Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

The Vast Majority Are Not Serious Accusations

by Tasos on Feb 19, 2018. Last updated 17 Apr 2018

Although the positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews are countless, not everyone is satisfied with a program. I dig the net to spot negative WA reviews and complaints.

I am commenting and responding to each and every one of them.

Additionally I provide other WA members responses to the common complaints so you better understand what is going on!

Let’s go...

Craig – Crajun.com – Oct 2014 – The problem with Wealthy Affiliate

Craig’s Key Points:

Don’t promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up for a free trial, engage with the community and learn what you can before your access expires, but DO NOT GO PREMIUM.

They are selling a fantasy built on a dying business model which serves only to benefit (you guessed it…) the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can glean some value from the trial, but do not invest in their training and by all means do not even consider building out any sites using their proprietary services.

They make it sound very easy

90% of the people in WA will make next to no money in affiliate marketing and will give up

There are some highly motivated and disciplined individuals who could utilize the membership training and community resource to build a profitable businesses

The main sales page is a bit misleading in that I feel it grossly oversimplifies the process of establishing a profitable site, and it nowhere near emphasizes just how much work will be involved

No newcomer in affiliate marketing should pursue a niche solely based on the prospect of money-making. To be successful, you must pursue a niche that you’re passionate about.

Don’t be a soulless Wealthy Affiliate pie-in-the-sky zombie slave who tries to start a business by promoting something you know very little about and have yet to see success with yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate has an install wizard which can technically have your site themed and online within seconds, but that is just the beginning.

It is going to take you weeks and weeks of online training, loads of content creation and endless tinkering before you’ll have a legitimate web presence.

There is no misinformation outlined in this step, but so much about the process of building an internet marketing site is left out. It’s not dishonest, but it is deceiving

If rankings were easy to obtain, everyone would be doing this, am I right..?! No way anyone new to IM is going to learn even a smidgen of what they need to know through those first few lessons. I’ve gone through the lessons. I know.

You’re only seconds away from starting a business…

This is true. Within seconds you could have access to the training and website launcher that will allow you to start a business, but you are months and months (and more likely…years) away from making any money.

Is WA legit? Yes, but a cautioned yes.

Do I recommend it? It depends. If you go into it with realistic expectations and are aware of the sacrifices and suffering involved with being successful as an affiliate marketer, then WA can provide you with an easy to follow – albeit very basic – roadmap.

I have no intention of promoting their product, but I did feel compelled to update this post so that others may think twice before committing to the premium membership. Based on this business practice, Wealthy Affiliate is now on my avoid list.

Wealthy Affiliate is milking a dying business model and I’m willing to bet they are not providing additional value or evolving their ‘curriculum’ to adapt to the ever-changing rules of internet search.


My Point of View:

As I have already mentioned at the beginning, not everyone is satisfied with a program. Craig says on his website that he’s a web developer, blogger and internet marketer with experience. I don’t know how experienced he is and I don’t I know when he joined WA, either. But that article is dated back in October 2014.

I joined WA in late December 2014, a few months after this article was published.

I don’t know what kind of education Craig received at that time, but I know what education I received. And with the help of WA’s education modules, I was able to build a successful online business that only continues to grow. Maybe I’m one of those who Craig names highly motivated or disciplined individuals.

Craig also mentions that 90% of people will fail in affiliate marketing. I agree, and I expand on this statement. 90% of all people will fail in every job, in any business model, no matter what. People give up easily, and no business in the world can make you rich overnight unless you sell drugs or guns.

Craig says WA make it sound easy, referring to their sales page. We are both internet marketers, and we know that all the companies out there advertise their products and services the most appealing way.

This is what a sales page means to do. To make it sound easy, or at least easier than it actually is.

But WA does not promise that when you join you’ll be successful. They clearly state that you have to put in the work and that it takes a lot of time before you see any results.

And of course, we should not judge a book by its cover. We should read it carefully till the end before we make any assumptions.

WA offers a comprehensive training for newcomers and experienced marketers. I agree with Craig, the main training modules cover only the basics of the internet marketing world.

But there are the training classrooms and the live video classes where Jay Neill offer valuable insights into ‘Hot’ marketing topics. Just by attending Jay Neill’s sessions I was able to get my site ranked in the search engines in the most competitive niche of the market, I was able to build a following on social media, I built a mailing list, and on top of that I was able to build an offline presence, taking my knowledge out to the local market, helping small businesses and startups get found online.

And Jay Neill’s video sessions are a goldmine of information that can’t be found easily on the net.

There he presents full website case studies, where he build niche sites from start to finish, and not just once. There are multiple similar video lessons. These video lessons last a month and are an over Jay’s shoulders demonstration. I don’t know any other company that does this. He shares all his secrets, methods, and strategies so that WA members can “Steal” information in order to build their successful niche sites.

I don’t know if the classrooms or the live video classes were available when Craig was a WA member.

Success is hard, no matter what kind of business you’re in, no matter what you’re promoting or selling. With dedication and hard work, anything can be accomplished.

WA is constantly evolving, at least since I joined. They always add new education modules to follow the latest trends and search engines regulations. I could not wait for anything more.

I respect Craig’s opinion, I agree with him on many points, particularly where Craig mentions no one should get involved with a making money online niche at the beginning of their career (which I already underlined in many of my WA pages).

But one thing is for sure. I own my online success to this powerful community like thousands of other entrepreneurs. I’m very sorry that WA did not work out for Craig so well.

MeLTruthTeller – RipOffReport.com – Mar 2014 – a Real Review of these Cons

MeLTruthTeller Main Points:

They are a very clever marketing company and are everything they say they’re not. Beware, and please read. They are smarter than most, which is why they have so many followers. They claim to have the key to training a person on how to successfully create their own lucrative work-from-home blog sites. They do claim to be a lot of work, require a lot of patience, blah blah swoon. You almost had me.

I was told by Nathaniell, on a pretty good site that I thought was legitimate, that I could enhance my existing site by adding marketing for products related to my already niche field of Kitchen Design, and get paid for it! Silly me! I thought it was somewhat curious that I could go to a company like Design Within Reach, and ask them if I could market for them, and have them pay me. I didn’t see how this could work. There was some kind of program partnership that wasn’t fully explained. So after much resistance, I signed up with a backup email to try it out for 7 days, and see if I could learn as much as I could

I had my “Write Access Revoked by Admin” almost immediately by Kyle, one of the ‘founders’, eh. It turns out that a lot of the first training courses had to do with setting up a site, blah blah I already have one. So I wanted to get right to the juice of it, because I’m trying to see if this is legit, so amuse me, OK?

I repeatedly asked, in the general forum, for help on finding out how to do what I was led there to do. I had NO interest in creating a WordPress blog page that would promote Wealthy Affiliates. And yet, this was all they seemed to cover. I kept asking questions and received several responses to just go through the training

Kyle HIMSELF made a rude comment to me. This girl suggested that I watch the Alphabet Soup section of the training, that it would help. I said this was for keyword help, and I don’t need that. Kyle said that if I didn’t know what keywords were for, then I had no business being on the internet. Excuse me??? I was simply stating that SHE did not understand, and led me somewhere I ALREADY KNEW ABOUT. He was rude. And within seconds revoked my ability to respond with his powerful finger

He didn’t want me to write, but I just felt the need. So, here I am. No, I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for it, but it seems that, unless you want to be a Wealthy Affiliate robot you are not welcome, and will be coaxed VERY tenderly into paying for it

The ONLY way you will make money is by creating a ‘practice’ blog page (which becomes your sole purpose) that markets your affiliation with Wealthy Affiliates!

Brainwashing SCAM Unless you want to be a robot and lose all your friends, then enjoy. Thanks Kyle. 😉

My Point of View:

The reviewer obviously failed to comprehend the basic process of affiliate marketing. Instead of following Nathaniel’s advice and going through the WA training in order to understand how to promote the existing Kitchen Design business he/she had, started questioning the forum.

It would be very easy to research and spot the training he/she wanted alone. You just skip from page to page until you find what you’re looking for.

Without a proper keyword training, as Kyle suggested him/her, any online business can fall apart.

The rest of the dispute is far from reality. WA is not suggesting their members to promote WA, this is totally optional. WA teaches people how to build sites in any niche of the market.

Apparently, the reviewer got angry for having his/her writing WA rights revoked, and proceeded with this report.

Former WA member (Canada) – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2018 – WA was sued, and lost…

Former WA member (Canada) Main Points:

The former member discusses a case where MOBE sued WA for slander. MOBE is an MLM company, a competitor of WA, offering extremely expensive internet marketing education.

Yeah, you sure can as long as you don’t mind being manipulative, lying, and bashing programs and people you’ve never tried. In fact, I’ll give you Carson’s and Kyle’s 3 quick tips to success.


  1. Create a “Scam Warnings” or “Scam Reviews” Website
  2. Create false and slanderous reviews of Wealthy Affiliates Competition
  3. Compare that program (even if you’ve never tried it) to Wealthy Affiliate, and make sure you promote WA as your “#1 Recommendation”
  4. Profit!
My Point of View:

I was not expecting a former member of WA to discuss this lawsuit between 2 competing companies. I would expect someone from MOBE to do that.

The 2nd part of the message is far away from reality. Nowhere in the WA training is mentioned anything like that. If there are people creating false reviews this is totally unrelated to the training. The WA training is suggesting members create personal reviews in order to get rankings in the search engines.

I don’t believe he/she was a former member of WA, I tend to believe is a WA competitor behind this review.

Solo Build It – RipOffReport.com – Oct 2017 – Beware fake rebuttals like the one from “Felicia”

Solo Build It Main Points:

WA never includes real proof of success by its users. There is almost none, as proven in this study…

You’ll note that no WA employee or user ever wants to talk about REAL results. They stick to general claims which cannot be checked.

That’s why every Wealthy Affiliate user who rebuts NEVER wants to talk about the results of the study that we did comparing SBI! vs Wealthy Affiliate review. Instead, they’ll say something like, “Well they are biased, so what do you expect!”

I’d be very surprised if WA itself, and others who earn a great deal of income from WA (by misleading solopreneurs using fake reviews of SBI!, bait-and-switching readers over to WA as their “#1 recommendation”), have not actually repeated that study. They would just naturally want to to try and disprove it.

And it’s results that matter.

(The results, by the way show that SBI! is 33 times (33X) more likely to generate high traffic sites. And 87% of WA sites are “Invisible.” See the study for the whole story…

Bottom Line: There’s not much to love about WA if you love high-traffic results, especially when there is so much at stake – the fee, your time and most importantly, your hopes and future

Don’t believe the words – insist on verifiable proof of success instead of yet more claims that can’t be checked.

With warm regards from the SiteSell.com staff

My Point of View:

This review comes as a surprise. I would never expect the Solo Build It staff to talk about WA in such a misleading way. I followed the link to the SBI article mentioned there, to find out that SBI made a review of WA gathering statistics and data where they claim that WA members accused SBI with fake reviews. And that SBI users are more likely to experience online success than WA members.

Too bad, because SBI is a company that I already promote in 2 of my articles/lists.

There are WA members that are SBI members as well. I have discussed in the past with SBI/WA members on the WA forum and everyone was talking positively about SBI. Some of them are pointing SBI as one of the TOP affiliate marketing destinations, and WA as well. This is why this review comes as a huge surprise.

Too bad the SBI staff is using the RipOffReport site to accuse WA. They already published a WA review for that matter. These actions are not helping the industry grow.

I feel disappointed from SBI, I’ll be thinking seriously to remove SBI from my articles.

And finally, as an answer to the SBI claims about WA members only sharing unverifiable proofs of success I refer you to the article…

WA Success Stories (a continuously updated thread)

and this one

5 Wonderful Websites Created by WA members

Mike and the SiteSell team – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2017 – WA loses lawsuit over fake reviews

Mike and the SiteSell team Main Points:

Another surprise from the SBI (Solo Build It) team again. Mike from SiteSell is referring to the lawsuit mentioned above, MOBE vs WA. He says that MOBE was victimized just like SBI.

My Point of View:

I won’t add much to this review. I would not expect SBI to testify 2 times against WA on the RipOffReport site. It seems the SBI staff’s only concern is WA.

SoloBuildIt – RipOffReport.com – Sep 2017 – Beware fake rebuttals such as “Jeff’s”

Solo Build It Main Points:

SBI is accusing WA again, this is the 3rd time on the same website.

My Point of View:

I won’t add much to this review. It’s now obvious the SBI staff’s only concern is WA.

SoloBuildIt – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – How to avoid “make Money” scams and WA claims and fake reviews

Solo Build It Main Points:

SBI is accusing WA again, this is the 4th time on the same website.

My Point of View:

It’s getting ridiculous. A competitor of WA is accusing WA on an external website for the 4th time, it’s getting clear now.

Avera – RipOffReport.com – Jul 2015 – I see through a lot of it too

Avera Main Points:

I also see that they are very heavy on people just re-adding for them (WA) and I see that most sites created by WA members are bland repeat-a-phones about personal health & well-being including of course working on your hobby and making money from it through ads for WA. and affiliate sales. My site was about recovering from smoking addictions through my own phone coaching (and knowledge of addictions), and after 3 months and no clients I passed out some real business cards and then cancelled my sub to WA and then discovered that I could not get back into WA even though I still have paid membership time left…and also discovered that even though the site will still show up for 30 more days, without being able to get into the administration area, I’m not sure I can even transfer the site to another host and domain name. I feel as if my intellectual property might be in the process of being stolen.

I was supposed to be able to get back into WA if I mistakenly cancelled the membership and that seemingly turns out not to be true. I can’t get another “free” trial either so there’s no way to get back in at all. My old PW is not being honored and I can’t get a new one cause the email isn’t being honored with a pw change request.

There doesn’t seem to be a customer service phone number, or snail mail address from what I have seen on the internet…I hope I’m wrong about this.

On WA coaching material there is no separate indexing of the “lessons”.  A point missed can be found again but not by going through any master index which would be crossreferencing ideas & locations…thus depriving us of a a way to get back to where ideas are first presented in the training. Without that we are forced to stumble through videos again and again which is very frustrating & time consuming activity or we must ask people instead. This flaw in the training presentation makes me wonder if the clumsier and slower learning which might result…is as “rewarding” to the CEO (in the form of longer lasting subscriptions) as is is “punishing” to the member?

I don’t mind looking repeatedly at mateial I already understand if it is to further boost such understanding. But I do mind being forced to look at inappropriate material when I can’t get my original questions answered on my own and then have to ask people who often don’t know what you mean.

So I am pretty disappointed with WA in spite of all the spectacular success they think they are making somehow more possible for the “rest” of us.  I also know if I start pointing out that WA is no alternative to the flaws of capitalism and enforced economic unequality, I would get in more trouble than I am willing to play with now.

My Point of View:

Avera says she canceled her WA membership but at the same time, she had paid membership remaining time. And that the training was not indexed well so that she could find the lessons she needed without any delay.

No serious accusations here, just a non-satisfied individual.

Obviously, such a review does not belong to a site called RipOffReport. 

virgo48 – RipOffReport.com – May 2014 – Writing privilege revoked without any warning

virgo48 Main Points:

On this past Memorial Day, I had my write access revoked without any warning or reason during a “Live Chat” session. The only “offense” I can even remotely think of is a hypothetical question I made about this countfy that some patriotic zealot couldn’t even stand see written. Well, throudh today I have not had the privilege given back despite the following statement written by Mr. Lim:  “Nonetheless, I can grant you write access back if you are interested Craig. Let me know.”

Obviouly, neither co-founders can be trusted. What I really object to is that they are intent on charging me for a “Premium Membership” even after cutting off ANY means I have to communicate with them. It is very interesting and revealing to note that the City of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, was informed that the company was operating widhout a Business License back in 2012 and that all attempts by the Victoria BBB to contact the company by mail wers returned as undeliverable.

This is NOT a legitimate internet marketing company and I want to go on record about this. Thank you

My Point of View:

The user had write access revoked because of something said to the live chat area, is this really a reason for accusing a company of a Rip-Off?


RipOffReport.com – Summary/Positive Responses


There are 8 in total negative reviews about WA on the RipOffReport site. 4 of them belong to SBI, a competitor of WA, and 2 of them refer to the MOBE vs WA lawsuit, again, a fight between competing companies.

The others are just whining from a few members that were not satisfied with the free or paid membership, and some of them belong to people that already know everything about online marketing, so they would not need WA services one way or another.

Another user’s complaint was the fact that WA revoked his/her write access. Obviously not a reason to justify a review on a site called RipOffReport.

One of the negative reviewers, Avera, returned back to the RipOff site to change her final answer. She realized her mistake after all the positive responses and that means a lot.

Answers to the WA bad reviews on the same site:

This comes as a pleasant surprise, to find out people responding to these fake claims on RipOffReport. There are more positive responses (13 in total) than these 8 bad reviews.

This is the final answer and the conclusion. Because these people owe their online success to WA, just like me. And they responded to clear things up. It’s really annoying seeing a company that helped you create a business being accused in such a misleading way.

Positive responses topic titles:

  • The other side: by Nathaniell, Jul 2014
  • You are mad due to your faults and failure: by Layla Copla, Aug 2014
  • WA a real review of this report: by Rich Far, Oct 2014
  • Positive side of WA: by Jeff Burch, Dec 2014
  • Blah blah blah: by anonymous, Apr 2015
  • WA, this is what convinced me to try them: by Beverly Smith, Sep 2015
  • What this guy sounds like: by Roy, Apr 2016
  • How odd: by Gretchen, Jul 2016
  • How you are wrong in your report: by MusicMan64, Sep 2016
  • None of this is a scam: by Lauren, Jan 2017
  • It’s free, so try it: by Jeff, Aug 2017
  • I work for WA: by Felicia, Oct 2017

And finally:

  • Um, this is a positive update, not another rebuttal: by Avera Jul 2015 

Avera is the person who wrote a negative review, earlier on. Her response to her review is this:

I entered the wrong email to get back into the account so of course I was rejected, When I corected that I was allowed in. So I can’t accuse WA of locking me out because they didn’t.

I also wish I could have augmented or changed my previous critique of WA. The index is not fixed but answers depends on the question you submit, and I suppose WA would say it is equivalent. Actually I found a valuable training video after putting in a question, just after getting back in.

And maybe Kyle has blocked me, and maybe not. Don’t know why he would but at any rate sorry I mentioned it.

The above remarks are amendments to my previous remarks. WA is not a rip off, just another shrewd business providing opportunities for people to test (or prove) one’s own business generating skills…. Avera

Bottom line:

WA can not rip-off anyone. Why? the membership is either free or you have to pay around $47 per month. And anyone can cancel their membership at any time. How can someone get ripped off by $47 for a 30 days period? Is $1.5 per day a rip-off?

Is $1.5 per day too much for…

  • 50 Hosting slots (WordPress Websites)
  • Website builder
  • Keyword and niche market research suite
  • SSL encryption for 25 websites
  • 24/7 tech support
  • The SitePlatform: comments, domains, feedback, real support from the owners
  • Management, monitoring, and link tracking tools
  • SiteSpeed, fast loading websites
  • SiteContent: writing and blogging platform, image finder
  • Forum: thousands of blogs, trainings, tutorials from WA members
  • Live chat with thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate and online marketing training: main training 9 modules (90 lessons+), 13 interactive classrooms, weekly live webinars on ‘Hot’ marketing topics, plus the video classes archive (over 400 videos) on everything that has to do with online marketing, scaling businesses, getting rankings in the search engines using ethical methods, creating local and advertising agencies, social media, and more.

If you really had access to these very tools and training for $1.5 per day would it feel like a rip-off? Even if these services were bad!

I want your honest response, please

WA is a free to try program, unlike the vast majority of other platforms. So, you have nothing to lose in trying them out. This way, you can experience the truth about WA all on your own.

Marcus – EarnMoneyWithMarcus.com – Nov 2017 – I lost my WA write access

Marcus Main Points:

I can still read anything posted on Wealthy Affiliate, and I can still receive private messages, but if I try to comment or reply to anything, I get the same message.

Even if I try to submit a technical support ticket about my website I get a message saying “Your hosting ticket privileges have been revoked by admin. You may not post a hosting ticket at this time.”

So, I’m completely locked out from communicating with anyone on there.

It happened after I posted a link on Wealthy Affiliate to an external website containing some additional training. I was genuinely just trying to help someone who was struggling, but I quickly realised that it was a stupid mistake and clearly against the rules.

I sent a message via the “Contact Us” form on the WA website asking to have my write access back

…and quickly got a reply saying I would get my write access back. But I didn’t get it back, and all further messages went ignored

Towards the end of 2016 and into 2017 I started to move away from my approach of just saying everything else was a scam and saying that Wealthy Affiliate is #1.

But then I went further in that direction. I made a decision that I wanted to be 100% completely honest from now on. This meant that I started buying products to review them, rather than just writing reviews based on my impressions of the sales pages and what I had read in other people’s reviews

Okay, I know the bootcamp course doesn’t actually explicitly state that members should write reviews without trying the products, but inevitably that’s what tends to happen. The vast majority of newbies simply cannot possibly afford to buy every product they review (they would quickly get into debt if they did), so they have to write the reviews without trying the products


…Then Marcus is giving a short background on how he got started online, and he refers to the SBI study mentioned above, the one I discovered through the RipOffReport review. And then he highlights things he likes and dislikes about WA.


  • Super easy to get started, great step-by-step training, have learned a lot


  • No company details, active community, experimenta niche advice, WA name is misleading, too easy to make websites, they provide too much in one place, discussion of other money making methods seems to be discouraged, negativity is suppressed, WA bootcamp is a newbie trap, they can dish it out but they can’t take it

His conclusion:

Since I lost my Wealthy Affiliate write access probably due to being too honest about how WA hadn’t actually made me wealthy from affiliate marketing, I have moved all my websites out of WA to separate hosting. I have also decided to step away from affiliate marketing and SEO, at least for a while. I may return to it again at a later date, once I have tried other things for a while.

My Point of View:

This article surprised me. Because I know Marcus and we have discussed in the past using the WA live chat. He runs a website in the same niche with me. He was a very active member of the community, publishing trainings and blog posts on a regular basis.

I can’t judge WA’s decision to revoke Marcus’ writing access. Every company has its own terms and conditions.

It seems that Affiliate Marketing did not work out well for Marcus, but we have to underline here that Marcus niche (Making Money Online) is the most competitive niche of all. This is the reason I recommend all newcomers stay away from this niche, at least at the beginning of their online journey.

To mention here that the WA training is mainly about affiliate marketing, and not other money making methods, but this is clearly stated even on the WA homepage.

I left a comment on his website wishing him all the best for the future.


Former WA member/Singapore – RipOffReport.com – Apr 2018 – Charging a renewal fee although the account was de-activated

Former WA member Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate a Fraud. Premium member who signed on for a year do has to beware if you have decided to terminate your contract after a year. By deactivating your account from automatic renewal, doesn’t mean that your contract with them has stop. I did that and yet it got through and was billed by PayPal for that amount. Thinking that PayPal will rectify that…think again! My advise for u is to take a screenshot of that deactivation done by you on their site, should you decide to make a claim against them… By the way if you were to confront WA regarding the renewal payment, they will even block you from accessing from then on… You will then ended up not being able to access your account and having to pay for another year…   That was what happened to me..! Former Wealthy Affiliate Member

My Point of View:

The WA subscription system is paid on a recurring basis and PayPal re-charges your account every year or month depending on the contract. All users should deactivate the recurring billing option within their PayPal accounts to ensure they won’t get charged


Rita/USA – RipOffReport.com – Mar 2018 – freezing my account, demanding more cash

Rita’s Main Points:

They ripped me off by promising me it was free to sign up and to try their trial for only $19 premium membership. After that we didn’t have to keep our premium membership. My membership was over & they are forcing me to pay $49/month for premium membership. I’ve paid for a domain for a year & no access to my domain. They are some big time scammers. When things are too good to be true. Rrrrruuuuunnnn! Away. They give you empty promises. No contact number. They didn’t solve my problem after I told them I don’t need membership for premium. Find these crooks. It was December 2017.

My Point of View:

WA clearly states that the premium monthly membership costs $19 for the 1st month only and then $49 for every month thereafter. If a user cancels then WA is offering a grace period of 30 days to transfer any sites and domains to other hosting providers. I know a lot of people that moved some of their sites to other hosting providers with no probkems whatsoever.

Mac/Canada – RipOffReport.com – Dec 2017 – Cancelled my membership

Mac’s Main Points:

I asked WA not to renew my membership that was coming up on Nov. 29th. Instead they cancelled my membership on Nov.26 not allowing me to transfer my website. When I asked them why they cancelled my membership primaturely they replied that I can renew my subscription to get access. I still had 3 days left before my membership expired. These people are very unethical in the way they run their business. I  would stay away from WA.

They have an annual retreat rewarding the member, who as an affiliate, is able to sign up a minimum of 100 mew members on a annual basis. With thousands of members they are only able to fill a large boardroom with qualifying members. Their success record is dismal to say the least.

Their reviews are another unethical practice that WA has become very good at exploiting. They knock SBI,MLM and anyone that will help the affiliatemake a sale. If you are looking to build a business on the internet it will not happen with WA

My Point of View:

Any user can cancel his/her membership using the button in their profile settings. The rewarding system of WA has nothing to do with the user’s problem. Again, this user claims an “Imaginary” repeated scenario as I can see, that the WA training suggest members to write unethical reviews. Nowhere in the training is mentioned anything like that, I guess the user is another competitor.

anonymous/USA – RipOffReport.com – Sep 2017 – Un-clear classes, only members opinions, can’t access the members area, can’t cancel

anonymous Main Points:

While searching for a way to make money at home, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. FREE to start. Then there is a montly cost. Classes are  hard to understand, answers to questions are answered from other members “opinions” No real Answers. I tried So hard to understand, but just went in circles.

   When someone joined under me, I can NO Longer get into my site. There is NO Place where I could cancel My membership. I feel the only ones making any money with this are KYLE and JASOn. (If that is their real names.) This is A SCAM.

   However, I was able to Block next months payment in pay pal

My Point of View:

Any user can cancel his/her membership using the button in their profile settings. The user apparently was not very serious about starting an online business. People believe that because they worked for a month or so, money will come purring in.

Virginia/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Customer shaming

Virginia’s Main Points:


 I read all their information and watched all 10 videos and read aot of reviews and I am looking for what they are selling but I’m totally turned off, not that they make their money by selling memberships but that they and anonymous others mistreat paying and non-paying customers when they don’t like their questions. I saw that customers were told to re-watch the videos, even when they don’t pertain, were blocked by the employees of Wealthy Affiliates, were shamef on complaont boards bu Wealthy Affiliates and anonymous persons (who curiously said exactly the same things).. like “you’re too good to re-watch the lessons” “you already know everything so what’s your problem?” You are getting this fre so what do you have to complain about?” And “You are too lazy to put in the time”.. All in all, if no one can answer your question, you get abused. Not interested in Thos program even if they paid me

My Point of View:

Another user apparently that was not very serious about starting an online business. People expect to make money just by watching 10 educational videos.

Funny to say the least!

Ted Baker/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Lying WA members

Ted’s Main Points:

they do fake reviews of HUNDREDS of programs.

The end of EACH of their ‘reviews’ results in 1 thing, and 1 thing only, they recommend you join the known scam, Wealthy Affiliate, via their affiliate link, and refer to it as their #1 Choice

Do not believe ANYTHING they say – they’ve made a business out of calling other programs scams in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, which funny enough is what Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES in their “Wealthy Affiliate University” training course.

Stay away from NewsOnlineIncome.com, and stay away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Ted Baker

Honolulu, Hawaii

My Point of View:

I see a repeated scenario, that WA members create fake reviews. Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

Thomas R. Colmenero/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Wa member creates fake reviews

Thoma’s Main Points:

Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constantly creates false negative reviews on his website, in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get money from people joining via his affiliate link.

Wealthy Affiliate actively teaches people to do “scam reviews”, and before they were sued by Mobe they had a list of 147 products to do “reviews on” in order to call them scams, and promote wealthy affiliate instead.

I’m new to affiliate marketing, and the dishonesty of Stephen and people like him really gives a bad taste to this “industry” – i mean really, who can you trust?

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

James Jones/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Wa member lies about good products

James’s Main Points:

he actively BASHES other legitimate online businsses in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, who is known for teaching their affiliates this practices.

Scott never buys the products he reviews, he simply bashes them, and refers people to the rip off called “wealthy affiliate” in order to earn affiliate commissions from them.

Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching this practice for quite some time now, and up until THEY were sued, they even had a list of 150 programs to review and call scams, in order to (you guessed it) promote Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Don’t listen to Scott Newkirk or his recommendations, he’s only out to earn himself more money and send more unsuspecting people to the wealthy affiliate scam.

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

Indeed, there is a list of similar to the WA programs, just to help newbies discover the competition. Nowhere is mentioned to call these companies scams. This has gone a long way.

James Damian/Afghanistan – RipOffReport.com – May 2017 – Wa member runs a false review site

James Main Points:

John Rico runs a fake / false internet marketing review site.   He’s an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate and tries to get traffic to telling everyone that everything is a scam except for his affiliate link.

1.  I tested out three different of his reviews.   None of the information was correct.   He even “borrowed” fake info from other sites so he can get content for his fake blog.

2.  Then, he does the SEO to trick Google into ranking his blog for that product or service.  So now, when someone is trying to look for that product or service, his fake blog says it’s a scam.

3.  Then, he is the worst by putting down other marketers and then, redirecting them through his wealthy affiliate referral link.  That’s the bottom of the bottom scraping the barrel worst marketer on the internet.

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

lee/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2017 – Wa scam, yes we know it is

lee’s Main Points:

Well apparently I have fallen for the get two web pages free and then premium membership for the 19.00 ploy. And I know now of two people who have tried canceling thier membership to this so called wealth promoting business.

I spoke with one last night who told me that when he goes to cancel his membership it just keeps sending him back to his home page there. I simply gave him the best advice. Call his financial instituion and have them blocked if they try the auto bill bull crap.

Yeah it looks all nice and cozy with W/A with all these poeple joining all the time. But the key thing to remember is this Folks. KYLE & CARSON are both computer network experts. They can build code that will generate all those nice pictures we see on google. And they can also develop fake user profiles too.  THINK about it how many people have you seen in one day alone that join who are from some foriegn country  I counted 10 a day folks wherew is this leading?

I will tell you where it is leading for them with me. A report to my financial institution too. Along with a nice fat blog on one of those free pages they offered me. With a link to this site on scams

My Point of View:

The user could continue using the free membership option without having to purchase anything. I believe this person is just lying.

baa912/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2017 – Wa scam review

baa912 Main Points:

It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their members to post fake reviews that are optimized with popular competitor company names + keywords like “scam” and “review”. When people use the search engines to find legitimate information about these competing companies, they are presented with fake review information that falsely makes their competitors look like scams. This is blatant slanderous activity and is liable under the law.

Of course, at the end of each fake review is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. My advice to you is to not pay any attention to these fake reviews or any other review that has a monetary incentive at the end like a link to an affiliate program. Real reviews will have NO monetary incentive like paid ads, affiliate links, etc included in the review.

If you are a company affected by one of these fake reviews, I highly encourage you to contact your attorney and sue the pants off of Wealth Affiliate for allowing and encouraging this kind of black hat, deceptive, and slanderous activity.

If you are a victim of this slanderous scam, please contact the FBI internet crimes division and file a report today

My Point of View:

Again, another person claiming that WA teaches people to write fake reviews. This is a common lie, I believe it comes from competitors

anonymous/Bahamas – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2016 – A most very clever scam

anonymous Main Points:

I just wanted to share my experience with the wealthy affiliate program. So, just like many others out there, I was looking to work from home, or at least supplement my income with some extra cash. After searching extensively online, for something that didn’t seem like a scam, I came across, wealthy affiliate. I researched them and was hard pressed to find a bad review or evidence that they were a scam. So, I signed up for the initial 7 day free trial, I watched the videos,started working on my siterubix site etc, etc. I went for the premium membership for 1 year, I bought a website page. After following all the instructions exactly and after about 2 months of building the site, I messaged “Kyle” and the “higher ups in the live chat” to ask them why is it that I can’t find my “registered website” on any of the search engines? The response was that I have to continue to build content. Ok, so I continue to grow the site. By around 9 months and many hours into putting the information in, still could not find my website!! By this time, my site was full of good info that many would go for. So I message everyone again, same thing, “keep building content” and other vague information. And then Lo and behold! One week before my membership was to expire, I get a email saying, congratulations your website is now registered on Google. Wow, what a coincidence, huh!! I go over to Google and try to find the site, and nothing, zero, zip, nada! What did they think, I wasn’t going to check! So I message them, and, no response. For one week I tried, but nothing until I canceled my membership. Then I get a message saying why am I leaving? I answered and told them what they could do with their “business” , if you know what I mean. Far as I’m concerned, my website never was on any server, anytime, anywhere. The people behind this are very clever and deceptive. WA is absolutely a well orchestrated scam. All the time and money and effort that many have put in to a phantom website, In my case $400 bucks,only to have their hopes and money flushed down the toilet. So, please my good people, don’t be a damned fool like I was, and buy into this false hope. Regards.

My Point of View:

This person claims that had received an email saying his site was registered on Google. Google is not registering websites. Google is ranking them. For that, you need to work a little bit!

Randy Alan/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2016 – WA is a scam

Randy’s Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate advertises as a “free work at home” opportunity.  In fact, they are not.  They will insist that you have back up software which you will download for $20 – $25.  They will not “reimburse” you.  Then you have to join if you want premium membership.  The lesser membership gets you nowhere.

The people on the “live chat” are paid employees.  The chat reads more like social media than a “live chat” with real questions and answers.  It’s more like, “hi, how are you Jo, what’s up”?  “Good evening Susie, welcome”.  No real content.

In other words, I would not join this site.  I am trying to get my money back for buying the software.

My Point of View:

WA does not sell any software. The live chat is full of real people, entrepreneurs exchanging ideas, creating trainings, answering questions, and communicating.

John/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jul 2016 – WA overview, the scam they’re running

John’s Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest con on Earth right now, and I just got wind that the FTC, FBI are now investigating this massive fraud.

The way Wealthy Affiliate works is this:

>>You signup for a “free” training center to learn internet marketing.  You MUST setup a website and create a fake review directing people to your Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate link.

Right from the start, there is fraud on Day #1 for everyone involved.  When you create a fake blog post with the sole purpose of getting people to click your affiliate link, you’ve committed fraud from the start.

>>Then to take it further, you create FAKE reviews of every program out there using our SEO template.  That way – you steal the s****..

Responses Underneath:

Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest con on Earth right now, and I just got wind that the FTC, FBI are now investigating this massive fraud. 

Tasos Perte