You're Reading:Real Artists Don’t Starve | A Myth Just Got Busted by Jeff Goins

Real Artists Don’t Starve | A Myth Just Got Busted by Jeff Goins

by Tasos


May 24, 2017

Tasos Perte

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During the last week, I was reading a new book by one of my favorite writers, Jeff Goins. I am super excited to share my experience with you.

Quick Overview 

It’s no secret that we all somehow believe that artists DO starve. I remember being told that, from my mother as a kid. We were walking downtown for shopping, and someone was playing the guitar right there on the streets. As usually a hat on the pavement was being used to collect coins from passengers.

My mom whispered that this is what happens when people don’t have a traditional job that actually makes money.

And it was not only my mom….

Jeff Goins is here to bust that myth with a strong punch in the face. He reveals that an artist not only won’t starve, but creatives have a competitive advantage in this new digital age.

and now comes the highlights of this book…

Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age

Introduction – Myth of the Starving Artist

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short. but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark…..Michelangelo Buonarotti

In 1995, an American professor made an unusual discovery. Rab Hartfield, at the Syracuse University in Florence, was trying to match the scenes of the Sistine Chapel to the dates Michelangelo had painted each of them. When he went to the city archives he was totally surprised to locate 500 years old bank records.

I won’t reveal anything more at the moment

200 years after Michelangelo’s death, Henri Murger, son of a tailor and concierge in France he was surrounded by creative geniuses and dreamed of joining them, but he also needed financial security. In 1847 he published “Scenes de la vie de boheme”, a collection of stories that playfully romanticized poverty. The book adapted as the “Opera La Boheme” and later as a film. These scenes launched the concept of the “Starving Artist” into the public’s understanding as the model for a creative life.

and Jeff continues….

Today, we find the remnants of this story nearly everywhere we look. It is “The” advice we give to a friend who dreams of painting for a living. Be careful, don’t be too creative, you might starve. But that is just another story.

What this Book is all About

  • Real artists don’t starve.
  • Making a living off your creative talent has never been easier
  • Historical examples of well-known artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs who did not have to suffer to create their best work
  • Introduction to a contemporary group of professionals who are experiencing great success in their creative work
  • The idea of the “Starving Artist” is a useless myth that holds you back more than it helps you produce your best work
  • A New Renaissance, a new model for creatives
  • We are all artists

The world needs your work_whether that’s an idea for a book, a vision for a startup, a dream for your neighborhood_and you should not have to struggle to create it.

What this Book is NOT

  • Not a book about how to get rich selling art rather than a description of the path many professionals artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs have walked, and one you would be wise to follow if you want to join them
  • The goal here is Not to get rich, but to build a life that makes creating your best work not only possible but practically inevitable.

A new term is born: The “Thriving Artist”

The New Renaissance is already happening – The principles every Thriving Artist lives by

StA = Starving Artist

ThA = Thriving Artist

  • StA believes you must be born an artist.
  •                        ThA knows you become one.
  • StA strives to be original.
  •                        ThA steals from his influences
  • StA believes he has enough talent.
  •                        ThA apprentices under a master
  • StA is stubborn about everything.
  •                        ThA is stubborn on vision but flexible on details
  • StA waits to be noticed.
  •                        ThA cultivates patrons
  • StA needs no one.
  •                        ThA finds a scene
  • Sta always works alone.
  •                        ThA collaborates with others
  • StA does his work in private.
  •                        ThA practices in public
  • StA works for free.
  •                        ThA always works for something
  • StA sells out too soon.
  •                        ThA owns as much of his work as possible.
  • StA does one thing.
  •                        ThA does many things
  • StA despises the need for money.
  •                        ThA makes money, to make more art

The rest of the book explores these new rules in the context of 3 major themes:


Tackling the internal challenges and conflicts we will face to break out of the Starving Artist’s paradigm.


Exploring the importance of relationships in creative work and how to usher “Art” into the world

and Money

Looking at what it means to not only make a living off your work but put money to work for you so that you can use it as a means to do better work

All chapters are based on the rules mentioned above. You will also trace stories from history and original case studies from hundreds of interviews that Jeff conducted with contemporary artists. Jeff wants to help you create work that matters.

Jeff Goins Background

Best-selling author of “The Art of Work”, creativity expert. He had published 3 more books and he is the founder of the Tribe Writers Course, helping ambitious authors and writers to build astonishing careers. Moreover, he is a keynote speaker and popular blogger.


Pamela Smith, author of “Body of Work”…The myth of the starving artist not only sabotages opportunities for artists, but also keeps society from receiving the gifts of art.

Seth Godin, author, Linchpin…Jeff is back with his most powerful book yet.

Jeremy Cowart, photographer, founder of the Purpose Hotel…It’s one thing to want to be more creative. It’s another to learn the art of doing creative work.

Pricing  – Bonuses

If you pre-order the book today you will get 3 bonuses worth over $200.

  • A 12-part video course…”How to make a living as a creative”.
  • PDF downloads of all interviews in the book
  • Access to a private Facebook group


  • Kindle $12.39
  • Hardcover $16.41
  • Audio CD $19.99

The release date is June 06, 2017, in a couple of weeks. Publisher – Thomas Nelson.


Photo via Visualhunt

Final Thoughts

Yeah, I surely believe that the book worth every penny. I always enjoy reading Jeff Goins and I always read that kind of books more than one time. I like his style, he has an original way to transfer important information to his audience.

No matter if you are a designer, a singer, a book author, an audio producer, that particular book is worth having in your collection. Minds like Jeff Goins should be respected by all means as he is a progressive man trying to help, especially those who are afraid to begin. To begin something that matters, something big. Because the power is already inside all of us.

That’s it, another review has finished. You’re welcome to express your thoughts here with me. Till next time, your online partner


Nick Stephenson – Authors Self Publishing Training


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