Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge 5-Day Free Event To Improve Your Writing May 09-13

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Top 6 Project Management Tools & Software

by Tasos


Mar 29, 2021


Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge May 09-13

This is a shout out to writers and authors. Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, and sometimes exhausting.

But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit. And I mean, writing non-stop, becoming unstoppable.

And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too. That’s writing with others.

I want to invite you to join me for the Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge that’s happening this week, May 09 through May 13.

Now, this 5-day challenge is free and it’s so much fun, hundreds of writers and authors will unite each day just to write freely, without the pressure of writing for an audience.

Every day, the Hope Writers team will assign a writing prompt. It only takes a few minutes to write an Instagram caption and you’ll be able to clear the brain fog, discover your writing voice, find unparallel confidence in sharing your words, and collaborate with like-minded writers in a live event.

Let’s take this challenge together.

    Tasos Perte

    “7 Ideals” methodology

    What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

    Are you looking for ways to streamline your workflow? Do you want to work with your team members more efficiently?

    Are you looking for ways to stay organized, be more productive, and chat with your team internally?

    Then this catalog is for you.

    We have compiled a list of project management tools to help you ease your workload and focus on your projects stress-free.

    It’s a list we’ll be updating regularly.

    Let’s dive right in!

    Popular Work Management Tools


    teamwork - project management tools & software

    Main sloganAt last, easy-to-use project management software you won’t outgrow. Simple to use, powerful when you need it. Manage multiple complex projects with ease. Scales into a full platform.


    • Teamwork: a work and project management tool that helps in-house & remote teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results
    • Teamwork One: Save 48% with the Teamwork One product bundle. Scale your business with the Teamwork Suite that works together to make your work more efficient. You get one login, one payment, one platform, one big saving and 5 great integrated products.
    • Teamwork Desk: one central place for your shared mailboxes like support@ and contact@ so you can manage client requests, support, and project communications with more visibility at scale
    • TeamWork Chat: instant chat software that keeps team communication open so you can make decisions faster and reach new levels of productivity without losing the human touch
    • Teamwork CRM: an easy-to-use sales CRM software that gives you everything you need to manage your sales pipeline, organize your processes, and get key insights on how to accelerate your growth
    • Teamwork spaces: a modern, intuitive content collaboration workspace with smart features like required reading and live widgets – helping your team to become more engaged and accountable when it comes to company content


    • Time tracking: effectively track and bill for all of your client projects
    • Collaborate: messages, chat, files, notebooks – everything you need to collaborate with context and efficiency
    • Gantt chart: get a gannt-style view of your project, giving you full visibility of your tasks and highlighting any milestones on the project date line
    • Teams: streamline project planning and setup by assigning work to teams and sub-teams
    • Workload: manage and optimize team resources directly from Teamwork
    • Kanban board view: use boards to automate your workflow and provide your team with an easy way to visualize their project tasks
    • Portfolio: get a panoramic view of where all your projects stand, and easily spot roadblocks to keep your work moving
    • Unlimited free clients users: Teamwork’s exclusive user types allows you to bring your clients into your projects at no extra cost
    • Apps: best-in-class project management apps
    • Calendar: important upcoming milestones, events, and tasks
    • Project owner: assign an owner to each individual project for an extra layer of accountability and clarity
    • Milestones: define your goals and assign task lists to monitor progress and give your team a clear vision
    • Tasklist templates: Save time by creating and saving task list templates and using them when creating new similar task lists.
    • Tasks and subtasks: Create tasks and sub-tasks to break down your workload, and assign them to one or multiple team members.
    • Notebooks: Write and share content on a project with notebooks. Update and observe changes between your notebook versions.
    • Files and versioning: Keep all your important files in one place and add updated versions to ensure clear visibility of the progress.
    • Followers: Enable people to stay in the loop on task progress without having to assign an action to them
    • Messages: Use the message function to write to your team, communicate with context, and group your messages into appropriate categories.
    • Privacy: Specify which users have visibility and access across projects with advanced privacy settings.
    • Permissions: Set the parameters and permissions of your users and decide what, when, and how notifications are sent.
    • Custom fields: Track, manage, and filter information that’s unique to your business needs using project and task custom fields.
    • Defaults: Create task templates, default task templates, and categories that you can use time and time again.
    • Billing: Quickly and easily create invoices using your team’s billable time logs.
    • Risk register: Manage all risks associated with your project in one place and give the whole team visibility.
    • Tags: Group everything into specific categories with tags, and combine tags with filters to quickly find the exact information you need.
    • Time logging: Easily keep track of the time you spend on your tasks and projects.
    • Filters: Use filters to view your project information through different customized lenses and save them for future use.
    • Dashboard: Build personalized Dashboards to show key project metrics for you and your team and see how your work is tracking at a glance with activity timelines.
    • Project updates: Project owners and admins can add status updates to projects, as well as a health indicator to keep all stakeholders in the loop quickly and easily.
    • Task history: Easily track changes to tasks and milestones made by team members to maintain full visibility.
    • Teamwork spaces: Embed Teamwork task lists into a space in Teamwork Spaces to make planning more productive.
    • Teamwork Desk: Creating Teamwork tasks directly from tickets in Teamwork Desk to make sure work flows seamlessly from one point to the next.
    • Teamwork CRM: Create Teamwork tasks and projects in Teamwork CRM to help you close deals faster and make client handoff more efficient.
    • Teamwork chat: Create Teamwork tasks directly from messages in Teamwork Chat so you can make team communication actionable.

    Solutions for:

    • Agencies
    • Creative teams
    • Professional services
    • Marketing teams
    • Product teams
    • Project management

    Other departments and resources: careers, customers, security, news, partner program, blog, webinars, eBooks, guides, templates, videos, project management guide, support center, API, integrations, startups, roadmap, status, 


    • Free forever: For individuals and small teams getting started with project management.
    • Pro: Manage multiple projects and delight your clients. A great place to start. $12.5/mo or $10/user/mo billed annually
    • Premium: Ideal for larger teams with features to help get you efficient and organized. $22.5/mo or $18/user/mo billed annually
    • Enterprise: Advanced security, extra speed, additional security and premium support. Contact them

    There’s a free 30-day trial period.

    Online reviews:

    • G2: 769 reviews, 4.4/5
    • Capterra: 671 reviews, 4.5/5
    • SoftwareAdvice: 669 reviews, 4.5/5
    • TrustRadius: 133 votes, 8.5/10
    • GetApp: 671 votes, 4.5/5
    • GlassDoor: 81 votes, 3.9/5
    • Gartner: 27 reviews, 4.5/5
    • Indeed: 4 reviews, 5/5
    • SelectHub: 1,555 votes, 89%

    About: Today, we have over 24,000 paying customers worldwide and a wonderful team of 250 people across 18 countries, with office locations in 6 of those. Teamwork Campus One, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork T23 AX73, IE. Founded in 2007. Privately held. Heinz Berchtold – CEO/founder. Peter Coppinger – CEO/founder.

    teamwork banner 728x90


    projectmanager - project management tools & software

    Main slogan: Project Management Software for Professionals. An online platform where you can plan, track and report every last detail


    • Project management software
    • Gantt chart makers
    • Project dashboards
    • Task management software
    • Planning tools
    • Project management tools


    • Project dashboards: Know instantly if your projects and your team are on track.
    • Gantt charts: The most powerful, interactive Gantt chart features, yet simple to use
    • Project plans: Create and share project plans online, with multiple views for your team.
    • Project schedules: Schedule tasks and review team workload across all your projects.
    • Project reports: Share executive-ready status reports with the push of a button.
    • Task management: Empower your team with easy task management tools for all their projects.
    • Project timesheets: Online timesheets are easy for your team and even easier for you to approve.
    • Workload management: Manage team workload with easy resource allocation tools.
    • Kanban boards: Organize work with drag-and-drop cards and custom columns.
    • PPM tools: See all your projects and keep them aligned with strategic goals.
    • Agile tools: Work together with multiple project views that help maintain flexibility.
    • Team management: Work together in real time with features that foster collaboration.
    • Waterfall PM tools: Map subtasks, dependencies and each phase of your software project.
    • Cloud-based solution: Our cloud-based software lets you access your projects from anywhere.
    • WBS: Visualize your project to make it easier to plan, schedule, and deliver.
    • Critical path: Quickly filter our Gantt charts to find the critical path for your project.
    • Work management: Plan, track, organize, and review progress on your team’s work.
    • Project tracking tools: Monitor and track with features that make evaluating a project easier.
    • Project timelines: Get simple, graphical views of your task and team progress.
    • Ticketing: Track customer issues to administer fixes in the future.
    • Online file storage: Store all your project files in one place with unlimited online storage.
    • Microsoft project integration: Import MPP files to view your Microsoft Project & Excel plans online.
    • Google & Gmail integration: Manage task updates right in your Gmail, plus sync your Drive docs & Calendars.
    • Apps & Zapps: Synchronize your data with apps you use everyday with our Zapier integration.
    • API: Create custom integrations to your other applications with our API.
    • Templates: project plan, gantt chart, project proposal, WBS (work breakdown structure), project budget, project kickoff, project planning, reporting, tracking

    Solutions for

    • Construction teams
    • Manufacturing teams
    • IT & Dev teams
    • Professional services teams
    • Engineering teams
    • Product management teams
    • Project management teams
    • Marketing teams
    • Enterprise teams
    • Creative teams
    • Event planning teams
    • Nonprofit teams
    • other: aerospace, architecture, automotive, corporate media, defense, energy, entertainment, finance, healthcare, law, local government, logistics, pharmaceuticals, politics, property management, public utilities, real estate development, retail, telecommunications, transportation, universities & education, and more

    Other departments and resources: guides (project management, gantt sharts, project plans, work breakdown structure, critical path method, PERT charts, construction software, and more), blog, support, tutorial, videos, security, integrations, solutions. 


    • Personal: $15/user/mo
    • Team: $20/user/mo
    • Business: $25/user/mo

    There’s a free 30-day trial period.

    Online reviews:

    • Capterra: 326 reviews, 4.1/5
    • G2: 31 reviews, 3.8/5
    • TrustPilot: 419 reviews, 3.3/5
    • GetApp: 326 votes, 4.1/5
    • TrustRadius: 4 votes, 9/10
    • FeaturedCustomers: 1,684 reviews, 4.7/5
    • CrozDesk: 422 votes, 3.3/5
    • SourceForge: 18 reviews, 5/5

    About: We started out in 2008 with the goal of helping project managers find out whether their projects are on track. Within just 12 months of going live, NASA and the United Nations were using our service, and now more than 20,000 managers and teams in 101 countries use it daily. Guy Haddleton, Director. Herb Hunt, Director. Jason Westland, Founder & CEO.

    3721 Executive Center Dr., Suite, 200, Austin, TX 78731,    1 (800) 765-2495.


    Business & Marketing Tools Collection


    Work management, tracking, organizing, payments, accounting, Google, keyword, market, and competition research, SEO, analytics, and related, marketing & advertising, web development, website monitoring, domains & website hosting, coding, and related, design & multimedia, marketplaces, entrepreneurial communities, hiring & outsourcing


    200+ business and marketing tools collection banner 666px


    trello - work management tools

    Main slogan: trello helps teams work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.


    • Timeline: visually plan time and workload
    • Table: display cards in rows and columns, like a spreadsheet
    • Calendar: see cards with dates on a calendar
    • Dashboard: generate charts, visuals, and metrics for your work
    • Map: visualize card locations on an interactive map
    • Business class: advanced checklists, custom fields, list limits, card repeater, calendar & map views, voting, 100+ app integrations with your top work tools, built-in workflow automation with butler, additional security, and more
    • Enterprise plan: enhanced security, butler for enterprise, built-in task automation, 100+ native integrations, membership controls, data encryption in transit and at rest, organization-wide controls, power-up administration, and more


    • Business
    • Design
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Marketing
    • HR & operations
    • Personal
    • Productivity
    • Product management
    • Project management
    • Remote work
    • Sales
    • Support
    • Team management


    • Works with: web, mobile, desktop, chrome, firefox, edge, safari
    • Butler automation app: Create rules, buttons, and commands to automate almost any action
    • Integrations: Slack, Adobe XD, Jira and so much more (add-ons, browser extensions, connectors, power-ups, Trello to go)
    • Featured power-ups: analytics & reporting, automation, board utilities, communication & collaboration, file management, HR & operations, IT & project management, marketing & social media, product & design, sales & support

    Pricing plans:

    • Free
    • Gold: $5/mo or $45/year.
    • Business class: $9.99/user/mo.
    • Enterprise (more than 100 people in your team): there’s a pricing calculator, example – for 20 users – $4,200 per year


    • Guides
    • Knowledgebase
    • Blog
    • Developers: community, API
    • Webinars
    • Team playbooks
    • They are hiring

    Online reviews:

    • G2: 11,284 reviews, 4.4/5
    • Capterra: 18,826 reviews, 4.5/5
    • TrustRadius: 1,611 votes, 8.5/10
    • BetterBuys: 4 reviews, 5/5
    • SoftwareAdvice: 18,754 reviews, 4.5/5
    • GetApp: 18,828 votes, 4.5/5
    • Facebook: 802 votes, 4.7/5
    • TrustPilot: 101 reviews, 4.3/5

    About: around the summer of 2010, Fog Creek Software starts doing regular Creek Weeks, internal explorations for potential products. In January 2011, a prototype that hopes to solve some high-level planning issues is pitched. It’s called Trellis. Full time development begins soon after.

    After a closed beta, Trello launches at TechCrunch Disrupt in September of 2011 with apps for the web and iPhone. We narrowly avoid names like Cardvark and Planatee and go with the name Trello.

    In the summer of 2012, Fog Creek co-founder Joel Spolsky’s dog Taco becomes the official Trello spokes-husky. Trello reaches 500,000 members and launches the Trello Android app.

    Presentation Tools & Sharing Platforms

    Regular Updates


    hive - project management tools & software

    Main slogan: Work Faster With HiveThe tool for productive teams. Thousands of companies all over the world are moving faster with Hive. It’s time to take your productivity to the next level. Start your 14 day free trial now, no credit card needed.


    • Analyze work: Plan projects, track work, and execute flawless campaigns with Hive’s centralized platform. Utilize flexible analytics to track progress and proactively spot risks.
    • Flexible project views: Kanban, Gantt, portfolio, calendar, table, and summary view allow for customization of the platform throughout your team. Visualize data in a way that works for you.
    • My actions:  your personal dashboard: all actions can be broken out by project for easy access, current, future, completed, and “assigned by me” tasks
    • Hive analytics: power your productivity – monitor individual or team progress with robust analytics. Utilize customizable dashboards to track project completion, actions completed per individual, most productive days of the week, and overdue actions by project
    • Centralize processes: Why utilize disparate tools across your organization that make it harder to streamline information? Bring all data, tasks, projects, and coworkers together with Hive
    • Forms and templates: repeatable workflows – gather and parse a variety of data. Create repeatable tasks and projects that can be duplicated at a moment’s notice
    • Proofing and approvals: creative collaborations – simplify feedback loops and approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, share proofs, and provide feedback. Approve proofs on-the-go with proofing on mobile
    • Automation: seamless progress – Create buttons that trigger the completion of a workflow. Move a card to a different project, change an assignee, add labels, subactions, and apply a template
    • Streamline communication: Access all of the information needed to complete a task by working collaboratively with team members across your organization
    • Hive mail: integrated email inbox – pulls your Gmail or Outlook inbox into Hive. 
    • Assignee and comments: transfer work – assign individual action cards to teammates to let them know you’re passing a task over to them. Utilize comments on the card to flag any potential issues, communicate on task transfer, or attach necessary files
    • Hive chat: communicate internally – enable chat or integrate Slack to streamline communication across the board. 
    • Integrations
    • Templates: agency, business development, HR, marketing, operations, PR, product management, software development

    Use cases:

    • Agencies
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Project management
    • Education
    • Startups

    Other departments and resources: press, careers, partners, customers, Google API services user data, book a demo, knowledge base, status, security, release notes, developers, compare, video demos, product webinar, blog.


    • Base: $12/user/mo
    • Enterprise: includes all add-ons, contact them.


    • Proofing and approvals $4/user/mo
    • Resourcing: $4/user/mo
    • Timesheets: $4/user/mo
    • External users: $4/user/mo
    • Enterprise security: $4/user/mo
    • Analytics: $6/user/mo

    Online reviews:

    • G2: 216, reviews, 4.6/5
    • TrustPilot: 17,753 reviews, 3.6/5
    • Capterra: 141 reviews, 4.5/5
    • SoftwareAdvice: 141 reviews, 4.5/5
    • TrustRadius: 11 votes, 8.2/10
    • Feefo: 3,592 reviews, 4.9/5
    • Gartner: 3 reviews, 5/5

    About: born from co-founders John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos’ career-long obsessions with workplace collaboration. John spent over a decade leading global customer success, learning what teams need to be effective at multinationals and startups alike, while Eric specialized in addressing the many productivity pain points and headaches that plague government and enterprise organizations. Spotting a huge gap between a productivity tool users loved and leaders needed, they set out to found and build Hive. 

    Online Marketplaces

    The Ultimate List

    (Buy and Sell Products)


    monday - work management tools

    Main slogan: The complete toolkit for every project. Take your team’s project management to the next level with customizable features that help you plan, strategize, and deliver your best work.


    • Project management
    • Marketing
    • CRM & sales
    • Remote work
    • Software development
    • Creative
    • Construction
    • IT
    • HR

    Project management features:

    • Visualize your entire project with Gantt charts: View projects through powerful Gantt charts to plan, track, and manage everything. Modify and control your baseline, dependencies, and milestones during every phase of the project lifecycle
    • Dashboards: Get the data you need at a glance with dashboards. Turn insights into action and make key decisions based on real-time data. Centralize your data into one high-level view and easily pull everything you need across all projects and programs.
    • Workload: See resource capacity instantly with workload. Manage your team’s workload with live, up-to-date data on current capacity so you can make smarter decisions on how to allocate resources more effectively
    • Set up custom automations in just a few clicks. Project management alerts to help you stay ahead of the game.

    Board settings:

    • Add group
    • Board members
    • Board activity
    • Integrations center
    • Automations center
    • Apps marketplace
    • Board permissions


    • Basic
    • Featured
    • Notifications
    • Status change
    • Recurring
    • Due dates
    • Item creation
    • Move item
    • Subitems
    • Dependencies
    • Custom


    • Build your own
    • Marketing
    • Content production
    • Project management
    • Sales & CRM
    • Freelancers
    • Design
    • Software development
    • HR
    • Manufacturing
    • Office operations
    • Startup
    • Education
    • Real estate
    • Venture capital
    • Construction

    Import data from:

    • Excel/CSV
    • Google sheets
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • Basecamp
    • Facebook ads
    • Zendesk

    Integrates with countless apps. Categories: featured, remote work, communication, customer support, marketing eCommerce, software development, finance, CRM, import data, Slack, Gmail, Outlook.

    Other departments:

    • Developers
    • Students
    • Work OS
    • Careers
    • Find a partner
    • Support
    • Daily webinars
    • Community
    • Professional services
    • Video tutorials
    • Blog
    • Podcast

    Pricing plans:

    • Basic: for 3 seats – €8/seat/mo.
    • Standard: €10/seat/mo
    • Pro:€16/seat/mo
    • Enterprise: contact them

    Online reviews

    • Capterra: 2,251 reviews, 4.6/5
    • G2: 1,475 reviews, 4.6/5
    • SoftwareAdvice: 2,252 reviuews, 4.5/5
    • TrustPilot: 2,805 reviews, 4.5/5
    • TrustRadius: 1,700 votes, 8.6/10
    • Gartner: 91 reviews, 4.5/5
    • GetApp: 2,253 votes, 4.6/5
    • GrowthMarketingPro: 12 reviews, 4.7/5

    About: Founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and earn Zinman. They secured a first funding with a $1.5M seed round. In 2015, they grew the team by 300% by hiring 9 new employees and grew the company by 50,000% by acquiring 3,000+ customers.

    Online Survey Tools

    Regular Updates


    asana - work management tools

    Main slogan: Manage projects with one tool. You don’t have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your projects on course. Track and manage everything—from day one to the deadline—with Asana.


    • By team: marketing (plan and track campaigns, launches, and more), operations (build, scale, and streamline processes to improve efficiency), sales (close deals and onboard new customers fast), product (build roadmaps, plan sprints, manage shipping and launches), company-wide (give employees clarity), design (track design workflows and requests), IT departments (manage everything from help desk requests to opening a new office), managers (strategic planning, project progress, employee workloads), human resources (interviewing, onboarding, track HR, recruiting workflows), finance (track growth projection planning, budget meetings, everyday work), engineering (plan your sprints, track bugs, centralize feedback), event planners (plan every detail no matter the size)
    • By workflow: project management (plan, track, and manage team projects from start to finish), workflow management (create custom processes to fit your needs), calendar (build team calendars to track work and manage schedules), kanban boards (use columns to prioritize tasks and manage projects through every stage), remote teams (collaborate and manage work from anywhere), productivity (be more deliberate about how you manage your time), agile & scrum (build fast, ship often, and track it all in one place), organization (web and mobile apps to stay on track, keep projects organized, and hit deadlines), excel project management (you need more than spreadsheet), to-do lists (customize everything), team communication (post status updates, share team-wide announcements, and collaborate on tasks), prince2 methodology (easily define roles and responsibilities, keep your team focused on quality, tailor your approach for each project), program management, project planning.


    • Goals: set strategic goals and track progress in one place
    • Timeline: build beautiful Gantt charts in minutes
    • Portfolios: monitor the progress and status of key initiatives in real-time
    • Workload: see how much work team members have across projects
    • Forms: submit and manage work requests in one place
    • Automation: streamline processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks
    • Boards: organize work like sticky notes and track tasks through every stage
    • List: to-do lists
    • Calendar: spot holes and overlaps
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Subtasks
    • Milestones
    • Task assignees
    • Sections
    • Custom fields
    • Due dates and times
    • Start dates
    • Attachments
    • Rules
    • Likes
    • Approvals
    • Project overview
    • Project brief
    • Sync tasks across projects
    • Dependencies
    • Custom templates
    • Copy projects
    • Views and reporting: inbox, dashboard, my tasks, timeline, workload, portfolios, accessibility, calendar, files, advanced search, teammate view, project export
    • Admin controls: teams, guests, permissions, privacy controls, comment-only projects, team management, data security
    • Communication: task comments, followers, status, messaging, project conversations, team conversations
    • Mobile
    • Integrations
    • Robust rest api
    • Support and success


    • Basic: free forever
    • Premium: €10,99/per user/mo billed annually, or €13,49/mo
    • Business: €24,99/per user/mo billed annually, or €30,49/mo
    • Enterprise: contact the sales team for more details

    Other departments:

    • Customer success
    • Templates
    • Trust & security
    • Status
    • Leadership
    • Diversity
    • Careers
    • Press
    • Wavelength
    • Blog
    • Investor relations
    • Guides
    • Forum
    • Support
    • API & developers
    • Partners
    • Community
    • Certified pros
    • Events
    • Learning portal

    Online reviews:

    • G2: 7,067 reviews, 4.3/5
    • Capterra: 9,538 reviews, 4.4/5
    • SoftwareAdvice: 9,541 reviews, 4.5/5
    • TrustRadius: 1,273 votes, 8.4/10
    • Gartner: 172 reviews, 4.4/5
    • GetApp: 9,554 votes, 4.4/5
    • TrustPilot: 76 reviews, 3.4/5

    About: Our founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein met while leading Engineering teams at Facebook. As operations scaled, they grew frustrated by how difficult it was to coordinate everyone to get work done, and how much time they spent in meetings, sending emails, and searching for information.

    We Teach

    Marketing & Business

    Live on Zoom

    Your host: Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Schedule an interview so we can evaluate where you are right now, your needs and goals, and we'll give you a detailed analysis of how the workshops work

    *30-Day Free Trial

    Final Thoughts

    This is just the beginning of an extended catalog. I will keep the thread updated frequently.

    In the meantime, check out the other related resources we have in store for you.

    That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts. Which tool is your favorite? Which software should I add? Till next time.

    Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

    Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

    I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

    Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page

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    Book a 30' video-call interview on the next page, to help us understand where you are at your business right now, your needs and goals, and we will give you a detailed analysis of how the beta group works.

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    Hope Writers -Instagram Writing Challenge

    SHOUT OUT to writers & authors.

    Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, sometimes exhausting.

    But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit.

    And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too.

    That's writing with others.


    This amazing community of authors, Hope Writers, of which I am a member for 1.5 years now is organizing a 5-day writing challenge on Instagram and you can participate for free.

    Clear the brain fog.

    Discover your writing voice.

    Find unparallel confidence in sharing your words.

    Have fun with like-minded writers in a live event.

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