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I have already talked about Ray Edwards in a previous post. And yesterday I had the chance to watch an interview with Chandler Bolt, at the Self – Publishing Success Summit.

Ray is the creator of the copywriting academy but not only. A communications strategist, best selling author, speaker and host of one of the top iTunes business podcasts. Among his clients, you will trace Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. He has been featured on Forbes, Social media examiner and the “Entrepreneur” magazine.


What Ray Ss Revealing To Chandler Bolt?


It took Ray just one minute to get me excited and then I was hooked by his speaking hurricane. Yes, he is fast, so … be prepared if you are going to watch him.

He talked about his career, his life and exposed many key elements concerning the publishing of a book.

Additionally, he underlined the connection between Copywriting Sales letters and Writing a Book and gave awesome advice for new authors and wannabe writing entrepreneurs.


Ray and His Wife Mini-Chat


One day that Ray was chatting with his wife he said to her.

  • I wanna be a writer one day, oh I love it..!!!
  • No, you don’t … she replied
  • Ray got surprised…How the heck is telling me that? and he continued….what are you saying? I just told you how much I love writing.
  • If you really love it you would already have started…

Ray did not respond at that time but when he left alone he was thinking about it and finally he understood that his wife was right. Why? because he realised that eventually, he was doing everything that he wanted to. That was the moment he decided to start writing.






Final Words



Ray is an excellent speaker and knows how to magnetise people as he is master at selling. If you want to take your copywriting skills to the next level he is definitely the man to follow.

The summit is all about books, publishing and authors. You will learn how to write, how to market and how to publish your first book. More than 40 experts participate in this online event.

There is free entrance and you can watch any session you want when it is announced but there are premium options as well.



That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this mini-review, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time.





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