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Continuing from Part 1 where we talked about the statistical data that the WA keyword research tool provided underlining the extreme importance of the competition factor in relation to the traffic that a Keyword is getting.Examining one specific keyword we ended up with a bunch of new keywords that can be used in our campaigns.


What is a keyword research tool for? .. a case study on the term “Leather Boots”.


In our example, the term “leather boots for women” has 8195 searches which is a very good number.Anything above 50 is noticeable.We have the 1394 traffic, meaning that if our website ranked in the 1st page of the search engines this is the approximate number of clicks leading to us.And this is very related to the searches number.


Let’s take a look at the searches related to traffic




We clearly see that traffic is related to searches.In any keyword, there are similar results.Traffic is usually somewhere between 10% – 20% of the searches number.And that is because simply any person who is looking for this keyword may visit another site or won’t do anything after the search.


The Competition results number given by the WA tool is 165 results.Any number below 300 indicates that the specific keyword can be ranked in the search engines if our website’s content is valuable to our visitors.Any number above 300 means that the competition is getting harder and we have to be more creative and informative to outrank our competitors.It does not mean though that we have to dismiss the above 300 results keywords.It only means that we have to work more persistently.


So in overall our potential keyword phrase “leather boots for women” is absolutely a fair chance to approach the people who seek that term.The summary for that keyword is …[8195 searches – 1394 traffic – 165 competition – article power 9.6 – PPC power 7.3]..

How we use that keyword on our website to attract online visitors will be discussed in my posts about CONTENT.





Let’s take a closer look at the additional keyword terms we got when we searched in WA tool “leather boots for women”. The “waterproof leather boots for women” has 110 searches and 19 traffic which at very first sight seems disappointing because those numbers are very low.But the competition results we get to talk about only 29 results (competitive websites).That number 29 can easily be outranked through our content.And maybe we wanna use this keyword term in our website somehow.So we note this term down.


The term “work boots for women” also has useful information about the competition.It has 2815 searches and 479 traffic and 142 competing pages.


Let’s add the 3rd COMPETITION column to our table.




All of the above terms in the table are high value targeted keywords and if they used appropriately they can generate traffic to our website.“All that keywords have over >50 searches and competition stands below <300”.


Always remember Keyword = Traffic and therefore Traffic = Opportunity and of course opportunity leads to Money.!!.



Wanna dig a little more in order to get familiar with the keyword tool and maybe find more suitable answers?


I dug the term “winter boots for women” as you can see in the screenshot.I did that because this term was +1000 searches more of our first term “leather boots for women” and the competition was the same.This term now has, even more, searches than before and that is because the search engines updated their data as I was working on that.




Now the “winter boots for women” has 9704 searches, 1650 traffic, and 166 competition.The previous metrics showed up those results 9068 searches – 1542 traffic – 162 competition.This is not a big change and we may want to use this term for supporting our website’s content along with the “leather boots for women”.

But I came up with very interesting results after that DIG search.Let’s examine this table




The WA tool mentions some very fascinating terms we want to consider.Look at this term “women winter boots” that is not grammatically correct.But it stands out in the search engines and…look at the results it gives.25562 searches – 4346 traffic – 166 competition.Comparing these two we get




They have the exact same competition of 166 results.But the main difference is in the searches and therefore the traffic they get.It is almost 4x in the second term.So the obvious outcome would be “well, I will use the second term right away”.But there is a catch up for this term because it is not grammatically correct.It just comes up because people search in the search engine lines and they don’t always care about the correct grammatical order in their phrases but that is something that the search engines care about.

A nice surprise comes up after the DIG work we just did ..!!!..




Can you see this specific term “cheap winter boots for women” 2931 searches – 499 traffic – 90 competition.Very similar to this one we examined earlier “work boots for women”2815 searches – 479 traffic – 142 competition.Same searches and traffic but the competition is much lower now.This is something we should notice down immediately.This term can lead sooner to more traffic because of the lower competition which in my opinion is the MOST important factor of all.




Another momentous term might be this one “waterproof winter boots for women”.It is the word “waterproof” that is added to our term.

We may have fallen in the search and traffic results but the competition is much lower now.This is definitely a well-valued term and we have to keep that in mind when we work on our content posts.

I kept one “goodie” for the end …


Take a VERY close look at that new term I came up when DIGed the “winter boots for women”.It’s the simple word “for” added to our term






And this term is absolutely grammatical error free.Why should I use the term “winter boots for women” when I can use the “winter boots for women for” and get 4x less competition.If I use the term “winter boots for women for SNOW” then I would be ranked in the engines for both of the terms a) “winter boots for women for”….. b) “winter boots for women for SNOW”

You see how LOW is the competition.With the competition set to under “10” then immediately when we post our page we will get ranked on the 1st page of the engines.The traffic that we may get seems too low as well of about 21 people but think of the potential that these people will eventually get to know your website as soon as you publish your first post about that term.


If your website has value to add to these visitors then these people will return to your site and eventually you will be getting more traffic.And in the future when you will be posting more content the traffic will increase dramatically to the top.

Both of these 2 terms are VERY HIGH-VALUE keywords that can’t be ignored by you.In fact, every keyword with the competition set to under “50” is a unique chance to get ranked on demand.


Conclusion and thoughts


I think that all of you right now understand What is a Keyword Research Tool For like the Wealthy Affiliate tool I just used for my data.There are a lot of keyword research tools and I will review them in future posts but the aim of this post was to help you comprehend this process.

We search in the search engines line as people do and then we extend our search using the keyword tool which provides us in seconds with more creative ideas and with the DIG function along the way we try to minimize the competition and maximize our traffic.


Without the use of such a tool, we won’t have the knowledge on how to attract the visitors and miss big chances in the web world.It is the perfect tool for SEO (search engine optimization) and can generate ideas we can evaluate according to our niche market

In conclusion, any Keyword research tool is valuable for us and if we use it the right manner then we are on the highway to SUCCESS.There are also more techniques in finding suitable keywords that will be analyzed on


Feel free to ask any questions.


P.S You have a business running in … let’s say …food nutrition or the building industry or you own a coffee bar and want me to help you get started with your KEYWORD search?…You can leave a comment below and I will be very pleased in discussing it with you.Or I can even make a new case study about your niche and present it here on my website so that anyone can benefit from that.It’s absolutely my purpose to present ideas and solutions based on you.


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