You're Reading:Who The Penny Stock Sniper Aims?…Scam Explosion

Who The Penny Stock Sniper Aims?…Scam Explosion

by Tasos


Jul 21, 2015

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

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Heading for interviews laughing



The video rolls…Investment expert Jeff Avery discovered a secret system and perfected it.And what this system is?…A system to generate income of course.Countless people used it to turn a little bit of money into a king’s ransom.The investing principles that we are about to discover might change our lives forever.The video promises that in the end of the day we will receive practical recommendations that we can put into action starting right after this presentation finishes.


Another Review Today On A Product Called “Penny Stock Sniper” , I Am Gonna Explore This Opportunity To Find Out If It Is A Scam Or A Lifetime Chance


Now Jeff interrupts the “Male Hollywood Voice” to announce something really important.He says “ordinary people discovered how to invest as little as 1000 dollars and turn it into almost TEN MILLION Dollars……Hmmmmmmm

Sounds too good to be true?….Well , it is true….Jeff continues , do not want to break his flood

He perfected a powerful system that is delivering outstanding investment returns.The last 2 years it produced 23 individual winners.The 17 out of them were triple – digit home runs.And one quadruple grand slam.Although consistent double and triple digit gains are awesome , the real power hides when you take a small amount of money , leverage it through the power of the stock market and grow it quickly.To turn 100 dollars into 5,6,7 figures outcome.But we won’t just take his word for it…..He has something to prove it I guess…




100 % Verifiable “Trading Tsunami”


How a relatively modest of $1000 was grown into a $9.4 million in less than a year….Let me calculate please , around $25000 per day…Not bad … I want the money now Jeff…That is financial freedom , to do everything you want , anywhere you want.But is that so easy Jeff? I ask…

The answer is NO ,… and YES…Here’s what he means….The odds of stringing 4 mega-successful trades in a row are honestly , astronomical…You see Jeff is an honest guy…It is like winning the lottery more than once in a single year….So the odds are probably against us….B U T …. if you take a modest amount of money and tap into Jeff’s recommendations and take advantage of the wealth building power of the stock market you might make this dream a reality….mmmm…logical…


3 Reasons Why Jeff Is Sharing This Information


♦ He wants to show what’s possible for you

♦ A small glimpse at the types of financial bonanzas his system can deliver

♦ You will be enjoying 6 or 7 figures in less than a year

I do not know why he discovered such secrets so early



Do you want to know about a real and decent opportunity to build you own business on the web?…I can not promise you it will work for you , but if you can dedicate yourself to work chances are you can make it happen.



A Real Life Example


Imagine if a company discovered an amazing technology that could capture energy from the endless ocean’s rolling waves and use it to power countless homes and businesses throughout the world…(In that case I can imagine the price Jeff of this energy)..Continues…A little tech company called Ocean Power Technologies INC. or OPTT has patented the PowerBuoy Technology which … of course does exactly that procedure reality.You can imagine his surprise when he found out that this was a ground breaking company with a significantly undervalued stock price.With some due diligence he recommended that to the loyal legion of his followers….A Legion Of Followers (where these followers came from?)

Diagram Of OPPT – Living Proof – Shot Up 243.63% (by his sniper I suppose)


As you can see in this screenshot this is the proof of Jeff that OPPT worked.This is the great opportunity , because if you can do it once , you can do it one more time.With these new money he could make his future investments less risky.

Video Game Industry


72% of US household are busy playing video games almost every day.The industry is expected to to jump from $56 billion to $82 billion in 2015….another example of what an expert in investments can do.While he was keeping an eye-radar spotted a sleeping giant that many investors had not found yet….I N N O V A T I O N….E X P E R T…But that did not happen overnight

Soul and Vibe Interactive is a publisher of games for mobiles , consoles and PC computers.And unlike their competition this company created strategic relationships and agreements with some well known brands…..It is getting ridiculous as always …He found out that they had an agreement with Giant Mills (playstation game agreements)..and other similar deals …blah , blah , blah

He Did A Genius Move … Once Again


He alerted his mysterious followers….My Scam Bells Alerted Too Jeff…Within 90 days he managed to raise the amount of $2436 to $12018…Impressive…..More live examples of unknown companies,Unstoppable theoretical blah blah nonsense…He says he’s just a normal guy that eats , breathes and sleep only one thing , to make money in the stock markets….His specialty – Buying and selling penny stocks for massive windfall profits.

How Does He Predict All These Stock Movements?  


Of course with his magic software – called Penny Stock Sniper…..BOOM…Target Dead…Roger That….Clear…Let’s Go…Piece of cake…What he does – He spots on the great stock opportunities , then he is sending you text sms on your mobile or an email , You just pull the trigger.You just stay alerted for Jeff’s messages and shot the market on time.Even a kid could do that.

How Much Does It Cost To Pull That Sniper Trigger With Jeff?

How much would pay for such a treasure?…$397?….Nope…$293?….NO NO…..Just a lousy $97 one time fee membership..Thank you Jeff , you are so kind and your services are pretty cheap.But you talk to much.Now sit back and watch me take the turn 




Final Opinion – Conclusion


I can’t believe how they let such poor products enter their affiliate networks market.These exact products are driving these huge networks to a shut-down….Misery for Clickbank…This presentation was a total brainwash madness.The voice behind the video was the one used in these fancy presentations.A Hollywood smell….But that smell is very awful….Their only purpose to grab your money…You see $97 might not be a disaster for anyone.I know , but that is where they count.To part that easy $97 and when you discover the fraud you would probably don’t react.This is how they make money.Don’t you ever trust websites with only one page.Moreover don’t ever ever ever trust websites with only one video full of sales crap.But if you want to try it after all , go ahead , be my guest , but do not come back to say I did not warn you…..That was all of it.A video full of talking , how expert he is and some stupid images he claims to be his proofs.That’s it…one of the worst products out there.Do you remember the Robot named OZ?


Wanna Know How To Spot These Criminals?… I Have Prepared A Mini Guide For You To Take A Look


That was another very negative review , but what can I do?…I just signed up with a new affiliate network to discover if they have any qualitative products.The first signs are not very promising , if you know what I mean.

Till my next review , I wanna thank you for your trust , I promise to deliver more reviews soon.Have you any questions about this product?…Have any experience that you want to share with me?…You can do that by leaving your comment below.







More reviews on worthless scams can be found here



Do not forget to check my TOP Recommended training portal.An honest and human approach to online business





















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  1. Divican

    Thank you for this review you have assisted me not to join this scam. I hate scams since they want to enrich themselves first. Thank you once more and you have saved my $97 to invest them some where to assist an online business. I like working from home that is how I met your site after typing online jobs and I landed to your site after Google directed me here.

    • Tasos

      Nice then Divican.I am glad this article helped you.Thanks for visiting and for your participation.

  2. Christine

    There are so many of these scams on the internet and, like this one, look very professional and offering large profits. I succumbed to a forex one last year and I have ended up on a list and I get emails all the time wanting me to invest along with free software. I am also still getting phone calls about it.

    If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Penny Stock Sniper definitely is.

    • Tasos

      Internet is now full of scams and it is getting worse every day , Christine.This one might look professional but it has only 1 page content , the video is their main campaign.Promises , lies and talking.Nothing more.

      Did you try to unsubscribe from this Forex email list with no chance?…Whenever I think that I deal with a scam I give a secondary email account , not the one I am using for my daily routines.There had been times that even these email accounts being suspended from the mail companies due to suspicious over-activity.Then I create a new mail account and always unsubscribe from these scams but that can not guarantee that their emails will stop coming.

      Thank you for your visit and for sharing your experience here on my blog.


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