Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

The Vast Majority Are Not Serious Accusations

Although the positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews are countless, not everyone is satisfied with a program. I dig the net to spot negative WA reviews and complaints.

I am commenting and responding to each and every one of them.

Additionally I provide other WA members responses to the common complaints so you better understand what is going on!

Let’s go...

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

Craig – Crajun.com – Oct 2014 – The problem with Wealthy Affiliate

Craig’s Key Points:

Don’t promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up for a free trial, engage with the community and learn what you can before your access expires, but DO NOT GO PREMIUM.

They are selling a fantasy built on a dying business model which serves only to benefit (you guessed it…) the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can glean some value from the trial, but do not invest in their training and by all means do not even consider building out any sites using their proprietary services.

They make it sound very easy

90% of the people in WA will make next to no money in affiliate marketing and will give up

There are some highly motivated and disciplined individuals who could utilize the membership training and community resource to build a profitable businesses

The main sales page is a bit misleading in that I feel it grossly oversimplifies the process of establishing a profitable site, and it nowhere near emphasizes just how much work will be involved

No newcomer in affiliate marketing should pursue a niche solely based on the prospect of money-making. To be successful, you must pursue a niche that you’re passionate about.

Don’t be a soulless Wealthy Affiliate pie-in-the-sky zombie slave who tries to start a business by promoting something you know very little about and have yet to see success with yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate has an install wizard which can technically have your site themed and online within seconds, but that is just the beginning.

It is going to take you weeks and weeks of online training, loads of content creation and endless tinkering before you’ll have a legitimate web presence.

There is no misinformation outlined in this step, but so much about the process of building an internet marketing site is left out. It’s not dishonest, but it is deceiving

If rankings were easy to obtain, everyone would be doing this, am I right..?! No way anyone new to IM is going to learn even a smidgen of what they need to know through those first few lessons. I’ve gone through the lessons. I know.

You’re only seconds away from starting a business…

This is true. Within seconds you could have access to the training and website launcher that will allow you to start a business, but you are months and months (and more likely…years) away from making any money.

Is WA legit? Yes, but a cautioned yes.

Do I recommend it? It depends. If you go into it with realistic expectations and are aware of the sacrifices and suffering involved with being successful as an affiliate marketer, then WA can provide you with an easy to follow – albeit very basic – roadmap.

I have no intention of promoting their product, but I did feel compelled to update this post so that others may think twice before committing to the premium membership. Based on this business practice, Wealthy Affiliate is now on my avoid list.

Wealthy Affiliate is milking a dying business model and I’m willing to bet they are not providing additional value or evolving their ‘curriculum’ to adapt to the ever-changing rules of internet search.


My Point of View:

As I have already mentioned at the beginning, not everyone is satisfied with a program. Craig says on his website that he’s a web developer, blogger and internet marketer with experience. I don’t know how experienced he is and I don’t I know when he joined WA, either. But that article is dated back in October 2014.

I joined WA in late December 2014, a few months after this article was published.

I don’t know what kind of education Craig received at that time, but I know what education I received. And with the help of WA’s education modules, I was able to build a successful online business that only continues to grow. Maybe I’m one of those who Craig names highly motivated or disciplined individuals.

Craig also mentions that 90% of people will fail in affiliate marketing. I agree, and I expand on this statement. 90% of all people will fail in every job, in any business model, no matter what. People give up easily, and no business in the world can make you rich overnight unless you sell drugs or guns.

Craig says WA make it sound easy, referring to their sales page. We are both internet marketers, and we know that all the companies out there advertise their products and services the most appealing way.

This is what a sales page means to do. To make it sound easy, or at least easier than it actually is.

But WA does not promise that when you join you’ll be successful. They clearly state that you have to put in the work and that it takes a lot of time before you see any results.

And of course, we should not judge a book by its cover. We should read it carefully till the end before we make any assumptions.

WA offers a comprehensive training for newcomers and experienced marketers. I agree with Craig, the main training modules cover only the basics of the internet marketing world.

But there are the training classrooms and the live video classes where Jay Neill offer valuable insights into ‘Hot’ marketing topics. Just by attending Jay Neill’s sessions I was able to get my site ranked in the search engines in the most competitive niche of the market, I was able to build a following on social media, I built a mailing list, and on top of that I was able to build an offline presence, taking my knowledge out to the local market, helping small businesses and startups get found online.

And Jay Neill’s video sessions are a goldmine of information that can’t be found easily on the net.

There he presents full website case studies, where he build niche sites from start to finish, and not just once. There are multiple similar video lessons. These video lessons last a month and are an over Jay’s shoulders demonstration. I don’t know any other company that does this. He shares all his secrets, methods, and strategies so that WA members can “Steal” information in order to build their successful niche sites.

I don’t know if the classrooms or the live video classes were available when Craig was a WA member.

Success is hard, no matter what kind of business you’re in, no matter what you’re promoting or selling. With dedication and hard work, anything can be accomplished.

WA is constantly evolving, at least since I joined. They always add new education modules to follow the latest trends and search engines regulations. I could not wait for anything more.

I respect Craig’s opinion, I agree with him on many points, particularly where Craig mentions no one should get involved with a making money online niche at the beginning of their career (which I already underlined in many of my WA pages).

But one thing is for sure. I own my online success to this powerful community like thousands of other entrepreneurs. I’m very sorry that WA did not work out for Craig so well.

MeLTruthTeller – RipOffReport.com – Mar 2014 – a Real Review of these Cons

MeLTruthTeller Main Points:

They are a very clever marketing company and are everything they say they’re not. Beware, and please read. They are smarter than most, which is why they have so many followers. They claim to have the key to training a person on how to successfully create their own lucrative work-from-home blog sites. They do claim to be a lot of work, require a lot of patience, blah blah swoon. You almost had me.

I was told by Nathaniell, on a pretty good site that I thought was legitimate, that I could enhance my existing site by adding marketing for products related to my already niche field of Kitchen Design, and get paid for it! Silly me! I thought it was somewhat curious that I could go to a company like Design Within Reach, and ask them if I could market for them, and have them pay me. I didn’t see how this could work. There was some kind of program partnership that wasn’t fully explained. So after much resistance, I signed up with a backup email to try it out for 7 days, and see if I could learn as much as I could

I had my “Write Access Revoked by Admin” almost immediately by Kyle, one of the ‘founders’, eh. It turns out that a lot of the first training courses had to do with setting up a site, blah blah I already have one. So I wanted to get right to the juice of it, because I’m trying to see if this is legit, so amuse me, OK?

I repeatedly asked, in the general forum, for help on finding out how to do what I was led there to do. I had NO interest in creating a WordPress blog page that would promote Wealthy Affiliates. And yet, this was all they seemed to cover. I kept asking questions and received several responses to just go through the training

Kyle HIMSELF made a rude comment to me. This girl suggested that I watch the Alphabet Soup section of the training, that it would help. I said this was for keyword help, and I don’t need that. Kyle said that if I didn’t know what keywords were for, then I had no business being on the internet. Excuse me??? I was simply stating that SHE did not understand, and led me somewhere I ALREADY KNEW ABOUT. He was rude. And within seconds revoked my ability to respond with his powerful finger

He didn’t want me to write, but I just felt the need. So, here I am. No, I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for it, but it seems that, unless you want to be a Wealthy Affiliate robot you are not welcome, and will be coaxed VERY tenderly into paying for it

The ONLY way you will make money is by creating a ‘practice’ blog page (which becomes your sole purpose) that markets your affiliation with Wealthy Affiliates!

Brainwashing SCAM Unless you want to be a robot and lose all your friends, then enjoy. Thanks Kyle. 😉

My Point of View:

The reviewer obviously failed to comprehend the basic process of affiliate marketing. Instead of following Nathaniel’s advice and going through the WA training in order to understand how to promote the existing Kitchen Design business he/she had, started questioning the forum.

It would be very easy to research and spot the training he/she wanted alone. You just skip from page to page until you find what you’re looking for.

Without a proper keyword training, as Kyle suggested him/her, any online business can fall apart.

The rest of the dispute is far from reality. WA is not suggesting their members to promote WA, this is totally optional. WA teaches people how to build sites in any niche of the market.

Apparently, the reviewer got angry for having his/her writing WA rights revoked, and proceeded with this report.

Former WA member (Canada) – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2018 – WA was sued, and lost…

Former WA member (Canada) Main Points:

The former member discusses a case where MOBE sued WA for slander. MOBE is an MLM company, a competitor of WA, offering extremely expensive internet marketing education.

Yeah, you sure can as long as you don’t mind being manipulative, lying, and bashing programs and people you’ve never tried. In fact, I’ll give you Carson’s and Kyle’s 3 quick tips to success.


  1. Create a “Scam Warnings” or “Scam Reviews” Website
  2. Create false and slanderous reviews of Wealthy Affiliates Competition
  3. Compare that program (even if you’ve never tried it) to Wealthy Affiliate, and make sure you promote WA as your “#1 Recommendation”
  4. Profit!
My Point of View:

I was not expecting a former member of WA to discuss this lawsuit between 2 competing companies. I would expect someone from MOBE to do that.

The 2nd part of the message is far away from reality. Nowhere in the WA training is mentioned anything like that. If there are people creating false reviews this is totally unrelated to the training. The WA training is suggesting members create personal reviews in order to get rankings in the search engines.

I don’t believe he/she was a former member of WA, I tend to believe is a WA competitor behind this review.

Solo Build It – RipOffReport.com – Oct 2017 – Beware fake rebuttals like the one from “Felicia”

Solo Build It Main Points:

WA never includes real proof of success by its users. There is almost none, as proven in this study…

You’ll note that no WA employee or user ever wants to talk about REAL results. They stick to general claims which cannot be checked.

That’s why every Wealthy Affiliate user who rebuts NEVER wants to talk about the results of the study that we did comparing SBI! vs Wealthy Affiliate review. Instead, they’ll say something like, “Well they are biased, so what do you expect!”

I’d be very surprised if WA itself, and others who earn a great deal of income from WA (by misleading solopreneurs using fake reviews of SBI!, bait-and-switching readers over to WA as their “#1 recommendation”), have not actually repeated that study. They would just naturally want to to try and disprove it.

And it’s results that matter.

(The results, by the way show that SBI! is 33 times (33X) more likely to generate high traffic sites. And 87% of WA sites are “Invisible.” See the study for the whole story…

Bottom Line: There’s not much to love about WA if you love high-traffic results, especially when there is so much at stake – the fee, your time and most importantly, your hopes and future

Don’t believe the words – insist on verifiable proof of success instead of yet more claims that can’t be checked.

With warm regards from the SiteSell.com staff

My Point of View:

This review comes as a surprise. I would never expect the Solo Build It staff to talk about WA in such a misleading way. I followed the link to the SBI article mentioned there, to find out that SBI made a review of WA gathering statistics and data where they claim that WA members accused SBI with fake reviews. And that SBI users are more likely to experience online success than WA members.

Too bad, because SBI is a company that I already promote in 2 of my articles/lists.

There are WA members that are SBI members as well. I have discussed in the past with SBI/WA members on the WA forum and everyone was talking positively about SBI. Some of them are pointing SBI as one of the TOP affiliate marketing destinations, and WA as well. This is why this review comes as a huge surprise.

Too bad the SBI staff is using the RipOffReport site to accuse WA. They already published a WA review for that matter. These actions are not helping the industry grow.

I feel disappointed from SBI, I’ll be thinking seriously to remove SBI from my articles.

And finally, as an answer to the SBI claims about WA members only sharing unverifiable proofs of success I refer you to the article…

WA Success Stories (a continuously updated thread)

and this one

5 Wonderful Websites Created by WA members

Mike and the SiteSell team – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2017 – WA loses lawsuit over fake reviews

Mike and the SiteSell team Main Points:

Another surprise from the SBI (Solo Build It) team again. Mike from SiteSell is referring to the lawsuit mentioned above, MOBE vs WA. He says that MOBE was victimized just like SBI.

My Point of View:

I won’t add much to this review. I would not expect SBI to testify 2 times against WA on the RipOffReport site. It seems the SBI staff’s only concern is WA.

SoloBuildIt – RipOffReport.com – Sep 2017 – Beware fake rebuttals such as “Jeff’s”

Solo Build It Main Points:

SBI is accusing WA again, this is the 3rd time on the same website.

My Point of View:

I won’t add much to this review. It’s now obvious the SBI staff’s only concern is WA.

SoloBuildIt – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – How to avoid “make Money” scams and WA claims and fake reviews

Solo Build It Main Points:

SBI is accusing WA again, this is the 4th time on the same website.

My Point of View:

It’s getting ridiculous. A competitor of WA is accusing WA on an external website for the 4th time, it’s getting clear now.

Avera – RipOffReport.com – Jul 2015 – I see through a lot of it too

Avera Main Points:

I also see that they are very heavy on people just re-adding for them (WA) and I see that most sites created by WA members are bland repeat-a-phones about personal health & well-being including of course working on your hobby and making money from it through ads for WA. and affiliate sales. My site was about recovering from smoking addictions through my own phone coaching (and knowledge of addictions), and after 3 months and no clients I passed out some real business cards and then cancelled my sub to WA and then discovered that I could not get back into WA even though I still have paid membership time left…and also discovered that even though the site will still show up for 30 more days, without being able to get into the administration area, I’m not sure I can even transfer the site to another host and domain name. I feel as if my intellectual property might be in the process of being stolen.

I was supposed to be able to get back into WA if I mistakenly cancelled the membership and that seemingly turns out not to be true. I can’t get another “free” trial either so there’s no way to get back in at all. My old PW is not being honored and I can’t get a new one cause the email isn’t being honored with a pw change request.

There doesn’t seem to be a customer service phone number, or snail mail address from what I have seen on the internet…I hope I’m wrong about this.

On WA coaching material there is no separate indexing of the “lessons”.  A point missed can be found again but not by going through any master index which would be crossreferencing ideas & locations…thus depriving us of a a way to get back to where ideas are first presented in the training. Without that we are forced to stumble through videos again and again which is very frustrating & time consuming activity or we must ask people instead. This flaw in the training presentation makes me wonder if the clumsier and slower learning which might result…is as “rewarding” to the CEO (in the form of longer lasting subscriptions) as is is “punishing” to the member?

I don’t mind looking repeatedly at mateial I already understand if it is to further boost such understanding. But I do mind being forced to look at inappropriate material when I can’t get my original questions answered on my own and then have to ask people who often don’t know what you mean.

So I am pretty disappointed with WA in spite of all the spectacular success they think they are making somehow more possible for the “rest” of us.  I also know if I start pointing out that WA is no alternative to the flaws of capitalism and enforced economic unequality, I would get in more trouble than I am willing to play with now.

My Point of View:

Avera says she canceled her WA membership but at the same time, she had paid membership remaining time. And that the training was not indexed well so that she could find the lessons she needed without any delay.

No serious accusations here, just a non-satisfied individual.

Obviously, such a review does not belong to a site called RipOffReport. 

virgo48 – RipOffReport.com – May 2014 – Writing privilege revoked without any warning

virgo48 Main Points:

On this past Memorial Day, I had my write access revoked without any warning or reason during a “Live Chat” session. The only “offense” I can even remotely think of is a hypothetical question I made about this countfy that some patriotic zealot couldn’t even stand see written. Well, throudh today I have not had the privilege given back despite the following statement written by Mr. Lim:  “Nonetheless, I can grant you write access back if you are interested Craig. Let me know.”

Obviouly, neither co-founders can be trusted. What I really object to is that they are intent on charging me for a “Premium Membership” even after cutting off ANY means I have to communicate with them. It is very interesting and revealing to note that the City of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, was informed that the company was operating widhout a Business License back in 2012 and that all attempts by the Victoria BBB to contact the company by mail wers returned as undeliverable.

This is NOT a legitimate internet marketing company and I want to go on record about this. Thank you

My Point of View:

The user had write access revoked because of something said to the live chat area, is this really a reason for accusing a company of a Rip-Off?


RipOffReport.com – Summary/Positive Responses


There are 8 in total negative reviews about WA on the RipOffReport site. 4 of them belong to SBI, a competitor of WA, and 2 of them refer to the MOBE vs WA lawsuit, again, a fight between competing companies.

The others are just whining from a few members that were not satisfied with the free or paid membership, and some of them belong to people that already know everything about online marketing, so they would not need WA services one way or another.

Another user’s complaint was the fact that WA revoked his/her write access. Obviously not a reason to justify a review on a site called RipOffReport.

One of the negative reviewers, Avera, returned back to the RipOff site to change her final answer. She realized her mistake after all the positive responses and that means a lot.

Answers to the WA bad reviews on the same site:

This comes as a pleasant surprise, to find out people responding to these fake claims on RipOffReport. There are more positive responses (13 in total) than these 8 bad reviews.

This is the final answer and the conclusion. Because these people owe their online success to WA, just like me. And they responded to clear things up. It’s really annoying seeing a company that helped you create a business being accused in such a misleading way.

Positive responses topic titles:

  • The other side: by Nathaniell, Jul 2014
  • You are mad due to your faults and failure: by Layla Copla, Aug 2014
  • WA a real review of this report: by Rich Far, Oct 2014
  • Positive side of WA: by Jeff Burch, Dec 2014
  • Blah blah blah: by anonymous, Apr 2015
  • WA, this is what convinced me to try them: by Beverly Smith, Sep 2015
  • What this guy sounds like: by Roy, Apr 2016
  • How odd: by Gretchen, Jul 2016
  • How you are wrong in your report: by MusicMan64, Sep 2016
  • None of this is a scam: by Lauren, Jan 2017
  • It’s free, so try it: by Jeff, Aug 2017
  • I work for WA: by Felicia, Oct 2017

And finally:

  • Um, this is a positive update, not another rebuttal: by Avera Jul 2015 

Avera is the person who wrote a negative review, earlier on. Her response to her review is this:

I entered the wrong email to get back into the account so of course I was rejected, When I corected that I was allowed in. So I can’t accuse WA of locking me out because they didn’t.

I also wish I could have augmented or changed my previous critique of WA. The index is not fixed but answers depends on the question you submit, and I suppose WA would say it is equivalent. Actually I found a valuable training video after putting in a question, just after getting back in.

And maybe Kyle has blocked me, and maybe not. Don’t know why he would but at any rate sorry I mentioned it.

The above remarks are amendments to my previous remarks. WA is not a rip off, just another shrewd business providing opportunities for people to test (or prove) one’s own business generating skills….


Bottom line:

WA can not rip-off anyone. Why? the membership is either free or you have to pay around $47 per month. And anyone can cancel their membership at any time. How can someone get ripped off by $47 for a 30 days period? Is $1.5 per day a rip-off?

Is $1.5 per day too much for…

  • 50 Hosting slots (WordPress Websites)
  • Website builder
  • Keyword and niche market research suite
  • SSL encryption for 25 websites
  • 24/7 tech support
  • The SitePlatform: comments, domains, feedback, real support from the owners
  • Management, monitoring, and link tracking tools
  • SiteSpeed, fast loading websites
  • SiteContent: writing and blogging platform, image finder
  • Forum: thousands of blogs, trainings, tutorials from WA members
  • Live chat with thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate and online marketing training: main training 9 modules (90 lessons+), 13 interactive classrooms, weekly live webinars on ‘Hot’ marketing topics, plus the video classes archive (over 400 videos) on everything that has to do with online marketing, scaling businesses, getting rankings in the search engines using ethical methods, creating local and advertising agencies, social media, and more.

If you really had access to these very tools and training for $1.5 per day would it feel like a rip-off? Even if these services were bad!

I want your honest response, please

WA is a free to try program, unlike the vast majority of other platforms. So, you have nothing to lose in trying them out. This way, you can experience the truth about WA all on your own.

Marcus – EarnMoneyWithMarcus.com – Nov 2017 – I lost my WA write access

Marcus Main Points:

I can still read anything posted on Wealthy Affiliate, and I can still receive private messages, but if I try to comment or reply to anything, I get the same message.

Even if I try to submit a technical support ticket about my website I get a message saying “Your hosting ticket privileges have been revoked by admin. You may not post a hosting ticket at this time.”

So, I’m completely locked out from communicating with anyone on there.

It happened after I posted a link on Wealthy Affiliate to an external website containing some additional training. I was genuinely just trying to help someone who was struggling, but I quickly realised that it was a stupid mistake and clearly against the rules.

I sent a message via the “Contact Us” form on the WA website asking to have my write access back

…and quickly got a reply saying I would get my write access back. But I didn’t get it back, and all further messages went ignored

Towards the end of 2016 and into 2017 I started to move away from my approach of just saying everything else was a scam and saying that Wealthy Affiliate is #1.

But then I went further in that direction. I made a decision that I wanted to be 100% completely honest from now on. This meant that I started buying products to review them, rather than just writing reviews based on my impressions of the sales pages and what I had read in other people’s reviews

Okay, I know the bootcamp course doesn’t actually explicitly state that members should write reviews without trying the products, but inevitably that’s what tends to happen. The vast majority of newbies simply cannot possibly afford to buy every product they review (they would quickly get into debt if they did), so they have to write the reviews without trying the products


…Then Marcus is giving a short background on how he got started online, and he refers to the SBI study mentioned above, the one I discovered through the RipOffReport review. And then he highlights things he likes and dislikes about WA.


  • Super easy to get started, great step-by-step training, have learned a lot


  • No company details, active community, experimenta niche advice, WA name is misleading, too easy to make websites, they provide too much in one place, discussion of other money making methods seems to be discouraged, negativity is suppressed, WA bootcamp is a newbie trap, they can dish it out but they can’t take it

His conclusion:

Since I lost my Wealthy Affiliate write access probably due to being too honest about how WA hadn’t actually made me wealthy from affiliate marketing, I have moved all my websites out of WA to separate hosting. I have also decided to step away from affiliate marketing and SEO, at least for a while. I may return to it again at a later date, once I have tried other things for a while.

My Point of View:

This article surprised me. Because I know Marcus and we have discussed in the past using the WA live chat. He runs a website in the same niche with me. He was a very active member of the community, publishing trainings and blog posts on a regular basis.

I can’t judge WA’s decision to revoke Marcus’ writing access. Every company has its own terms and conditions.

It seems that Affiliate Marketing did not work out well for Marcus, but we have to underline here that Marcus niche (Making Money Online) is the most competitive niche of all. This is the reason I recommend all newcomers stay away from this niche, at least at the beginning of their online journey.

To mention here that the WA training is mainly about affiliate marketing, and not other money making methods, but this is clearly stated even on the WA homepage.

I left a comment on his website wishing him all the best for the future.


Former WA member/Singapore – RipOffReport.com – Apr 2018 – Charging a renewal fee although the account was de-activated

Former WA member Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate a Fraud. Premium member who signed on for a year do has to beware if you have decided to terminate your contract after a year. By deactivating your account from automatic renewal, doesn’t mean that your contract with them has stop. I did that and yet it got through and was billed by PayPal for that amount. Thinking that PayPal will rectify that…think again! My advise for u is to take a screenshot of that deactivation done by you on their site, should you decide to make a claim against them… By the way if you were to confront WA regarding the renewal payment, they will even block you from accessing from then on… You will then ended up not being able to access your account and having to pay for another year…   That was what happened to me..! Former Wealthy Affiliate Member

My Point of View:

The WA subscription system is paid on a recurring basis and PayPal re-charges your account every year or month depending on the contract. All users should deactivate the recurring billing option within their PayPal accounts to ensure they won’t get charged


Rita/USA – RipOffReport.com – Mar 2018 – freezing my account, demanding more cash

Rita’s Main Points:

They ripped me off by promising me it was free to sign up and to try their trial for only $19 premium membership. After that we didn’t have to keep our premium membership. My membership was over & they are forcing me to pay $49/month for premium membership. I’ve paid for a domain for a year & no access to my domain. They are some big time scammers. When things are too good to be true. Rrrrruuuuunnnn! Away. They give you empty promises. No contact number. They didn’t solve my problem after I told them I don’t need membership for premium. Find these crooks. It was December 2017.

My Point of View:

WA clearly states that the premium monthly membership costs $19 for the 1st month only and then $49 for every month thereafter. If a user cancels then WA is offering a grace period of 30 days to transfer any sites and domains to other hosting providers. I know a lot of people that moved some of their sites to other hosting providers with no probkems whatsoever.

Mac/Canada – RipOffReport.com – Dec 2017 – Cancelled my membership

Mac’s Main Points:

I asked WA not to renew my membership that was coming up on Nov. 29th. Instead they cancelled my membership on Nov.26 not allowing me to transfer my website. When I asked them why they cancelled my membership primaturely they replied that I can renew my subscription to get access. I still had 3 days left before my membership expired. These people are very unethical in the way they run their business. I  would stay away from WA.

They have an annual retreat rewarding the member, who as an affiliate, is able to sign up a minimum of 100 mew members on a annual basis. With thousands of members they are only able to fill a large boardroom with qualifying members. Their success record is dismal to say the least.

Their reviews are another unethical practice that WA has become very good at exploiting. They knock SBI,MLM and anyone that will help the affiliatemake a sale. If you are looking to build a business on the internet it will not happen with WA

My Point of View:

Any user can cancel his/her membership using the button in their profile settings. The rewarding system of WA has nothing to do with the user’s problem. Again, this user claims an “Imaginary” repeated scenario as I can see, that the WA training suggest members to write unethical reviews. Nowhere in the training is mentioned anything like that, I guess the user is another competitor.

anonymous/USA – RipOffReport.com – Sep 2017 – Un-clear classes, only members opinions, can’t access the members area, can’t cancel

anonymous Main Points:

While searching for a way to make money at home, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. FREE to start. Then there is a montly cost. Classes are  hard to understand, answers to questions are answered from other members “opinions” No real Answers. I tried So hard to understand, but just went in circles.

   When someone joined under me, I can NO Longer get into my site. There is NO Place where I could cancel My membership. I feel the only ones making any money with this are KYLE and JASOn. (If that is their real names.) This is A SCAM.

   However, I was able to Block next months payment in pay pal

My Point of View:

Any user can cancel his/her membership using the button in their profile settings. The user apparently was not very serious about starting an online business. People believe that because they worked for a month or so, money will come purring in.

Virginia/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Customer shaming

Virginia’s Main Points:


 I read all their information and watched all 10 videos and read aot of reviews and I am looking for what they are selling but I’m totally turned off, not that they make their money by selling memberships but that they and anonymous others mistreat paying and non-paying customers when they don’t like their questions. I saw that customers were told to re-watch the videos, even when they don’t pertain, were blocked by the employees of Wealthy Affiliates, were shamef on complaont boards bu Wealthy Affiliates and anonymous persons (who curiously said exactly the same things).. like “you’re too good to re-watch the lessons” “you already know everything so what’s your problem?” You are getting this fre so what do you have to complain about?” And “You are too lazy to put in the time”.. All in all, if no one can answer your question, you get abused. Not interested in Thos program even if they paid me

My Point of View:

Another user apparently that was not very serious about starting an online business. People expect to make money just by watching 10 educational videos.

Funny to say the least!

Ted Baker/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Lying WA members

Ted’s Main Points:

they do fake reviews of HUNDREDS of programs.

The end of EACH of their ‘reviews’ results in 1 thing, and 1 thing only, they recommend you join the known scam, Wealthy Affiliate, via their affiliate link, and refer to it as their #1 Choice

Do not believe ANYTHING they say – they’ve made a business out of calling other programs scams in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, which funny enough is what Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES in their “Wealthy Affiliate University” training course.

Stay away from NewsOnlineIncome.com, and stay away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Ted Baker

Honolulu, Hawaii

My Point of View:

I see a repeated scenario, that WA members create fake reviews. Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

Thomas R. Colmenero/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Wa member creates fake reviews

Thoma’s Main Points:

Stephen McGouran from Wealthy Affiliate constantly creates false negative reviews on his website, in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get money from people joining via his affiliate link.

Wealthy Affiliate actively teaches people to do “scam reviews”, and before they were sued by Mobe they had a list of 147 products to do “reviews on” in order to call them scams, and promote wealthy affiliate instead.

I’m new to affiliate marketing, and the dishonesty of Stephen and people like him really gives a bad taste to this “industry” – i mean really, who can you trust?

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

James Jones/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jun 2017 – Wa member lies about good products

James’s Main Points:

he actively BASHES other legitimate online businsses in order to promote Wealthy Affiliate, who is known for teaching their affiliates this practices.

Scott never buys the products he reviews, he simply bashes them, and refers people to the rip off called “wealthy affiliate” in order to earn affiliate commissions from them.

Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching this practice for quite some time now, and up until THEY were sued, they even had a list of 150 programs to review and call scams, in order to (you guessed it) promote Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Don’t listen to Scott Newkirk or his recommendations, he’s only out to earn himself more money and send more unsuspecting people to the wealthy affiliate scam.

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

Indeed, there is a list of similar to the WA programs, just to help newbies discover the competition. Nowhere is mentioned to call these companies scams. This has gone a long way.

James Damian/Afghanistan – RipOffReport.com – May 2017 – Wa member runs a false review site

James Main Points:

John Rico runs a fake / false internet marketing review site.   He’s an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate and tries to get traffic to telling everyone that everything is a scam except for his affiliate link.

1.  I tested out three different of his reviews.   None of the information was correct.   He even “borrowed” fake info from other sites so he can get content for his fake blog.

2.  Then, he does the SEO to trick Google into ranking his blog for that product or service.  So now, when someone is trying to look for that product or service, his fake blog says it’s a scam.

3.  Then, he is the worst by putting down other marketers and then, redirecting them through his wealthy affiliate referral link.  That’s the bottom of the bottom scraping the barrel worst marketer on the internet.

My Point of View:

Do I have to repeat my answer to this repeated scenario?

Even in the case that this accusation is true, nowhere in the WA training is encouraged such a behavior. WA teaches people to write ethical reviews, nothing more, nothing less.

lee/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2017 – Wa scam, yes we know it is

lee’s Main Points:

Well apparently I have fallen for the get two web pages free and then premium membership for the 19.00 ploy. And I know now of two people who have tried canceling thier membership to this so called wealth promoting business.

I spoke with one last night who told me that when he goes to cancel his membership it just keeps sending him back to his home page there. I simply gave him the best advice. Call his financial instituion and have them blocked if they try the auto bill bull crap.

Yeah it looks all nice and cozy with W/A with all these poeple joining all the time. But the key thing to remember is this Folks. KYLE & CARSON are both computer network experts. They can build code that will generate all those nice pictures we see on google. And they can also develop fake user profiles too.  THINK about it how many people have you seen in one day alone that join who are from some foriegn country  I counted 10 a day folks wherew is this leading?

I will tell you where it is leading for them with me. A report to my financial institution too. Along with a nice fat blog on one of those free pages they offered me. With a link to this site on scams

My Point of View:

The user could continue using the free membership option without having to purchase anything. I believe this person is just lying.

baa912/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2017 – Wa scam review

baa912 Main Points:

It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their members to post fake reviews that are optimized with popular competitor company names + keywords like “scam” and “review”. When people use the search engines to find legitimate information about these competing companies, they are presented with fake review information that falsely makes their competitors look like scams. This is blatant slanderous activity and is liable under the law.

Of course, at the end of each fake review is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. My advice to you is to not pay any attention to these fake reviews or any other review that has a monetary incentive at the end like a link to an affiliate program. Real reviews will have NO monetary incentive like paid ads, affiliate links, etc included in the review.

If you are a company affected by one of these fake reviews, I highly encourage you to contact your attorney and sue the pants off of Wealth Affiliate for allowing and encouraging this kind of black hat, deceptive, and slanderous activity.

If you are a victim of this slanderous scam, please contact the FBI internet crimes division and file a report today

My Point of View:

Again, another person claiming that WA teaches people to write fake reviews. This is a common lie, I believe it comes from competitors

anonymous/Bahamas – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2016 – A most very clever scam

anonymous Main Points:

I just wanted to share my experience with the wealthy affiliate program. So, just like many others out there, I was looking to work from home, or at least supplement my income with some extra cash. After searching extensively online, for something that didn’t seem like a scam, I came across, wealthy affiliate. I researched them and was hard pressed to find a bad review or evidence that they were a scam. So, I signed up for the initial 7 day free trial, I watched the videos,started working on my siterubix site etc, etc. I went for the premium membership for 1 year, I bought a website page. After following all the instructions exactly and after about 2 months of building the site, I messaged “Kyle” and the “higher ups in the live chat” to ask them why is it that I can’t find my “registered website” on any of the search engines? The response was that I have to continue to build content. Ok, so I continue to grow the site. By around 9 months and many hours into putting the information in, still could not find my website!! By this time, my site was full of good info that many would go for. So I message everyone again, same thing, “keep building content” and other vague information. And then Lo and behold! One week before my membership was to expire, I get a email saying, congratulations your website is now registered on Google. Wow, what a coincidence, huh!! I go over to Google and try to find the site, and nothing, zero, zip, nada! What did they think, I wasn’t going to check! So I message them, and, no response. For one week I tried, but nothing until I canceled my membership. Then I get a message saying why am I leaving? I answered and told them what they could do with their “business” , if you know what I mean. Far as I’m concerned, my website never was on any server, anytime, anywhere. The people behind this are very clever and deceptive. WA is absolutely a well orchestrated scam. All the time and money and effort that many have put in to a phantom website, In my case $400 bucks,only to have their hopes and money flushed down the toilet. So, please my good people, don’t be a damned fool like I was, and buy into this false hope. Regards.

My Point of View:

This person claims that had received an email saying his site was registered on Google. Google is not registering websites. Google is ranking them. For that, you need to work a little bit!

Randy Alan/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2016 – WA is a scam

Randy’s Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate advertises as a “free work at home” opportunity.  In fact, they are not.  They will insist that you have back up software which you will download for $20 – $25.  They will not “reimburse” you.  Then you have to join if you want premium membership.  The lesser membership gets you nowhere.

The people on the “live chat” are paid employees.  The chat reads more like social media than a “live chat” with real questions and answers.  It’s more like, “hi, how are you Jo, what’s up”?  “Good evening Susie, welcome”.  No real content.

In other words, I would not join this site.  I am trying to get my money back for buying the software.

My Point of View:

WA does not sell any software. The live chat is full of real people, entrepreneurs exchanging ideas, creating trainings, answering questions, and communicating.

John/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jul 2016 – WA overview, the scam they’re running

John’s Main Points:

Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest con on Earth right now, and I just got wind that the FTC, FBI are now investigating this massive fraud.

The way Wealthy Affiliate works is this:

>>You signup for a “free” training center to learn internet marketing.  You MUST setup a website and create a fake review directing people to your Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate link.

Right from the start, there is fraud on Day #1 for everyone involved.  When you create a fake blog post with the sole purpose of getting people to click your affiliate link, you’ve committed fraud from the start.

>>Then to take it further, you create FAKE reviews of every program out there using our SEO template.  That way – you steal the s****..

Responses Underneath:

Wealthy Affiliate is the biggest con on Earth right now, and I just got wind that the FTC, FBI are now investigating this massive fraud. 

Tasos Perte Tzortzis created a fake review site at:


>>You signup for a “free” training center to learn internet marketing. You MUST setup a website and create a fake review directing people to your Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate link.

Right from the start, there is fraud on Day #1 for everyone involved. When you create a fake blog post with the sole purpose of getting people to click your affiliate link, you’ve committed fraud from the start.

>>Then to take it further, you create FAKE reviews of every program out there using our SEO template. That way – you steal the s****.>

Continueing the fraud, you now have everyone creating FAKE reviews (because newbies and beginners have no clue about each program but they can easily copy/paste and fill in the blanks on each program). They create a FAKE review leading people to Wealthy Affiliate link. 

So the scam works like this:

Steal the SEO of legit companies and legit programs by saying that they are scams. Company Name Scam – example.


The newbies and beginners will screenshot members area and use logos illegally … and make up the review. Most of it’s made up on the spot because they spend a whole four minutes checking out the company.


So naturally, if you spend four minutes grabbing logos and screenshots, then you must be an expert on that company and their service.

Here’s where they cross the line and probably will be going to jail or paying hefty fines:

>>>The terms on most of these membership sites say that they CANNOT republish the inside without their permission. So ANYONE who signs and shares logos and screenshots is already in violation of their terms.

BUT they defend that by saying that they have fair use because of the review.

That’s where they are mistaken again because these are FAKE reviews. You can’t give an honest review of a program by spending four minutes stealing graphics and logos and creating the same review for each program FOR THE SOLO PURPOSE of stealing the SEO and visitors to click on your affiliate link.

That’s fraud.


>>>Let me review: 

Wealthy Affiliate is the number one scam out there and the owners will be go to jail for this.

When you create a fake review for stealing SEO traffic for the sole purpose of making money through your affiliate link, then you have committed a series of crimes:





These all fall into the category of what wealthy affiliate is doing… 

Creating fake review sites…

Fraudulent SEO traffic…

Deceive users…

to make money… 

That’s the truth! It’s out there… may you rot in jail, Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate affiliates.

Now MOBE is suing Wealthy Affiliate for creating these fake reviews & if you have been a victim (which means that anyone who has created a fake review site for the purpose of pimping an affiliate link has been defrauded) – then please let me know.  I’m putting a class action lawsuit together against every single Wealthy Affiliate affiliate.



John Dupont

My Point of View:

So, John Dupont is accusing me of fake reviews, SEO fraud, internet fraud, and money laundering.

Do I really have to answer here? I can’t because I’m laying on the ground and crying.

Jamie/USA – RipOffReport.com – May 2016 – Fake blog

Jamie’s Main Points:

Begin at Zero, Evelyn Baz posts lies about other successful marketers and companies hoping to gain attention to her program Wealthy Affiliate.  She is apart of the “ring of fake bloggers” who share each others fake reviews to dominate the search engines for those company names.   When people search for those company names, they show up on the first page of Google.   That traffic then sees a fake blog post and a portion of them signup for the program called Wealthy Affiliate.  When you write a fake blog post to steal the SEO for the other companies, that’s fraud my dear.

If you have been a victim of this, please contact the FBI and the FTC.  We would like to get these scammers off the internet ASAP.

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario

Jamie/USA – RipOffReport.com – Aug 2014 – Fraud

Jamie’s Main Points:

Charles Richard Bell of Downhill Money posts lies about other successful marketers in order to game the search engines to direct their traffic to his program Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a well known “fake blog” blog scam called FLOG or SLOG where Wealthy Affiliate will create a blog & post fake info sheets on companies to steal their SEO.  The purpose is to direct their traffic to his program called Wealthy Affiliate.

He’s done this to me and many others online.

If you have been a victim of this fraudster, Charles Richard Bell, please notify the authorities.  We are trying to get him off the streets ASAP!

I paid close to $500 for training that is “free” online and can be found anywhere.  Run far away from this guy.

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario

John W/Texas – RipOffReport.com – Aug 2014 – Ethan Vanderbuilt

John’s Main Points:

I had the misfortune of running across Ethan Vanderbuilt and his website.

While it’s beneath me to give someone like this an ounce of my time in writing,  I do feel an obligation to give the honest truth about Ethan Vanderbuilt and who he really easy, which is an absolute scam artist himself and the ultimate form of ‘hater’.

To the uninformed viewer it may seem like Ethan Vanderbuilt is a ‘scam buster’ as he likes to refer to himself. Negativity always sells. His site is not even located in the USA, It’s registered and hosted in Panama. Go to http://www.enom.com/whois/ and type in ethanvanderbuilt.com – see for yourself.

This scam artist is hiding and probably doesn’t even live in the USA. Hey preys on companies by writhing negative articles, acting like he is doing all of us a favor by exposing a scam. [continued below]….

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario, Ethan Vanderbuilt is a reputable scam buster, he does a very good job by helping people avoid scams and rip-offs. Maybe John W is the owner of a scam, who knows!

Sabrina/USA – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2016 – Unauthorized charge

Sabrina’s Main Points:

So, in the beginning of this month, I unfortunately realized I would not be able to afford Wealthy Affiliates reoccuring fee on my typical debit card, so I wanted to switch it over to a) paypal or b) another card. I was having trouble doing this so I sent Kyle an email with no reply, so my account was charged and overdrawn. My bank refunded me, but the charge came back again, overdrawng me again. I had not checked my account to realize this, so I am very overdrawn with the fees and such. So, I had to file a dispute with my bank. I’ll be calling in a couple days to see what is going on.

My Point of View:

I can’t answer to this rebuttal. It’s a dispute between a customer and a company.

CQ78Libra/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2016 – My blog was deleted without notification

CQ’s Main Points:

On February 20 wealthyaffiliate.com deleted my free starter blog without any notification, or warning. When I went to my blog the siterubix server said “you are seeing this page because the webspace for this domain has not ben set up on this server.” Seven Months of work gone just like that with no way to retreive the content.

They said that I could keep the free starter blog permantley–They were clearly lying about this! It appears that they unofficially delete free starter blogs from their server after a certain period of time, especially when you don’t upgrade to premium and pay $50.00 a month. That is bullshit! I quickly realized that Kyle and Carson are nothing, but a bunch of con artist.

They are making money off of wannabe affiliate marketers, who are most likely not going to make any money doing affiliate marketing. In other words, affiliate marketing is a waste of time! I did this for seven months and didn’t earn anything doing it. Of course there are people (a small majority), who got lucky and are earning a living wage doing this.

However, you will most likely not earn a living wage, or any money at all doing this beacause affiliate marketing is no longer a relevant profession. It’s no longer a relevant profession beacause there are way too many people, who have Addblock Plus. Most of the visitors that come to your blog are not going to see your affiliate links. I’m glad that I didn’t upgrade to their premium features, and let them take advantage of me.

My Point of View:

There are friends of mine using the Free WA membership for years. This rebuttal is another lie.

Henry/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2016 – Ethan Vanderbuilt Fake scam buster

Henry’s Main Points:



He uses FAKE REVIEWS to have all of us believe he is a crusader for the consumer.

This scammer is intelligent, writing negative articles about other companies and getting tons of traffic to his site so he can profit off of the negative traffic. This is his job. That’s how he makes a lot of money.


Ethan Vanderbuilt is a DANGEROUS CRIMINAL because he is so CONNIVING and CALCULATED in his SCAMMING SCHEME!


Ethan will ONLY write a negative article about a company that is successful and has a lot of traffic to their website. [continued below]….

My Point of View:

Ethan Vanderbuilt is a reoputable scam buster helping people. And I don’t think Ethan is promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t see a connection.

honestreviews/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2016 – Hidden scam beneath the surface

honestreviews Main Points:

So where should I start?  I forgot how I ever found Wealthy Affiliate.  I think I was a paid member with them for probably 3 or 4 months tops.  I want to begin by saying that if you have to promote an affiliate product and pay monthly membership for it, hands down, that is a total scam right there.  Rarely have I ever heard of promoting affiliate products and having to be a paid member with them to promote their product (eg Clickbank doesn’t even do this).

Now just to summarize and get to the point here is my honest review of why it isn’t the best training program.  But please note that it isn’t to say that it is ALL that bad.  In some instances, it is rather good but not the best.

My Point of View:

This person does not have any knowledge of online marketing.

wipeout/USA – RipOffReport.com – Dec 2015 – Newsonlineincome scammers

wipeout Main Points:

Deraj/Deroka/suman roka is yet just another BIG scammer from India who bought a copycat adsense niche blog to steal money from people who visit his ridiculous blog. The only way he makes his money is by writing BOGUS PHONY REVIEWS on RANDOM businesses. This is what draws people to click on his site. All his reviews are uneducated, sloppy and full of lies. He does NOT provide any real or useful information, nor does he investigate the websites he reviews. He simply does a keyword search for ANY work from home job, specific in data entry and then MAKES UP LIES about the company. This has become a common problem online. These are NOT real bloggers, they are nothing more than SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS that do nothing more than spread rumors and lies about companies just so you will click on their adsense links and hopefully buy another work from home scam. [continued below].

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario, it’s getting really boring, I know!

Jillian Sorenson/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2015 – Carson & Kyle, thieves, ripoff, MLM not available…

Jillian’s Main Points:

I have now been banned from chat for over a month. You have not responded to my e-mails for further details. I will not be renewing my membership and I find it unjust that you charged me full price for this month when I am still banned from chat. I am requesting a full refund and immediate cancellation of my membership. I am taking my clients and referrals with me and will make all of them 6 figures for 2016. I started ThriftyPinky.com yesterday and I already have 13 full-time active franchisees and all of them are doing Pinkilocks Professionals as well.

My current referrals/friends include Christopher Yohn, IveTriedThat, JohnCWS, PJLucas, JohnVB, BobTosh, Zoefke, TomTitty, simon1234bun, Ashiko, Tallton, and my other 250+ followers on your website. I will not refer any future business to you. In my humble opinion, you have treated me extremely unfairly and your business model is reprehensible. You are taking advantage of all your customers with your payment plan. I have found a website hosting company that pays $300 per referral – more than 13 times what you offer. Nearly every hosting company has a better compensation plan including Webs, BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, and many, many more. I think you and your partner are selfish, unkind thieves, and I will tell all of my 4K Twitter followers such.

In addition, I am an online MBA student at St. Thomas University with a B.B.A. from USD and a M.Ed. from National University. I am a licensed CA Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Appraiser, High School English and Business Teacher, MSPA Gold Certified Mystery Shopper (10+ Years), Website and App Designer, Life and Business Coach, and small business owner of PinkilocksProfessionals.com, ThriftyPinky.com, JillianSorenson.com, and LearnMysteryShopping.com.

I would advise you to change your compensation plan to be competitive with that which can be found with a simple web search Otherwise, I predict your business will fold within 12 months or less.

My Point of View:

Jillian’s prediction was not verified. The rest of the message is really funny!

vichutchinson/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2015 – Downhill Money Rick Bell lies about others

vic’s Main Points:

posts lies about other successful marketers hoping to gain attention to his program Wealthy Affiliate. He contacted me Vic Hutchinson about paying me $5,000 for me to work with him one on one all year.

He told me he had faile miserably at this online marketing stuff and needed help from someone that was already a successful marketer. I was able to quit work under the age of 40 because a friend and I over an 8 year period was creating niche products outside the IM(Internet Marketing) niche and simply had so many products up that the commissions we were making from the sales was enough after 8 years to quit work and go full time at online marketing.

An example of one of our products was headache remedy. There is a way for you to talk to yourself that actually will make the headache go away. This is just one example of the hard work over the years we put into this marketing. [continued below]….

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario

Justin/USA – RipOffReport.com – Aug 2015 – WA completely destroyed everything I was working towards

Justin’s Main Points:

They claim to help you build and develop your very own online buisness from scratch, however they fail to mention if you don’t buy their premium membership they take all work work and destoy it, remove from the servers never to be found again!

I began by looking into Wealthy Affiliate and they say you can remain a free member and host your own website, but being a free non premium member your site will always appear with the siterubix sub-domain. I was completely content with that and was even going to upgrade to the premium upon making some money from the niche website i had created, however this is was the case.

I took their bootcamp and created my website, putting in months worth of hours into cultivating my website. I poured hard work and dedication into creating orginal, helpful content ,starting affiliate partnerships and overall making an amazingly diverse website with  truly unlimited potential. I really started to put my life into this and making it work. Also i was truly helping people with my website, which was more rewarding than ever. I fought off plagiarism of my articles i wrote. I was really starting to gain followers and were receiving numerous positive comments and reviews from individuals whom were greatful from the advice i was providing, was finally getting to be placed within the top three hits on numerous search engines and even getting offers from companies that wanted to partner with me for adspace and I thought WOW this is really going to work. Man was i so dead wrong.

Because I didn’t go premium Wealthy Affiliate completely eliminated my website from their servers. They gave me no notice, they gave me no warning, not one single chance to save it, cause to be honest this had become my life at this point, to where i was so dedicated to becoming successful through affiliate marketing and was beginning to get my feet cemented and was getting noticed.They severed all my work, all my time, everything i had put into trying to become successful using the program. It was like a punch to the face when i went to log on and it was all gone, everything! I almosted fainted just from the shock of it all going to log into my website and looking back at me was this screen to begin making a website. Talk about disappointment and frustration. But i remained calm i thought this must be a mistake. They will fix it they have to. So I emailed them asking them what happened and to my utter surprise i never received any response. I thought maybe they are just looking into it, becauses there is no way they would do this to me. After about a week of of not hearing anything i wrote another email and again nothing. Another email and again nothing! So another just asking them to contact me in general and still nothing. To say the least i am at a loss of words and just don’ know what to do. I finally decided its time to say something and see if anyone else would know what to do or even how to recover what i feel is a stolen website. I can’t even begin to describe what this meant to me and how this has affected me just due to the fact of how much time i spent making this something special to me.

My Point of View:

A repeated scenario, there are WA Free members running their sites for years with no problems whatsoever.

snrtrader/South Africa – RipOffReport.com – Jul 2011 – Master crooks and thieves

snr’s Main Points:

For 3 years they have taken money from my credit card – I have begged and pleaded that they take me off their books – the do not have the common decency to even reply to my letters.
I am 76 years old and my pension is all I have. Life is very difficult for me. They are downright thieves and should noty be allowed to operate on the internet.
3 years of feees is a lot of money.
I have written personal emails to the owners Carson and his partner, but they are clearly equally crooked.

Take care not to use their web site as it will be a nightmare.

They plausible scoundrels who prey on the unsuspecting potential clients thinking that they can learn something to help them along. My frst year I paid for and realised that I had entered and could not do anything about that years fees – however they have continued to steal my money nothwithstanding my repeated appeal for them to stop and repay me.

Any help I can get to recoup my stolen money will be appreciated.

Thank you

My Point of View:

The reviewer did even take a look at his billings? 3 years without knowing he’s been charged? I hardly believe this story

Robby/Texas – RipOffReport.com – Jan 2015 – Theft of my intellectual property

Robby’s Main Points:

I was a free member and all was fine. Then I decided to purchase a month of Premium, at a first month discounted price, to see if I thought it was would be worth the normal monthly amount which was twice as much. During this time, I painstakingly built a wordpress site from the bottom up and created quite a few blog posts on the subject of my website. I was told that I could always take my website later and migrate it to a new server if I decided not to stay with WA. I did lots of campaigning for my site in other places on the internet and it quickly became a thing.

Well, towards the end of that first month, I did indeed decide that I wanted to leave WA and move everything to another host. Should’ve been no big deal right? Wrong! I was told that I need to cancel my reoccuring subscription or I would be charged that full price in a few days…..so I did that. I then immediately lost access to my members area, so I was unable to access my own website and, on top of that, my website was no longer working at all. The domain was blank!

I contacted WA Tech Support and they were very rude and said alot of very confusing stuff that just seemed like a run around to me. They then said to wait a few days and contact them again. They said they would give me instructions on what to do at that time. I waited and then went back to the WA site to contact them again and was denied all access to all areas of the website unless I paid the full amount for a premium membership!

I can click on absolutely nothing anywhere on that website without  it popping up telling me to pay! I am so disappointed by this and I’ve lost every bit of my hard work and Wealthy Affilliate essentially has stolen my Intellectual Property. I need my files so that I do not have to start everything over from scratch at my new host, but WA refuses to give me access.

My Point of View:

WA gives a grace 30-days period to remove sites to other hosting providers, the customer support is always very friendly

Mary/Florida – RipOffReport.com – Aug 2014 – Ethan Vanderbuilt is a scam

Mary’s Main Points:

Ethan Vanderbuilt is a SCAM ARTIST!!!


This snake oil salesman tricked me into wiring him $5,000 for his wealthy affiliate program. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/ethan-vander/blog/activism-and-affiliate-marketing

It’s been 45 days since he made me wire him $5,000 to an account in Panama.
I had second thoughts about wiring him the money especially out of the country.
I should’ve went with my gut instincts!! I only received some pd’s to my email after paying him all that money. He sent me a pile of junk. Total TRASH!!!!!!

He told me that he would help me make money, help me with a roadmap to success.
He was so convincing, so sweet to me. This man is very dangerous. He is a real CROOK!!!  After I wired him the $5,000 Panama, he disappeared!!!

I feel totally violated by this SCAMMER. I thought he was doing some good by exposing scams and I was totally tricked.


My Point of View:

Ethan Vanderbuilt is a reputable scam buster

Larren/USA – RipOffReport.com – Feb 2012 – Ivetriedthat affiliate scam

Larren’s Main Points:

Beware of I’ve tried that Scammers Joe and Steve

I’ve tried that is nothing but a couple of scumbag dishonest marketers  that try and tear down other companies and steal their traffic.BEWARE OF THESE 2 CRIMINALS! They go on to try and make you believe they actually have paid for all the hundreds of companies they talk crap about with  their own money when we all know it’s a load of garbage! They haven’t  spent one dime and why would they? All they’re trying to do is make  money off of these people by selling them wealthy affiliate and then  their crappy little ebook. By the way wealthy affiliate is the exact  same affiliate marketing/home typing/data entry mumbo jumbo program they try to warn you off about. Their favorite answer to this one is oh we  just do

My Point of View:

Steve from IveTriedThat is a reputable online marketer

bustaliar/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2011 – Ivetriedthat Steve Joe scam

bustaliar’s Main Points:

This guy Joe, now apparently Steve is his partner (probably one in the same) is a total Fraud if I’ve ever seen one. He’s made his living out of trashing other work from home businesses purely for his own profit and I being in the marketing biz myself, know when to call Bull S*** !
First of all Steve says he’s from Pittsburgh, however the partial information that shows up on “Whois” says he’s from Los angeles. But, his name and other information are completely HIDDEN from the public. So why would Mr. honesty want to hide his true identity? Why would such a public guy and honest man hide his true identity?? I’ll tell you why, because he’s a liar and a Fraud.
This website, www.ivetriedthat.com has a history of trashing many data entry, home typing/ affiliate marketing websites which is the TRUE KICKER here, because he is aggressively promoting “THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE”. You do the math. [continued below]….

My Point of View:

Steve from IveTriedThat is a reputable online marketer

ted b/USA – RipOffReport.com – May 2011 – Carson and Kayle Cara

ted’s Main Points:

This ie mail where ask for refund bieng sick

Hi Cara,
Your reply about “No refund ” is OK for someone that use your software and mentorship program,and stay as member many months,!! not 19 days as in my caz, I DID NOT GET ANY THING FROM YOU for $400,I am over 75 yrs old and with some medical conditions I cannot use your program anymore,( you have NO PROOF that I use your software) You will charged with :”GRAND THEFT ” I will send proof of my caz to FTC in Washington DC, to General Attorney Office of CA-Ottawa ,General Attorney Office of BC( I have all add.) I will fill FBI IC#3 Internet Fraud form with all data .(it is Internet Fraud because I did not get any product from you ,NO website ,No housing, NO software ,No mentorship, from K&C) I will ask FTC to shut off your website as Internet Fraud and Grand Theft-you use 2 addresses in BC that send email to me from a
name as “MARCUS” a WA expert ,NO phone # and No Fax #, when I checkup with BBB from Victoria I get “NO SUCH Co. is in Victoria” will send all to above Org .to start investigation. ALL other Co. with software more value that yours offer 30 days money back.( see thousand of software from CLICK BANK, that -offer 60 day money back )

My Point of View:

WA refunds money, I know a lot of people received refunds normally.

tallgirl/USA – RipOffReport.com – Apr 2010 – Unauthorized renewal

tallgirl’s Main Points:

I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to market my company’s products over the Internet.  Since Wealthy Affiliate is oriented towards affiliate marketing, something I’m not doing, I realized — too late — that I’d wasted my money.  When I was contacted by them later, I explained that I wasn’t getting any value, and that I wasn’t interested in renewing.

They don’t offer refunds, including for unused time (first red flag), and the only available option now is “Cancel”.  I don’t recall the existing verbiage being there at the time I informed them I didn’t want to renew, and I’ve since read on Ripoff Reports that Wealthy Affiliates has changed their policy and web site in the past 12 months or so.  But, I’d sent them an e-mail stating that I didn’t want my account renewed and there was no reply to indicate that I needed to do something else, or even an acknowledgment that my account wouldn’t auto-renew (third red flag).

After spending time learning why this type of affiliate marketing approach wasn’t going to work for me (I did learn valuable lessons that have helped me gain share against my competitors, and that was directly related to why WA wasn’t going to help me, so it wasn’t a complete loss), I marked it up to “School of hard knocks”.

As with other people who’ve been ripped off by Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t receive any notification of a pending renewal date — they’d been told I didn’t want to renew, so I wasn’t expecting one.

Yesterday (4/24) I received a call from my credit card’s fraud department asking if I’d authorized a charge in the amount of approximately $360.  I told them that I’d not, and that they needed to deny the charge.

I have sent “private messages” to both Kyle and Carson and have not yet received a response.

My Point of View:

WA refunds money, I know a lot of people received refunds normally.

JenB/USA – RipOffReport.com – Apr 2010 – Membership not cancelled when tried to

Jen’s Main Points:

I signed up for an account at Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year. After about 6 months, I stopped using it. I used a credit card to pay. I knew I did not want to continue my membership. For a few hours, I searched online to find out how to cancel. I logged into my account, found where I could cancel, and pressed cancel membership.

I was given a message that stated, “Are you sure you want to cancel, your account will auto-cancel on ‘Xdate2010X’. So I thought, great, it will cancel on that date.

Today, I logged into my account to confirm everything was taken care of, and now it says my account will cancel on Xdate2011X. I called my credit card company to find a pending transaction. What?

I still have received no emails from them regarding renewal of subscription, no emails from the company that charged my card, no type of receipt? Who does business like that?

I logged back in, canceled immediately, and called the credit card. I will dispute the charge if need be, and have finally found a billing email, after assuming the only way to get help was email/pm the owners. There, finally, was a billing support email address.

I did not have a bad experience while a member, why end your relationship with people on such awful terms.

Could you possibly send an email notice of renewal, with a way to opt out? Any honest company would do so?

I am requesting my pending credit card transcation to be canceled, and change your system to state that the account will auto-renew on Xdate, rather than auto-cancel.

My Point of View:

A dispute between a company and a customer

Brighten/USA – RipOffReport.com – Nov 2009 – I vet speakers and programs for our members

Brighten’s Main Points:

I had a similar experience in trying to cancel a Wealthy Affiliate membership as posted previously. I think its funny that some of their affiliates brag about how they have such a low level of refunds. Oh. Could it be because they dont offer one? They claim that its because of all the proprietary information that you are privy to once youre in. I really didnt see anything that isnt readily available elsewhere online and in many cases, free. Further, any tools that are available for their members can only be used while you are a member. Thats still not a terrible thing I suppose. They can have whatever policy they want. It is their company. Buyers just have to BE AWARE and not think that just because other reputable companies offer refunds that Wealthy Affiliate does too. THEY DONT. Nor do they make it easy to cancel and that is where it gets bothersome. Even after you find your way through their crazy time consuming maze and they acknowledge receipt of a cancellation request and a date that our membership would expire, they continued to bill us for 2 additional months. I received an email requesting that I contact Kyle and Carson personally via their forum to see if they could get me “back on track” LOL… I didn’t know I was off track but in any case, I wrote back and politely asked that they simply cancel my account please. I still can’t get a response so I decided to post on as many sites as I have time to until they do. Unfortunately for them, I do the speaker and programs vetting for a large and very active, non-profit association and this won’t fair well for them if this isn’t resolved soon. I don’t have anything really bad to say about their products or services. I just think their customer services are stinky and that isn’t an experience we can afford to expose our members to who depend on us to research quality products they can use. Thanks for your help BTW. We appreciate what you do.

My Point of View:

WA refunds people

-/Mississippi – RipOffReport.com – Apr 2009 – Once you signup, good luck cancelling

– Main Points:

I joined wealthy affiliate looking to start an internet based business. After signing up I decided that wealthy affiliate was not what I was looking for. I wanted to cancel. I wasn’t asking for a refund (their policy states “No Refunds”…which should have been a red flag for me), just to cancel my membership and bill me for no further payments.

I sent in a support ticket (no phone number listed) and the response I got was to go into my account and look under the help topics and I’d find out how I could cancel. Whattttt????

They won’t take the time to cancel my membership? Another red flag.

I found the refund topic. The only problem is, it’s not as easy as clicking a “cancel membership” button. It tells you how to cancel any further PayPal payments. OK, I’d be fine with doing this myself just to get out of this crazy maze. There’s just one problem…. I didn’t pay with PayPal…. I opted to pay with my credit card (not through PayPal).

I sent another message and informed the company of this and now I can’t get them to reply.

So buyer beware when dealing with this company.

My Point of View:

There is a button for cancelling memberships

-/New York – RipOffReport.com – Sep 2008 – Took $310 from me for a project they only did half

– Main Points:

In early July, I met someone on WealthyAffiliate.com, a forum to help internet business owners build their business. I put up an ad asking for a web designer. Army Chiu (armstrong) emailed me. He seemed like he had good credentials. So we made an agreement that he would do 2 sites for me for a total of $250. He did a good job on the first one so I decided to pay him for the other site in advance with an additional $50 tip for doing a good job on the first site. I then stopped getting emails from him as to his progress. He ignored my repeated emails. Then after several days he said “I’m busy” that’s why I haven’t responded. Then another week went by without him answering my other inquiries as to when the other site would be completed – again, no response. Finally, I emailed him and said I know you are busy but I paid you in advance and would like you to at least respond to me. He emailed me 2 days later and said “I’m busy but I’ll start your project Friday”. I said ok. But I realized I needed someone who was not quite so “busy” and who would be available to me so I emailed him and said I know you are busy so I’ve decided to hire someone else please give me back my $125 for the site you didn’t do. I didn’t hear from him for 3 days. I emailed him again. Still no response. finally, I posted on Wealthy Affiliate complaining to the owners about this guy. I received no response from them. Next thing I know, I could not log into any of my accounts. I had given Army Chiu access to all of my passwords so he could work on my sites. He has deleted all of my files and my website is not working. He also deleted my account with Wealthy Affiliate (I paid $359 to join) and I had to rejoin. So far Wealthy Affiliate has not responded. I would like to sue Army Chiu (and Wealthy Affiliate if they do not give me back my money or make Army Chiu give me back my money. At the very least I would be satisfied if Wealthy Affiliate barred him from the forum). Now I have to spend more money on another site.

New York, New York

My Point of View:

No one can delete another user’s WA membership

An Answer to the WA Membership Cancelation Complaints – Timoy Aug 13, 2016

The original article can be found here

Hey WA,

I am back!

I was feeling adventurous and I decided to carry out this little experiment of mine.

Not long ago, I decided to cancel my Wealthy Affiliate membership and the process was really simple, straight forward and amazingly quick.

YES! I leave WA for a temporary break – 12 days.

During my break, I have discovered 7 interesting “Need To Knows” that you can’t simply turn away if you are toying with the idea of quitting Wealthy Affiliate, cancelling your membership or simply take a hiatus.

Read this before you hit that tempting little green button and it will saves you some hassle.


1. If you have any websites hosted on Siterubix (Wealthy Affiliate). You will have a generous 30 days to complete your website migration after you decided to end your WA Premium membership.


This would means that you will need to

a) find a new hosting provider for your websites and

b) hire someone to do the migration for you or someone with the experiences.

I would suggest that you do it before you end your membership. 


2. After 30 days, your websites will not be accessible. However, it will still be stored securely and retrievable (upon reactivation) if you decided to resume your membership within 2 years.

[I am not able to verify on this as it was a short break for me]


3. After stopping my membership, my premium access to my account was revoked instantly.

My account was not downgraded to free member but instead it was deactivated.

This means that you will not have any access to your dashboard, or the ability to manage your existing credits.

Do take note if you are taking a long break, you may want to cash out your credits first.


4. The good news is after I have re-activated my membership. My existing credits are still intact.



5. Once premium access is cancelled, affiliate commissions payouts are paused as well. You will not be able to receive any payouts even if you are entitled to the qualified affiliate commissions during your term as a premium member.


6. But here’s the good news, if you re-activated your membership, Your affiliate commissions will still be lying around, ready to be payout on the coming month.



7. Since payout are stopped, you will probably not be credited for any new affiliates or affiliate commissions during your absence.

[I am not able to verify on this, maybe someone can share their experience]


I was impressed

One takeaway from this little experiment which wasn’t found anywhere in Wealthy Affiliate.

I am probably the first one to touch on it, retention.

I was impressed on how Kyle and Carson have set up a superb retention system for members who are toying with the idea of quitting Wealthy Affiliate.

I am just curious what could be the retention rate from this little set up by Carson and Kyle.


Kyle and Carson have make it simple and easy for anyone who wants to cancel their existing membership, unlike other online programs where this cancellation process could probably take a few days and often associated with many teething problems.

I have experienced a quick and clean cancellation without any problems so rest assure that if ever there is a need or a reason for you to cancel your subscription, it can be done quick, easily and painless.

My Answer to Timoy:

Thanks, Timoy. You cleared things up for everyone

An Answer to the Complaints – LynneHuy June 16, 2017

The original article can be found here

So I don’t know if you have been seeing all the posts online claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? There are loads of them doing the rounds on Facebook.

There are a lot of people that are members of other sites that are competition to Wealthy Affiliate writing about the Wealthy Affiliate scam.

Apparently Kyle and Carson are absolutely thieving criminals that teach members here to write scathing and untrue reviews about competitors.

OMG what a nasty rotten thing to do Kyle and Carson! How could you do that?

So I have done all the courses here that Kyle has set out for members to follow and I have done loads of Jay’s training too. I just love all the training here.

It is true that Kyle and Carson have published training on how to write reviews… on products and online opportunities. However nowhere in that training are members here taught to write untrue and nasty things about other companies.

We have been taught to research, to test opportunities/products and to write our own opinions… duh which is what a review is right?

Yes I am sure some members have gone off and written really awful reviews that have not been properly researched. This has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate and it is not what is taught here.

I also find it interesting that the people trashing Wealthy Affiliate are saying that the training here is not up to scratch and that it is underhanded techniques. A lot of these reviews had people claiming that they couldn’t make money from the things that Wealthy Affiliate have taught.

Here’s my take. We are each responsible for our own actions. We are each responsible for our success or lack thereof.

I can only speak for myself and say that the training that I have had the privilege of doing here has been a life changing experience for me. Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with all the tools, training and support that I needed to build my online business.

I believe that everything you need to succeed online is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take full advantage of that and make a success…. or to not do what it takes and lay blame elsewhere.

If Wealthy Affiliate is such a scam how come it helped me to grow my mommy blog website traffic to over 20 000 unique monthly visitors with 130 000 monthly page views with a bounce rate of under 3%?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

It’s a scam I tell you, it’s got to be right? LOL

Why am I still here paying my monthly fee 2 years down the line?

PS I love writing reviews on my mommy blog, I currently charge $100 for a product review on my mommy blog.

Thanks for the reviews training Kyle, it rocks. I took note of what you said and I put my own spin on it to make it my own.


My Answer to Lynne:

Thanks, Lynne. You shed plenty of light on the story here.

An Answer to the Common Complaints – Wendy, SurvivingAfterCollege.com

The original article can be found here

So, here are the 7 most common complaints I’ve heard against Wealthy Affiliate (and my rebuttals)

#1. Wealthy Affiliate is not accredited by the BBB and has an “F” rating

It is true that they’re not a member of the BBB, and that their rating was at one time an F (presently, it’s a B). But what most people don’t realize is the BBB isn’t really the almighty saint it’s cracked up to be. Sadly, money has corrupted the once well meaning foundation and you need to take their ratings with a grain of salt.

Most likely the small mom and pop shop around the corner, or that local restaurant you love aren’t members of the BBB club either, yet you probably still are more than happy to do business with them. Heck, even Disneyland isn’t BBB accredited, but would you acuse them of being untrustworthy?

The truth is BBB fees are expensive, and many smaller businesses just don’t have the budget to bother. Other companies, while they could afford it, simply don’t agree with having to pay in for the BBB seal of approval. After all, why should it matter?

There doesn’t seem to be any way of getting a good rating unless you actually pay them a fee to be accredited. Note the examples below.

#2. There’s no free speech! Members get their write privileges revoked for NO reason!

It’s true that members have gotten their writing privelages revoked, but not without a reason.

WA is a spam free community. There are explicit rules that tell you not to spam and if you break those rules, you will be warned. If a very high number of your comments are marked as spam by members, you will be warned and if you continue to not follow the rules, then you will no longer be allowed to post anything within the community.

It’s definitely NOT that case where this privelage is being taken away from members left and right, it rarely happens and when it does, it’s for that reason. Don’t spam and follow the rules!

#3. I didn’t want to continue my membership but they billed me anyway… it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cancel!

Within their terms and conditions, they state that their membership is monthly recurring, and if you wish to cancel you must do so before the next billing date. Almost all programs involving monthly fees are set up like this no matter what industry – gym memberships, weight loss programs, magazine subscriptions, etc, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that this is how they work. You agreed to that when you signed up, and you’re personally responsible for keeping track of your membership renew dates so you can cancel if you so choose to. If you don’t know when your bill cycle ends, you can find out anytime by visitng your account settings

#4. It’s only for TOTAL newbies!

This isn’t exactly true. Wealthy Affiliate is structured in such a way so people with absolutely zero knowledge of internet marketing can utilize the training to become successful online marketers. Because of this, much of the basic training courses are relatively straight forward and simple to follow. If you are someone that already has advanced knowledge of the industry you may find much of the training offered to not be much benefit to you.

But the training extends so far beyond the basic level. If you type any subject you want to know more about within the search feature, you’ll find tons of additional training materials that have not only been created by Kyle or Carson, but by the actual members themselves

This is part of what makes WA so cool. Members will contribute their own knowledge, advice and training materials into the mix to help make it an extremely rich and helpful resource for any online marketer. There’s tons of members who’ve experienced success that stay with WA for a multitude of reasons, including the wonderful community, ongoing support, and not to mention their unlimited web hosting.

Some people get caught up thinking they must know absolutely everything before they can make money online, but that just isn’t true – you only need to know very little. The training provided is more than enough to make anyone find success online if they actually apply themselves.

All that being said, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. If you join with a starter account and find it’s somehow below your level or won’t benefit you, then that’s fine. But for most people, it’s more than enough to acheive success.

#5. As soon as you join you’ll be pressured to do the Bootcamp training to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the only thing they teach and the only way you’ll make money!

This simply isn’t true at all. Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and the Bootcamp training (introducing people how to build a business in the “make money online” niche) wasn’t introduced until last year, in early 2013.

The entire idea behind WA is that it teaches people how to build a business around their own interests. EVERY new member is pointed towards their Entrepreneur Certification training, NOT the Bootcamp.

But, let me discuss the reason behind why there’s people making claims that they only teach you to promote WA. It’s true that they have a training course designed to teach people how to promote Wealthy Affiliate in the MMO (make money online) niche. I think a lot of the confusion here (and I completely understand this) stems from the fact within the first training course, they tell newbies that it shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes to pick their first niche.

Talk about pressure.

Then, they go on to say if you can’t come up with a niche, to start with Bootcamp because it’ll walk you through a pre-selected one.

I really don’t agree with this but I do see both sides of the arguement. While I don’t think you should spend forever picking a niche, there’s nothing wrong with spending a few days making the decision. In my opinion, 15 minutes it a little ridiculous, and honestly it scared me away from doing anything for a solid 6 months (they didn’t offer Bootcamp at the time I started).

But that brings me to the flip side of the coin. Some people honestly have no idea what they want to do and as a result, will just do nothing. The Bootcamp presents itself as a way to get involved in starting an online business without having to come up with your own niche, which is a hardest part for a lot of people.

I think the mistake a lot of people make is getting involved in this training with no interest, creating a site, then instead of just moving on to another niche, they give up. If you start a Bootcamp site and find it isn’t going to be an area you want to pursue, move on to something else. With the experience you’ve gained from all the training you should feel more confident and able to build a business around any niche you want.

#6. It’s not REALLY free, you have to pay $47 per month!

If you want continued access to communicuate, the advanced training and unlimited web hosting, yes you will need to join premium.

The starter membership is awesome, but it is meant to be a showcase for what premium has to offer. This way, people can get hands on access to what the community can offer them without putting down any of their hard earned money to find out. People who do choose to upgrade to premium know that they’re going to appreciate what they get.

If you are serious about building a business, you’re going to have to put down money somewhere. It’s unrealistic to expect to do it for 100% free.

Even so, you still do have access to tons of training materials and member blogs, even as a free member. That is pretty awesome and I challenge you to find anything else like it out there

#7. The help isn’t all that great!

Personally I think the help is fantastic. I remember when I first started there were so many people willing to help me out at the drop of a hat, I couldn’t believe it.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate has…

  • 13 classrooms
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Ability to PM Kyle and Carson
  • Ability to PM ANY member
  • Ask questions within any training video, tutorial, blog or discussion

For the people that complain the help sucks, I wonder if they’re even taking full advantage of all the help the community has to offer. If you ask a question within live chat and nobody can help, you can always write out your issue within the appropriate classroom and you’ll usually get a response. If that doesn’t work, PM Kyle, Carson or another member that you feel comfortable reaching out to. In most cases, someone will help.

Even though the system they have set up is fantastic, I do agree it’s not perfect. Nobody is going to be holding your hand 100% of the time, and yes it’s true that you may not find every single answer within the community. But for the most part it’s pretty darn good.

It’s really rare to find that type of support system within any other internet marketing “product” out there, and in fact most offer none to very little actual support.

But still, you’re never going to please everybody.

Wendy’s Conclusion:

Wealthy Affiliate may not be totally not perfect, and it isn’t for everyone

My Answer to Wendy:

Thanks, Wendy for an awesome article, you covered all the common complaints!

My Final Point of View

I won’t add much to this final report. All I can say is that WA helped me climb up the rankings in the most competitive niche of the industry (thousands of competing blogs, authority sites, leaders, influencers, and experts).

I created a business from scratch with the least possible expenses, starting out with $31. I created a following, a tribe of subscribers and followers on my sites with steady and growing traffic, on social media, forums, and communities. I make money with affiliate promotions, running my own niche-websites, selling advertising space, with social media accounts, creating websites for clients, as a local advertising agency, and right now I’m creating my own digital products.

I owe my online success to the WA training, tools, services, and enormous support of hundreds of entrepreneurs with the owners included, first and foremost.

Of course, WA is a legitimate company helping its members succeed, if some of them fail no one can accuse WA. People fail at every business, at every job. And because of the huge WA success, their competitors are jealous and afraid, that’s why they create these reviews and complaints.

PS Don’t forget to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories, a collection I update on a regular basis

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  1. dmassengill69

    It is a shame that so many people want to claim something is a scam just they were not happy with something. If your complaint is, I’m not happy because I didn’t want to follow the training. Then that is on you, not the companies. 

    When I started Wealthy Affiliate there was never any question that making money was going to take work and time to accomplish that. The training tells you this from the start.

    Thanks for the article, it reminds me of how people will react to not getting their way. Also the jealousy that other businesses will have when your better then they are.

    • Tasos

      Thanks for visiting dmassengill69. You’re absolutely right, the Wealthy Affiliate training mentions the difficulties of this business right away. From the very first lessons, and they never stop underlining it. The majority of online opportunities seekers are not ready to work hard for their dreams. They think that the online world is somehow different, and they believe that they can make a fortune by investing in some programs. That’s not how things work in reality. Just like any business, the online world is an arena where you have to fight.

      And yes, there are competing businesses that are focused on degrading their competitors. What can we do!

      My best wishes for your online projects.

  2. Bibian

    WELL, choices differs. Every successful program must be ready to accept critics. this is my THIRD year with the Wealthy Affiliate. almost at the end of the stage which is astounding. they kept on adding more stuff with no additional charge to its clients. I’ve made numerous sites and had numerous triumphs.

    Honestly Wealthy affiliate is not meant for the languid. It’s truly a platform one need to work at something and make a huge salary for yourself… Yea. And this is the place to do it.

    • Tasos

      Exactly, Bibian. You know first hand that the online business model is not a piece of cake. It requires devotion and consistent efforts but it’s well worth fighting for. Wealthy Affiliate has evolved tremendously during the last years, and they never raised their prices. They kept on adding tools and services but the final price remained the same.

      I am truly honored to be part of this amazing community. Congratulations for being with WA for 3 years now and for your hard work with multiple sites. All the best!

  3. charles39

    I have not been on this WA for that long but I know your success depends on how much work you put into it they told us that this is not a get rich quick  scheam so I know from the word go and I am willing to go further antill I get what I want and that is success

    • Tasos

      That’s right Charles. They tell people that this business model is not a get rich quick scheme, and that matters the most. I wanna thank you for highlighting this important detail, all the best for your online projects!

  4. Matiss

    I do believe that these complaints only really prove one thing. No matter the product, no matter the place there will always be someone screaming scam on top of his/her lungs without any sense of it. 

    And I agree with them, WA is a scam if you’re not ready to work hard to make things work. Online marketing is no different than any other business there is in existence. Thus, I don’t really get it why people don’t want to work. Having a WA membership gives you the potential of earning some money if you’ll ACTUALLY work for it. If not, I’m sure there are other better ways of spending money out there. Go to movies or something.

    Furthermore, it’s as you said. There is always someone, who fails. And then pointing fingers they (WA) are to blame. NOOO.

    WA is not to blame, take responsibility for your life once in your life. Stop being weak.

    Stay Strong People, Don’t Give In & Toughen Up!

    • Tasos

      I could not describe it better, Matiss. There will always be people who don’t take responsibility for their actions. And there are many people that hate working. Also, there are others that expect to make money just by investing in their education. But without implementation, information becomes procrastination.

      You highlighted in once sentence so perfectly, online marketing is no different than other businesses.

      Thank you so much for sharing your point of view, and I wanna wish you all the best for your online projects!

  5. Pam

    Hi Tasos,

    Thank you for reviewing a complaint about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). In my opinion I believe that not everyone will be successful in every business because there are a lot of factors that can influence one’s success in any business. However, with that being said I believe that we are responsible for taking our own success into our hands by what we do, e.g hardwork , dedication e.t.c. Now craigs opinion may be valid in that he probably had some obstacles that hindered his success when he was at WA. But wether or not that hinderance was as a result of his own lack of commitment to WA program or wether it is WA platform related is something that I can not say. All in all, I am new to this platform and its been good so far and I am going to put my best foot forward and hope that I will be successful. Thank you again!


    • Tasos

      Hi Pam, thanks for reading and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Yes, we have to take responsibility for our actions no matter which platform, program, or product we use to scale our businesses. If someone is dissatisfied with a program, there are alternative solutions. No business model is easy, there’s competition in every industry, but there are successful people, companies, and organizations.

      I’m glad you enjoy the WA platform so far, keep on chasing your dreams. I wish you all the best!

  6. Richard

    In my experience there will always be those who do not like a certain product and this can be for any number of reasons such as unrealistic expectations not being met, personal preferences or prejudice towards the product or group to name but a few reasons.

    I took a very pragmatic approach to evaluating this product but eliminating the overly praising and the overly critical outliers to get more of a general overview of the ratings 2-4/5. So while there may be a number of people who are dissatisfied with the product, there is an overwhelming number of satisfied users that was enough to convince me to test the product.

    Each person should make up their own mind in my opinion and not be overly swayed by others opinion on the product.


    • Tasos

      Thanks Richard for sharing your point of view on this hot topic. Of course, there always be people that like a certain product and others that don’t like the same product for various reasons. Anyone can decide based on other people’s opinions, facts, and numbers. In this case, anyone can try the platform for free and test things out.

      Have a nice day!

  7. Michele

    Hi Tasaos – wow, this was a very insightful  and interesting article.  I am new to Wealthy Affiliate, so this was very informative for me to read.  I enjoyed reading your opinion on all of the previous complaints.  That was very helpful.  You put a lot of time and effort into putting this post together.  I appreciate it.

    Thank you and well done,


    • Tasos

      Thanks for stopping by Michele and for your comment and for taking the time to read all these complaints. I wish you success within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and the online world.

  8. JeffWA

    Hi Tasos, People who are not successful in something, in any number of ventures, are the ones to complain about how the problem could never be attributed back to them. It was always something else that they focus their anger, sometimes irrationally on.

    Reading the whining, name-calling, grumbling and criticism of WA in your article coming from past members who could not achieve whatever goals they had with the program, they of course looked at everything, (non-existent faults with WA itself) instead of standing in front of the mirror and seeing their own reflections staring back at them. Those are the individuals to blame – their own selves, and not anything else!

    The opinions of the people highlighted in your article, seemingly all bitter at what this program has to offer, are completely worthless. Over 1 million people from all over the world at one time or another since 2005 being members of WA speaks volumes to the legitimacy of the company!

    Besides, the positive comments coming from current, and obviously successful WA members that you also included in your article more than outweigh the nonsense/gibberish coming from the mouths of the naysayers!


    • Tasos

      Welcome Jeff

      I remember when I first joined WA and gone through the training I started building content for my site and I quickly realized that it’s going to be difficult. The affiliate marketing business has a very low-cost entry and anyone can do it. There were already so many people doing it before me for so many years. But, on the other hand, I knew that any business is the same, no matter how much you invest in a start-up. Then I read an article where someone “old” in the affiliate arena, was saying that those who stay consistent will be the ones that reap the rewards, because when you insist you bypass those that quit. This is true for any business out there, and I had many businesses throughout the years in many different industries.

      Wealthy affiliate is not promising success to anyone because they know this is a competitive space. I know it’s difficult for people that did not succeed to look at the mirror as you perfectly described it, and these people that blame WA for any failures would have done the same if they had been through other training or courses. It’s not the “special” course that makes successful people, it’s not a super community that will lay out everything for you, we are the ones who have to make it happen.

      Thank you so much for adding your point of view to this article, and I wanna wish you all the best for the future.


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