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Now, Profiting From Podcasts is part of the

“Audio Domination” Training Suite by Steve Olsher

What is “Profiting From Podcasts”

In a nutshell, the Profiting from Podcasts online course by Steve Olsher is a step-by-step blueprint to help aspiring podcasters connect with podcasting icons, get featured on their high-visibility shows in order to target thousands of potential high-targeted leads, and eventually turn these leads into loyal fans and revenue through podcasting shows, either as guests or podcast hosts.

Notice: Profiting from Podcasts is included in my Elite marketing training programs list. More on that later.

Main Slogans

  • Secure more visibility, more authority, and more cash easier and faster than you ever thought possible
  • No need to spend a cent on Facebook ads, messenger bots or other hyped marketing tactics that over-promise, under-deliver and leave you broke and frustrated
  • Gain massive visibility fast and easily securing pre-qualified leads, have meaningful conversations with fired-up prospects, and ultimately generate a significant amount of revenue through the sale of your products, programs, and services


Ideal Audience

  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Marketers
  • Practitioners
  • Small business owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Anyone with a message
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with experience on a field
  • Influencers
  • Experts

Steve Olsher’s Background

He has been podcasting since 2009 and got featured on over 500 shows in the past 3 years. He appeared in shows like Click Funnels Hacker Radio, the Go-Giver podcast, Mixergy, the Foundr Magazine’s podcast, and many others. He was able to convert this No-Cost visibility into over 100,000 leads and serious revenue. 

He is the host of the #1 podcasting show – The Reinvention Radio, and the Best Business Podcast. Additionally, he is a New York Times bestselling author of “What is Your What?”, a book that helps people discover the ONE amazing thing they were born to do, founder of Liquor.com, pioneer of the CompuServe launched in 1993, and creator of the New Media Summit, the one and only live event where you have the chance to meet and interact with over 40 leading podcasting legends, pitch them about you and get featured on their top platforms on the spot.


He is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT with his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients and presentation attendees towards achieving massive profitability while cultivating lives of purpose, conviction, and contribution.

He is an international keynote speaker and in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, Fox Business and other national outlets.

Profiting From Podcasts Review

The 8 Main Advantages of Podcasting

Steve begins his course by mentioning the 8 big advantages of the podcasting medium. These are:


  • No cost – it costs 0 dollars to appears on other people’s shows. It only takes some time to build connections and get featured
  • No travel – you can use your office, home, or any other location without having to worry about your appearance, as the vast majority of interviews come only in audio format. Yes, you can do it on your pajamas if you want.
  • Instant credibility – when the host hands you the microphone, you receive an instant stamp of approval. The host’s fans feel like you’re part of their world, a friend of their favorite host
  • Massive visibility – all the podcasting stars started out small. But now the more they appear on shows the more hosts want to feature them on their shows. This creates a snowball effect, as Steve says…Visibility Begets Visibility (VBV).
  • Bond with listeners – as podcasting is an intimate medium, the relationship between the host and the listener is amongst the deepest connections of all the media available today. Most of the listeners consume podcasts via earbuds, and because of the proximity of the earbuds to the brain, is like the host is inside the head of the listener. Just like when you listen to music and your favorite bands and albums. This creates a sacred bond that the podcaster has to honor. 
  • Relationships with icons – very often podcasts shows create strong relationships between the hosts and guests. The interviews go beyond the surface, and oftentimes the conversations lead to heartfelt connections, and it’s not unusual for hosts and guests to begin working together after these interviews.
  • Leads & sales – if done right, your appearance in other people’s podcasting shows will inevitably be followed by leads, enrollment conversations, and cash. Even the smallest of shows have hundreds of loyal listeners and when the host encourages them to take action, they simply do! Almost always, you’ll have the chance to invite these listeners to continue the conversation with by finding out more information about you, usually at the end of the show. Steve’s capitalizing on this huge opportunity instantly.
  • No work required (almost) – the host does all the work for you. They take care of the promotion and all the technical stuff, you only have to share your expertise, stories, and knowledge. And after the interview, the host has to take care of the audio production, to write the show notes, create the artwork, upload it to the podcasting platform, promote it on their websites and social media accounts, through emails and other mediums. As a guest, you don’t have to worry about that stuff.

Engagement Strategies

The key thing is to engage with the host’s listeners in order to develop rapport and come across as someone they want to connect with and learn more from.

Once you have the audience engaged, excited about who you are, what you teach, and how you can guide them, you’ll be able to secure pre-qualified leads, have meaningful follow-up conversations, and ultimately generate revenue through the sales of your products and services.

The most important moment is the very first one, so you have to choose your words carefully, to make the best possible first impression. You have to try to be memorable. Within the very first minutes of an interview, people will decide if they like you or not, just like it happens with offline connections.

To maximize this opportunity, take a closer look at the 5 core engagement strategies:

  • Informing – share information the listeners have likely never heard before. It could be a new case study, early access to news, a groundbreaking new strategy, proprietary information that only you or your brand has access to. When you do that, you’re not teaching, you’re introducing people to information that’s interesting, appealing, and of course, valuable. Important: do not divulge everything you know. Inform them just enough to capture their attention, so that you can bounce them towards your eco-system so they want to find out more about you.
  • Teaching – provide a tangible outcome that the listeners can apply to their lives or businesses. Specific strategies for using a social media platform, for example. A short breathing exercise to relax them. Again, give them just enough to establish your expertise while properly positioning what you didn’t teach them so they’ll want to learn more about you. 
  • Entertaining – this doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian or to laugh out loud. You have to be a good story-teller. There’s no other medium that intrigues people more than stories. People are drawn to stories and to clarity. Stories are being remembered, facts are forgotten. They will remember how you make them feel, As Dan Kennedy, a legendary marketing guru said…” If you can make them laugh and cry, you can make them buy”. Be willing to be vulnerable. Share something you’ve never shared before. But above all, be entertaining, you want them attracted to your voice and personality, they’ll want to go deeper and find out more about what you offer.
  • Intriguing – this is a hard skill but all skills can be taught. Over time, it will come naturally, as you breathe. Intrigue their interest in a specific topic, leaving them in desperation to want more. Sam Horn references the Eyebrow test, if you can get the listeners to raise their eyebrows within their first minutes of them hearing you, you’ve raised curiosity, you’ve got them hooked. Everyone loves a good mystery and interesting ideas. 
  • Challenging – this technique might involve challenging conventional wisdom, dismantling the status quo. Important: do not challenge the host in a demeaning way. It’s never a good idea to challenge an icon in front of their loyal fans. Be polite more than anything else. You might not have another chance. Very few podcasting shows are live, and live shows include risk. The Reinvention radio by Steve Olsher is an example of a live show. Challenge the audience and get them think differently about a subject, shift their thinking. Example: setup a 7 or 21-days challenge to drive listeners into your eco-system and begin developpoing a relationship
steve-olsher-reinvention expert

Enrollment Strategies

Before you can monetize your appearances, you need to have a meaningful dialogue with listeners. Without interest on their part, nothing can happen. 

When you appear as a guest you will rarely have a chance to offer something for sale, besides, it would make people feel uncomfortable. Customers buy only from those they know, like, and trust.

A 30-60 minutes appearance is like a first date. It’s a nice hello, nice to meet you, but a first date doesn’t lead to a marriage.

At this moment, people are just passive listeners for you, you have no idea who they are, where they’re from, how to contact them. The same is true for the podcast host. There’s no technology to capture a downloader’s data. That means podcasters have to drive listeners towards their websites, social media or offers they can pixel their audience. 

You have to drive them to your website just like the host does

If you can’t make that happen is like having a nice conversation and then leaving with a warm goodbye. But always, there are people who will be interested in who are and what you offer.

As a ‘thank you’ for sharing your brilliance, most hosts will invite you to direct listeners towards receiving more information from you, your website, or other options for furthering the conversation. Some, however, will not. Please make 100% sure you have permission to direct the audience towards your ecosystem before doing so. As explained in the free video training, the podcasting community is tight. If you burn one bridge, word will spread and you may find it difficult to get booked on other shows

There are numerous ways to enroll the audience into your online properties, just take a closer look at the 4 core enrollment strategies:

  • Website/Pixels – drive people to your website. Install a pixel in order to be able to re-target them at later times, double check your site looks good, all links are working properly, there are obvious call-to-action buttons.
  • Social Media – you can give away your Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook account, get them to subscribe to your You-Tube channel, or connect with you on LinkedIn. However, social media engagement has been declined over the last years, so bear that in mind. Anyhow, it’s a medium you can’t simply ignore, but you have to try harder to convert social media followers into cash.  
  • Lead Magnets – it can be a free offering, like an eBook, reports, blueprints, audio downloads, videos, PDFs, templates, swipe files, any media at all. All the offers must be free, further the conversation, and feel like a no-brainer to the listeners. Here’s what Steve is practicing: On a lot of shows he discusses the ” What is your What”, his proven framework to help people discover the one thing they were born to do. Often, he has deep conversations about the importance of discovering what puts fire in one’s soul and examples of people who have discovered their WHAT and are changing the world as a result. At the end of the interview, the host will almost always allow Steve to invite listeners to connect with him for more information. He directs people to the What is your What website, where they can grab a free copy of the book in digital format. The listeners only have to provide their emails and names to get the download. It’s an easy YES. From there, he expands on offering additional and similar offerings that we analyzed in a previous article, where Steve discusses his $1000 funnel technique.
  • Exploration Sessions – invite listeners to sign up for a free consultation or exploration session. This strategy could result in multiple session requests if the show you appear on is popular, and you might need a team to handle all the requests. However, this is the tactic that can bring in the more of revenue, the fastest. Example: Scott Oldford appeared on John Lee Dumas’s show, Entrepreneur on Fire, and at the end of the interview he offered complimentary strategy sessions. As a result, 90 people scheduled an appointment. He was then able to generate more than $100,000 in revenue. 

All in all, knowing which strategy to offer takes practice, testing, a bit of luck and a ton of intuition. The most important thing you can do before appearing on a show is to do your research. Listen to a handful of the episodes from the show you’ll be appearing on, reach out for past guests to find out how the response was to their offerings and ask the host for their insight. They know their audience better than anyone and, given that they’ve likely tried each of these strategies over the years, they’ll have a strong sense of what will provide you with the best response. 

Monetization Strategies

Monetization is, of course, the holy grail of visibility. But simply appearing on someone’s show does not mean you will make money at the end of the day. Selling is another important skill and can be taught, just like all skills. It’s one that must be honed, it requires trial and error, one that you can master if you choose to persevere and insist when the desired results did not meet yet.

A story Steve shared for that matter:

I remember when I was trying to master webinars and, no matter what I did, my webinars were not converting into sales. I was working with a webinar coach who was guiding me to create a webinar that converted well, but the conversion rate on my presentations was dismal.

No matter what we did, the conversion rates stunk and I was ready to quit. So, I asked him, “Look, we’ve done everything we can do here and it’s just not working. Do you think I should just give up the idea of selling via webinars?” I remember his answer as clear as day – “Sure, you should quit if you don’t like money.”

Enough said. I like money… and I’m not a quitter. So, we continued to tweak the webinar until I began closing sales. In looking back, I’m certainly glad I stayed the course, but I almost gave up. However, there does come a time when the rope must be cut. Trying to continually jam a square peg into a round hole will only result in pain and, sometimes, the glove really doesn’t fit.

Time is your most valuable commodity so it’s important to know when your time might be better invested in a different initiative. There is no shame in saying you gave something a try or two and it didn’t work. And, I’ve grown comfortable with the fact that webinars are not my best monetization tool. From the stage, I can consistently close 25 – 35% of the room. On a webinar, if I can close a small fraction of that amount, I’m having a good day.

Translation – be prepared to test a LOT of monetization strategies and be willing to tweak what’s working and, if necessary, cut the rope on what’s not. There are numerous options for monetizing your visibility and I go into detail on the proven tactics that I leverage in the Profiting From Podcasts training.

Steve Olsher

Steve’s 5 favorite Monetization Strategies:


  • Merchandise – create your own t-shirts, books, journals, supplements, jewelry, and much more. Branded merchandising is a phenomenal way to generate revenue, create a community, and more importantly, have others do the marketing for you. With varying price points, from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars and more, you can create items that meet every budget.
  • Online courses – this tactic is hot. Everyone has something to teach. Everyone is an expert in something, and you don’t need to have generated thousands of dollars to help someone shorten his learning curve in a subject. Quote: To a second grader, a fifth grader is a God. You just need to be a few steps ahead of someone and they’ll want to learn from you.
  • Membership programs – this tactic can create an on-going residual income in exchange for providing members access to exclusive content, software, a closed community, personal guidance, or anything else. Just like I do with the Digital Business Roadmap membership, that at the moment is a free membership. Of course, I am building premium sections to expand my offerings. You can charge members on a monthly, or even on a yearly basis. The members’ investment can range from just a few dollars to as much as several thousand dollars per month. This can add up very quickly.
  • Live events – Steve’s been hosting live events since 2009. He’s a firm believer that there’s no better way to connect with fans, followers, subscribers, or listeners. But this technique requires an intense amount of planning, time, energy, and resources. Steve’s latest addition, the New Media Summit, provides attendees with the opportunity to connect one on one with 40 of the world’s leading podcasters, including his team from Reinvention Radio.
  • Coaching – you can structure it as group coaching or 1-on-1 sessions. This allows you to share your brilliance, provide detailed guidance, and be rewarded in the process. Group coaching can require a client investment of tens of thousands of dollars, with the training being delivered online, in person, over the course of several days, a full year, or even longer. One on one coaching can require a similar client investment but is often delivered in a smaller number of sessions.

Of course, there are hundreds of other ways you can monetize these connections, and these 5 strategies are only a sample of what’s possible.

Push Marketing vs Pull Marketing

The push method represents the old way of communication, like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, email, social media marketing. With this method, a message is being distributed and pushed on a mass market basis to all who have access to the respective distribution channel regardless of what the people want to receive.

The pull method represents the future of all content consumption. It is built on the foundation of what the consumer exactly wants, taking into consideration the device people want to use or the channel. The pull method is the future of marketing communication. It helps develop more meaningful relationships, consistently generating no-cost leads, and ultimate drive huge gains in revenue and profit.


  • Push marketing examples: NBC, the New York Times
  • Pull marketing examples: Netflix, iTunes, the Huffington Post

When someone downloads a podcast episode to listen to, basically that means they want it. It’s like having a 100% open rate or click-through rate.


People consume podcast shows using their headphones and that creates a strong bond with the podcaster, it’s like listening to music. There’s a personal connection.

Podcast listeners are 130% more likely to invest in a product, program, or service recommended by the podcast host.

Podcast listeners have money to spend based on recent research. The research uncovers that 41% of podcast listeners have an annual household income of $75,000. 15% of them have more than $150,000 annual income.

Podcast listenership is set to explode:

Because technology is now available to the masses, that was not available in early times. People had to take many steps before getting access to a podcast show.

In the next 5 years or so, all cars will have available wifi connections. The dashboard of our cars is changing. A dashboard with features like phone, music, maps, messages, podcasts, audiobooks. Apple and Google are developing car apps at the moment.

push-marketing-vs-pull-marketing v2

Proven Strategies for Turning Visibility Into Cash

The Podcasting phenomenon is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs everywhere are connecting with ideal prospects, cultivating a loyal, borderline fanatic following and selling their products, programs, and services to customers all over the world.

Steve mentions that getting booked starts with identifying the RIGHT shows to appear on, those where you have the best chances to get booked, in order to connect with “icons of influence” who host the shows and have already built their following of loyal fans and listeners.

The key thing is to get booked on shows that share the same interests with your area of expertise. It’s way better to get booked on smaller shows in the same exact niche with yours, than getting booked on popular shows that are more generic

How To Identify The Right Shows

Although there are many distribution channels for podcasts, the king is iTunes. The vast majority of podcasters are using this platform.

The “Riches are in the Niches”.

Step #1 – Articulate your area of focus, your Topic of Influence (TOI)

Your Topic of Influence is the 1, 2, 3 or 4-word phrase that summarizes who you are and what you specialize in. For example, Steve’s TOI is one word, reinvention.

VBV (Visibility Begets Visibility)

Visibility is the lifeblood of your business and visibility begets more visibility – the more visibility you have, the more visibility you’ll generate.

Step #2 – Search in iTunes

Let’s say for instance that your Topic of Influence is Retiring Rich. Steve suggests just typing in ‘retirement’ into the search box as this is a fairly niche subject, to begin with. Multiple relevant shows are found including Money For The Rest Of Us, Radical Personal Finance and InvestTalk. Let’s start with one of the first shows that comes up, Money For The Rest Of Us from J. David Stein

Step #3 – Look for when the last episode was released

You want shows that are active, meaning the last episode should have been released in the last 45 days. If the last episode was released over 2 months ago, Steve suggests that you continue researching shows.

Step #4 – Listen to at least 3-4 episodes

You need to understand what the show is all about, if you like the content and the host podcaster, is it a show you’d like to appear on? Moreover, you have to make sure the podcaster is open to interviews.

The Profiting from Podcasts training covers 5 different types of podcasting shows, and an interview-style show holds the highest likelihood for you to get booked on, by far.

Step #5 – Visit the podcaster’s website

Probably there’s an about page to get a sense of what the show is, and there’s contact information either on that page or on the contact page. Now it’s time for you to decide if you want to pitch the podcaster with an email about what you do and how you can benefit their audience by appearing and sharing valuable information

Next thing is to use iTunes and search for your TOI (topic of influence) and repeat the process for other podcasters and shows.


Monetizing your Visibility – the $1000 Funnel

You need to be an engaging guest to enroll people in your eco-system. You want to pique people’s interest so that they want to continue their conversation with you.

Unlike traditional broadcast media, podcast hosts will always invite you to share the best place for listeners to get more information about you, to connect with you or to grab one of your free resources. This is where The $1,000 Funnel begins.

Create a Free resource that furthers the discussion

This lead magnet could be anything, like eBooks, reports, blueprints, audio downloads, videos, PDFs. templates, files, free training. The resource should be simple and meet the following criteria:

1) It must be FREE and cost you nothing to deliver.
2) It must further the conversation from your interview, and
3) It must be an absolute ‘no-brainer’ to provide one’s name and email address to receive.

In other words, the listener has to feel as though the value of the freebie far exceeds the ‘price’ of providing their name and email.

Then Steve describes the whole process with examples of his $1000 funnel.

He appears on a lot of personal development related shows where he uncovers his proven framework for helping people discover their WHAT, the one thing they were born to do.

At the end of the interview, the host will always allow him to invite listeners to connect if they like more information. This is the moment he shares a free copy of his New York Times bestseller book, What is your What.

On average, 250 people provide their emails to get access to the free book.

Then, on the same page, he offers a different version of the same resource. A free hardcover copy of the book where people have only to pay for shipping, something like $7.99.

20% of those 250 people say yes, and buy the hardcover book.

And although having people to pay $8 is not exactly a business, this is a very important moment as Steve describes…

Because the most difficult thing in any business is to acquire a customer. To get people to spend one dollar with you. After this point, the next sale is exponentially easier, and every sale after the 2nd point is even easier to make.

When someone invests in you, it completely changes everything.

I have to agree on that, this is the most difficult point in selling and marketing in general. This way a passive prospect becomes an active customer, even if they only spend a dollar

This is when Steve offers a 3rd version of the same exact resource. In this case, the Reinvention Workshop, which is an online course that takes people through the “What is your What” process.

He says…

We recorded one of the last Workshops I did, broke it down into short-form videos, added the written materials from the live event and sell it as an online course. After someone invests in grabbing the hardcover book for $7.99, we present a one-time-only offer to invest in The Reinvention workshop online course for just $49 and approximately 25% of them do so.

And he continues…

As I said, roughly 20% of those who opt-in for the eBook choose to get a hardcover copy. This equates to 50 people. At $7.99 apiece, I generate approximately $400 in revenue.

Of these 50 people, roughly 25% invest in The Reinvention Workshop Online Course. This equates to approx. 13 people. At $49 apiece, I generate, on
average, $612 in revenue.

Add the two together and it adds up to $1,012 in immediate revenue.

This method can add up very quickly, as Steve appears in multiple interviews per week. But even if you have only a few hours to spend in a week, still, you can do miracles.

Podcasting Is Growing Fast!

More than half the people in the United States have listened to a podcast. And, nearly one out of every three people listen to at least one podcast episode every month.”

That’s 90 MILLION adults… in the United States… alone.

64% of Americans have heard of podcasts 

6 million MORE Americans became podcast listeners in 2018 

And the interest in podcasts is growing. 

Adults in the USA listened to a podcast


Americans that have heard of podcasts

Americans that became podcast listeners in 2018

Training Material

3 Phases – 9 Modules – Real Value $1,997

Phase 01 – Positioning – Module 1:

You’ll learn how to position yourself as the go-to expert in your respective niche. You will define your TOI (Topic of Influence) so that you can clearly articulate who you are and what you specialize in.

Phase 01 – Positioning – Module 2:

Steve’s team will create and design a Media-One-Sheet for you to give you the professional look you need, and the ever-important single piece of paper that all hosts and producers look for when booking guests. 

Media-One-Sheet example:


Phase 01 – Positioning – Module 3:

In this module, you’ll create your moniker, define the specific areas of focus you’ll cover as a guest and clarify the benefits and takeaways the audience will realize from your appearance so that the ‘Icons of Influence’ clearly understand what differentiates you from others in your space and what they can expect when they interview you on their high-visibility platforms.

Phase 01 – Summary:

  • Identify your Topic of Influence so that you can clearly articulate who you are and what you specialize in
  • Work with Steve’s team to have your Media One Sheet created FOR YOU so that you’ll have the professional appearance you need
  • Create your Moniker, define the Specific Areas of Focus you cover and clarify the Benefits & Takeaways the audience will realize from hearing you so that there is NO confusion as to what differentiates you from others in your space

Phase 02 – Presenting – Module 4:

You will begin identifying and developing real relationships with the icons of influence. Which shows you have the best of chances to get featured on? Are these shows right depending on your situation?

Phase 02 – Presenting – Module 5:

You will learn how to be engaging depending on the show you target and what the shows’ audience really want and expect. You will implement the 5 core engagement strategies. You will develop your own pitch, so that you can maximize your opportunity

Phase 02 – Presenting – Module 6:

You’ll get to practice your pitch and get feedback until you feel 100% confident. When you appraoach hosts you need to overcome any fear, any doubt, any misconception.

Phase 02 – Summary:

  • Identify and begin developing REAL relationships with the ‘Icons of Influence’ you want to connect with and the right shows that make the most sense for you to appear on
  • Learn how to be an engaging guest so that their audience WANTS to connect with, and learn more from you
  • Work with Steve’s team to develop, complete and practice your show pitch so that you get consistently booked on the shows YOU want
  • Explore the 5 core engagement strategies – informing, teaching, entertaining, intriguing and challenging – and decide which strategy to use when so that you consistently crush your appearances
  • Receive a fill-in-the-blank pitch template and practice your pitch and get feedback until you can confidently approach hosts and producers without fear and get yourself booked!

Phase 03 – Profiting – Module 7:

This module focuses on lead generation, the creation of high-value lead magnets, beautiful opt-in landing pages, and offers

Phase 03 – Profiting – Module 8:

Steve’s team will help you set up your CRM (customer relationship management) system so that you’ll be able to communicate on an on-going basis with your prospects effectively. You have to build trust and rapport before you can sell.

Phase 03 – Profiting – Module 9:

Steve’s team will help you develop a well-aligned product funnel through brainstorming and other methods. A funnel that compliments your expertise and launch for-sale offerings that perfectly fit the needs of those you’re most compelled to serve.

Phase 03 – Summary:

  • Create your lead magnet(s) so that you have something meaningful of value to offer listeners that they’ll be happy to opt-in for and provide their name and email address to receive
  • Set up your CRM (customer relationship management) system so that you can create a database of prospects to communicate with on an ongoing basis
  • Create a proven indoctrination sequence to develop rapport with prospects so they’ll be amenable towards investing in your products, programs and services!
  • Brainstorm and develop for-sale offerings that perfectly fit the needs of your target market
steve olsher in the studio 2020

What You’ll Learn/Training Outcome

  • How to best use the ultimate directory of podcasters so that you can optimize the likelihood of getting booked on their high-visibility platforms
  • Why ‘Now’ is the best time to launch a podcast show
  • How to understand and navigate the podcasting terrain based on where you are ‘Right Now’ in your business.
  • How Steve and his clients are able to generate massive no-cost visibility by appearing on the world’s top shows
  • How to convert visibility and listeners into thousands of high-targeted leads
  • Open your eyes to the podcasting enormous potential and provide you with the knowledge you need to take full advantage of the unbelievably powerful yet underutilized media
  • Have meaningful conversations with prospects
  • How to generate revenue

The 2 main reasons Steve Created this training


  • There are thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, practitioners, or consultants that unnecessary struggle for visibility
  • Steve’s been online since 1993, and he invested millions of dollars in training on SEO, Google AdWords, email marketing, Facebook ads, blogging, keywords, and others. Based on his huge 25+ years experience nothing can be compared to the power of podcasting

Extra Training/Live Support

8 Live online training sessions with Steve Olsher (real value $8,000):

Once per week, for 8 straight weeks (beginning the second week of May), Steve will personally guide you through the training. During each LIVE, online session, you’ll dig deeper into each module, cover additional nuances and have answers to your questions. Steve loves conducting these sessions as it provides the opportunity for him to learn more about YOU and your business, provide direction to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives, and answer any questions you might have about the training and leveraging the power of podcasts. You’ll be in touch with details on the exact training schedule and recordings will be made available for each session if you’re unable to join them live. 

Private Facebook community (priceless):

Connect with others in the Profiting from Podcasts tribe, post questions, find guests for your show if you decide to create one, land guest appearances, share resources and much more. Steve is consistently checking on the group and provide feedback and guidance as needed. People consistently ask to join this group and the only way in is to be a client.

Extra detailed training: launch your podcast

A full-fledged, incredibly comprehensive, stand-alone course that shows you exactly how to create… grow… and monetize your own thriving podcast, if you choose to do so.

From concept development… creating a ‘must listen to’ show that serves the needs of your target market… to launching your podcast on iTunes (and other distribution channels too)… and cultivating a loyal, borderline fanatic following… Launch YOUR Podcast has everything need to start, launch and monetize your show

New Media Summit

Livestream Sep 11-13, 2018 Austin, TX

The event started out with a little bit unorthodox way, or should I say unexpected way. Steve Olsher welcomed his participants dancing on the stage. Soon the crowd was dancing altogether and the room turned into a morning club.

After a few minutes when people grabbed their seats, Steve walked through the tables saluting the guests and made it clear that the New Media Summit, the 3rd since its inception, would be an event to be remembered. He just does not like cold, strictly professional rooms where everyone goes only to absorb information without a friendly touch. The New Media Summit is not such an event.

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Archived Review

Reasons Why The New Media Summit Was Created

Steve started podcasting in 2009.

There’s something Steve calls “Pod-Fade”. People starting shows, and then they fade away, stop doing them. He did not totally experience that, but he had some time off, and then around 2015, he got back into podcasting, on a more consistent basis.

The “Reinvention Radio” began in 2019, and in 2015, they decided to bring the show back. This was when they partnered up with other podcasters to give life to the show. It was getting very difficult to find “good” guests for the show.

He mentioned that guests may look very different on paper than when they are being interviewed. The same thing was happening to a lot of his podcasting friends. There was demand, meaning people wanting to get featured on the shows, and Steve was in need to find the best of participants.

This sparked the idea of creating a summit that would connect the right guests with the right podcasters.

What Makes The New Media Summit Different

The room temperature.

It’s not a huge event, they try to keep a low number of participants, around 150 because:

  • They want to create real relationships.
  • Monsterous events make people lose the “Intimacy” factor.
  • Steve’s goal is to know every guest by name, and every guest knows each other by name. during these 3-days.
  • To cultivate a community and expand the New Media Summit Facebook group.

You won’t see fancy lights and expensive stuff that doesn’t add any value to the audience. No fires, no special dancers, nothing that makes the event look like a TV show.

Guest don’t leave the room with a bunch of notes they never gonna use. Steve’s goal is to give his guest tangible skills, strategies, and tactics that will help people start their own shows or appear on other people’s shows as valuable guests.

There are cards on every table, the “Show-Notes”, that guests can use to show their love for the icons, the other attendees, and everyone that is in the room.

Steve and his team invest money in launches and quality food. They are feeding their guests every day.

The event is live streamed for free. 1000 people were registered to watch the live show. I am one of them. This increases the visibility of the New Media Summit guests and when they have their time to pitch icons, partners, and other attendees, people watching the live stream show would be able to connect with them. At some point, Steve asked his guests to invite their friends to the live stream.

Steve Olsher’s Commitment to His Guests

  • Articulate who you are and what you do
  • Create an awesome media one sheet
  • To be able to pitch leading podcasters and get booked on their shows
  • Provide an unparalleled forum for you to develop real relationships

Day #1: Authenticity

The Quiz

Steve had his guests complete a questionnaire describing their podcasting shows and experience.
  • Business Foundation
  • Lead generation funnel
  • High-converting webinars
  • Success with Podcasts
  • Speaking from the stage
  • Online product launches
  • Revenue producing events
  • Level of commitment
  • Authenticity

3 Types of People

Steve had his guests complete a questionnaire describing their podcasting shows and experience.

This quiz helped Steve and his team to understand their guests better so that they could help them make the next step in their businesses.

The results showed that there were a lot of people just starting out, a lot of people already in business wanting to add a podcasting show, and fewer people already running their podcasting shows wanting to add monetization tactics to expand their businesses.

More Questions the Guests Answered

Set The Intention

  • Why did you choose to attend?
  • What are your 3 desired outcomes?
  • Who do you have to be to make this happen?

How to become an icon

  • How do you define influence?
  • How do you define ‘icon’?
  • Clarity and being able to articulate your TOI
  • Choose your primary channel & content strategy
  • Cultivate a loyal, borderline fanatic following of those you are MOST compelled to serve
  • Develop multiple streams of revenue
  • Create a formidable network of peers & influencers who support you and share your work
  • Do not recreate the wheel, get guidance, be held accountable and learn from those who have already forged the path ahead of you

Steve welcomed at least 20 (2 for each question) people to give their answers publicly to the room.

The Authenticity Exercise

Steve with the help of a female attendee organized an exercise to help people relax and experience some kind of meditation. They were standing 1-on-1, looking into their eyes, very close to each other but without touching or talking.

I’ve never seen anything like that in a business summit but the guests really enjoyed it.

Meeting the “Icons” – Pitches

Throughout the event, Steve’s guests had the chance to pitch the “Icons”, besides this is one of the biggest promises that Steve made before the event. The “Icons” were invited into the room, 8 each time, and the participants were presenting their work, trying to get booked on the “Icons” shows.

Names including:

  • Ashley Berges
  • Kim Sutton
  • Michael Neely
  • Strickland Bonner
  • Amy Schuber
  • Dr. Gayle Carson
  • Melinda Wittstock
  • Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe
  • Baeth Davis
  • Joseph Warren
  • Sean Douglas
  • Raven Blair Glover
  • Thomas Umstattd
  • Michelle Shaeffer
  • Debbi Dachinger
  • Tyler Wagner
  • Mary DeMuth
  • Jody Colvard
  • Eric Nevins
  • Jim Beach
  • Phoebe Mroczek
  • Ruby Fremon
  • Thom Singer
  • Scott Carson
  • Alison Donaghey
  • Matt Brauning
  • Richard Otey
  • Mary Goulet
  • Kelly Poelker

The Profit Path

Steve repeats one of his main slogans: Visibility Begets Visibility. The more visible you are, the more visible you will remain, the more opportunities will arise for you.

Appearing on the world’s top podcasts and having your own show can absolutely generate massive visibility for you, increase your credibility and authority, and beget additional visibility. However, visibility is merely the 1st step on the path towards profitability.

Simply stated, having a podcast does not translate into having a business.

Profit Path’s Goal

You must have a proven system for:

  • Securing Visibility
  • Generating Leads
  • Driving Revenue

Steps You Must Take

Clarity on who you are & the value you provide

  • What are you exceptional at?
  • What do people come to you for advice on?
  • Would someone pay you for this knowledge?
  • Who?

Identify their core problem

Spot your audience’s problem in terms of the language they use to describe it to themselves

Understand where they gather (your ideal prospects)

The location could be a physical location or an online community.

Connect with the influencer who can reach them

The location could be a physical location or an online community. Add value to these communities

Present an easy-to-teach and implement solution 

Your job is to Teach the “What it is” and Sell the How

Bounce them into your eco-system

When you add value to a community you then want to stay in touch with those people. Otherwise, you miss a chance to monetize your offers. Use an email drip campaign. Offer a free piece of content.

Develop the requisite know, like, and trust factor

Further the conversation with potential customers and add value all along.

Invite them to further the conversation

  • Find out where they stand
  • Have them identify their challenges, the ones they believe they face
  • They have to believe that they need to overcome these challenges
  • Discover their hopes and dreams

Enroll in appropriate programs, products, and services (the solution)

David Bayer

  • He studied human performance & the origin and evolution of intelligence for over a decade
  • He’s CEO of David Bayer transformational programs
  • He’s the author of Mind Hack, creator of the Powerful Living Experience, and the Business Accelerator Program

Goal of David’s Presentation

To show you that:

  • The gap between where you are (money, impact, influence) and where you want to be can be closed in a profoundly short period of time
  • The “Problems” you think you have (lacking the right strategy, not enough time or money, or whatever) aren’t the real problems
  • The ONLY problem is your MINDSET
  • There is a step-by-step scientific process for eliminating the obsessive, negative, fear-based patterns of thinking that are the singular cause of any lack of resource, time or money and ultimately the only thing preventing you from achieving your full potential.

David’s Presentation Main Points

Influence meaning:

  • The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.
  • An influx, flowing matter
  • The flowing in of energy, affecting human destiny
  • Imperceptible action exerted to cause change

What MindSet is NOT:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Reading a personal development book
  • Going to a weekend seminar
  • Law of attraction
  • Managing your state
  • Positive thinking/psychology
  • High performance
  • Reframing your “Story”

What Mindset Is

  • Mindset is a technology
  • You are a technology
  • Mindset is a developed capacity to utilize the mind to redesign and reorganize your brain

Here’s What you Don’t Ever Hear

  • When I finally wrote my book, everything changed
  • When I finally got my funnels dialed in, everything changed
  • When I finally got on stages, everything changed
  • When I finally got my website perfect, everything changed
  • When I finally got my LinkedIn profile updated, everything changed
  • When I finally 1000 fans on social media, everything changed

Every Single Success Story Had Only One Thing In Common

  • I went to this one event
  • I read this one book
  • I heard this one speaker
  • I took this one course
  • I found this one mentor
  • I did mushrooms this one time

What the Reak Icons Are Saying

  • Gandhi – A man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks he becomes
  • Henry Ford – The man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can’t are both right
  • Buddha – The mind is everything, what you think you become
  • Jesus – Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
  • Aristotle – It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it
  • Napoleon Hill – Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve
  • Albert Einstein – Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

You Become a Phenomenon

  • Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
  • -Morpheus: No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to

Your Beliefs Dictate Your Destiny

The 5 Primary Drivers:

  • Beliefs (becoming decisions)
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Results

You Are Creative Technology

  • I’m not good enough
  • There’s not enough time
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I make the wrong decision?
  • If I do what I want people might judge me
  • You can’t trust people
  • It’s hard to find good help
  • If you want things done right, you have to…
  • A good man/woman is…
  • Money is the root of all…

Takeaway #1

There’s no more important skill than learning how to use your mind to reshape the wiring of your brain

Your Decisions About Life Dictate Your Decisions To Do Life

You’re decisons about:

  • Money
  • Growing your business
  • Your industry
  • Technology
  • Your team/other people
  • Relationships
  • To be successful
  • The experiences of your life
  • Your partner
  • Intimacy
  • Your family
  • Being a parent
  • Yourself

Key Question

What have you unconsciously decided about becoming an influencer, that isn’t in alignment with actually becoming one?

Decision Matrix

  • I can’t get it sall done, there’s not enough time vs If I put in a good days work, and turn the rest over to tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of the rest
  • If I don’t make the right decision, it will go badly vs There’s no right or wrong decision. The right decision is to make a decision
  • I don’t have any clarity vs This is what I am clear on…
  • It might not work out and I could be worse off vs It might not work out but ultimately I’ll learn and long-term I’ll succeed

The Harvard Brain Study

The brain doesn’t know the difference between your imagination and reality

The Power Of Decision

  • Your decisions dictate your thoughts and ideas
  • Your decisions shape your perception of the world
  • Your decisions manufacture your coincidence

Takeaway #2

Nothing is going to change, until you change your mind. Everything will change when you do

2 States of Being

Beautiful states:

  • Hope, gratitude, joy
  • Compassion, peace, calm
  • Curiosity, courageous, confidence
  • Excitement, optimism, celebration

Suffering States:

  • Stress, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Disappointment, boredom, anger
  • Impatience, jealousy, worry
  • Sadness, rage, imitation

Principles of Power

  • There are only 2 states of being
  • Suffering is separate from the experience
  • The only cause of suffering is your own thinking

Takeaway #3

Suffering is the real problem and all of your power is in a beautiful state

The Ordinary Method of Thinking

  1. Decisions
  2. Problems
  3. Clarity
  4. Questions
  5. Fear
  6. (Re)-actions

The Mind Hack Method of Thinking

  1. Decisions
  2. Gratitude
  3. Clarity
  4. Questions
  5. Confidence
  6. Actions

David Bayer’s Presentation Overview

It was one of the greatest presentations I’ve ever watched regarding Mindset and Human Behavior. The key thing is: negative experiences shape our brain to perceive future similar experiences as the same. We don’t have to act like that all the time, tough.

Day #2: Commitment

Steve welcomes his guests announcing the name of the day and congratulating them for committing to themselves.

Again unexpectedly, Steve shared his own story as he was inspired to do so after the previous day’s guests’ speeches. During the previous day, many guests shared their stories, and some of them were about depression, addictions, or committing suicide, that kind of nature.

Steve had his share when he was in Chicago. He hit a rock-bottom level but hopefully with the help of his family and wife took the right way. He took some clinical tests and he discovered that his blood’s levels of dopamine and amphetamine were too low. sss

The 7X7 Model

Steve reminded everyone that their promise was already fulfilled. They provided them with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with today’s leading podcasters, pitch them on who they are, and got booked on the spot. And he continued…while these appearances will absolutely generate meaningful visibility for you and your business, monetizing the visibility you’ll inevitably receive should be your core objectives.

He suggested various ways that the podcasters can follow if they want to monetize their online presence:

  • Podcasting
  • Podcasts guest
  • Blogging, digital content creation
  • Online courses
  • Memberships
  • Masterminds
  • Live events
  • Webinars
  • Other programs, products, and services
  • Affiliate program

and more…

Final Words

The New Media Summit was a superb event. Steve Olsher and his team organized a meeting with many surprises. It was not like the old-fashioned business summits where the only thing you can do is listen to everyone on the stage and take notes.

It was a marketing party.

In between the lectures, the presentations, and the pitches, there was plenty of time to dance on a special dance floor inside the room. People found this very relaxing and entertaining. I enjoyed it too.

Steve was not pushing his programs and products throughout the event, but he had created beautiful banners on the walls for everyone interested in buying them. Profiting from Podcasts, the $1,000 funnel, Icon Maker, Icon Maker Elite, Launch your Podcast 2-day intensive training.

Of course, there were sponsors, and both David Bayer and Christian Mikelsen were there to educate and sell.

Beyond that, the marketing lessons from Steve got the audience hooked for good.

Additionally, everyone had the chance to pitch in front of the icons and the rest of the participants. Everyone made valuable connections, and over 50 people were booked on leading podcasting shows on the spot, exactly as Steve promised at the beginning.

It’s one of those special events you don’t want to miss.

Main Bonuses

A professionally designed media-one sheet (real value $1,000):

To get booked on the world’s leading podcasts, you’ll need a professionally designed media one sheet.

This is like handing you the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Steve’s team will work with you and create FOR YOU a detailed, beautiful media document that will contain all of the information producers and hosts are looking for when booking guests.

You can get your media one sheet done for FREE.

Lifetime listing on perfect podcast guest ($1,000):

Perfect Podcast Guest is the site more producers and hosts turn to when they are looking for guests to feature on their shows.

This is the perfect place to be to start your Profiting From Podcasts journey. You’ll be able to set up your professional profile and have a lifetime listing on this growing platform. You get it FREE.


Personal access to Steve for your toughest questions ($1,000):

Steve says…

If you’re one of the first 50 to enroll in profiting from podcasts, you’ll also receive a 20-minute consult with me! (VALUE: $1,000!)

This is personal access to me, which is exceptionally rare these days.

If you hit a barrier you don’t know how to overcome, I’m standing by to personally mentor you through the challenge. If you need advice on how to apply one of the strategies you’ll learn in this course for your business, I’m here for you.

1 FREE ticket to attend the New Media Summit ($2,997):

Steve says…

The New Media Summit is the premium, closed-door conference where you’ll not only connect with, and learn from, 40 of today’s leading podcasters.

FUN FACT: We have a 100% track record of attendees getting booked. (At a recent Summit, one attendee got booked on 33 shows!)

Our next Summit is scheduled for September 16-18, 2019 in San Diego, CA.

Quick Recap – Everything’s Included

  • 9 core training lessons (Value $1,997)
  • 8 LIVE Group Training Sessions Led By Steve (Value $8,000!)
  • Lifetime admission to the monthly Open Office Hours sessions (Priceless)
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook community (Priceless)
  • The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters (Value $297)
  • Launch YOUR Podcast Online Training (Value $1,497!)
  • Professionally designed media one-sheet created by Steve’s team FOR YOU (Value $1,000)
  • Lifetime listing on Perfect Podcast Guest (Value $1,000)
  • FIRST 50 ONLY — 20-Minute 1:1 Consult With Steve (Value $1,000!)
  • FIRST 300 ONLY — 1 ticket to New Media Summit in September 2018 (while tickets remain available – otherwise you will be able to attend our next conference as our guest) (Value $2,997)

Steve Olsher’s Free Resources:

The Ultimate Directory of Podcasters ($297):

Detailed contact information for 670 of today’s leading podcasters who can make you famous by featuring you on their high-visibility shows. Steve’s team did all of the work for you and spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating this ultimate Rolodex. 

In this 147-pages PDF, Steve features the cream of the world’s leading podcasters. This is not just a simple list.

It contains:

  • Podcasters photos
  • Show names
  • iTunes category
  • iTunes sub-category
  • Short biographies
  • Podcast URLs
  • Email addresses

The directory was compiled after a thorough examination of thousands of podcasters and shows. He and his team created a ranking system based on:

  • The number of times a podcaster appeared in the Top 10 of the ‘parent’ category during a 4-week period
  • The number of times a podcaster appeared in the Top 10 of the ‘sub-category’ during a 4-week period
  • The number of 4 and 5-star ratings for their shows
  • The number of reviews for their shows
  • Other variables

This directory can help you ‘Broadcast your Brilliance’ with the world if you manage to connect effectively with the featured podcasters. These 670 Top names combined, reach hundreds of millions of people each and every month, and now you can imagine the size of impact this list can do for your business. It would be monumental.


Steve underlines that before you try to connect with these people you have to be 100% ready. And you will know you’re 100% ready when you can confidently answer ‘YES’ to at least 4 of the 5 following questions:

  • Have I already been a guest on at least 20 other shows?
  • Have I already added value to the person I’m reaching out to in a meaningful way?
  • Do I have my own show, or a substantial online presence, and have I already connected with, or had a podcaster on my show?
  • Have I made my presence felt in their community?
  • Do I know this person, their interests, likes, dislikes and have a solid affinity for them?

And he recommends:

  • Get featured on shows with significantly less reach before reaching out to these celebrities
  • Research the podcaster’s “currency” and discover ways you can help them achieve their desired objective, and simply do it
  • Become clear on the people you are trying to reach with your show, launch your own podcast, and begin building your own tribe of fans, followers, and subscribers
  • Engage with the podcaster’s community consistently to develop a relationship.
  • Download and listen to at least 5 episodes from the podcasters you want to reach out to.

I’ve already reviewed this directory:

Testimonials – Praise for the PFP Program

Luis, who secured hundreds of opt-ins and sold programs ranging in price from $1,000 – $5,000 from a single podcast.

JV, who secured a $50,000 client as a result of a listener hearing him on a podcast from18 months ago.


Noah, who wanted to sell more copies of his book and sold hundreds of copies through podcasts.

Jonathan, who earned nearly $20,000 from clients who heard him on a podcast from years ago.


Meet Edgar, the social media marketing automation company that focused on leveraging the power of podcasts to get the word out about their service and generated over 100,000 email subscribers, 1.25M visitors to their site and over $3,500,000 in revenue.

Tiamo who, from just one show, secured 18 registrations for his live event, many of whom invested in his products, programs, and services.

Scott, who generated over $100,000 in client revenue as a result of booking 90 strategy sessions from just one podcast.

JJ, who has generated over $40,000 in client revenue as a result of just one podcast.

Dan Miller, who went from $0 to $2 Million following his WHAT and by selling eBooks, audio programs, live speaking events, and other digital material without having to hire any publisher.

Payment Plans/Guarantee

  • A single payment of $1,497
  • 3 payments of $549 = total $1,647
  • 6 payments of $299 = total $1,794

Yes. Once you enroll, book your call with Steve (if you’re one of the first 50 — they’ll let you know if you are) and get started with the training. 

If, after we’ve had a chance to chat, you’ve joined them for ALL of the live training sessions, experienced ALL of the training modules, attended The New Media Summit, taken advantage of the bonuses you’ll receive and guested on shows following the procedures Steve teaches, you find that you are not profiting from podcasts, simply contact them within 10 days of our final coaching call with proof of participation and they’ll offer you a full refund.

Podcasting Is Growing Fast!

One-third of millennials regularly listen to podcasts

Podcast advertising revenue is expected to pass $1 billion by 2021

80% of podcast listeners stay tuned in for most or all of the episodes they listen to


Millenials regularly listen to podcasts

Podcast advertising revenue by 2021


Podcast listeners that stay tuned in for most or all of the episodes they listen to

My Final Review

Here’s what this course is all about

But before I tell you my opinion I need to introduce myself very briefly.

I do marketing since December 2014. I live, breathe, and dream marketing. This is what I do for a living. I help companies sell more of their products, both locally and globally. I offer marketing and advertising services to clients directly and as a marketing publisher indirectly through this website.

My approach and marketing methods are very similar to Steve Olsher and Profiting from Podcasts.

Because that’s what PFP is all about. It’s about marketing yourself using podcasts. To get recognized, become an authority, make connections, and scale your business using podcasts as the marketing medium.

PFP is a concrete and comprehensive training program with a proven record of around 7 years.

It works. It worked for thousands of people and it will continue to work.

The BIG QUESTION: Will It Work For Me?

It’s OK to feel unsafe when it comes to investing in such a brilliant opportunity.

We, humans, operate based on emotions, beliefs, and experience.

When something great knocks our door, we think it’s a trap. We are afraid of trying because there is a possibility of failing. And then, what will our friends will say? Our network? It would be a shame to fail in front of them.

So, subconsciously we discover a million ways this “thing” won’t work for us. We abandon our dreams and we say, it’s OK, next time.

But time is passing by, and it’s precious.

Take me for example:

I run businesses for as long as I remember, since 1992 but I expanded online in 2014.

This was a real challenge for me. No one knew who I was, my network is only local. I thought, damn, it would take me ages to stand up.

I was watching all these celebrities with a big smile in banners, photographs, and videos. They were making millions online and I was a “nobody”.

But when I started digging this online business model, I quickly realized that these celebrities are just humans, like me.

They once had to fight against titans and celebrities of their time.

There’s always someone that came before you, and someone coming after you.

That’s life.

That’s why I am here to let you know that I can be your helping hand in this journey and I will show you how marketing works in real-time.

Steve Olsher is a successful podcaster and a great marketer. Oh, and very friendly.

I’ve attended one of his New Media Summit events and I enjoyed it, I loved it, and most importantly I admired his character.

The methods Steve teaches are the methods used in modern marketing. He’s using his own angle but at its core, PFP is a marketing methodology that is client-targeted. He is offering value in the market, using ethical and constructive tactics, and definitely, he can help you become a podcast superstar. 

Not only you’re getting access to the world’s leading podcasting names and data, but you’ll dive deep into the world of podcasting. The Profiting from Podcasts program will open your eyes to the real potential of this medium that is underutilized at the moment. And this is a great opportunity for all aspiring podcasters from every corner of the world.

PFP will guide you to become a podcasting authority and you’ll learn how to approach other people’s shows as a guest and how to create your own shows. 

There’s no other training program in the market to help you with both directions.

And you’re getting a ton of bonuses, both from Steve and me.

I was introduced to Steve Olsher and his material by a friend of mine and after discussing with other partners on various forums and communities, everyone had only positive comments and stories to share.

And the PFP testimonials are endless. Among them,  you’ll find successful entrepreneurs and well-known names in the industry.

If this was a crappy program, rest assured, I would be the first to let you know. The majority of my reviews are negative.

Based on my 6+ years of online marketing experience I can confidently say that listening to podcasts and audio files generally, was the method that had the biggest impact on my career.

With all that being said, podcast is the medium that gets people’s attention, that creates strong relationships and connections and ultimately motivates people to buy because of all the things we mentioned before in this article.

Steve Olsher’s experience is a guarantee…but

I want to be completely honest with you.

If you’re just getting started, then you need to be clear on your topic of influence (TOI), and you need to be fluent enough to appear on other people’s shows or to create your own podcasting show.

To make PFP a success for you, you need to work following the training and you need to have a strong presence online.

This is where I can help you with my bonuses to get recognized faster and I will guide you through the training step-by-step (next paragraph). 

All in all, the material Steve shared is high-quality, comprehensive, and can get you booked on top podcasting shows.

It’s one of those ELITE programs that are super-detailed, with clear step-by-step instructions, and tremendous support throughout the training and more importantly, afterward.

Not to mention the 30-days money-back guarantee, refund you in full.

The bonuses are extremely valuable, and only the ticket to the New Media Summit is like having a ticket to paradise. You won’t get easily a chance to meet and interact with so many icons in one place at no cost. If you can’t get booked on other people’s shows at an event like this one, then I don’t know an event that can help you.


The training shows the way to achieve extreme but doable success with podcasting but I have to tell you, it won’t be easy.

You have to commit to reaching out to other podcasters in order to increase your visibility and gain followers. You have to participate in these podcasters’ shows, to provide value to their audience, and help them.

Additionally, you have to create your own shows to increase your authority and begin building trust with people, other podcasters, and their listeners.

If you’re not willing to take action and do the hard work that’s associated with these actions, then this program is not for you.


And I have to tell you another thing, even more important. Every elite program is designed the same way. There’s no program that you just invest money and wait to get paid.

If you want something like this, then you have to look elsewhere. The Profiting from Podcasts and similar educational programs require you to work. You have to apply what you learn

PFP is a concrete and comprehensive training program with a proven record of around 7 years.

It works. It worked for thousands of people and it will continue to work.

Simply put, if you invest in this exceptional program, do all the hard work, use the bonuses, chat with Steve in private, interact with fellow members in the groups and the Facebook community, and attend the New Media Summit, I can’t see any reason to fail. It only takes some time to get recognized.

Enroll in the PFP program now and get all the bonuses Steve compiled plus my huge bonuses before it’s too late. The registration closes very soon

Profiting from Podcasts RATINGS

  • Training 95% 95%
  • Marketing Tools 90% 90%
  • Support 95% 95%
  • Forum, Community 90% 90%
  • Other Services 90% 90%


Final Score

Wait, There’s More…My Bonuses

Let me make sure you move forward, apply what you learn and help you with your marketing

Bonus #1

A beautiful, professional, and highly-converting website (real value $1,000 – FREE for you)

You need a strong online presence. Your website is your storefront and is responsible for bringing people in. WMS will develop a beautiful, professional, and effective website that builds trust so that prospects can engage with your offers. And when customers feel great, they become promoters of your brand.
What you’ll get for free:
  • Homepage
  • 2 Landing pages (products, services, shop, store, sales pages)
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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

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  1. Darren

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my online presence, as I make most of my income from the internet in various ways. So far I haven’t given much thought to podcasts (either creating my own or appearing on the podcasts of other people), but I keep seeing positive mentions of podcasting and thought I should look into it more.

    I like the way you’ve listed 8 major advantages for easy reference. After reading through this list trying to appear on podcasts does make a lot of sense on many levels.

    Very detailed post on the subject. I’ll definitely be referring back to this one quite often.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Darren,

      It’s great to hear you’re making most of your income online. There are so many opportunities to explore and I don’t have time to do everything I want. Podcasting is the new phenomenon that’s taking by storm ambitious entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers. It has countless benefits as a medium and if done right it can lead to massive visibility. And yes, everyone is talking positively about it. I love hearing podcast shows all the time, especially when I drive.

      Thank you for your kind words and for your interest, wish you good luck!

  2. Grant

    Wow! Podcasting is so far out of my comfort zone right now that I can’t even see it in my future. Of course, what I’m doing now with blogging I couldn’t see in my future either, so podcasting might be coming down the road for me. The thing is, I see podcasters as subject matter experts, and I’m no expert yet. I’ve only been blogging for a year though, so my turn to be an expert is coming, and my venture into podcasting is coming too.

    • Tasos

      Grant, you’re right

      Podcast is a medium mainly for experts or those that have experience on a field, but if you’re blogging for over a year now, I believe you can easily share your message with the world. Think of those that are just starting out. You are the expert, they are beginners.

      Of course, at this point, you should not be looking to connect with TOP podcasting icons, but why not trying to connect with smaller shows and hosts at your level?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the best!


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