NOT a Time to Sit Back

Playing “BIG” during this economic recession 

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+ 5-Day Free Challenge – Time To Thrive

Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Matthew McConaughey, and a powerhouse lineup of guests

++ LIVE DOCUMENTARY – The Self-Education Industry

Tasos Perte – creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology

Documentary #5 – Knowledge ID Framework

How to enter the self-education industry fast and in the most elegant fashion

Your #1 ASSET

There are solutions and industries that are recession-proof

Serving people at the highest level possible

A 5-Step Blueprint Designed by Winners for Winners

What you need exists already inside you

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The Superior Solution


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7ideals methodology - the market parallax model ver.5

Decrypting ConsumerBehaviour


Enter the groundbreaking "Market Parallax" Model.

We explore consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing. 

Through these marketing lenses, we unravel the intricate field of consumer behaviour and explore avenues for influencing it judiciously.

Download the 31-page INFOGRAPHIC-BOOK to understand how consumers act on a deeper level and get closer to influencing their decisions with your marketing initiatives.


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