Ziglar Family – 7 Day Challenge to Experience a Week of Wins and Thrive

by Tasos


Mar 29, 2017


Today I am bringing news for struggling families. It’s not a classic marketing review and is not so relevant to the content of the website, I know. But many of you have families and some may have problems. And family problems can keep you away from having success in your business. For me family is priority #1 and at some point long long time ago I’ve had my share of problems.

Hopefully we managed to solve them and moved forward. But we sought for external help, a family specialised advisor that showed us the way.

And this is the best option to solve such kind of problems if you can’t go alone.

Ziglar Family

The Ziglar Family is a membership community to help families reach their full potential. Financial stress, communication issues or pressure at work can cause many undesired family effects. The community connect you with experts and other families in order to share experiences and start moving to the right direction.

A pathway from survival to success, significance and eventually to legacy.

Most of those who have family problems tend to deal with today’s issues and how to fix them. The Thrive Community of Ziglar Family is designed to shape a meaningful future through expert teaching

Zig Ziglar

Hilary Hinton aka Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012) was an American author, salesman and motivational speaker according to Wikipedia. Zig was America’s most beloved encourager and strong believer that everyone could be, do and have more. His 33 books, video recordings and live presentations were a source for inspiration for over 250 million people.

The best selling book of Zig was the “See you at the Top” with over 1,700,000 copies sold helping people reach personal success.  10 out of 33 books have been on the best seller lists and the books “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World” and “Courtship after Marriage” were the tops on the family related content.

The Thrive Community is based on Zig Ziglar’s timeless family and parenting wisdom. The CEO and president , Mark Timm has been learning and inspired by Zig. He had struggled for many years before he realised his family’s full potential when he applied Zig’s principles and improved his parenting performance to the maximum.

This is when the Ziglar Thrive community was born to help families around the world.


The 7 Day Free Challenge

Mark Timm underlines that this mini challenge will empower your family to thrive by equipping you to experience a week of wins. He brings together 7 of the most influential voices in 7 key areas of family life to share their single best piece of advice.

The challenge is to take one specific action each day and directions to the desired family thrive.

The exclusive online event is divided into 3 easy to follow steps. 

  • One video is being delivered to your email every day.
  • You watch it and take action. They send you out links to helpful resources.
  • You share the challenge with 3 other families


  1. Relationship – Dr Gary Chapman
  2. Communication
  3. Physical – Dr Josh Axe
  4. Work-Life integration – Tony Dungy
  5. Community – Brian Buffini
  6. Financial – Dave Ramsey
  7. Spiritual – Julie Ziglar Norman

Why you should Take the 7 Day Free Challenge

  • Every family deserves the greatest opportunities, yours is not excluded from the list
  • It’s a fun and free experience
  • The 7 areas of the challenge come from the Ziglar Wheel of Family Life, a powerful check-up tool used for more than 4 decades to help 250 million people grow.
  • You will learn where to invest your time, energy, and resources

Why you should Share the Challenge 

  • Challenges are more funny when done with friends
  • Other families could benefit from experts wisdom and advices.
  • You help others move to the right direction
  • Our families are as strong as the communities around them, and this is a real opportunity to connect with them.


Final Words

I have watched long parts of the videos inside the community and to my surprise I’ve heard things I already knew from our family advisor many years ago. The principles are the same, only they are improved with enhanced techniques to guide any family to prosperity.

Some times we can’t go alone and solve serious family problems even if both of the parents want it. This is why there are experts and professionals to help us through. This is why psychology and science exist. Do not feel embarrassed and do not underestimate professional advices.

All in all, any parent out there can benefit by taking the 7 Day Challenge of Ziglar Family, because it widens your family horizons and is leading to future growth.

P.S: I will update the thread with more crucial information on the upcoming premium course shortly.





The enrollement to the membership community closes soon. The program gathered enormous number of registrations and many families around the world are always in benefit.

After repeated discussions with partners, marketers and through the participation on the Facebook closed group I can tell that the vast majority of people are more than satisfied.

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


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