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Administration News & Updates

by Tasos on Apr 27, 2018 – Last Update: May 05, 2018


The purpose of this page is to illustrate how the Wealthy Affiliate Community has evolved since the date I joined, late December 2014. WA is THE best place for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of online businesses. With the help of this platform, I was able to build an online business from scratch with the least possible expenses, starting out with only $31. Very quickly, I managed to turn this tiny investment into a multiple income streams business.

Here, I present the administration news & updates from the owners, Carson and Kyle in chronological order.

#1 – Vegas 2015, the Best Year Yet!

Kyle Jan 22, 2015


On Monday night, I started to make my journey to Las Vegas for the annual Super Affiliate conference. In flight, I happened to have a few empty seats beside me because obviously Carson and Jay were unable to make it this year due to their circumstances, but they absolutely were present in the meeting discussions (Carson even popped in via Facetime on the 1st day).

On the plane, a neuroscientist ended up moving to a seat beside me, which made the 2.5 hour flight fly by… and I ended up learning a good deal about Neurobots. If we ever want to develop a way to inject Internet Marketing knowledge straight into the brain, this would have been the guy to know lol.

Anyways, just a short flight later and I arrived. My ride was waiting for me when I got there… the warm Vegas air hit, and I was instantly in 2015 conference mode!

How it went down:

We all arrived in Las Vegas on Monday. Typically what we do is have a little social to get to know one another. With the exception of one person this year, the same folks that were in Vegas last year were also there this year, so it was like a meeting with some great friends.

My Thoughts:

Kyle intrigues WA members to win the annual contest prize, a trip to Las Vegas

#2 – Comments just Got Visual & Help just Got Better

Carson Feb 11, 2015


Today I wanted to let everyone know that we have upped the ante with commenting at WA! All Premium members can now add images when commenting on questions, training, blogs, or Private messages.

Have you ever wanted to include a screenshot of something that you are needing help with? Or how about when you are helping someone and wanting to show someone that hard to explain setting in WordPress? Now you can do this and attach any number of images to your comments to help give a visual representation of what you are discussing.

Adding Images is a Cinch

My Thoughts:

A superb update letting users add images to their comments. As a result interaction between members has increased, and questions started being solved easier

#3 – Even More Powerful Websites and Secure than Ever

Carson Feb 19, 2015


The website industry is struggling with protecting WordPress websites from hacking and from a massive botnet which is constantly trying to break into your website by guessing your user passwords. No web hosting company in the world is doing a good job at protecting passwords, managing them, and keeping the hard work of the website owners safe and secure at all times.

Password management & auto login:

If you have a custom password right now, we won’t know what it is, so you will want to SYNCHRONIZE your password. This will reset it to a far more secure password, and enable auto-login for that user.

In many cases you will already have a secure password that was installed with your website. In this case your auto login will work right away like it always has.

If you ever want to change your password, simply click on RESET, and we will generate a brand new secure password for you.

Adding new users: the new process

When adding new users or editing users within your WordPress admin area, you will notice that there is no password field. As mentioned above, we generate your secure passwords for you, and email you with the password for your records.

Security taken to a whole new level:

Less load on your site equates a higher performing site too! This will lead to many benefits including faster loading pages, higher rankings in Google and the major search engines, and a better experience for your users.

My Thoughts:

A whole new package of security updates that improved the WA WordPress websites. Security is always the #1 concern of the WA admins.

#4 – A New Spin on Live Help

Carson Mar 11, 2015


We have just rolled out an update to one of the most widely used aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and we’re really excited about it. Live Chat has been updated, improved, and redesigned to make it more accessible, more compatible with mobile, and offer an overall a better experience

Live chat is accessible from everywhere:

Designed for Mobile:

One of our focuses was to offer a better Live Chat experience on mobile devices. On iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices you now have a clutter free experience that just works!

With this update to Live Chat we’ve made some subtle updates, along with some important improvements that we think will make getting help and communicating with others a much better experience!

So, give Live Chat a try by clicking the “Live Chat” button in the main menu. Try it on your computer or mobile device and see how you like it! We would love to hear what you think.

My Thoughts:

Another important update that significantly improved the interaction between WA members. Now no matter what oage you’re on you can always jump into the live chat to answer questions and to help others.

#5 – 2 Little Bubbles that Will Supercharge Live Help

Carson Apr 17, 2015


The previous update allowed two important things!

  1. to be able to quickly ask for live help from any page in WA
  2. to be able to help others from any page in WA

Introducing live chat notifications:

There are two new notifications that you will see show up within the Live chat button in the main menu. These little notification bubbles are for Replies to your messages, and when questions go unanswered.

This is powerful because now you will always know when someone is replying to your messages. No more missed chats, you’ll be notified when people reply to you within seconds!

That’s not all, things are booming in the background:

Many things are happening in the background at WA and we’re hard at work to bring some truly revolutionary and unique services to the community. In 2015 already we’ve released many new features and improvements to the community and the SiteRubix website network. We’re pushing forward hard on all fronts to ensure that your websites are the absolute best websites anywhere in the world. We want to give all members who build their websites at WA, a big upper hand over those who don’t. Stay tuned and know that 2015 is going to be our most innovative year in our history (Since 2005).

My Thoughts:

An update improving the latest update. It’s very obvious, that the admins care about engagement and interaction. Besides, this is what a community is meant to be

#6 – Preparing for a Booming Summer

Carson May 20, 2015


The platform has been upgraded in a big way:

We’ve updated the underlying architecture of WA and how the members area works because we have been in need of more power for quite a while. You may remember us having some technical difficulties with those “Gateway Timeout” errors in the past weeks and months. Well, those were caused by the WA community simply being overloaded with activity.

For months we’ve been working on updating WA so that we can handle an unlimited number of members. We’re growing at the fastest pace ever, and we needed this update to keep the community running smoothly! The main thing you will likely notice that pages in WA load much faster now – smoother, and making your way through the community is just a lot better in every way.

We have updated the platform to help handle more members, but to also handle for many improvements and brand new platforms that WA is going to see in the near future.

This year has been our most productive one:

  • We’re welcoming more members everyday then we ever have.
  • Communication and relationships are bring formed by more people than ever. This means more questions answered, and more “paying it forward” to help one another.
  • More folks are reaching milestones and achieving the goals they set out to conquer Success is happening at the highest rate ever!
  • Platforms like SiteFeedback have allowed 1000’s of people to get quality feedback on their websites…then turn that feedback into top rankings, high conversions, and revenue.
  • Our website password management has removed the need to remember passwords, and it has helped to stop password hacking in it’s tracks. As well, its allowing everyone to get into their websites with the click of a button.
  • Members with websites built at WA have the most secure sites, the most monitored sites, and the most robust sites out there in comparison other web hosts. That paired with the un paralleled amount of help available, we’re seeing some of the best looking (and highest ranking) websites…even from even those who are brand new to WA – Great work everyone!
  • Live chat is now 4x as active after the introduction of notification bubbles and the ability to get involved in chat from all pages in WA. The response to these changes have literally blown Kyle and I away – it’s awesome to see people communicating, helping one another, and learning at levels we’ve never before seen.

New platforms are coming:

We are always working on improvements for both the WA members area, and the SiteRubix website network. This summer we are going to be releasing awesome new platforms that will help take your websites and your businesses to new heights. Kyle and I see huge holes in what is available in for Internet marketers and those building online businesses. We have always made it a goal to fill those holes with services that you cannot get anywhere else…and that’s exactly what we are continuing to do!

My Thoughts:

Very important hosting and speed updates

#7 – SiteComments is Live, Changing Website Engagement Forever

Kyle Jun 26, 2015


To this day, there has been no effective platform on the Internet for getting high quality, engaging dialogue on your website. There is nothing elegant about trying to “get comments”, and more often than not, people totally miss out on comments because they feel as though it is too tough to get quality dialogue and engagement on their site.

Comments add value to your website, comments create trust, comments breed MORE comments, comments lead to more and longer lasting rankings in search engines, and comments lead to success.

Today we are completely changing the way in which you get comments…and by being a Premium member here at WA, you are going to be able to propel your website engagement (and business) like never before.

Finally, a platform for comment acquisition:

You offer comments, you get comments:

We filter by interests, quality ensues

All content is unique, guaranteed

All comments will be personal

Ultimate comment control and distribution

It goes directly to your site, easy peasy

When you get comments, you will know

A long-term, sustainable solution

My Thoughts:

A major update that improved user engagement between WA members

#8 – Affiliate Credit System Update

Kyle Dec 23, 2015


We have doubled the credits, and halved the value

Why are we doing this?

We are getting ready for some really awesome and exciting stuff that is going to take place here within WA in the year ahead. As per usual, we have been working on some really awesome stuff behind the scenes and will continue doing so as we push forward the evolution of WA.

The credit system all needed to function in parallel with one another, with various credits having different purposes within the system (SiteComments, SiteFeedback, Training, Affiliate) along with any new systems that are rolled out that are “credit” related, we wanted a centralized value of a single credit to streamline things here.

I can honestly say 2016 is going to the most exciting one yet for members here at WA! We are going to continue to push the envelope!

My Thoughts:

Another update towards better user experience

#9 – We have Changed the Domain World for the Better, SiteDomains

Carson Jan 08, 2016


For the past 10 years we have been building WA with the goal of allowing the most people possible (everyone) to be able to build an online business. One of the challenges has always been technology and getting people over the fears and difficulties of building the foundation of their business (their websites).

Today we are announcing a system design to fill the last MISSING link and makes WA a totally complete website building platform…removing one of the biggest technological hurdles people face!

Introducing SiteDomains:

You can now register new domains right here within Wealthy Affiliate! This means that when you are ready to secure your next domain name, you can do it right here within your WA Account!

All your domain needs in one place:

Each and every domain includes EVERYTHING you need and we do not upsell you like every other domain service out there. What you get with your WA domains is everything that you need to build your sites – privacy included!

  • Full privacy and domain protection.
  • Full email accounts included with each domain purchase.

With SiteDomains you have everything included all in one place…at ONE price

Security and Privacy:

Your privacy was at the top of our list when building the SiteDomains platform. We are constantly hearing about folks in WA getting unsolicited scam phone calls, emails, or even registered mail sent to them because they have not protected their WHOIS (contact) details of their domain. At WA, we include PRIVATE WHOIS protection with every single domain, this isn’t an upsell, it’s built right into the highly competitive pricing.


When you buy a domain, you will be up and running in literally minutes. No waiting for 24-48 hours for your domain to be registered, it’s going to happen in MINUTES…

Domains you Own from Other Registrars:

Domains that you own at other registrars will continue to work the same way they always have. In-fact, you can still purchase domains elsewhere and point them to WA Servers…though there is no reason to ever need to now.

SiteDomains can be your choice moving forward for all domain registrations. It’s completely integrated into your WA account, removes all technological hurdles, includes security, and is very competitively priced.


When registering domains through WA, you are instantly setup and ready to use all of the SiteRubix features like SiteFeedback, SiteComments, SiteHealth, SiteSupport, and others we are working on! You’ll be ready to rock right from the get go.

Affiliates earn $1 per domain:

SiteDomains is available to anyone

My Thoughts:

I’ve already reviewed the SiteDomains platform. A superb addition to the already powerful WA machine

#10 – Vegas 2016, What it means to Me, to Us, to You

Kyle Feb 04, 2016


Anyways, off to the hotel we went. The first night is a meet and greet with all of the folks. This is a fun get together where we socialize, get to meet up with old friends from past years and meet new faces that are attending for the first year.

Funny enough, no matter how much you communicate with someone online, it is always different and very surreal meeting people for the first time. Such an awesome group of people this year, kind hearted, ethical and very motivated by helping people out (within WA, relevant industries, and in many cases other industries as well).

Then the next morning, we get together for our first day of meetings. There was 15 of us at the round table this year, discussing all things Wealthy Affiliate. Our topic of conversation rarely ventures away from this as there are now so many different systems, platforms, methods of help, and upcoming developments to chat about or a nice spread of food and coffee.

Here is a picture of the boardroom:

We are one in the same people:

It’s not focused on selling, it’s focused on helping

Are you going to be there next year?

My Thoughts:

Kyle intrigues WA members again with the annual Las Vegas prize

#11 – The WA Credit System, Our Internal Currency

Carson Mar 03, 2016


Wealthy Affiliate has always had a credit system, even back in the days when we were a keyword list website with a forum (2006-2007). Back then we called our credit system “WA Gold” and people could earn credits by performing certain actions within the platform. Well, we have reinvented our credit system as many aspects of WA rely on earning and using credits and I am really excited to tell you about it below!

WA credits are categorized into 2 types:

Cash Credits AND Community Credits

  • Cash Credits carry a USD Value of $0.50 each and can be cashed out.
  • Community Credits carry no USD Value, but they carry significant value within WA as they are used for systems like SiteFeedback and SiteComments.

Credit dashboard:

Affiliate Credits are a TYPE of Cash Credit. We’ve kept this separation so that it’s clear to Affiliates what their credit balance is for referring others to WA. Affiliate Credits are Cash Credits and once you have reached the minimum quality threshold, they can be used as cash credits within any Credit System in WA.

For example, you can now use your Affiliate Credits to request comments on your website, or register domains!

My Thoughts:

Another important update that improved user experience and engagement

#12 – Transferring your Domains to WA is now Possible

Carson Apr 01, 2016


In early February 2016, we introduced our SiteDomains platform that allows for anyone to register their own domain names right here at WA. It was requested many times right from the get-go to be able to transfer domains from other Registrars (i.e.: Godaddy, Namecheap etc) over to our platform. This is now a reality, it’s LIVE, and anyone can now move their domains over to WA SiteDomains.

How do you transfer a domain?

  • You need a transfer code
  • Transfer or domain lock
  • Verification by email

How long does a transfer take?

Transfers usually can be done in just a few hours, but it can take up to 5 days to transfer a domain to WA. When you are sent emails from your registrar, read them carefully because in many cases there are links that you can click that will transfer the domain IMMEDIATELY vs waiting for the typical 3-5 days

Does it cost anything to transfer your domains?

Yes but it’s not a fee. In order to transfer a domain from one registrar to another you typically have to renew the domain for 1 or more years. With WA SiteDomains, you can renew your domain for just one year if you like. What this means is that you add one year to your existing registration. Some companies charge fees transfer your domain, but we’ve kept the cost as low as possible and simply require you to renew your domain with us before transferring.

My Thoughts:

Major improvements to the SiteDomains platform

#13 – Improved Messaging, How Centralized Private Communication Should Be

Carson Jun 09, 2016


Introducing “Messages” a central inbox for Private Messages and SiteSupport technical tickets

Your message inbox:

Accessing your inbox is done in the same way that you would check your Private messages by clicking the envelope icon at the top of WA, or by browsing to your profile and clicking on “messages”.

Message details:

Chronological order is WORD OF THE DAY here! We’ve changed things up by having all messages laid out in chronological order so that you can read the conversation in a natural top down sequence.

On the right hand side you are going to see some information about the user who has sent you the message.

SiteSupport – Technical Website Help:

When you need help with something related to your website, you’ve got our 24-hour dedicated team of server engineers and wordpress experts at your fingertips. Creating a SiteSupport ticket is still done from the SiteRubix main menu as before

My Thoughts:

Major user experience improvements

#14 – SiteProtect, Spam Blocking Measures Added to Your Websites

Carson Jun 27, 2016


Bots (computers) are the foundation of the spam ring out there and they are able to quickly find and attack any website. There are specific bot networks that focus on finding WordPress websites and exploiting many areas that are susceptible to accepting spam content.

When I say spam, it’s content with backlinks, it’s content that is duplicate, it’s content that is not posted by a real human…it’s content you DO NOT want.

With our new SiteProtect Comment Spam blocking system, we’ve stopped 100% of bot comments from even hitting your website.

With a WordPress plugin, the spam comes through from the bot-net and it hits your website. The plugins then figure out what to do with the comment by accessing eternal databases, and following patterns that known spam networks use.

The KEY point here is that your website is still doing work to determine if the comment is spam – and this is totally unnecessary and inefficient. Preventing a spam comment from being published on your website is how plugins work. SiteProtect is blocking the comment from your website entirely.

With SiteProtect the comment never hits your site, never clutters your database, never sends you an email asking you to login and review the spam comment, it doesn’t cause your server to do any work. In turn, your website experiences much less stress, and that in-turn makes your website run faster and more efficiently.

Can you remove your anti-spam plugins?

The answer is YES! We’ve got a lot of feedback on the new SiteProtect system and there is no spam making it through our new system. You can ABSOLUTELY disable your spam plugins from your website. Less plugins help improve the stability an speed of your website. We’re protecting you at a higher level than a plugin can protect you, so you’re safe to disable, remove, delete etc, any spam plugins you have running currently.

How do we do this?

We are able to use proprietary technology to determine if a human being is actually hitting your website, filling out the comment box, and submitting it in the way a real human would do. Bots are computers and they act very differently and cannot FAKE that they are real people (although they try). We detect this, and we stop the comment from even hitting your website and causing your site to load the entire framework (preventing load). 99% of comment spam you receive is from computers, not real humans copy and pasting content – we’ve got you covered 🙂

Very soon we will be expanding this mechanism to all input forms on your website because comment forms are not the only places you can get spam. Contact pages, 3rd party plugin forms, etc, these are all places where bots focus and spread spam.

SiteProtect is next level website comment spam protection that doesn’t exist elsewhere…it’s part of our continued initiative to offer the best hosting platform for WordPress in the world.

My Thoughts:

One of the most important updates. This is when I was able to remove 2 anti-spam plugins from my website (2captcha and Akismet), resulting in speed improvements. Since then, I use ZERO anti-spam plugins with no issue whatsoever.

#15 – The WA Engine is Full Speed Ahead

Carson Aug 24, 2016


We’ve just released the ability to hover over a fellow member’s image in WA to pop-up a box where you can learn a bit more about them, see a larger image, read their description, follow (if you aren’t already), and leave a profile message!

This summer has been the most productive that we’ve had since the creation of WA back in 2005. We’ve been busy working on some of the biggest and most exciting projects to date. In the coming weeks and months you’re going to be hearing a lot from me with updates, new features, and projects released. Kyle and I have never been this excited about the direction of WA.

We’ve got big things coming in relation to:

Your Websites, Your Hosting, Your Domains
Your Research, Your Training, Your Communication
Your Content, Your Success

My Thoughts:

Another user experience oriented update.

#16 – The WA Homepage Has Gotten a Facelift

Kyle Sep 30, 2016


We have launched iteration three of the website on October 12th, 2016. We liked the latest updates and they definitely lead to a boost in overall conversions. One thing that we felt we were missing that we had on the last website, was a coffee cup. It gives the home business that coffee shop feel which is a bit more hip and is he reality of what an Internet business is.

We also put some emphasis on the sign-up form with the yellow box and moved the See How Wealthy Affiliate Works text up so it is more visible within the first viewable fold of the page. The testing continues…

My Thoughts:

A design update to reflect the new marketing trends

#17 – SSL Security Certificates Coming, and they are FREE

Carson Nov 02, 2016


What exactly is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s a technology that allows a website to transfer data over an encrypted connection. You’ll notice that the WA Members area is over an SSL connection by the “https://” protocol at the beginning of the domain name. This means that any interaction that you have from your browser, to WA is completely secure over a 256-bit connection meaning that it’s all but impossible to hack.

…but what exactly does this mean for a website?

A website that is running over SSL can securely accept payments for one, but another big thing is that the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, are starting to give some weight to sites that are served over SSL. In other words, your site may benefit from being secure for your visitors.

SSL can cost upwards of $100/year, plus setup fees, and special server requirements that a lot of web hosts charge for. We believe that everyone has a right to have a SECURE website for their website visitors, and this is why we are offering it for FREE to any websites hosted here at WA.

Do I need SSL?

The short answer is no, you do not NEED it – look at websites now that are not SECURE, they are doing extremely well. However, adding SSL can add an extra layer of security, and even a bump in how the search engines favor a website. The goal of SSL is to offer secure websites first and foremost, and this is what Search Engines like to see.

For those who are accepting payment directly, or wanting to setup e-commerce websites that allow for payment processing SSL is a definite requirement. Until now we have not accommodated for this at WA, but that has all changed!

My Thoughts:

We all the know the improtance of running secure websites. WA recognized the market needs very early.

#18 – Profile Makeover, A New Look plus Badges

Carson Nov 08, 2016


The new profile is an updated look to take us into 2017, but it’s not just been made to look “pretty”. We packed this release with some brand new stuff that I’m going to tell you about right now!

Introducing WA Badges:

We’ve long wanted to release a system that can track your progress in a fun and motivating way! Badges at WA are now part of everyone’s profiles at WA. Badges are earned at different milestones of your time here at WA! We’ve released 11 badges with the initial release, and we’ve got many more to come.

Current badges include:

  • Account Setup
  • Community Join
  • First Website
  • Google Index
  • Premium
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Ambassador
  • Rank
  • Website Posts
  • Website Comments.

A brand new blog too and a new question area:

The updates today extend to your Blog page as well! You’re going to notice a fresh blog page, an updated look, and links to popular posts that you’ve made, and new posts! The updated blog is gong to give your content posted here at WA much more exposure, and it’s a lot more fun to read!

Questions have been updated to show all of your questions! It’s now much easier to keep track of your questions in the system, and you’ll see how many responses you’ve got from folks!

You can browse your fellow member’s questions too – learn from what they’ve asked, and the answers they’ve received. Of course, as always, questions are part of the main “search” in WA, so if you ever have a question, pop it in there and you will see similar questions asked with answers!

My Thoughts:

Major updates that improved user experience for one more time.

#19 – Free SSL for Everyone, Encrypting Has Never Been Easier

Carson Jan 05, 2017


Introducing our latest addition to the SiteRubix family of services, SitePlus+

SitePlus+ is a new set of features and services that is associated with all of your websites that are hosted here at WA. With this new platform, you are going to be able to toggle on and off features of your website that have been built from the ground up at WA to improve how your website functions, is perceived by Search Engines, how it’s experienced by your visitors, and how secure it is.

SiteSSL – Free Security Certificates for Your Websites:

SiteSSL installs your very own Secure Certificate on your website so that all data transferred from a user’s browser to the hosting servers is encrypted. You’ve likely heard that Google and the other major search engines are preferring SECURE websites with SSL Certificates – this is exactly what they are after and this is going to become more prominent in the ranking factors in 2017.

Securing data by installing an SSL Certificate means that if someone finds your website at Starbucks there is no chance of a third party spying on any data transferred from that user’s browser, to the server. Maybe you’re on your best friends WIFI connection and you are entering your password to login to your website admin area – this is now encrypted so that there is no way your friend, or some malicious virus / malware could intercept that password and take control of your site.

Who is SSL for?

SSL certificates have been typically for websites that accept personal information, and more specifically payment info like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or even telephone/addresses. It’s important that personal data of your visitors is kept secure and encrypted so that it’s not possible to have the Internet connection that you use be hacked, have malware installed etc.

Think about your online banking for those who use it. When you login to your online banking from Starbucks (or the local coffee shop), you don’t want your password to come into contact with an insecure network where you could have that information stolen. This is where an SSL certificate is important. It encrypts the information so that even if it were intercepted, it’s impossible for anyone to decrypt it.

Google understands this too and they are on a mission to help secure the Internet by giving ranking preference to sites that are secure with SSL certificates. Does this mean that you absolutely NEED a secure certificate to rank? No, of course not. But, if Google has two sites they rank equally, they will give preference to the site that is served over SSL vs non-SSL.

Security plays a large role at WA in our decisions and new features added to the SiteRubix platform. We are extremely excited to make SSL Certificates available today!

How to enable SSL:

  1. Browse to your SiteManager dashboard
  2. Click on the SitePlus+ link or Details button for the site you want to enable SSL on
  3. Toggle the switch from OFF to ON, or if you want to turn it OFF, then in the other direction

Potential Issues after Installing SSL:

As with any change, installing SSL certificates can present some expected issues on any website. The most common issues you may face are:

  1. Plugins that are not compatible with SSL certificates
  2. Linking to non-secure websites. For example linking to an image on a website that is not served over HTTPS (SSL) is going to cause your browser to complain that there are non-secure items on your page. This is expected, and you can remedy this by updating links to media and files that are non-ssl, to HTTPS from HTTP as long as they support it.

If you turn SiteSSL on and your website does not work, you see errors or see something unexpected, then you can toggle it back off in an instant. That would be a good time to reach out to SiteSupport to for help by including as much details as you can about the issue at hand.

When we receive your SiteSupport ticket we’ll look into the issue and hopefully provide you with a solution right away!

My Thoughts:

This was the biggest security update of all. Free SSL for all the WA premium members. I was able to turn on SSL on my site, which was already filled with content, over 400 pages at that time, and I completed the whole process and fixed any issues alone in less than 2 hours.

#20 – Vegas 2017, epic, Vegas 2018 will be Next Level

Kyle Feb 09, 2017


First, there were 12 of us in total in 2017. There were many others that made it, but like every year we have to set a date and sometimes family, health, or other issues can prevent folks from coming. It would have been by far our biggest and most proactive group this year and next year we know that there are going to be MANY of you that are reading this and just starting out that will be sitting at the table.

Rolling in style and the new “Bentley” challenge

The 4-day event

So what do we have planned in 2018?

We are focused on:

  1. A much more efficient and integrated website building experience.
  2. Better design and navigation (which includes mobile)
  3. New tools for managing communication with fellow members
  4. Expedited help for all levels of experience, from newbies to expert
  5. A Series of HUGE systems and platform roll outs to further benefit members
  6. Pushing the hosting platform beyond ANY WordPress hosting experience in the industry
  7. Brand new ways to earn money within Wealthy Affiliate
  8. And much more.

WA is doing big things

Are you coming to Vegas next year?

My Thoughts:

Another inspirational update from Kyle

#21 – Training Redesigned, WA is Focused on Education

Carson Mar 08, 2017


Brand new menu for training:

For a long time we’ve wanted to update the “Get Started Here” green button which tracks your progress through the Certification set of courses. Same goes for the Affiliate Bootcamp set of courses (Black button). Previous to this update it was very hard to figure out where you were in the courses, what lesson, how far along you were in the overall progress of a course. It was even difficult to know what course was next in the set, or what that course topic was.

Lesson and Task tracking:

Earlier in 2017 we updated to a brand new interface for training Courses. This includes a cleaner look, less clutter, more simplicity, and access to better navigation.

Lesson and task tracking has been added to the right hand side column. You can now quickly see where you are within a course, what tasks are available to work on, and what other lessons are available within that particular course. This menu docks to the side and is always visible as you scroll through training. You now can see an overview of tasks, and where you are within the overall course!

Updated training for 2017:

Coming very soon is brand new updated courses with new video’s! Although most of our content is kept very up to date, some of the walk-throughs and video how-to’s related to your website, the interface here at WA, plugins, themes etc is slightly out of date. WA alone has gone through an enormous number of changes and upgrades and these need to be reflected in our training video’s! We’re working on brand new content too, so you can expect to see new content related roll outs very soon for both Certification and Bootcamp sets of courses!

My Thoughts:

Another significant update towards better user experience focused on the traininig modules.

#22 – WordPress Website Building has Taken a Huge Leap Forward

Carson Apr 24, 2017


First though, I want to talk a little about our ideologies and goals in regard to building websites and what WE think a great website builder should be.When we started WealthyAffiliate back in 2005, we were a simple keyword list delivery site. Kyle and I hand-picked keyword lists after doing manual research and delivered them within the Wealthy Affiliate members area. Each week we would deliver a new keyword list. Folks were EXTREMELY happy with these lists because they were truly gems as far as Keyword lists go…things were good!

As our service evolved, it became evident that people were having an extremely hard time building websites…heck, we were spending a lot of our time building websites from scratch. WordPress was in its infancy, and had not really caught on, so we created our website builder and called it “SiteRubix” – it was pretty good for its time!

That said, the SiteRubix website builder wasn’t open source, and we wanted to focus on building the WA community into something AMAZING, so we gave up on our proprietary website building software and adopted WordPress

A live website in just 4 focused steps:

Step 1: Choose a Type of Site to Build

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your website

Step 3: Choose a name for your website

Step 4: Choose a design for your website

My Thoughts:

The SiteRubix platform just got way better

#23 – SiteSpeed, Taking WordPress Website Speed into Unchartered Territory

Carson Jun 01, 2017


As Kyle mentioned in his post there are many “caching” and “optimization” plugins out there that do a very mediocre job of speeding up WordPress websites. The problem with them is that they are software based, and they do not address the fundamental issue of server load caused by WordPress its self.

Every time WordPress loads for someone to see it a page on your website, the following things have to happen:

  1. PHP has to be running and it has to do the work to render your pages or posts, it also has to run any plugin code that you have installed on top of the core WordPress system.
  2. MySQL (your database) has to be queried many times, probably 50-100 times just to visit a single page. This creates latency and un un-avoidable overhead.
  3. APACHE – the web server has to load in order to serve every request to pages and posts. This is very inefficient.

With this major update to the SiteRubix Hosting Platform here at WA, you can feel confident that you can now TURN OFF the following:

  • Caching plugins
  • You can disable or turn off JavaScript and CSS minimize plugins
  • Any plugins related to website SPEED can be disabled.

Without going into the technicalities any further, I’m going to get right into what WE are doing here at Wealthy Affiliate with our SiteRubix website network…here goes…

Introducing SiteSpeed:

SiteSpeed was built to improve not only your website performance, but the performance of your WordPress server environment. SiteSpeed is a website caching platform that sits in front of your website and your website server.

When I say “Caching”, I mean that it’s a platform that saves static versions of your website pages and posts. It’s an extremely fast, scalable, and robust server (hardware) which all requests to your website are handled. This server is able to serve web pages at lightening pace, literally responding to the requesting browser near instantly.

This is similar to services like CloudFlare, among others, but it’s built right into your websites here at Wealthy Affiliate. It can also handle a lot of traffic, much more than any Web server could without bowing up!

SiteSpeed keeps real-time versions of your website which it can deliver to browsers in hundredths of a second, thus preventing the request from ever even hitting your website’s server.

This technology is VERY SMART. When updates are made to your website which could affect what it looks like, SiteSpeed detects this and it updates the files that it sends to people’s browsers.

What this means is that unlike many of the plugins out there which serve slightly out-of-date versions of your website to people browsing – SiteSpeed delivers your website in REAL time, exactly what your site would look like if SiteSpeed were turned off.

The vast array of benefits with SiteSpeed:

Beyond the benefits of SiteSpeed drastically improving your website load times, you will also score extremely high with Google! This is a big deal and it’s a metric that Google uses when ranking sites. A fast loading website that is always up to date is going to offer the best possible user experience for both Mobile and Desktop users. Google knows this and they take this into account when placing sites into the SERPS

Bots and crawling loads minimized to nothing:

Traffic attacks (DDoS) fended off by SiteSpeed

So, how about the cost of SiteSpeed?

The cost of SiteSpeed is something that we sat down to think about long and hard. There are software plugins out there charging upwards of $50 per installation, per website, to offer website “speed” improvement that pales in comparison to the SiteSpeed platform here at WA.

SiteSpeed comes with a price tag of exactly….ZERO dollars and is going to be available to all PREMIUM members of WA.

We see a need for SiteSpeed, it’s going to drastically improve rankings, improve up time, improve visitor perception of sites, and improve our SiteRubix WordPress web hosting network on whole.

Beta release is today:

Testing in Google Pagespeed:

My Thoughts:

My website’s speed improved radically after this incredible update. All of that, at ZERO extra cost. This is why I always recommend WA as the best place for online marketers.

#24 – SiteContent, Great Content Starts with a Powerful Writing Platform

Carson Jun 05, 2017


The goal with SiteContent is to provide an editor that is not just easy to use, but allows tracking of progress, indexing status in Google, setting of goals, easy publication to websites, content metrics, and organization (among much more). We want to streamline your writing for ultimate efficiency! Use of templates where you can include content and give yourself layouts to simply fill in and add unique content. Easy management of revisions, real-time content calculations and auto saves, and a long list of unreleased features that will place this platform in a league of it’s own!

Status and credibility:

As you continue to build out your content within the SiteContent platform, you are going to gain writing status within the community. This will lead to “many benefits and opportunities” in time. These two sentences were taking directly from the SiteContent tour that you will be presented with as you enter SiteContent for the first time. If you think this is vague, it’s meant to be because we cannot show our full hand of cards just yet!

Creating great content:

Aside from the goals and writing efficiency and centralizing of content to keep you organized, SiteContent offers a great editor! A fun and easy to use editing space is something that took many revisions and months worth of USE.

Kyle and I have been using this platform for months and we’ve now got it to a stage where we look forward to using it to generate content.

Is SiteContent the End of Rapid Writer?

Yes… Rapid Writer, which is still available at the current time within the main menu under the “Tools” heading, is going to sunset in the near future. SiteContent is much more than just an editor and there is no need to have both platforms within WA.

In the coming month the Rapid Writer link within the main menu will no longer exist. At that time we will be moving all saved content from that platform, over to SiteContent – no need for you to do anything, it’ll just happen and you’ll be better off being able to work on your content within SiteContent instead!

What’s next for SiteContent?

You’ll notice that in this initial phase of SiteContent you cannot manage images…this was not overlooked! We have something truly groundbreaking coming to SiteContent in the next planned update of this multi-phased platform.

My Thoughts:

A major update that not only had improved the user experience but let members create content using the WA platform and publish new content without even visiting their WordPress dashboard.

#25 – Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0: Phase 1 Released!

Kyle Jun 14, 2017



You will now see the Affiliate Bootcamp that your progress for Phase 1 of bootcamp is reset to 0% (0 out of 10 lessons completed). This is simply because this is brand new training and if you want to go back and check out this new version of bootcamp (and I recommend you do), you can click on the Phase 1 within the main Affiliate Bootcamp menu.

My Thoughts:

This update came as a surprise, I never thought that they will give away Jaaxy for free for premium WA members. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword, niche research, domain research, and competition analysis tools online.

#26 – Jaaxy 3.0: Big Updates, New Look, and a Bright Future

Carson Jul 21, 2017



The new version of Jaaxy may have familiar aspects to it, but it’s been recreated from the ground up. It’s faster, easier to navigate, and it offers more accurate and helpful keyword suggestions. We’ve re-introduced a total overhaul on our SiteRank platform…it’s AWESOME!

SiteRank: track your daily SEO performance or your competition:

SiteRank was a big focus of this update because we wanted to make it a tool that we use and monitor daily. We’ve introduced the ability to track your rankings and set them up to scan automatically on an interval that you choose. Pro and Enterprise level accounts give you the ability to check a domain for a given keyword in the search engines, then see the results in a chart over time.

Jaaxy website, vastly improved:

You will also notice a clean new Jaaxy logo within the design, along with “loading” images that make use of the Jaaxy logo.

New Jaaxy pricing is coming, September 04, 2017

The current Jaaxy pricing is as follows:

Jaaxy Free is currently, FREE for 30 searches. This won’t change.

Jaaxy Pro is currently $19/month or $199/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is currently $49/month or $499/year

After the price increase, new PRO and ENTERPRISE memberships will be charged the new rates of:

Jaaxy Pro is going to be priced at $49/month or $499/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is going to be priced at $99/month or $999/year

The future of Jaaxy is Bright:

Jaaxy was updated for many reasons. Of course, it was due for a full refresh, but what this latest releases has done is given a new us a brand new platform that is fundamentally much more efficient and sound.

We always state, that in order to build a skyscraper you must first have a very solid foundation and although the foundation of Jaaxy 2.0 was sound, it is nothing close to what we have with Jaaxy 3.0.

We’ve had a vision for Jaaxy for many years and this will tie into the vision. You are going to see and you can expect some incredible things from Jaaxy moving forward…from what already is most affiliate marketers/internet marketers “go to” keyword and research platform.

Jaaxy is really part of the Wealthy Affiliate family now, it’s something that we’ve brought up to speed in terms of technology so that it can work seamlessly alongside WA. You are going to see a lot more in this respect as we move forward in 2017, but expect some “exciting” stuff. We’ve got some surprises up our sleeves that are going to take this wonderful platform to the next level…and Wealthy Affiliate too!

My Thoughts:

This update came as a surprise, I never thought that they will give away Jaaxy for free for premium WA members. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword, niche research, domain research, and competition analysis tools online.

#27 – Ambassador Ranking 2017: Pay-It-Forward

Carson Aug 22, 2017



Wealthy Affiliate is a pay it forward community. It is something that we stand for and something that defines us. Plain and simple, we care about one another and it is a place you can come and feel comfortable getting answers to your questions in relation to your online business. WA is also a place where you can pay it forward as you have the ability to give back and help others that were once in your exact situation.

Personally over the years I have learned a lot, and I surely have learned a great deal during my 12 years operating as one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Where did I learn MOST of what I know? Directly here within the community.

The thing is, we all have skills, knowledge, information, and insight that we can share within many aspects of business. We are all consumers. We all have ideas and opinions. We all communicate, and we all have a common goal of creating something of substance within the online world…something that we are proud of, and something that we can look back at and realize that we have had a positive impact on the Internet landscape.

What defines an ambassador?

The top 25 members at Wealthy Affiliate are considered Ambassadors of the community. These are members with a consistent and vested interest in helping others within the community. But not just that, these are folks who are continuing their education and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of within the online world.

What criteria is considered in WA rank?

#1 – Helper

#2 – Creator

#3 – Activity

My Thoughts:

Another major update towards better user experience, increased engagement, and interaction.

#28 – SiteContent Images is Here, Over 1M Optimized Images

Carson Oct 12, 2017



One of the biggest challenges with images is finding them:

You never have to worry about searching and finding an image again…or paying for images. As a Premium member of WA, you are going to have access to a database of well over 1,000,000 images. From dogs and cats, to basketball, to locations all over the world, to healthy eating, to anything!

These are high resolution, beautiful, and completely free and Creative Commons ZERO (CC0). CC0 means you can use these images in any way you want on your websites, including commercially, without any attribution. So now you have access to a resource of a 1M+ images that you can leverage to beautify your website content published through the SiteContent platform.

This will give you three options in terms of the type of image you can insert.

  • Insert an Image from Search. You can search from a database of over 1,000,000+ images. These images are completely free to use in any way you like on your website, they are very high quality, professional photos. These photos are from three industry leading image repositories in Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.
  • Drag an Drop Image. You can upload images manually from your computer. This feature can be used by dragging and dropping images into this box from your computer or mobile device, and also manually searching for image files on your device and uploading them.
  • Recently Used Images. Use past images through the “Recently used images” section where you can easily reuse these images across multiple articles.


These are just a few! As I scroll, more and more beautiful, high quality cat images continue to populate the search. There were literally 100’s of brilliant images that I could have used to beautify my website and add a whole new level of professionalism with.

The cropper creates beautiful website imagery:

Upload your own images, modify them, add them

Formatting, linking, alt tags, and editing is a breeze:

Faster websites as a result of new compression technology

The future of content creation is here

My Thoughts:

A major update that let WA members search for royalty free images online right from the SIteContent platform. This update saves people’s time so they can focus on content creation.

#29 – PageSpeed Insights, Website Analysis at your Fingertips

Carson Oct 17, 2017



One of Google’s core focuses in their ranking algorithm is “user experience”, And this derives a great deal out of the speed at which your website functions. Google offers a free platform to that allows you to check whether or not you’re pages are optimized for speed based on the criteria they offer.

Conventionally, you have to go off to the Google PageSpeeds Insight page to check the performance of individual pages or posts on your website (or your website homepage).

We’ve changed that…

First, before I get into the PageSpeed integration, I want to discuss your website speed and the importance of it. This is what the PageSpeed Insights platform is going to be measuring. You have an advantage over competition in any industry by being able to opreate a “faster” site and this is made possible through the SiteSpeed platform here at WA.

SiteSpeed: the ultimate website caching platform:

Keeping your PageSpeed insights in check:

Slow images mean a slow site:

PageSpeed at WA, another way to shine online

My Thoughts:

A major update on website management and performance. Now all WA members are able to access Google PageSpeed Insights right from the WA dashboard, and check any website page’s speed. Another time saving update

#30 – Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool of WA

Carson Dec 13, 2017



Jaaxy is now completely integrated in your life:

To avoid confusion, I want to break down the membership levels of Jaaxy. We have kept 3 of the existing levels, with a brand new one that is offered to WA Premium members.

  • Jaaxy Starter. This is your introduction to Jaaxy. You can get a taste of the power of Jaaxy with the Starter membership along with some features ranging from the Keyword Search, QSR (Competition Data), Domain Search, SiteRank, Keyword Lists, and the Alphabet Soup Platform.
  • Jaaxy Lite (NEW). This includes the same unlimited keyword searches that you have access to now with Premium and the WA keyword tool, but comes with some extra Jaaxy features like SiteRank. It is a much better tool, a much more polished platform and it is integrated into your experience here at Wealthy Affiliate now!
  • Jaaxy Pro. This a powerful version of Jaaxy and the most popular. It includes unlimited access keyword searches, a much more robust access to SiteRank (to track your keyword rankings site wide). Get access to the Jaaxy platform in its entirety and operate at 2x speed. It also includes a larger subset of search results than Lite and introduces you to “multi-threaded” search functionality which is great for those that like to multi-task.
  • Jaaxy Enterprise. This is for the elite affiliate marketer and internet marketers dream keyword research platform. It is the best value, but it is also the most expensive. It’s great if you are an intermediate to an advanced online marketer, affiliate marketer, merchants, amazon sellers, and local marketers. It takes automation of SEO to a whole new level with SiteRank Tracking that allows you to automatically track your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo through the arc of time. This can be key for maximizing your SEO efforts and understanding what works and what doesn’t. If you want the fastest, most efficient, and best value platform Enterprise is it.

Accessing your Jaaxy account:

Connecting existing Starter, Pro & Enterprise Jaaxy accounts:

A big discount for premium members:

Although Jaaxy is still a completely different product (and company) outside of WA, and a very popular one at that, you are now going to be able to access your Jaaxy membership directly through Wealthy Affiliate. You are also going to be able to upgrade to the Lite version (comes with a Premium membership), and also upgrade to the higher tier versions of Jaaxy with much more efficiency.

But not just that, as a Premium member at WA you are going to get some BIG discounts on the Pro and Enterprise versions of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Pro (without Premium) = $49/mth, $499/year
Jaaxy Pro (with Premium) = $19/mth, $199/year ($30/mth, $300/year savings)

Jaaxy Enterprise (without Premium) = $99/mth, $999/year
Jaaxy Enterprise (with Premium) = $49/mth, $499/year ($50/mth, $500/year savings)

So we definitely have you in our best interest if you are interested in either the Pro or Enterprise memberships at Jaaxy, which many of you are already using and loving.

We have you in our best interest, which is why we wanted to retain a lower and exclusive pricing discount for you as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate

Our fastest innovation in keyword & research technology:

Masterful integration, it’s just getting started:

Your research, rankings, and keywords are now going to be able to interact with other elements of your business.

  • What about being able to track keyword rankings instantly upon publishing content (or automatically).
  • What about being able to initiate and write content directly from your Jaaxy interface.
  • What about being able to research and buy amazing domains from right within the Jaaxy UI.
  • What about being able to determine whether a keyword is a good one for your website.
  • What about us being able to recommend keywords for you based on existing content.
  • And 100’s of more amazing possibilities that we will explore.

This is what really excites us. No other platform in the industry has the ability to interpret and help you with efficiency in your business in EVERY respect. The introduction and integration of Jaaxy is just going to open up new opportunities to make your day to day activities integrated and speak to one another.

Affiliates stand to benefit, vastly:

  • Better retention
  • Better conversions
  • More Jaaxy upgrades 

My Thoughts:

The Jaaxy integration final steps were one of the biggest and more important updates ever. With Jaaxy, WA members can beat the competition as it’s one of the most comprehensive niche and market research suites online.

#31 – Next Level Video Technology, New UX, and More!

Carson Dec 22, 2017



We detect you, we deliver optimized video:

We are leveraging the latest and greatest technology along with a unique integration into the WA Video platform. We are utilizing what is called HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), which is an encoding standard in adaptive bitrate video. The advantage to using this technology is that it will recognize your connection speed (bandwidth capacity) and we will deliver the videos here at the most appropriate format.

If you are on a fast connection, you will get a higher resolution video. This happens in real time and if your bandwidth fluctuates, the video platform here will remain elastic in nature and continue delivering the “best quality” video to you while retaining its delivery speeds.

Quality, well, how about full HD:

Choose your speed: ogre, normal, or chipmunk:

Fastest loading speeds, ever:

The future of training is almost here: 

My Thoughts:

The WA admins never stop improving the user experience. A community that cares.

#32 – Vegas 2018, it was Big, 2019 will be Bigger

Kyle Feb 15, 2018



We have just returned from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. I would be understating it if I said it was a great time, it was nothing short of brilliant and it was amazing to be surrounded by such an awesome group of people. There’s something to be said when you’re hanging out with 15 fellow (our largest group yet), like-minded individuals what’s it coming goal of helping people create success within the online world.

Vegas also gives us the opportunity to hash out ideas and current projects that we are either working on, or we’ll be working on by some smartest minds in the business. Sometimes our ideas are great, sometimes our ideas aren’t quite there yet and need some refinement (after we get feedback). That is business and that is what we love about it.

In addition to that, lots of great conversations and feedback took place (as they do every year) And ultimately as a result of that super conference, you can expect some brilliant things out of us in the year ahead. Even more so than we had already planned or anticipated.

The conference, a round table of super affiliates

Private meetings, hang out with us 1-on-1

The nightly events, always an experience

My Thoughts:

Kyle never stops inspring and motivating WA members to win the annual Vegas prize

#33 – Jaaxy Update: Better Integration and Improved Keyword Management

Carson Feb 22, 2018



In December, I blogged about Jaaxy being integrated into WA and we added our first version of this exciting merge between the incredible keyword and research platform (in Jaaxy), and the Wealthy Affiliate community. We’ve got some great news, we’ve just made the integration more functional, and more integrated

Brand New Jaaxy Menu:

You now have options to open up the SiteRank tool Search Analysis, Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, and the Affiliate Program Search directly in the Jaaxy APP. This means one-touch access to these wonderful tools that you will have access to if you are a LITE, PRO, or ENTERPRISE member.

Keyword Lists are now built into WA:

The Keyword List platform within Jaaxy has been built directly into the interface here at WA. Click on “Keyword Lists” form the new Jaaxy menu and you’ll be taken to your familiar Jaaxy KW list management area.

With Jaaxy KW Lists you can add/edit/delete keywords to lists. You can view your lists, export them, and even send those keywords directly to SiteContent to start writing them.

Adding keywords to a list is super simple, here’s how you do it:

Auto-connect for all new starter members:

The sunset of a good old friend (the WA keyword tool)

My Thoughts:

The admins continue improving the WA Jaaxy experience into the WA platform. Could not be better than that

#34 – A Brand New Blog Experience at WA Marks the Beginning

Carson Mar 09, 2018



Today I’m writing you within the brand NEW Blog Editing Platform here at WA! This is the first of a series of updates that are going to be taking the whole WA experience to a new level. I’m really excited to tell you all about what we have planned in the weeks and months ahead.

Millions of images available for posts at WA:

We’ve included a new “Cover Image” platform so that we can make our content pop and look amazing within the WA platform. Cover images are optional but as we move foward, they are going to get our content more exposure and reach within the community. Adding a cover image is suggested but of course not required 🙂

Cover images: beautiful, but there’s so much more…

A picture can say 1000 words…not only cover images for posts in WA, not only the imagery within content, but within the information that you consume and interact with. You will notice on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter, to Popular News Sites…they all have something in common. Beautiful imagery and the ability to interact with the content

This is the beginning of big things to come:

My Thoughts:

The blogging experience using the SiteContent platform improved for one more time.

#35 – Redesigning your Navigational Experience

Carson Mar 29, 2018



One of the most important aspects of any user experience (UX) is the way in which you can navigate the platform, and whether the navigational properties of a website are inherently intuitive.

One of the problems with any software or internet company that grows their offering, is that often times their original idea for design is not suitable for what the future of their platform will become.

That is certainly the case with Wealthy Affiliate and the current state of the design. You will find that many of the ideas that came after the last design are integrated, but often times not as seamless as we would have liked.

But there is a catch 22. You cannot “redesign” a platform with every iterative release, and this is why we typically update the UX here at Wealthy Affiliate every 3-4 years. We Are Being Diligent, We Are Planning for the Future

When you design something, it is often times difficult to take into consideration the “unknowns’ of the future. Fortunately though, there are A LOT of unknowns in our/your future here at WA as we have already slated out our roll outs right through 2019.

This will give us 2 years of anticipated updates in the design, but we will always remain flexible based on what the WA community wants, demands, and needs to operate and scale their business. So to a certain degree, there will always be a certain level of unexpected updates. In saying this, the navigation and design we are rolling out leaves room for what have planned in the foreseeable future, but also leaves from for additional features, platforms, and technology.

Running out of colors in rainbow:

Name conventions are critical, formerly, we failed:

The 2-click approach:

And yes, mobile is coming:

Influence comes from everywhere:

My Thoughts:

The user experience reached new high levels

#36 – The Way we Approach Helping Others is Critical

Carson Apr 19, 2018



A few weeks back we discussed the new navigational elements of the new UI/UX that is soon coming to WA. However, we left out one of the menu items intentionally because it is such a critical element here within WA. Help.

Where do you get help? How do you get it? And where do you find particular “types” of help based on your specific questions?

Also, what if you want private coaching or help directly from your referral? What if you want to see who the most active “helpers” are here that could potentially be qualified to help you out. We have addressed all of these issues, and more within the new UX design.

Where the heck do I get support?

Different types of help:

Premium coaches:

Direct help is available, but most people are unaware of it. We are introducing a new “Premium Coaches” section within the new UX.

Most of us come into WA through referrals, these are your natural coaches and they are typically there to help you out. But there are many others within the community, including myself and Kyle that will be more than will to help you out when you are stuck.

Top helpers today:

We are trully a pay-it-forward community

My Thoughts:

The user experience reached new high levels

#37 – Your Activity Dashboard Reinvented

Carson Apr 27, 2018



We are less than a week away from the launch of the new UX (User Experience) and a complete overhaul in terms of the design and navigational experiences here at WA. We have been preluding the various aspects and changes to help minimize any confusion, as change with any new design can lead to confusion and discomfort.

We have also been running a small beta with a few of the more experienced members here at WA and the feedback has been nothing short of incredible thus far, so we are feeling really confident that you are not only going to love the new platform, but you are going to be able to seamlessly integrate your current activities into the new design.

One of the most significant updates, if not the most, is the Activity Dashboard. We are really excited to introduce this to folks as we have always felt that our current activity dashboard has never done Wealthy Affiliate justice in terms of the true nature of the activity taking place.

We are going to be offering a custom experience for members here at WA so they can get high quality content (and help), engaging discussion, training, as well as see what/who is popular right NOW within the community.

A look at the new activity dashboard:

It’s completely card-based, which means mobile-friendly:

An opportunity to get really creative with new ideas:

My Thoughts:

The WA admins continue to improve everything

#38 – Introducing the Brand New WA Experience, this is BIG

Carson May 02, 2018



The day is finally here, we have just released the brand new UX (User Experience) here at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are reading this, you likely know how different the new platform looks compared to the old. It is MUCH improved.

New design, refreshing your experience

Easier to navigate, lots of clicks removed

Live events, they are now beautiful and visible

Help has been centralized

My Thoughts:

I am always proud of companies that continue working on their UX aspect. The new design of WA is just awesome, the navigation got a lot easier, the site looks modern.

Final Words

As you can see, the WA community continuously evolves. The admins are focused on delivering the best possible user experience, to increase members’ engagement, and they improve the SiteRubix platform with security, management, monitoring updates, and other tools.

The company is now trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs that rely on WA services to dominate the affiliate marketing arenas.

What to Do Now?

Use this page as a reference and compare WA to other online marketing communities.

Simply put, there’s no other platform offering these services at these prices. And, of course…



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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" (beta)

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We are introducing a special form of live events that no one is using and that will help your brand thrive and impact the world.

Plus we have developed a revolutionary funnel strategy that is going to shake the marketplace. 

Become one of the first new-wave business owners that deliver a superior user experience due to our secrets.

LIMITED SPOTS (we kick off this month)


We'll explain everything in an upcoming webinar but in the meantime you can...


Book a 30' video-call interview on the next page, to help us understand where you are at your business right now, your needs and goals, and we will give you a detailed analysis of how the beta group works.

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Hope Writers -Instagram Writing Challenge

SHOUT OUT to writers & authors.

Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, sometimes exhausting.

But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit.

And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too.

That's writing with others.


This amazing community of authors, Hope Writers, of which I am a member for 1.5 years now is organizing a 5-day writing challenge on Instagram and you can participate for free.

Clear the brain fog.

Discover your writing voice.

Find unparallel confidence in sharing your words.

Have fun with like-minded writers in a live event.

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