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keyword-research-toolKeyword Research Tool Definition


We talked earlier about the importance of a Keyword…Everything that someone is searching through the engines is a Keyword….Now the Keyword Research Tool provides statistical data about those keywords.Those data are of extreme importance in order to plan our campaigns.

The most crucial information we get using the Keyword research tool is about the “competition”.How many websites are using this particular KEYWORD to attract online visitors?

But the tool is not only about that.The keyword itself is our most unique implement that will guide us in order to understand what “our audience” need.Additionally, it will generate ideas on how to expand and target people through our website’s valuable content.All of that can be done by using the search engines in combination with the KEYWORD research tool.


The aim of this post is to help you comprehend the Keyword Research Tool usage and understand what is the real potential of using the tool for your website progress.

In order to accomplish that I am gonna give you an example that can help you dig deeper.

Example 1. – “Leather Boots”


Scenario   You are interested in creating an online business to promote and therefore to sell ..“” leather boots “”……There are 2 possible options (whether you own the boots or you just promoting them).In the first case, you either producing the boots or you buy from a wholesaler and you have to re-sell.And/or you have a local store that already selling boots or other shoes and garments.

Depending on our position in the leather boots cycle we can apply our unique strategy in order to get benefit from the process means we use different strategy and marketing campaign when we produce the boots and another approach if we just promote them.But that this is not the purpose of this post

Back to our example with the leather boots

… let’s see what is going on with the search engines.There the instant function of every search engine gives us some information which is very VERY important !!! That  ‘instant function” takes place in the search line when we use it.When I write down in the line  “leather boots”  then instantly some words show up.In the \ GOOGLE / line we can see……for women.. ..for men.. ..canada.. ..in rain..That 4 phrases are very popular but they are not the only ones.




Take a look at the following screenshot.I used YAHOO/line and here what I came up …..for women.. ..uk.. ..sale.. ..mens.. ..ladies….These phrases are the most popular in that engine.We have one in common……..“leather boots for women”.. it showed up in both engines.We can use more machines to detect even more searches (keywords)




The BING/line came up with ..leather boots for women..ONCE AGAIN…..leather boots for men… ..on clearance.. ..for girls.. and so on.!!!




OK…so what if I know that ..“leather boots for women”.. is a very popular keyword? …How am I gonna approach that in my marketing campaign?…And maybe a lot of you right now wonder “there must be thousands of companies into leather boots for women”…man that seems very broad

Nothing is impossible

..so even that keyword “leather boots for women” that we expect to be very competitive can be approached by looking it from another point of view.We have to go deeper than that.

So what we do now?


We need a specific tool to measure the traffic and get some useful statistical data.That tool you guessed right is the KEYWORD research tool and is our partner in understanding our online competition and to help us detect our best approaching techniques into our respective niche.

The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool – Parameters List


One very useful Keyword research tool is the WA keyword tool and this is the one I use for my results.It gives you data about the searches, the traffic, the COMPETITION, the article power and the PPC power of our keyword.And there is one additional “Dig” button to extend our search.If you wanna check this tool out for yourself I refer you to my featured review here
Let’s take a look at the data factors the WA keyword tool provides




searches are the monthly average searches on that Keyword on the web, an average of all the top engines.

traffic determines the approximate number of clicks your website would usually receive if it was on page 1 of the search engines.But that can be affected by the specific position of our website in that 1st page or by the preferences of the people who search depending on how relational find our post and our website with what they look for.That numbers are not that precise, they are an average approach but their purpose is to give us an overall idea of what is going on and they do it just fine.

competition is how many competing websites use that specific Keyword and in WA Keyword research tool we have to press “View result” that takes on another page and gives us the competition …see the attached image.We need as low as possible.

article power tells us how well our posts will eventually rank, depending on the power of competitive websites and their quantity, the higher is the better here.

PPC power converts for paid internet ads like Google Adwords and is similar to the article power, the higher the better.In some cases even if we want to pay for ads their PPC power might be low and that indicates that we might find another keyword.

Dig is an extension search to the existing one to get more possible keywords.In our example we could DIG further for our first search term “leather boots for women” by examining the following results to that term….we can dig further and further until we get more results if we want to compare them.


Back to our example


Right now we are interested in analysing the competition in relation with the traffic that this specific Keyword is getting. We need as low competition as possible and of course we want traffic for that keyword to stand to the maximum.Let’s take advantage of the WA research tool and here is what we find out just by one simple search ..“leather boots for women”.. our Keyword that we came up using the top search engines.

The tool says 8195 searches , 1394 traffic and we need to press view result button for the COMPETITION.When we do that we get the following line in a new internet browser tab that pop-ups in that small window…”Page 2 of about 165 results”..Which is not so competitive as we thought earlier.





And I will explain that further in this post in the “PART II” discussion.But I want you to take a look of what happened when we searched the term “leather boots for women”.More related keywords showed up.I will state some interesting ones





These all new keywords contain the word “leather” and is like an extension to our root term “leather boots for women”


Along with the “LEATHER boots for women”, we came up with new ideas that we may use in that or any future campaign.These terms are similar but they do not contain the word “leather”




……and even that keywords can be analysed further to get even more ideas.

That means that we may use the phrase “motorcycle boots for women” or the phrase “motorcycle leather boots for women”.
Usually the more we extend the Keyword phrase the less competition we get.

Lets take a DIG look on our results in the “Part 2” of this post that can help us understand better what this keyword research tool is capable of. 



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