sleep, More Success Power Pack
  • Fast Action (Open Cart): Stay On Track: Goal Tracking System ($147 Value)
  • Fast Action  (Rest of Campaign): The Weekly Achievement Tracker: Your Progress-Monitoring Template for Building Key Habits and Reaching Big Goals ($147 Value)




The Coaching Program – Make 2017 (and not only) your Best Year Ever



This program is for those…

  • That feel too busy or overwhelmed to focus on what matters the most
  • That can not juggle many responsibilities without a system in place
  • That fear to step ahead and put external difficulties aside.
  • That doubt to take control of their lives

Clarity and a Powerful Breakthrough are only 1 Step away

Whether you are a business person, an entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, parent, or someone that wants to simply accomplish more the program can help you big time.


Traditional goal setting does not work

  • 70% of organizational change initiatives fail
  • 25% of people abandon the New Year’s resolution after one week. 60% do so in a period of 6 months
  • 95% of those who lose weight on a diet regain it and a huge percentage regains even more weight.

So…it’s time for a new framework.


What You Will Learn During the 5 days workshop



  • Critical ingredients for happiness through goal setting
  • Key elements for a breakthrough that leads to dramatic transformation
  • Identify why you get stuck, what holds you back
  • An exercise to lay the groundwork for the best year that is about to come by examining the previous year in order to achieve extraordinary success
  • The “opportunity principle” … areas of greatest regret become areas of greatest opportunity
  • Set smarter no-fail goals with a 7 part formula
  • A template to pursue the right goals first
  • Lasting motivation and momentum even when there are times that you want to quit
  • 12 step process to keep you on track and increase the chances of success month after month.


The Price



Is set right now to $147 but with a catch

Early Bird Pricing is only available through December 8, 2016, at 11:59 pm Pacific


Bonuses beyond those mentioned earlier

  • Private Facebook group and monthly coaching videos
  • The Powerful Goals Playbook: 120 Proven Goal-Setting Templates to Jumpstart Your Progress
  • The Stay on Track System: A Surefire 3-Part Framework to Keep You Focused All Year Long


There is a 30 days money back guarantee without questions asked.









Ray Edwards, copywriter

I lost 53 pounds. My company surpassed our goal of $1 million in revenue for the first time. I personally paid off over $400K in consumer debt. There’s no way I’d start a year without ‘Best Year Ever’ being my foundation.

Mark Timm, CEO, Ziglar family

I’m sitting here with a 10X result in my business because of Best Year Ever. I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

Kelly Thorne Gore, founder of iBloom

As a direct result of Best Year Ever, I have been able to lose 39 lbs, and I have tripled my take home pay

Rick Kloete, president, Kloete group

My company’s revenue growth year over year was 56%

Steve Anderson, founder, the Anderson network

One of my biggest goals was to write and publish a book. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Because of the Best Year Ever course, I was able to achieve that goal







Here’s the full list of case studies and FAQ




Personal Review



I would not recommend that course without knowing what to expect. Hyatt is a man with a great reputation and I have already analyzed his experience in my previous articles.

As someone that holds a degree in Business Administration (see my previous analysis on the ‘Free to Focus’ program), I’ve been through numerous classes, courses, and trainings regarding businesses. We learned how to set goals, how to prioritize things from important to urgent because this is the right order, and get things done at the end of the day.

The business world is hard, and you gotta have discipline and follow the right principles if you want your company or the companies you consult to succeed. You have to stay clear, away from distractions that hurt your decisions, in order to reach your full potential.

And as an affiliate of this course, I have access to major parts of the training. I know that Michael Hyatt has put a lot of hard work to create a modern system aligned with the business world principles mentioned above. If I were to choose one program to achieve the maximum of goals for the next year, that would be Best Year Ever by Michael.

And have in mind, that the course is designed to help people beyond the business world. Other people use it to lose weight, to find a passionate partner in their lives, or to accomplish other important and personal goals.


Ray Edwards who is one of my mentors says about this program…You’re not buying a course, you’re investing in yourself and your family. Stop thinking about it, make a bold move, and dive in!


It is time to launch your best year ever…To your success




That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.






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