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6 Trusted Web Hosting Providers

by Tasos


Feb 16, 2021


Uncensored Crypto

A NEW Trillion-Dollar Mega-Trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency


There’s a new trillion-dollar mega-trend bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency. Did you know about the NFTs and Gaming crypto markets? and how you can get in early for potential 1,000% returns?

Here’s what they say for that matter: It’s like the early days of the internet when a lot of people thought we were crazy. The best performing asset of the decade. Crypto will generate more wealth than the internet.

How much do you know about crypto? Are you already IN?

Are you an investor? a trader? are you a beginner?

Then I have amazing news.

56+ crypto industry insiders gather together for an epic event like no other to share their stories, secrets, expertise, and strategies to pull back the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes in the crypto market right now.

It’s a documentary series that will take the world by storm.

It’s an explosive and controversial documentary with never seen before interviews that will change the way we think of crypto and money in general once and for all.

These top crypto experts share their raw, unfiltered, and uncensored insights into the crypto revolution.

What’s working right now and what’s next, the assets they use, how they got started, the risks, dangers, traps, rewards, threats, and regulations, and how to get started if you are a complete beginner.

And they will reveal why and how we arrived in this place. And why now we live amidst a new economic paradigm shift.

And the crypto revolution is not only an economic revolution. It’s not only about the financial gains. Crypto has literally the power to transform, change, and disrupt the way we shop, trade, communicate, invest, do business, and even create art and so much more.

It has the power to revolutionize our everyday lives.

And here’s the most important thing.

Even if you don’t invest in cryptocurrency, your life and the lives of your loved ones will get affected. Because this revolution affects everyone.

And this docu-series is called…Uncensored Crypto.

It’s a documentary to answer all your questions about crypto. Inside information never revealed before by top insiders and you won’t find anything like it anywhere on the web.

It’s organized by Michael Hearne, a serial entrepreneur with 15-years of experience in taking companies to new levels with his partners, Nate Hopkins and Waldon Fenster.

These are entrepreneurs that are always at the forefront of what’s happening.

Now…the best part.

The documentary is free to watch. All the episodes are free and the first episode airs on January 18.

Every episode will be available for 24 hours and you can watch it for free. After 24 hours, this episode will be taken down and a new episode will take its place.

There are 9 episodes in total and once the free viewing period is over, all the interviews and other digital material will be available only as premium content.

So, now is the time to register for free to watch all the episodes at your convenience and…don’t forget to mark it on your calendar.

These crypto experts will reveal what is crypto in simple language, how it works, what to buy, why it can’t be stopped, what’s coming next. How they got their money, how they invested it for growth, how they plan to keep it.

And most importantly, they will explain in detail how to get started before it’s too late

And a whole lot more…

We have a lineup of billionaires, former Wall Street traders, politicians, regulators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, fund managers, artists, and activists to pull back the curtain of the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency revolution.

And as Dr. Martin Weiss says in episode 05:

This is one of the biggest, most revolutionary technologies in the history of mankind.

This is a shift that will positively disrupt almost every sector of the economy…create a more equal and free society…and unleash trillions of dollars in wealth. And, of course, our experts will detail how you can profit from the coming paradigm shift.

Who am I?

I’m Tasos. I’m a marketing consultant who helped 100’s of brands since 2014. I’m also the creator of the brand new “7 Ideals” methodology.

January 18, be there, take notes, get armored with exclusive knowledge and inside information, level up your financial game, become independent, help your loved ones, plan for the future.

I’ll see you there. There’s more information on the review page. Check out my amazing bonus as well. Don’t miss out. I can count on you.


Kibo Eclipse

A breakthrough eCommerce Model

Created by eCommerce veterans, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Phenomenal results for thousands of students worldwide.

Innovative software.

An untapped secret $42 billion marketplace no one is using right now 

FREE Downloads: eBook- the system + infographic


Hope Writers

FREE Events Week – Jan 21-28

#1 How to know if you’re a real writer

#2 3 secrets for writers looking for clarity

#3 How I got published

#4 17 breakthrough ideas for writers

#5 Q&A with Emily Freeman co-founder

#6 Membership tour

Get to know team members, their philosophy, and their approach to writing and publishing.

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology – something ‘BIG’ is coming

The Special Weapon Of The 7 Ideals

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing our secret ingredient in an upcoming workshop and we’ll be opening up a few spots for…

Web hosting is extremely important. It’s responsible for keeping all the files, content, information, and data of your website safe and secure.

A hosting provider needs to provide various features and backups, guarantee security, uptime running, an easy-to-use dashboard for non-technical people, be reliable while offering 24/7 support.

Bad hosting service will give you a headache, to say the least. Slow-loading times, attacks, and spamming have to be prevented by all means.

20 years ago, things were completely different.

Nowadays, with the rise of WordPress and other eCommerce solutions, the market has been flooded by a plethora of web hosting providers.

Each platform has its own characteristics, options, benefits, pros, and cons.

We compiled a list of the most reliable solutions to help you in your quest.

Let’s dive right in!

Web Hosting Providers


hostgator - web hosting providers

Main slogan: Go where the pros host. Web hosting that scales from easy to expert. A ton of website hosting options, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year.

Hosting Options:

  • Shared hosting: easy, affordable, and includes a free domain for a year
  • Website builder: just drag, drop, and publish.
  • WordPress hosting: 2.5x the speed, beefed up security, and free migrations
  • VPS hosting: full root access in a fully scalable hosting environment
  • Dedicated hosting: the ultimate in performance. Get total server control
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Windows hosting

Stats: 30% of customers are web pros. 2M+ websites currently hosted. 


  • Free domain (first year)
  • Free site transfers
  • Unmetered bandwidth 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • One-click installs
  • Free SSL certificate

Other departments:

  • Domains: register, transfer, manage
  • Services: CodeGuard, Web Design, PPC, SEO
  • Support:  customer portal, support portal, video tutorials, network status, live chat
  • Company: awards & reviews, press & media, blog, careers, partners


  • Shared hosting: hatchling plan (single website introductory offer $2.75/mo), baby plan (unlimited websites introductory offer $3.50/mo), business plan (unlimited websites introductory offer $5.25/mo). Extra features: data safety, added security, professional email, automated backups, SEO tools. Advanced features: Unlimited MySQL Databases, Subversion Repository (SVN), Server Side Includes (SSI), Support for PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, HostGator Portal Control Panel, Full Unix Shell, Access to Raw Log Files, Crontab Access, Full CGI Access, Canned CGI Scripts, Reseller & Sub Accounts, Secure Shell (SSH) Access, IPv6 Support, Rails, Python, Perl Support, Unlimited SFTP Users
  • Website builder: express start (intro offer $3.84/mo), Express site (intro offer $5.99/mo), express store (intro offer $9.22/mo). Features: intelligent builder, image library, logomaker, easy analytics, mobile responsiveness, search optimized, free stuff, 45-day guarantee, 24/7 support, and more
  • WordPress hosting: starter (intro offer $5.95/mo), standard (intro offer $7.95/mo), business plan (intro offer $9.95/mo). Level up security: SiteLock fix, CodeGuard, SSL certificate. 
  • Dedicated hosting: value server (intro offer $89.98/mo), power server (intro offer $119.89/mo), enterprise server (intro offer $139.99/mo). Features: 100% server control, HDD or SDD hard drives, DDoS protection, IP-based firewall, flexible controls, and more.
  • VPS hosting: snappy 2000 (intro offer $19.95/om), snappy 4000 (intro offer $29.95/mo), snappy 8000 (intro offer $39.95/mo). Features:  flexible software, advanced functionality, powerful hardware, full suite of tools, weekly backups, and more. Tops uses for VPS-level control: web hosting, eCommerce, heavy app & email use, test environment, gaming
  • Reseller hosting: aluminum plan (intro offer $19.95/mo), copper plan (intro offer $24.95/mo), silver plan (intro offer $24.95/mo). Features: powerful tools, complete flexibility, super scalability, free building software. and more.

About: Founded in 2002, in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator has grown into a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting. HostGator is headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, with several international offices throughout the globe.

Online Marketplaces

The Ultimate List

(Buy and Sell Products)


siteground - web hosting providers

Main slogan: web hosting platform. Crafted for easy website management. Trusted by the owners of 2M domains.


  • Web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Web hosting for agencies
  • Student hosting
  • Hosting web en Espanol

Tolls & services:

  • Website building
  • Website transfer
  • Managed WordPress
  • Collaboration tools

Google Cloud features:

  • SSD persistent storage
  • Ultra-fast network
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Technical superiority
  • Fully-managed service
  • Security-first mindset
  • Expert hosting support 


  • WordPress tutorials
  • WordPress optimization book
  • WordPress security eBook
  • WooCommecre eBook
  • Using WordPress rest API eBook
  • Small business guide
  • Holiday marketing guide
  • Post-holiday sales guide
  • Geek 2 English podcast
  • Knowledgebase


  • Reviews
  • Blog
  • Careers
  • Brand assets


  • Web hosting: startup (1 website €5.99/mo), grow big (unlimited websites €9.99/mo), GoGeek (unlimited websites €13.99/mo). Features: website building, website transfer, eCommerce, CMS applications, ultra-fast sites, top-notch security, managed WordPress, easy site management, domain management, reliable email service. Premium value on higher plans: host multiple sites, higher tier of resources, dynamic caching, advanced priority support, easy staging tool, easy Git integration, add collaborators, add white-label clients. 
  • WordPress hosting: startup (1 website €5.99/mo), grow big (unlimited websites €9.99/mo), GoGeek (unlimited websites €13.99/mo). Features: WordPress launch, transfer, security & updates, performance. Tools for webmasters: free SSL certificates, daily backups, email service, staging tool, dev toolkit, collaboration tools
  • WooCommerce hosting: startup (1 website €5.99/mo), grow big (unlimited websites €9.99/mo), GoGeek (unlimited websites €13.99/mo). Features: WooCommerce pre-installed, sell any product or service, accept payments out-of-the box, configurable shipping options. Faster websites: free CloudFlare CDN, smart caching, ultra-fast platform. Tip-site security: free pre-installed SSL, managed updates, daily backups, AI anti-bot system, safe staging tool, custom WAF. 
  • Cloud hosting: entry (€88/mo), business (€168/mo), business plus (€248/mo), super power (€328/mo). Features: guaranteed resources, fully managed service, easy scaling, easy management of sub-accounts, easy start and managed updates, staging, Git & WP-CLI, dynamic caching and more. Tools for webmasters: SSH & SFTP, dedicated IP, free CDN, free SSL, daily backups, collaboration tools, advanced expertise by our agents, 24/7.


  • High-speed cutting-edge platform: a software stack optimized for speed, first to provide the lastest speed technologies, more speed boosting solutions
  • Ultra-fast PHP
  • Security-first approach: real-time server health checks, smart WAF to protect you from exploits, AI anti-bot against malicious traffic, 24/7 system administration team
  • Powerful software: backup & restore tools, let’s encrypt integration, collaboration tools, smart WordPress staging, WordPress starter plugin, WordPress migration plugin. 

About: What makes SiteGround unique is our extraordinary team of individuals, who have been delivering exceptional service for your websites since 2004. SiteGround is a holding of companies registered in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain that manages four offices and several datacenter locations around the world. Tenko Nikolov CEO, Ivo Tzenov – founder. 


Business & Marketing Tools Collection


Work management, tracking, organizing, payments, accounting, Google, keyword, market, and competition research, SEO, analytics, and related, marketing & advertising, web development, website monitoring, domains & website hosting, coding, and related, design & multimedia, marketplaces, entrepreneurial communities, hiring & outsourcing


200+ business and marketing tools collection banner 666px


namecheap - web hosting providers

Main slogan: Powering over 1.5 million websites of every size and budget. Namecheap believes in your right to put your ideas online.


  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Private email hosting
  • Migrate to NameCheap

Other departments: 

  • Security: domain privacy, premium DNS, VPN, 2FA, public DNS
  • Domains: domain name search, domain transfer, new TLDs, personal domain, marketplace, Whois lookup, premium DNS, free DNS
  • WordPress: shared hosting, WordPress hosting, migrate WordPress
  • Transfer to NameCheap: domains, hosting, WordPress, email
  • SSL certificates: comodo, organization validation, domain validation, extended validation, single domain, wildcard, multi-domain
  • Resellers: SSL certificates, reseller hosting
  • Promos
  • Guru guides
  • Help center: status updates, knowledgebase, how-to videos, submit a ticket, live chat, report abuse
  • Apps: marketplace, CDN, site maker, logo maker, business card maker, ID validation, subscriptions
  • Careers
  • Feedback
  • Accessibility


  • Shared hosting: stellar (€1.30/mo), stellar plus (€2.21/mo), stellar business (€3.96/mo). Features: unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, domain name and privacy protection, free automatic SSL installation, 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, WordPress and cPanel, personalized email service
  • WordPress hosting: EasyWP is the true Managed WordPress Hosting solution for everyone. starter (€3.20/mo – 1st month €0.82), turbo (€6.50/mo – 1st month €1.65), supersonic (€9.79/mo – 1st month €2.47). Features: easy to grow, blazingly fast, always live, customize with themes, expand your functionality with plugins. Manage your websites from a single dashboard: use your domain, SFTP file access, simple backups, maintenance mode, free positive SSL, one dashboard, free CDN, private email
  • Reseller hosting: Nebula (€16.39/mo), galaxy expert (€30.41/mo), universe pro (€45.25/mo). Features: unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM, 30-day money-back guarantee, all the essentials, WHM control, account management tools, state-of-the-art technology
  • VPS hosting: pulsar (€6.50/mo), quasar (€11.44/mo). Features: full root access and operating system,m (OS), your choice of server management, top security standards, free to transfer existing websites and VPS to Namecheap, 30-day money-back guarantee, InterWorx, cPanel, complete customization, beyond fast, world-class support
  • Dedicated servers: xeon E3-1230 v5 ($48.88/mo), Xeon E-2236 ($91.88/mo), Dual Xeon silver 4208 ($159.88/mo). Select server level: entry, medium, advanced, outlet. Web panels: InterWorx, cPanel, and more. Datacenter-powered reliability, 24/7 customer support, server level choice. 
  • Migrate to NameCheap: how to do it: confirm your current provider, allow them access, choose your hosting plan. Features: performance, uptime, security, support. 

About: Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. It is one of the fastest-growing American companies according to the 2018 Inc. 5000. Celebrating nearly two decades ​of​ ​providing​ ​unparalleled levels​ ​of​ ​service,​ ​security,​ ​and​ ​support,​ ​Namecheap​ ​has​ ​been​ ​steadfast​ ​in​ ​customer​ ​satisfaction. With over 10 million domains under management, Namecheap is among the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world.

EasyWP. It's time for the fastest WP host


bluehost - web hosting providers

Main slogan: the best web hosting. Everything your website needs from start-up to success.


  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Online store
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting

Other departments:

  • WordPress
  • Marketing services
  • WordPress guides
  • Professional email
  • Bluetopia
  • Blueprint
  • Blue Sky
  • Chat
  • Knowledgebase
  • Careers
  • Blog
  • Resource center


  • Shared hosting: basic ($2.95/mo), plus ($5.45/mo), choice plus ($5.45/mo), pro ($13.95/mo). Features: domain manager, resource protection, scalability, SEL certificates, Google Ads, Google My Business, 24/7 support
  • Dedicated hosting: standard (€66.90/mo), enhanced (€83.62/mo), premium (€100.35/mo). Features: free domain name for the 1st year, free SSL certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee. Advanced: unmanaged, improved cPanel, multi-server management. Optional: domain privacy and protection, SiteLock, spam protection. Dedicated support
  • VPS hosting: standard (€15.88/mo), enhanced (€25.08/mo), ultimate (€50.17/mo). Features: free domain name for the 1st year, 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support. Advanced: multi-server management, access control, file management. Optional: additional resources, domain privacy and protection, SiteLock. 24/7 support.
  • WordPress hosting: basic ($2.95/mo), plus ($5.45/mo), choice plus ($5.45/mo). Features: automatic WordPress installation, Microsoft 365, free domain name for the 1st year, automatic updates, secure setup of login credentials, get verified on Google My Business. 24/7 support.
  • Managed WordPress: build ($14.95/mo), grow ($29.95/mo), scale ($49.95/mo). Features: multi-layered caching to boost speed, fully redundant platform, auto-scalability to handle traffic surges, advanced analytics, multi-tiered security, auto-updates, centralized social media control. Performance, 200+ edge servers, multi-layered caching, high availability, SSD storage, SSL, spam and malware protection, live support, site staging, free site migration, WP-CLI/SSH access, Jetpack.
  • Online store (WooCommerce): standard ($12.95/mo), premium ($24.95/mo). Features: free SSL, multiple caching layers, site monitoring and statistics, free domain, Google My Business verification, unmetered bandwidth, domain privacy and protection, product add-ons, USPS shipping, FedEx shipping, PayPal Pro, product vendors, software add-on, UPS shipping, Xero, WooSlider, Sensei, table rate shipping, product CSV import suite, Amazon Pay, Stripe, ShipStation, currency converter widget, EU VAT number, premium plugin bundle. Expert 24/7 support. 

Stats: 2M+ powered websites, 750+ team members. 

About: Bluehost is a leading web hosting solutions company. Since our founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web. Based in Orem, Utah, we provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world so anyone, novice or pro, can get on the web and thrive with our web hosting packages.

Since 2010, we’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the Endurance International Group’s family of brands. With their backing and support we’ve been able to accelerate our mission in every way.

Video Marketing Software

The Ultimate List


dreamhost - web hosting providers

Main slogan: web hosting with purpose. We make sure your website is fast, secure & always up – so your visitors & search engines trust you. Guaranteed.


  • Shared website hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Monthly web hosting
  • Green hosting
  • Email hosting, G Suite

Other departments:

  • Free automated WordPress
  • Migrations
  • Website builder
  • Domain names
  • Blog
  • Careers
  • Community
  • News
  • Partners
  • Press releases
  • Reviews
  • Whois lookup
  • Knowledgebase
  • Forums
  • System status
  • DreamCompute
  • Webmail
  • Academy
  • Services: design, marketing, website management, custom web development, custom web design, SEO marketing, social media marketing. 


  • Shared starter: ($2.59/mo), shared unlimited ($3.95/mo). Features: unlimited bandwidth & storage, advanced, easy to use panel, powerful 1-click installer, free domain, free email addresses, free privacy protection, free SSL security, automated backups, instant WordPress setup. Advanced: unlimited MySQL databases, full Unix Shell, reseller & sub accounts, subversion repository (SVN), access to raw log files, secure Shell (SSH) access, server side includes (SI), Crontab access, IPv6 support, support for PHP 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3, full CGI access, Ralls, Python, Perl support, DreamHost control panel, canned CGI scripts, unlimited SFTP users. Fast and solid state storage, optimized servers, resource protection, 100& uptime guarantee. 
  • VPS hosting: VPS basic ($10.00/mo), VPS business ($20.00/mo), VPS professional ($40.00/mo), VPS enterprise ($80.00/mo). Features: dedicated resources, easy to setup and manage, managed, unlimited 24/7 support, VPS control panel, 100% uptime guarantee, solid state drives (SSD), unlimited website hosting, scalable RAM, unlimited bandwidth, reseller and sub-accounts, SSL/TLS certificate, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts. 
  • Managed WordPress hosting (DreamPress): dreampress ($16.95/mo), dreampress plus ($24.95/mo), dreampress pro ($71.95/mo). Features: 1-click staging, bulletproof backups, built-in caching, JetPack professional plugin, WP website builder, 24/7 support by experts.
  • Dedicate server hosting: standard (4 GB | 1 TB HDD) ($149/mo), enhanced (16 GB | 2 TB HDD) ($279/mo). Features: 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, full root & shell access (SSH) for maximum control, reboot or powercycle your server whenever it’s needed, manage all the domains, websites, and email addresses you own, Ubuntu Linux, RAID 1 storage, DDoS protection, uncapped bandwidth, reseller and sub-accounts, Ruby Version Manager (RVM), OPcache, PHP7/Perl/Python/Ruby, advanced, easy to use panel, unique IPv4 and IPv6, node.js, Local MySQL server with full root access.
  • Cloud hosting (DreamCompute): Design your server to meet your unique needs — we won’t limit you or hold you back. Unparalleled speed, full root access, full control, servers that scale with you, a cloud that grows with you. Perfect for web app development, connected to your storage apps, built to backup WordPress websites, built on Ceph.
  • WordPress basic: starter ($2.59/mo), unlimited ($3.95/mo). Features: unlimited bandwidth & storage, advanced, easy to use panel, powerful 1-click installer, free domain, free email addresses, free privacy protection, free SSL security, automated backups, instant WordPress setup. Advanced: unlimited MySQL databases, full Unix Shell, reseller & sub accounts, subversion repository (SVN), access to raw log files, secure Shell (SSH) access, server side includes (SI), Crontab access, IPv6 support, support for PHP 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3, full CGI access, Ralls, Python, Perl support, DreamHost control panel, canned CGI scripts, unlimited SFTP users.
  • WooCommerce hosting: dreampress ($16.95/mo), dreampress plus ($24.95/mo), dreampress pro ($71.95/mo). Features: WooCommerce pre-configured, automatic updates, free SSL security, server-level caching, fast SSD storage, 100% uptime guarantee.


  • 400K+ customers
  • 1.5M+ websites
  • 750K+ WordPress installations

About: Since the dorm room back in 1997, our customer count has grown to over 400,000, spanning throughout more than 100 countries. PMB #257, 417 Associated Road, Brea, CA 92821, USA. Michael Rodriguez: CEO, Chris Ghazarian: Secretary and General Counsel.



vicetemple - web hosting providers

Main slogan: Home to the largest adult hosting network on the Internet

It works for you if:

  • You want to create an adult website or blog
  • You want an adult website or blog created by the ViceTemple team
  • You already have an adult website or blog
  • You have or working on an adult application or script
  • You are doing something else in the adult industry


  • Adult web hosting
  • Adult VPS
  • Adult servers
  • Adult domains


  • Adult web hosting: unlimited traffic, 99.99% uptime guaranteed, full data privacy, 24/7 customer support, cPanel included, offshore location (safeguard you from any copyright claims you might receive), one-click upgrade, 45-day money-back guarantee, automatic backup, FTP access, 24/7 server monitoring, usage statistics
  • Adult VPS: instant setup, unlimited traffic, 99.99% uptime guarantee, one-click upgrade, 24/7 customer support, offshore location, full data privacy, 45-day money-back guarantee, wide OS selection, full root access, 24/7 server monitoring, usage statistics
  • Adult servers: quick setup, unlimited traffic, 99.99% uptime guarantee, IPMI access, 24/7 customer support, offshore location, full data privacy, 45-day money-back guarantee, wide OS selection, full root access, 24/7 server monitoring, usage statistics
  • Adult domains: popular extensions – .porn, .sex, .adult, .xxx, .sexy, .webcam, .exposed, .sx, .sucks, .love, and so much more. Regular domain extensions: .com, .net, .tv, .io, . pro, .co and much more.
  • Works with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart

Other products:

Other departments and resources: blog, ticket department, guides (start a porn site, start a dating site, start a webcam business, start a sex toy business). 

Adult web hosting plans:

  • Playboy: $5/mo
  • Stallion: $10/mo
  • Mattress actress: $20/mo
  • Kinky goddess: $40/mo

Every service comes with cPanel, the option of a dedicated IP, unlimited traffic and high data storage free SSL certificate.

Adult VPS plans:

  • Blessed dwarf: $15/mo, storage equivalent $15/mo
  • Princess of sin: $30/mo, storage equivalent $30/mo
  • Thress-breasted elf: $55/mo, storage equivalent $55/mo
  • Mounting cyclops: $100/mo, storage equivalent $100/mo
  • Big plans for big boys: $195/mo or $395/mo, or $795/mo and storage equivalent

Stable network, unlimited traffic with 100Mbps guaranteed bandwidth and full root access. Free SSL certificate.

Adult servers plans

  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: dick sword – $110/mo 4GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: dildo launcher – $130/mo 8GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: vagina city – $150/mo 2 x 8GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: unholy afterlife – $170/mo 2 x 8GB RAM
  • 250MB/unlimited traffic: double dick sword – $200/mo 32GB RAM
  • 250MB/unlimited traffic: double dildo launcher – $220/mo 32GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: double vagina city – $240/mo 64GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: double unholy afterlife – $250/mo 32GB RAM
  • 100MB/unlimited traffic: double love dimension – $270/mo 64GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/50TB traffic: triple dick sword – $200/mo 8GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/50TB traffic: triple dildo launcher – $220/mo 16GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/50TB traffic: triple vagina city – $240/mo 32GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/50TB traffic: triple unholy agfterlife – $260/mo 32GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/50TB traffic: triple love dimension – $340/mo 64GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/unmetered traffic: quad dick sword – $400/mo 16GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/unmetered traffic: quad dildo launcher – $440/mo 32GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/unmetered traffic: quad vagina city – $480/mo 32GB RAM
  • 1Bbps/unmetered traffic: quad unholy afterlife – $520/mo 32GB RAM

State-of-the-art dedicated servers with modern processors that can handle a lot of traffic.

Adult domains

  • .porn, .sex, .adult, .xxx, $185/year
  • .sexy $110/year
  • .webcam $53/year
  • .exposed $29/year
  • .sx $68/year
  • .sucks $299/year
  • .love $54/year
  • .com $22/year
  • .net $30/year
  • .tv $70/year
  • .io $49/year
  • .pro $32/year
  • .co $57/year

About: established in 2016, is part of a larger network that has been offering specialized hosting solutions for over 8 years. ViceTemple was created to offer a one-stop solution for all requirements for adult businesses, which includes adult hosting, themes, and scripts. In addition, ViceTemple is unique for offering broad bandwidth for a low price, nowadays a necessity for adult businesses. They are a team of 12 that work remotely and on-site in the datacenters. Their privately-owned servers are located in Amsterdam, the city of vice.

The Ultimate List of Multimedia Resources

Regular Updates

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Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning of an extended catalog. I will keep the thread updated frequently.

In the meantime, check out the other related resources we have in store for you.

If you want to build a custom website, check out our web development services, which are bundled with business and marketing services to guarantee and speed up your success.

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts. Which provider is your favorite? Which one should I add? Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page

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