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Wealthy Affiliate members call it a University, a place to learn the ropes of online business and to hang out with positive like-minded entrepreneurs in their journey to glory. I bet you’ve come across people that praise WA as THE place to start an online business by turning your passions into profit.

There are also people that hate WA for their own reasons and do anything they can to change things for their own good…

My Promise:

With this review, I will answer all the questions you might have about this community/platform and I will help you decide if it’s a good idea to become a WA member. I will do so by analyzing and reviewing every department and service thoroughly, and by giving you a final review at the end of the page.

More importantly, I will share my own experience and insights with this community as I am member of WA for 4 years now and I will help you shape a clear pitcure of what the future of the marketing industry is.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019


What it is, What They Offer

List of Services

How it All Started

The Senior Team Members

The Promise…


WA was founded in 2005, but the co-founders, Kyle and Carson, begun their online journey with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns a few years earlier, and Wealthy Affiliate started out as a simple ‘Keyword List’ site to help bloggers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs find their audience by using ‘targeted’ keywords.

Now, WA is a broad community of over 1,000,000 registered members from 195 countries that interact daily on everything related to online businesses.  

Throughout the years the company evolved and has been updated with new features and services consistently to meet the latest technology standards and trends. And it continues to evolve.

The company employs more than 25 people.


Wealthy Affiliate promises to help aspiring entrepreneurs follow their passions and build lucrative online careers by utilizing mainly the power of affiliate marketing, which means promoting products and services from companies around the world for commissions. This business model is very flexible and scalable as you don’t have to own products, you just promote them as a marketing publisher, and there are no limits on your profits because you can promote millions of products at the same time.

The WA training though analyzes not only the affiliate marketing model but expands upon other business models and marketing techniques such as freelancing, eCommerce, dropshipping, local marketing, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and much more.

  • Education (Online entrepreneur certification courses, the affiliate bootcamp courses, classrooms, live video classes)
  • Website builder – SiteRubix (WordPress.org self-hosted sites) bundled with a Website Manager Suite (Website analysis, management, statistics, progress monitoring, rankings, security, the SiteContent Feature (content writing platform that comes with a free stock photo finder installed)
  • Hosting services, Free SSL encryption for all members
  • Domains: find, register, transfer, and manage domains
  • 24/7 technical support, daily backups
  • Community: Live chat and forum (members can publish blog posts, trainings, questions), plus a private messaging system
  • SiteComments: receive comments to your site using credits
  • SiteFeedback: getting feedback on your site from other entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Suite: Jaaxy keyword and niche market research tool, keyword lists, keyword training, link tracker, cloaker, webpage optimizer.
wealthy affiliate homepage

WA History

WA was founded in 2005, but the co-founders, Kyle and Carson, begun their online journey with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns a few years earlier, and Wealthy Affiliate started out as a simple ‘Keyword List’ site to help bloggers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs find their audience by using ‘targeted’ keywords.

For that matter Kyle on his blog post (11 September 2014) says…

Whew, what a journey it has been.

Precisely 9 years ago, we went “Live”. September 10, 2005, was the day Carson and I launched our little project, WA. The publish button was clicked, and we were off.

A simple “keyword list” site, that is what wealthy affiliate was. Nothing more, nothing less. Carson and I had a good deal of success (primarily in the PPC world) and we know that all roads of success lead back to an understanding of keywords.

We decided that $29.99 per month ($359.98 per year) would be a fair price for our monthly membership site and we initially were going to offer it to a certain number of people depending on how many keyword lists we were producing.

So, our brilliant idea was to create quality lists of keywords and to show people how to use them to create a successful business online. With a little apprehension and a little excitement, we were off

It all started with ONE member

To grow a flourishing tree or a forest, you first need to have a single seed planted. Not only that, you need to nurture that seed.

As new members started joining, they began to request things like personal support, a way to communicate with others, an affiliate program, keyword tools, writing tools, websites, hosting, more training, easier ways to learn…amongst literally 1,000’s of requests for improvement over the years.

We took that feedback and we built. We built WA not out of self-interest or money, rather we built it based on what our users wanted. What our users demanded. And sometimes what we knew our users need without them having to request it at all.

Look at just a few of the “face” changes that WA has gone through over the years…

New Homepage

WA has been through some design changes lately and the new homepage welcome visitors with the main slogan:

A platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels. Whether you’re just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, WA is made for you!

The Process

#1: Transform your ideas into profits. Start a business from 1M+ lucrative niches.

#2: Build beautiful, profit ready websites. No design skills needed.

#3: Proven strategies to attract loads of traffic. Access to over 4 billion potential customers.

#4: Your revenue sources are unlimited. 598M products you can instantly sell


Years in Business



New business built monthly

Expert coaches

People helped daily

Become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

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Main Training Modules Review

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses – 2 Modules x 10 lessons


Affiliate Bootcamp Training – 7 Phases x 10 lessons

Wealthy Affiliate Education

The WA Training aims to help people succeed in affiliate marketing. This business model enables independent entrepreneurs or companies to earn commissions on products and services offered by 3rd parties. The final price of the product remains the same, and affiliate marketers don’t have to worry about delivery and customer service. 

This is a great opportunity for those that don’t own a product, they simply can promote other companies products and earn commissions. In many cases, the commission rates are pretty lucrative reaching 70% (mostly for digital products), and there are recurring commissions for products that come in the form of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

It’s a very flexible business model with literally no restrictions as affiliates can promote as many companies as they want.

The training introduces to members the affiliate marketing world, and through a step by step structure full of actionable tasks and assignments get people to take action on what they learn. 

It’s the ‘Earn while you Learn’ method. 

The training expands on SEO, keyword research, niche and market research, WordPress, content creation, social media marketing, website development and programming, local marketing, video marketing, email marketing, pay per click marketing, and more.

There are 2 main training modules

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – 2 courses of 10 lessons each
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 phases of 10 lessons each

Additionally, there are Classrooms, and Live Video Classes that are held every Friday. These classrooms and video classes are what makes WA training stand above the competition as we’ll discover later on.

On top of that, members can publish their own trainings, blog posts, and ask any questions. The forum is very interactive and the live chat is pretty crowded with thousands of entrepreneurs discuss everything that has to do with online businesses at any given time and day.

This means you can get your questions answered in minutes or hours, where at the same time in other places and communities slow infrastructures result in a delay.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1

Getting Started 

(available for Free and Premium members)


Course Description

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

  • Lesson 01- Getting Rolling 
  • Lesson 02 – Understanding how to make money online
  • Lesson 03 – Choose a Niche
  • Lesson 04 – Building your Own Niche Website
  • Lesson 05 – Setting Up Your Website
  • Lesson 06 – Getting Your Site Ready for the Search Engines
  • Lesson 07 – Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Lesson 08 – Creating Custom Menus on your Website
  • Lesson 09 – Understanding keywords, the Start of your Content
  • Lesson 10 – Congratulations and your Next Steps

Right from the first lesson, the training analyzes how money can be made online with an affiliate website. Most people will find it exciting and they will take action based on the tasks provided.

The 2nd lesson goes deeper into the Affiliate Marketing definition and displays the enormous opportunity for common people all over the world.

The 3rd lesson is an introduction to ‘Niches’, the distinct segments of the market that we try to target with a website. This is only a brief summary of what ‘Niches’ really are. There are many other niche related resources in the classrooms and the live video classes but a part of this information should have been included in the main training module in order to help people decide a niche with low competition.

That is why I use another approach to ‘Niches’ with the DBR Free Training.

The 4th lesson introduces SiteRubix, a very powerful website builder with extended capabilities.

The 5th lesson analyzes the first steps you should take on WordPress.

The 6th lesson shows that we need rankings in the search engines to attract targeted traffic in order to turn it into revenue later on. Additionally, it expands on getting your site ready for SEO with the use of a free plugin.

The 7th lesson demonstrates how to create the initial pages of content on your WordPress site.

The 8th lesson expands on custom menus and how to use them to improve users’ experience.

The 9th lesson is all about keywords and how to use them to tap into unlimited opportunities. The tasks are necessary in order to turn theory into practice.

The 10th lesson is a recap of the course, and Kyle, the owner, reminds people what they have accomplished so far, he introduces the next training module and speaks about the premium WA membership.

All in all, this training module is a great introduction to making money online with affiliate marketing. Everything a newcomer needs is right there. My only objection is the ‘Niches’ related section. All the other chapters include all the necessary information for someone that wants to start an online business.

The course lives up to its promises (benefits and learning outcomes), it’s available for Free and Premium members and is one the best free trainings in the market. 

I suggest that you take both the WA 1st training course and the DBR Training in order to spot the best of niches with your first choice.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 2

Building your Own Traffic Producing Website 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

Traffic, regardless of the nature of your online business is the root of all success. If you can learn how to effectively get traffic to your website, you can accomplish an extraordinary amount of success. This 10 lesson training is going to walk you through no cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche.

  • Lesson 01 – Your Own Domain, Your Brand
  • Lesson 02 – Move on over, my brand has arrived
  • Lesson 03 – Creating keyword rich content
  • Lesson 04 – Setting up a domain-specific email account
  • Lesson 05 – The Traffic breakdown
  • Lesson 06 – Making use of visuals
  • Lesson 07 – Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit
  • Lesson 08 – Making face as a real person
  • Lesson 09 – Amplify your Google love with Google Plus
  • Lesson 10 – Boosting your WA ranks

The 1st lesson underlines the importance of owning a domain name. 

The 2nd lesson shows how to transfer a Free SiteRubix domain on a domain that you own. A technical lesson.

The examples in the 3rd lesson and the tasks get people to take action on keywords. With these keywords, we can target segments of the market effectively with our content.

The 4th lesson is task oriented and gets people to setup domain-specific email accounts.

The 5th lesson is one of the most important lessons found in that module. Anyone can succeed online even without great English skills, and the extra material analyzes in deep the behavior of customers throughout their buying journey.

The 6th lesson expands on the importance of visuals.

The 7th lesson is extremely important as well as it shows how you can discover low-competition keywords for immediate results.

The 8th lesson shows how to increase your authority and brand name followed by tasks.

The 9th lesson highlights the power of the G+ social network and the inner discussion thread connects WA people on G+.

The 10th lesson discusses the WA ambassador privileges for those that are helping new people in the forums. A friendly environment that supports aspiring entrepreneurs throughout their online journey. 

All in all, a great training module to make people understand important aspects of this business model. Although basic it expands on all the necessary information to help you get started the ‘right’ way. The training delivers on its promises (benefits and learning outcomes).

These 2 first training modules apply for those that want to start a website outside the ‘Make Money Online’ industry which is the most competitive. 

I suggest that you take both the 2 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses and the WA Affiliate Bootcamp training module that consists of 7 phases with 70 lessons in total.

Have in mind that the Bootcamp training is designed to direct people in the ‘Make Money Online’ industry but the methods analyzed there can be applied to any industry you want. 

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 1

Getting Your Business Rolling 

(available for Free and Premium members)


Course Description

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training, we are going to get your business built on a solid foundation. All long-term businesses start with a vision and a brand and we are going to help you get this in place in the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training.

  • Lesson 01 – Getting Started
  • Lesson 02 – Choosing your direction
  • Lesson 03 – Building your website
  • Lesson 04 – A website look around
  • Lesson 05 – Activating your plugins
  • Lesson 06 – Getting your website ready for SEO
  • Lesson 07 – Your initial framework of content
  • Lesson 08 – Understanding the keyword research process
  • Lesson 09 – Creating thoughtful, insightful reviews
  • Lesson 10 – The exciting journey has begun

The 1st lesson aims to get people excited about their participation in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp. The tasks get people to set goals and the luxury Las Vegas incentive is a great motive to get people working right away.

The WA Affiliate program is one of the most lucrative in the online industry with high commissions and lifetime cookies.

The 2nd lesson helps people decide their direction within the ‘Make Money Online’ industry by discussing audiences and niches. This part of the training is way more comprehensive than the 1st Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – lesson 03.

The 3rd lesson is a full demonstration of the SiteRubix platform with its extended features and capabilities. One of the best and most complete web builders bundled with major marketing tools.

The 4th lesson shows the first steps members should take on WordPress. The external niche sites Kyle showcases are examples that point people in the right direction.

The 5th lesson is technical and shows how to activate the first plugins on WordPress.

The 6th lesson analyzes how to setup your website to be ready for SEO.

The 7th lesson is an introduction to the SiteContent feature, part of the SiteRubix platform. The video tutorial expands on creating custom menus and navigation. Very detailed analysis.

The 8th lesson is all about keywords, our best friends in this online journey. Kyle, introduces Jaaxy, a very powerful keyword and niche research suite that now is part of the WA community.

The 9th lesson gives a basic framework for people interested in writing reviews.

The 10th lesson is a summary of the training module and a prelude to the 2nd Bootcamp phase.

All in all, a very detailed training module full of examples, keywords, and tasks to complete. A ‘Goldmine’ of information that is available for Free and premium members as well. The training lives up to its promises (benefits and learning outcomes).

You don’t wanna miss this particular training, one of the best Free trainings showing people how to make money with affiliate marketing.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 2

Content, Keywords, and Conversions 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

In phase 2 of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp, our main focus is going to be on content. This includes the actual creation of content on your site, how to make it presentable and readable, how to leverage “keywords” to create content that ranks, and how to make your content to convert.

There is a big difference between just creating content and creating quality content that carries a substantial benefit. Upon completing this course, you are going to be prepared for a world of success with your content.

  • Lesson 01 – Creating readable content that converts
  • Lesson 02 – Properly using affiliate links
  • Lesson 03 – Understanding keywords & a day of selling
  • Lesson 04 – Creating reviews using targeted keywords
  • Lesson 05 – Take a break, catch up
  • Lesson 06 – Backing up your website
  • Lesson 07 – Enhancing your website experience
  • Lesson 08 – Building more content through internal links
  • Lesson 09 – Write a review and share it
  • Lesson 10 – Offering bonuses the easy WA

The 1st lesson shows things that make up a quality page or post followed by tasks.

The 2nd lesson explores the usage of affiliate links and how to use them properly without sacrificing the user experience.

The 3rd lesson is a ‘Goldmine’. It expands on keywords and the ‘Alphabet Soup Technique’ that Kyle uses to dominate any niche of the market.

The 4th lesson goes deeper into keywords and gives templates for reviews, pages, and affiliate links. Very detailed analysis, as always.

The 5th lesson is only a reminder that breaks are important as well.

The 6th lesson is technical and shows how to backup WordPress sites on your own. Although WA provides backups for all the members this is a task you should handle on your own as well.

The 7th lesson deals with user experience and how to improve it.

 The 8th lesson analyzes internal links and how to build more content based on what you already did. Awesome stuff!

The 9th lesson is task oriented and gets people to publish a review and share it in the WA discussion thread.

The 10th lesson is all about bonuses. A great tool in the hands of every marketer.

All in all, another great training module that lives up to its promises (benefits and learning outcomes). The training goes deeper into the affiliate world and provides methods that if applied can lead to the ultimate online success.

A very important lesson that I suggest you go through at least 2 times. If you get this course right then everything will get easier going forward.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 3

Giving your site Social Value 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

If you have a website that has quality content, you need to make sure that your visitors can share that content. In this phase, we are going to be discussing a variety of social aspects that you can incorporate into your site to make it more social, more engaging, and that you can use to get more reach (and traffic).

  • Lesson 01 – Making your site social with plugins
  • Lesson 02 – Making your social profiles brand-friendly
  • Lesson 03 – How to create socially engaging content
  • Lesson 04 – It’s all about making friends with Google
  • Lesson 05 – Take a social hiatus
  • Lesson 06 – Power writing gone wild
  • Lesson 07 – Adding Google analytics to your site
  • Lesson 08 – Leveraging the Jaaxy affiliate program
  • Lesson 09 – Making promotional use of your sidebar
  • Lesson 10 – Build, build, and build!

The 1st lesson analyzes the importance of going social. You have to diversify your sources, you can’t rely only on the search engines.

The 2nd lesson expands on the usage of social media networks. 

The 3rd lesson goes deeper into the user experience and how you can improve your writing to make people interact with your content.

The 4th lesson returns on G+ because it’s the dominant search engine and how you can leverage the G+ network to your advantage.

Another break is suggested with the 5th lesson. The extra material helps people expand their marketing horizons.

The 6th lesson is task-oriented and very different than the previous lessons. Aims to help people write better, faster. It’s all about productivity.

The 7th lesson demonstrates the power of analysis. And the tasks help people to connect their sites with Google Analytics.

The 8th lesson is all about promoting Jaaxy, this powerful keyword and niche research suite.

The 9th lesson expands on the sidebar widgets and how to leverage your promotions properly.

The 10th lesson is a summary of the training module and points people into creating content consistently.

All in all, another great training that helps people move forward in the right direction. It goes deeper and deeper into the online world and the very detailed video walkthroughs make learning a breeze.

The training lives up to its promises (benefits and learning outcomes)

At the end of this module, you should be well on your way to conversions and your first sales.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 4

Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through… 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

Appearance matters. Media matters. Design matters. In this phase you are going to be learning all about “sprucing” up your website to make it a better experience for your visitors. We are also going to be touching on the most powerful elements of media, including imagery, videos, and how to incorporated these into your day to day marketing activities.

  • Lesson 01 – Introduction to website design
  • Lesson 02 – An image says 1000s things
  • Lesson 03 – Leveraging WA videos for conversions
  • Lesson 04 – Creating Logos and Images
  • Lesson 05 – Give yourself a break
  • Lesson 06 – Create an effective Jaaxy review
  • Lesson 07 – Research keywords with Jaaxy, then show & tell
  • Lesson 08 – Pinning habits lead to Pinterest power
  • Lesson 09 – Creating your own videos
  • Lesson 10 – A lesson on customer perspective

The 1st lesson is an introduction to web design showing free online tools you can use to create appealing graphics.

The 2nd lesson is all about Pinterest, one of my favorite social networks. Kyle demonstrates his personal Pinterest account and how he uses it to maximize conversions. An over his shoulder training you should not miss.

The 3rd lesson is about implementing video into your promotions. The last chapter focuses on the SiteRubix builder and how easy is to build websites in less than 30 seconds.

The 4th lesson expands on new design tools for creating logos and images. A necessary video walkthrough helps members understand the whole process.

Another break is suggested with the 5th lesson. 

The 6th lesson goes back to Jaaxy and how to promote it within your content. Very detailed video instructions as always.

The 7th lesson expands on Jaaxy and how to find low-competition keywords. These methods can be applied to any industry making that part of the training invaluable

The 8th lesson returns to Pinterest going deeper this time. The tasks get people in action and help them create a powerful social profile. Pinterest is huge and you should include it in your everyday activities.

The 9th lesson is about creating your own videos using free online tools or the devices you already have.

The 10th lesson is helping members understand the customer perspective and how to utilize that knowledge to their advantage. A ‘Goldmine’ of information.

All in all, another comprehensive training, this time going deeper into the online business world. My favorite lesson is the last one where Kyle shows his expertise and guides marketers to understand their customers better. Of course, you can imagine, that understanding customers will lead to more engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Another great chapter is the 7th where Kyle displays how to track low-competition keywords.

A training that you should pay close attention to.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 5

Knowing your Audiences & Catapulting your Referrals 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

This training is going to lead you to a better understanding your audiences and having improved skills with respect to converting a visitor on your website to an invite…and to a referral.

  • Lesson 01 – Creating Content with Intent
  • Lesson 02 – Getting your Comments to Convert
  • Lesson 03 – Video, a Huge Source of Traffic
  • Lesson 04 – From Keywords to Live on YouTube
  • Lesson 05 – A Discussion of Reviews (and a break)
  • Lesson 06 – The Ultimate Referral Tool
  • Lesson 07 – Incorporating your Custom Sign up Forms into your Website
  • Lesson 08 – Helping Folks is Critical
  • Lesson 09 – Create a Custom Video Signup Page
  • Lesson 10 – Creating a 6 Week Plan of Attack

The 1st lesson talks about engagement and conversions. The extra blog post that Kyle provides as an example is very helpful and keeps members forward.

The 2nd lesson expands on user experience, this time talking about comments and interaction. People enjoy websites that are active, those that they can participate with their comments.

Back to videos with the 3rd lesson. It’s about creating videos with a purpose, another brilliant lesson from an experienced marketer.

The 4th lesson is extremely important for those that want their videos ranked on YouTube. A comprehensive training demonstrating keywords for YouTube.

The 5th lesson gives members a chance for a new break and to interact in a new discussion thread about online reviews. For those writing reviews this thread is a huge resource of ideas.

The 6th lesson is all about the WA custom signup forms and the other referral tools you can use to promote your products.

The 7th lesson is task oriented and helps people complete the theory discussed in the previous lesson.

The 8th lesson focuses on following up your referrals with messages or automated email campaigns. Very detailed analysis as always.

The 9th lesson is about creating a custom signup video to promote WA. Of course, you can use video promotions regardless the industry you are in.

The 10th lesson is about productivity and planning. A very important part of the training that aims to keep people in ‘active’ mode.

All in all, another great training module that expands upon conversions, engagement, user experience, productivity, and planning content creation. It goes back to videos and referral sequences and automated campaigns. Not only, it shows how to get videos ranked on YouTube. Awesome stuff!

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 6

Bing, Yahoo, and the Power of PPC 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

With most people emphasizing their marketing efforts on Google Search, it is often times forgotten that Yahoo/Bing own 30% of the search engine market share. That is A LOT of potential traffic, regardless of your niche. 

  • Lesson 01 – An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads
  • Lesson 02 – Letting Bing and Yahoo Know About your Site
  • Lesson 03 – Paying for Traffic on Bing & Yahoo
  • Lesson 04 – Setting up your 1st PPC Campaign
  • Lesson 05 – Take a Break, do a Little Math
  • Lesson 06 – Creating Small, Bit Size Review Ad Groups
  • Lesson 07 – Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  • Lesson 08 – Capitalizing on Hidden PPC Landing Pages
  • Lesson 09 – Getting Really Creative with Keywords
  • Lesson 10 – Refining your PPC Campaign & your Journey Ahead

Kyle starts the 1st lesson with an introduction to PPC (pay per click). I still remember how excited I felt after this particular training.

The 2nd lesson is technical and helps members submit their sites to Bing using the Bing Webmasters Tool.

The 3rd lesson is about finding profitable keywords based on our previous SEO efforts. 

In the 4th lesson, Kyle shares the secret to PPC success. And the niche site examples are very detailed as always.

Another break is suggested in the 5th lesson. The tasks help members create mathematical formulas to boost their PPC efforts and the dedicated discussion thread shows the power of this community.

Kyle shows how to use ad groups in combination with reviews in the 6th lesson. A very interesting part of the training that consists of methods you can use in any industry.

The 7th lesson is all about conversions and tracking. WA again leads the market with their powerful tracking features offered for premium members.

The 8th lesson blew my mind away. Kyle goes deeper into the PPC world and shows how to use ‘Hidden’ landing pages to maximize results and revenue.

Kyle expands on another aspect of keywords to help maximize PPC results in the 9th lesson. A detailed step by step video walkthrough as always.

The 10th lesson is about planning again. As with the other marketing activities you should plan your PPC campaigns and monitor them accurately.

All in all, a training that should get your feet moving. I suggest you get through this training at least 2-3 times before you decide to spend any money on paid ads. Its powerful stuff but there is a risk, so take your time when studying this part of the training.

These methods can be applied to any niche of the market you want although is designed to help people in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 7

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns 

(available for Premium members only)


Course Description

Creating success within the PPC world is one thing. It is not as elusive as it sounds and once you figure it out, the next dilemma naturally becomes SCALING your campaigns to create more success. In this lesson we are going to be going through the process of scaling PPC campaigns in a way that leads to profitability and long term success.

  • Lesson 01 – Blasting your WA Affiliate Earnings with PPC
  • Lesson 02 – Understanding the Google Adwords Opportunity
  • Lesson 03 – Maximizing review pages with PPC
  • Lesson 04 – You, the Affiliate, are Responsible for Analysis
  • Lesson 05 – Mastering the Flow of Relevance
  • Lesson 06 – The ‘Double Down’ Approach to PPC
  • Lesson 07 – To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
  • Lesson 08 – The Mathematical Business Model of PPC
  • Lesson 09 – Using Concise Pages for PPC
  • Lesson 10 – Creating a Long-Term, Scalable PPC Campaign

The 1st lesson expands on Google Adwords this time, another very popular advertising network that you can leverage in order to get targeted traffic. Very detailed instructions.

The 2nd lesson is about understanding the Google Adwords opportunity. An amazing lesson where Kyle defines important criteria for successful PPC campaigns.

The 3rd lesson is helping members maximize their review pages with PPC. The tasks get people take action on what they learn. Again, these methods can be applied to any industry.

The 4th lesson expands on analysis, besides analysis is infused in all of your activities. You have to know what’s working and what’s not. The lesson goes deeper into WA promotions and how to use comparison charts.

The 5th lesson goes deeper into the PPC world and the importance of relevance. Another gift is awaiting members, a PPC checklist, awesome stuff!

The 6th lesson shows another approach to PPC. Kyle demonstrates how he finds unlimited opportunities using keywords.

The 7th lesson analyzes the direct linking method in contrast with the non-direct linking method. A theory oriented lesson that you should take very seriously.

Back to mathematics with the 8th lesson. I love this business model.

The 9th lesson analyzes the differences between SEO and PPC. Step by step instructions and plenty of live site examples.

The 10th lesson is about scaling up PPC successful campaigns. 

All in all, a very detailed training module deeper into the PPC world. Have in mind that paid advertising is not for beginners as there is a risk of losing money. But PPC is a method used by thousands of companies and for the majority of them is the most valuable resource for traffic.

This is Where the Main Wealthy Affiliate Training Comes to an End

2 modules of 10 lessons each plus 7 phases of 10 lessons each
90 lessons in total

But this is Only a Part of the WA Training

There are Classrooms and Live Video Classes

Final Review of the Main WA Training

All the lessons with no exception are followed by tasks and assignments, and point people to inner separate discussion threads. This means we have to do with an interactive training where members post questions, show their progress, exchange ideas and solve problems. It’s very important to follow other people that started before you, and to get help whenever needed.

All the lessons come with detailed video walkthroughs by Kyle, the owner. He is showing all the methods he use to get rankings for his external niche sites and he helps people understand the whole money making system step by step.

That training is for those that want to build an online business based on the affiliate marketing model where you don’t have to own products or to worry about delivery and customer service. A very flexible business model with countless benefits that we already analyzed.

The training modules cover these areas:

  • Basic understanding of the money-making process
  • Affiliate marketing (promoting products and services from existing companies for commissions)
  • How to choose a direction (niche)
  • The SiteRubix web builder and its features
  • First steps to WordPress and plugins, backups
  • Initial content pages, Custom menus
  • Keywords (many lessons devoted to keywords)
  • How to use the WA membership and features
  • Domains, email accounts
  • SEO (extended lessons and examples), affiliate links, internal links
  • Content creation (extended training)
  • Traffic (extended lessons and examples)
  • User experience, engagement, interaction, customers buying journey, customer perspective
  • Visuals, graphics, logos, images, web design
  • Social media (G+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Reviews
  • Conversions, tracking
  • Bonuses
  • Productivity, planning
  • Video marketing
  • PPC (pay-per-click) marketing (paying for ads in various networks) (many approaches and methods shared)
  • Analysis
wealthy affiliate education

The Verdict

Have in mind that this is the training that got me started in the online world in 2015. And still, I get back to it on many occasions to refresh my memory and to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs in the classrooms. On top of that, I try to watch the Live Video Classes held by Jay Neill every Friday or the replays.

But of course, no training is perfect.


I would expect a more detailed explanation of ‘Niches’.

There is extended information on this subject but members have to retrieve it manually in the classrooms and the live video classes archive.

The Bootcamp is 7 phases long while the online entrepreneur certification consists of only 2 phases. The Bootcamp is focused on promoting WA with a ‘Make Money Online’ site, and the online entrepreneur certification is for people that want to build a site in any niche they want.

This structure may lead newcomers to join the Bootcamp training which is more comprehensive instead of going through the online entrepreneur certification courses. As the majority of newbies won’t be able to discover a niche in which they are passionate about due to the lack of crucial information they might get involved in a ‘Make Money Online’ site, a segment of the market that is very saturated.

Of course, people going through all of the courses, like me, will be able to apply the Bootcamp techniques in any niche, but many people might get lost.

Parts of the premium main training modules provide only basic knowledge, for example, training on design or video marketing. I would expect more content on these subjects.

I would expect the training to expand on more social networks. It refers only to the 4 most popular engines, G+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The Pinterest and the G+ trainings are more thorough, the Twitter and Facebook chapters are only a summary of those networks.

The Good Things 

No objection to keywords, SEO, content creation, PPC, traffic methods, conversions, tracking, and WordPress. All these lessons provide a powerful framework to scale websites.

In fact, there is so much information that you’d always discover new techniques to implement.

And this is what makes the WA training so powerful. These are the most important aspects of an online business. Keywords, SEO, traffic, PPC, conversions. If you get these right you don’t have to worry about going social or other methods.

Furthermore, the lessons dedicated to the SiteRubix platform are very comprehensive and don’t leave space for questions.

All in all, it’s the training that helped me achieve online success, and I believe it can do the same for you. Only have in mind 1 thing. The ‘Make Money Online’ niche is very competitive and it takes more time to build an authority name.

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Classrooms Review

13 Interactive Classrooms with Q&A, tutorials, videos, and courses under the microscope

Wealthy Affiliate – Education


There are 13 classrooms in total, each one dealing with a portion of the WA education that covered in the main training modules.

The classrooms expand on the current lessons provided. Members can ask questions and get answers, there are tutorialsvideos, and courses.

The 13 WA Classrooms list

  • Getting started (available for Free and Premium members)
  • WA affiliate program (available for Free and Premium members)
  • Keyword, niche, and market research (available for Free and Premium members)
  • Everything WordPress (available for Premium members only)
  • Authoring & writing content (available for Premium members only)
  • Search engine optimization (available for Premium members only)
  • Social engagement and marketing (available for Premium members only)
  • Website development and programming (available for Premium members only)
  • Local marketing (available for Premium members only)
  • Video marketing (available for Premium members only)
  • Email marketing (available for Premium members only)
  • The WA platform (available for Premium members only)
  • Pay per click marketing (available for Premium members only)

Classroom #1

Getting Started

(available for Free and Premium members)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

The getting started classroom is an introduction to Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms and getting started within the online business world. Within this classroom, you are going to get a taste of what is offered at WA. You are going to be learning about the process of earning money online, getting your website up and running, and fully understand the process of how the Internet business works. You have full access to create discussions, ask questions, help others, and take part in any of the training included within this section.

Classroom #2

WA affiliate program

(available for Free and Premium members)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Want to take part in one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online? Look no further than the affiliate program here at WA. With some of the highest commissions after retention and a full recurring (residual) commission structure, you can create a full-time income simply by promoting the community you love here at WA. Make this classroom your home base if you are interested in promoting WA and you want to learn how to scale your campaigns to all new levels. If you ever have any questions or would like to create a discussion here within the group, feel free to do so!

Right now there are…

  • 12,000+ Q&A
  • 12 tutorials
  • 29 videos
  • 5 courses

Classroom #3

Keyword, Niche, and Market Research

(available for Free and Premium members)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Research is critical to the success of any campaign. If you can understand the concepts of researching your audience, your keywords, and understand who your corresponding niche is, you are going to experience much more success and efficiency within your business. In this classroom you are going to learn all about the follow concepts: *Keyword Research *Niche Research *Market Research

Right now there are…

  • 6,000+ Q&A
  • 46 tutorials
  • 26 videos
  • 4 courses

Classroom #4

Everything WordPress

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

WordPress is the platform we have chosen to use here within the Wealthy Affiliate and our website builder allows you to install WordPress sites instantly. WordPress is the most widely used content management framework for websites in the online world and it is a completely open source. This classroom will help you with anything related to your WordPress sites, from the initial installation, to plugins, to themes, to coding, and monetize your WordPress websites. Feel free to share any WordPress help to others and post your WordPress questions.

Right now there are…

  • 19,000+ Q&A
  • 60 tutorials
  • 94 videos
  • 5 courses

Classroom #5

Authoring & Writing Content

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Writers’ block is not allowed here at Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because you have access to an entire classroom dedicated to writing content, writing practices, and how to come up with writing topics and ideas out of thin air. Within this Classroom, you can engage and discuss topics related to writing and authoring content for your websites, articles, or email marketing campaigns. You will also learn about outsourcing, how to earn through freelancing, how to monetize content, and how to create content that ranks and retains rankings within the search engines.

Right now there are…

  • 6,000+ Q&A
  • 54 tutorials
  • 19 videos
  • 6 courses

Classroom #6

Search Engine Optimization

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so you can achieve the highest possible rankings in the main search engines. The higher the rankings, the more success SEO is a fast evolving process and this classroom is dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest search engine techniques and strategies. As search engines change and make updates, you need to know what they are after if you want to attain and retain rankings. 

Right now there are… 

  • 6,000+ Q&A 
  • 29 tutorials 
  • 23 videos 
  • 4 courses

Classroom #7

Social Engagement & Marketing

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Social is massive and probably the quickest growing and evolving medium in the Internet business world. With the quick changes, come new opportunities and new ways to extend your reach into the social world. This classroom is dedicated to everything social, be it engagement on your website and the social behavior of your visitors, or social networks and how to benefit from them to attain the ultimate goal of going viral. Social is not just about marketing, it is about engagement and many of the training modules within this classroom are going to discuss engagement in great detail.

Right now there are…

  • 5,000+ Q&A
  • 27 tutorials
  • 27 videos
  • 4 courses

Classroom #8

Website development & Programming

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

The website development process continues to change vastly. Technologies come and go, where others seem to retain their power within the web development and programming world. Having an understanding of how the development process works and improving your programming skills can be highly beneficial to your business. In this classroom, you can get training and communicate about any topics related to the development of your website and web programming, whether it is for your website, a plugin, your design, or a web application that you are creating.

Right now there are…

  • 11,000+ Q&A
  • 53 tutorials
  • 36 videos
  • 5 courses

Classroom #9

Local Marketing

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Local businesses need your help! Local marketing is a huge business and the skills and strategies you are learning in relation to online marketing here at Wealthy Affiliate can be leveraged to help local businesses in exchange for ongoing revenues. In this classroom, you are going to learn all about local marketing and the aspects involved in creating a profitable venture. This includes everything from the recruitment and client acquisition process, to getting local rankings through the various search engines, to organizing your local marketing contracts. Stay involved in this classroom and create a discussion if you have anything that you would like either share or get help with in relation to local marketing.

Right now there are…

  • 550+ Q&A
  • 8 tutorials
  • 12 videos
  • 4 courses

Classroom #10

Video Marketing

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Many people prefer to watch a video over to read and that is why understanding and utilizing video should be considered as a component of your overall content development. This classroom is dedicated to everything video, whether it be the creation of a video, how to incorporate video into your campaigns and sites, or how to leverage video distribution channels like Youtube or Vimeo to get reach and traffic to your websites. Video should not be overlooked and if you are a video enthusiast or looking to make video a big part of your online campaigns, this classroom should definitely be your hang out.

Right now there are…

  • 500+ Q&A
  • 5 tutorials
  • 14 videos
  • 5 courses

Classroom #11

Email Marketing

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Email marketing to do this day is one of the most effective marketing techniques. It is the process of collecting leads via your website or other online entity and connecting with them through email. Typically Autoresponders are used to manage your emails campaigns. In this classroom, all aspects of email marketing are covered. From the initial relationship with your prospective leads, to how to generate leads, how to manage email lists, and how to create successful email marketing campaigns. If you are interested in becoming well versed in email marketing, you should make this classroom your hang out!

Right now there are…

  • 900+ Q&A
  • 14 tutorials
  • 3 videos
  • 5 courses

Classroom #12

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

This is where you come to get help with how to use Wealthy Affiliate and where you can ask questions relating to the system here at Wealthy Affiliate, how it works, and you can even make suggestions for improvements within the ongoing discussions. This classroom is solely dedicated to the system here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is vast and has been in ongoing development since 2005. The training will walk you through different aspects of the system and help you understand how to best benefit and how to make Wealthy Affiliate your “home base” for your online business.

Right now there are…

  • 4,000+ Q&A
  • 7 tutorials
  • 8 videos
  • 4 courses

Classroom #13

Pay Per Click Marketing

(available for Premium members only)

Q&A, Tutorials, Videos, Courses

Classroom Description

Welcome to the Pay Per Click Marketing Classroom. If you are looking to become a PPC expert, you are in the right place. I encourage you to create discussions if you have any questions or have any news that you would like to share. So, what is PPC Marketing? This is what is also referred to as paid place or pay per position marketing.

There are many networks out there that allow you to place ads on their network, within their search, and on sites that are within their publishing network. The goal of your PPC campaigns should be to create a positive ROI, or Return On Investment. PPC campaigns do have a level of financial risk involved as you are paying for clicks.

If you are not earning a profitable revenue from your advertising spend, you are going to lose money. The focus should always be to create a profit and if you are not, you need to ask for help.


Right now there are…

  • 800+ Q&A
  • 17 tutorials
  • 8 videos
  • 5 courses
wealthy affiliate classrooms

WA Classrooms – Final Review

The classrooms is an interactive department where members can ask questions, give help, publish tutorials, videos, and courses.

I’m with WA for a long time now and I always check the classrooms for new content.

There are 1,000s of questions that have been answered.

Hundreds of tutorials, videos, and courses.

The classrooms is the place to get cutting edge information, learn secret strategies other successful marketers use, and amplify your marketing and business knowledge.

In this online business, you’re not alone. You have the help of thousands of other entrepreneurs whenever you need it. Everybody contributes, the owners, experts, advanced marketers, and even newcomers with their questions.

This is why I enjoy being a member of this community. I had all my questions answered without even asking any question. I just perform an inner search and the WA platform provides all the relevant results.

The education at WA never stops, this is why they call it a University!

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Live Video Classes Review

Weekly video sessions – Host Jay Neill explores ‘Hot’ Marketing topics

Wealthy Affiliate – Education

Live Video Classes

The WA Live Video Classes are held every Friday where Jay Neill shares valuable insights into ‘Hot’ marketing topics to ensure all premium members stay on top of their competition.

At the end of every class, there is a Questions & Answers session where Jay responds to all the incoming messages. This is a great chance to ask your burning questions and have them answered by a marketing expert.

The Live Video Classes are available only for premium members. You can watch all the video recordings at your own pace. There’s a huge archive of over 13 years.

When I watched the first WA video training I got immediately hooked on Jay’s style and very effective way of communication. The information shared here is exclusive and Jay shares his own strategies, methods, and frameworks. It’s an over his shoulder demonstration and you get to see how he discovers highly profitable niches in the marketplace, how he builds websites, and how he monetizes traffic.

Jay became my mentor and is the man that influenced me the most throughout my online journey that started at the end of 2014.

Notice: For the last 2 years, 1 of the 52 live video classes is organized and presented by Kyle, one of the owners.


  • Jay’s SEO process for 2018
  • Insights into efficiently becoming an expert in 2018
  • 7 brilliant strategies you must know in 2018
  • 7 unconventional ways to amplify your brand
  • Affiliate blueprint
  • Using WooCommerce for affiliate links
  • Changing WordPress themes
  • Call-To-Action: Getting visitors to click
  • Affiliate daily task breakdown
  • Step by step YouTube live video streaming
  • Hosting your own webinars
  • Using Jaaxy like a boss
  • Being a non-Amazon affiliate
  • Finding content opportunities from related keywords
  • Switching from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Understanding your audience
  • How to promote your eCommerce business
  • The “7-Factor” secret sauce
  • The art of dropshipping
  • Introduction to selling your own products online
  • Developing logos and banners
  • Advancing your authority in any niche
  • Strategies for selling websites and domains
  • The money funnel, best ways to monetize
  • Getting traffic to your funnels
  • Creating a follow-up sequence
  • Strategies to build trust

Low Hanging Fruit Case Study

March 7, 2015

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped understand the importance of targeting low-competition keywords. Especially when you get started online you need those keywords to get rankings in the highly competitive online space. If you understand keywords, nothing can stop you online. A training that you can’t miss.

Email Marketing Walkthrough

March 14, 2015

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class expands on email marketing, which is the method that the majority of companies use to stay in touch with their client base and to nurture relationships with potential customers.

Jay will help you identify your email marketing approach to your niche with his examples and live walkthroughs.

Ultimate Guide to Structured Data Markup

August 1, 2015

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped me understand the knowledge graph and structured data markup. Jay shared the tools he uses to input data for the search engines and a week-long case study.

By using structured data markup you help the engines understand the content on your site and increase the chances of better rankings.

LIVE Niche Case Study Series

4 Weeks

Week 1 – Sep 5, 2015

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped me understand niches and discover highly profitable opportunities in any industry. Jay builds a site from scratch. From an idea to keywords, to niche and market research, to affiliate programs, to creating content and getting rankings.

The 4-week series is the absolute marketing weapon to explode your online success.

Elements That Rank Local Websites

Nov 7, 2015

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped me with my first steps into the offline marketing world. Although I have not implemented all the techniques analyzed here I managed to approach clients efficiently.

I’m still working on my offline presence and there are more video classes devoted to local businesses inside the live video classes archive.

Diversifying your Niche Website

Mar 5, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped me expand my knowledge on niches and is a huge lesson for those that want to move forward with their websites. You don’t need to build a new site in order to reach new niches and new audiences. Awesome stuff as always by Jay.

Social Media Breakdown

May 7, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helped me uncover hidden social media practices. Jay goes deep into the subject trying to point members into the direction of an overall business strategy.

This class alone will help you reach people on social media using free methods with the minimum effort. Absolutely recommended.

Bringing Traffic Back With Remarketing

June 11, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class is another marketing masterpiece. It will help you understand remarketing and how to retarget visitors on your site after they leave.

This training is one of my favorites.

Hello: Google My Business

July 16, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

Another step by step analysis by Jay on the popular Google+ dashboard. Everything you need to get started with G+ into this direction is covered in this training.

Tracking Links and Goals

July 30, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

Another very important lesson on analytics. Without analysis, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t. All successful marketers analyze their links and goals. A superb video training with many burning questions from members at the end.

Hello: Local SEO

Aug 6, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This is another video training in Local Marketing. Jay, as an experienced marketer doing business with many offline clients, shares his valuable insights.

The lesson lives up to its promise as always, and and can help you reach clients if you follow the technqiues mentioned here.

Facebook Ads: Creating Awesome Ads (Week 3)

Sep 17, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

You can’t go without Facebook ads as this is the most popular social network online. Jay gives a detailed Facebook blueprint to rock your conversions.

Building Landing Pages that Rock!

Oct 8, 2016

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This lesson came as a surprise to me. This was the first time someone referred to landing pages in the way Jay describes. An innovative point-of-view that will help you cut through the noise. Excellent stuff!

Evergreen Strategies to Rank YouTube Videos

Mar 4, 2017

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

We know the importance of getting rankings on YouTube. You can bring masses of traffic to your website. Jay uncovers all the secret methods he uses to rank his videos.

Although I have not started yet with video marketing, this lesson helps me prepare in theory level.

Building Websites for Clients

Mar 25, 2017

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

Another lesson that blew my mind away. Everything you need to run a business for creating sites for clients is provided in that live video class.

How to approaach clients, how to win the deal and signup a contract, all the way to buildinjg the site and earning revenue.

Being an Amazon Affiliate

Aug 19, 2017

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class helps members become Amazon associates and leverage the huge power of this e-commerce platform. Jay has been very successful as an Amazon affiliate and he shares all his methods and tactics.

Using Google Adwords Express

Sep 16, 2017

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

This class expands on pay per click marketing. A lesson designed for advanced marketers that are ready to spend so money in order to scale up their businesses.

7 SEO Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018

Dec 2, 2017

(available for Premium members only)

My Review:

SEO is never complete, new methods can be applied to improve rankings and visibility of a site inb the SERPs. That’s why Jay is always updating his SEO training.

wealthy affiliate classrooms

WA Live Video Classes – Final Review

If I had to summarize this WA department in one sentence I would say this:

These Topics Can Transform your Marketing Knowledge.

As you can see the Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Classes expand on the main training modules and the classrooms.

Jay’s methods helped me achieve massive online success. These training sessions are fully packed with exclusive information on top marketing strategies that bring results.

I can’t stress the importance of those topics enough.

The Live Video Classes provide information on topics that the Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses do not offer.

These techniques can transform you from a marketing newbie to a marketing ninja ready to dominate the markets as an affiliate, as an SEO consultant, as a website developer for clients, as a local marketing agency, as a marketing company, a freelancer, a dropshipper, an owner of an eCommerce store.

Following Jay’s class, you’ll find yourself ahead of the competition. If I had to follow one person in WA, this would be Jay.

That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Classes as one of the Top Online Business Resources worldwide.

Become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

And Unlock the Vault of Bonuses


A web builder designed to make you money

Wealthy Affiliate – SiteRubix Platform

SiteRubix is the website builder provided by Wealthy Affiliate. The platform is accessible both for free and premium members. SIteRubix uses the WordPress CMS system. WordPress is a content management system, which is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. 

I recommend WordPress, it’s a system I know it’s working, it’s the system I use daily, I had no problems so far, and you have the support of a multi-million community of other users (me included), experts, and developers.

It’s the most popular, complete, and flexible CMS on the market, with no restrictions, with an enormous gallery of design themes and templates, fully expandable using Free plugins, and there are Free tutorials for anything you might need. Literally, there’s no service that can’t be integrated into WordPress, and you own the files and content of the site, and you can transfer the content to new domains, or other hosting providers at will.



SiteRubix is a web building & hosting platform that allows you to build WordPress websites at the push of a button.

Standard (free) members can build up to 2 Free websites using a sub-domain on the root domain siterubix.com, ie…MyNewSite.siterubix.com. and host them for free.

Premium WA members can build up to 25 WordPress websites on a domain they own plus 25 Free SiteRubix websites.

SiteRubix is bundled with marketing training and tools to operate and scale online businesses and a very interactive live chat where thousands of people every day discuss and publish content and trainings with everything that has to do with online businesses (included me).

Additionally, they offer web hosting services and 24/7 technical support including daily backups on all websites hosted at WA.

That means, everything you need to start, maintain, and develop an online business is offered here, all under one roof.

To mention here, that SiteRubix throughout the years has been consistently updated to reflect the latest technologies and innovations. This platform is very powerful so let’s discover why this is true…

Features at a Glance


  • SiteDomains, find, register, transfer, and manage domains
  • SiteBuilder, build a WordPress site on a free sub-domain or on a domain that you own
  • SiteManager, access to the site, statistics, SiteHealth (monitoring the progress), management (content quality & variety, publishing frequency, visitors engagement, plugins, SiteTrust, Google rankings, feedback)
  • SiteContent, write content for your site using templates (optional), comes with a Free stock photo finder installed
  • SiteComments, receive comments to your site using credits
  • SiteFeedback, getting feedback on your site from other entrepreneurs
  • SiteSupport, technical & hosting issues, site management, 24/7, daily backups on your behalf so that you rest assured your content is safe

Along with these are bundled…

  • Keyword and Niche Market Research tool – Jaaxy
  • Keyword lists, a tool to save all your keywords for future reference
  • Keyword training, extended keyword training (over 10 lessons) to speed up your online results
  • Link tracker, Cloaker, Webpage optimizer,  a tool to help optimize your Internet marketing campaigns. My-Linker2  tracks how much traffic you are sending to your merchant pages, which links are effective (and which aren’t), and which keywords users are coming to your page from. This tool will greatly benefit you in making informed optimization decisions for your site.
  • Private messaging system, to interact with any member of the community

Along with these are bundled…

  • Keyword and Niche Market Research tool – Jaaxy
  • Keyword lists, a tool to save all your keywords for future reference
  • Keyword training, extended keyword training (over 10 lessons) to speed up your online results
  • Link tracker, Cloaker, Webpage optimizer,  a tool to help optimize your Internet marketing campaigns. My-Linker2  tracks how much traffic you are sending to your merchant pages, which links are effective (and which aren’t), and which keywords users are coming to your page from. This tool will greatly benefit you in making informed optimization decisions for your site.
  • Private messaging system, to interact with any member of the community


You can choose from 2,750 free themes, that means unlimited design templates to change the look of your site at will. The themes cover all the range of websites, from business, personal blogs, art & design, photography, video, to online stores, eCommerce, travel & lifestyle.


There are over 50,000 free WordPress plugins to choose from so that you can integrate any service into WordPress.


2 Free fully hosted and 24/7 monitored websites on the high-performance WA hosting platform (with all the previously mentioned features).

SSL certification

They offer Free SSL encryption both for free and premium members.


You can search for and register domains. WA registers only the 3 most popular extensions which are the most recommended.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

plus the recently added extension

  • .info

You can transfer domains from other registrars to host them in WA, and vice versa.



You build a WordPress site in just 4 simple steps.

Choose a domain that you own or a free one, the domain name, a title for your website, and a free theme which is the design of the site.

The website will be built in 30 seconds.

siterubix website builder


This is the management suite where you monitor and manage all the SiteRubix features. You have access to your website login passwords, FTP username, and password.


SitePlus gives you access to 3 main components: 

  • SiteSpeed – faster website performance, better rankings, increased engagement
  • SiteSSL – secure site over 256-bit Encrypted Connections
  • SiteProtect (spam blocker) – happens at the server level and blocks all automated comment spam before it even hits your site. No need for extra anti-spam plugins. When this feature introduced I removed 2 anti-spam plugins from my site (Akismet and Captcha for comments), thus increasing site speed.

You can easily control those features with a button (on-off)

siterubix siteplus

PageSpeed Insights

This is where you connect internally with Google to check the speed of individual pages. SiteRubix lists all your pages on your site making the whole process a breeze.


This is the area to check various metrics

  • Publishing frequency
  • Content quality & variety
  • Visitor engagement (comments)
  • Your engagement
  • Plugins
  • Site Trust
  • Google rankings
  • Website feedback


SiteComments is the area to give and receive comments on your site from other WA members. First, you have to earn credits by leaving comments on other sites.

There is a table with content categories where you can select your interests in order to leave comments on interesting sites and avoid categories you have no interest in.

siterubix sitecomments

Site Feedback

Very similar to the SiteComments feature where you can exchange ideas on your site with other WA members. Again, you have to earn credits to be able to request feedback to your site.


Here you control your email accounts. You can add as many accounts as you want. And you can even forward email accounts to other services.


This is where you can ask for technical help. The WA support team is there 24/7 and usually, they respond within a few minutes. The slowest response I got was 15-20 minutes and the fastest was less than a minute.

You choose your domain and a category of the problem and then you type in your message. You can additionally upload media files like screenshots to help the team resolve your issue.

siterubix sitesupport


This section comes with some templates for writing content.

  • Privacy policy
  • Affiliate disclosure
  • About Me
  • Keyword rich content page
  • Temp

You can create and save new templates on your own.


Free Stock Photo Finder

SiteContent comes with a free stock photo finder pre-installed. You just type a query and the software searches an image database providing you with free images you can use on the spot.

This feature can save you tons of time.

SiteContent checks also your content for grammar errors, another very important feature.


PPC Conversion Tracking

Here you can manage conversion tracking for Pay-per-click networks Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords. Conversion tracking is available for New Referrals and Premium Upgrades.

My Linker-2

Link tracker, Cloaker, Webpage optimizer

My-Linker is your tool to help optimize your Internet marketing campaigns. By replacing your affiliate links on your website with My-Linker links you can track how much traffic you are sending to your merchant pages, which links are effective (and which aren’t), and which keywords users are coming to your page from. This tool will greatly benefit you in making informed optimization decisions for your site.

SiteRubix – Final Review

SiteRubix is one of the most powerful web builders on the market. It comes bundled with all those features…

  • SiteDomains – buy domain names
  • SiteBuilder – build WordPress sites at the push of a button
  • SiteProtect – spam blocker at the server level
  • SiteSpeed – a proprietary WA technology that speeds up websites at the server level
  • Page Speed Insights integration – internal connection with Google Search Console to check the speed of web pages
  • SiteManager – access to the site, statistics, SiteHealth (monitoring the progress), management (content quality & variety, publishing frequency, visitors engagement, plugins, SiteTrust, Google rankings, feedback)
  • SiteContent, write content for your site using templates (optional), comes with a Free stock photo finder installed
  • SiteComments, receive comments to your site using credits
  • SiteFeedback, getting feedback on your site from other entrepreneurs
  • SiteEmail
  • SiteSupport, technical & hosting issues, site management, 24/7, daily backups on your behalf so that you rest assured your content is safe
  • Keyword Research tool
  • Jaaxy – keyword and market research suite
  • Keyword lists
  • Keyword training
  • Link tracker, cloaker, webpage optimizer
  • Community
  • Private messaging system
  • Live chat area
  • Forum
  • Free Themes
  • Free Plugins
  • Hosting
  • SSL certification
  • Security
  • Online business training (2 main training modules of 10 lessons each, 7 phases Affiliate Bootcamp training of 10 lessons each, 13 training classrooms, live video classes archive which is over 300 lectures of 1 hour each).

Anything you need to create, operate, and scale an online business is offered with SiteRubix.

It’s the platform I use daily to educate in order to enhance my online career, interact with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and share ideas.

It’s a platform that thousands of other marketers use and are willing to help newcomers just like they received enormous help when they got started (including me).

All in all, it’s the platform that helped achieve online success, and I believe it can do the same for you.

Use SiteRubix to build a Free Website and Test Wealthy Affiliate


A collection of websites created by WA members

Wealthy Affiliate Website Examples

Now I want to demonstrate websites built with the SiteRubix web builder from people followed the Wealthy Affiliate training, sites that are doing well in their niche, get rankings in the search engines, and earn income mostly in the form of affiliate commissions, selling advertising space, and email marketing.

More importantly, I will show websites outside the ‘Make Money Online’ niche because in the main training modules review I highlighted that the WA training is mostly geared towards that industry. But I also mentioned that these training methods and principles can be applied to any market.

These sites come from Wealthy Affiliate members who completed the main training modules, participated in the training classrooms, and followed the live video classes archive (which is the most valuable and comprehensive part of the WA training that provides information outside the saturated ‘Make Money Online’ industry, information that can be used to build websites in any niche of the market).

You can use these websites as inspiration, to get ideas for your site, and to get to know that anything’s possible if you work consistently.


Niche: Parenting

Main Content: Articles/Reviews

Platform: WordPress via WA SiteRubix

Theme: Custom

Domain Created: April 2012

Secure site? YES, SSL encryption

Size: 8683 URLs approx.

Main income: Amazon Associates, Affiliate Programs, Google Adsense/Other Ad Networks, You-Tube channel

WA member: LynneHuy – joined June 2015

Visit site: Kaboutjie

Lynne, the founder describes:

Welcome to my blog. Here I share everything and anything about my journey as a mom. Kaboutjie started off as an online baby and toddler store that supplied quality clothing and baby products manufactured in South Africa. I launched the business just after I had my first child. I then also started selling wholesale baby clothing made in South Africa.


While this was going on during the years I started blogging and learning about online marketing. I have to admit that I really fell in love with blogging.

The site is divided into these categories:

  • Baby competition, weight loss, breastfeeding
  • Kids activities, recipes, pregnancy
  • Natural remedies, birth story, sleep, labor
  • Exercise, yoga, marriage
  • Household hacks

The site is user-friendly, very easy to navigate, and provides valuable content for parents. There is an inner forum, photo competitions, and pages with products.

Content Examples:

  • A guide to getting your baby to walk
  • 10 things every mom should know about cars
  • LG Neochef Microwave review
  • 6 power foods that help you sleep better
  • 10 incredible benefits of boxing for kids
  • How to keep your entire house clean


The content is well-written divided into segments, uses lots of images and own videos, offers advice on anything that has to do with parents and kids.

Additionally, there are list-pages and best of topics.

The design is clean and simple and the atmosphere is very friendly.


I checked some of the ‘Keywords’ and here are my findings:

  • Keyword ‘wooden toys vs plastic toys’ – Rankings: Google #7, Bing #2, Yahoo #7
  • Keyword ‘motivation tips to reduce post pregnancy weight’ – Rankings: Google #3, Bing #1, Yahoo #1
  • Keyword ‘things to consider before becoming parents’ – Rankings: Google #9, Bing #13, Yahoo #5


Main Income:

The site makes money mainly by redirecting people to Amazon and other merchant websites and earning affiliate commissions. It sells advertising space via the Google Adsense and other ad networks, and it’s very likely that the owner earns revenue with email marketing as he has an active newsletter or other methods as well.

Moreover, the site has a very active You-Tube channel which may bring additional income from advertising.


Final Review:

The site gets great rankings in the most popular search engines for quite many keywords although the high competition.

The owner shares her journey as a mom and has created a fan base with like-minded people all over the world.

This site is a perfect example of what can be accomplished through hard work and effective communication.

Lynne is a 38 years old mom living in South Africa with her husband and two young children.

Best Tent Cots For Camping


Niche: Camping/Outdoors

Main Content: Outdoor Gear Reviews

Platform: WordPress via WA SiteRubix

Theme: Twenty Sixteen

Domain Created: June 2016

Secure site? YES, SSL encryption

Size: 1152 URLs approx.

Main income: Amazon Associates, Google Adsense

WA member: Jvranjes – joined October 2014

Visit site: BestTentCotsForCamping


Jovo, the founder describes:

This page and the site, in general, are about best tent cots for camping. Recently, tent-cots and cots are becoming very popular and this for all good reasons: they are reliable, easy to use, and affordable. Read here more what a tent cot is, how it is used, and see all benefits of having one.

The site is divided into these categories:

  • 3 in 1 tent cots, Backpack portable cots, Backpacking cots
  • Bunk cots, Camp stuff, Collapsible cots
  • Collapsible tent cots., Cots, Cots with mattresses
  • Double cots, Double tent cots, Foldable cots
  • Military style cots, Tent cots for 1 person


The site is user-friendly, very easy to navigate, and provides comprehensive personal reviews on anything that has to do with tent cots. This site is very straightforward and people find exclusive information on the topic.

The content is well-written divided into segments, uses images with descriptions, offers tables with rating stars, specifications of each item reviewed, compares items with similar items, and gives a final review per page.

Additionally, there are list-pages which people find very convenient for checking multiple similar items in one place.

The design is clean and simple, without fancy pages and the atmosphere is friendly.


I checked some of the ‘Keywords’ and here are my findings:

  • Keyword ‘Best double cot tents’ – Rankings: Google #1, #2, #3 (3 spots together), Bing #1, Yahoo #1 just after the paid ads section
  • Keyword ‘kingcamp double camping cot’ – Rankings: Google #1, #2, #3 (3 spots together), Bing #1, #4 (2 spots), Yahoo #1 just after the paid ads section.
  • Keyword ‘best camping cots with air mattress’ – Rankings: Google #2, Bing #1, Yahoo #1 just after the paid ads section.

Main Income:

The site makes money mainly by redirecting people to Amazon and sells advertising space via the Google Adsense program. It’s very likely that the owner earns revenue with email marketing or other methods as well.

Final Review:

The site gets Top Rankings in the most popular search engines. In some cases, it dominates the SERPs with multiple spots. A perfect example of a hard-working owner dedicated to helping visitors decide on certain products with great content.

The owner has a huge experience of 30 years climbing mountains and sleeping outdoors in all possible ways, as he describes on the ‘About’ page.

Now he takes advantage of that knowledge to build an online business using his computer to operate his WordPress site and writes reviews.

Jovo has built other sites as well since October 2014. A very productive individual that participates almost daily in the WA community with his blogs, comments, and trainings to help new members find their way online.

He is a theoretical physicist with a Ph.D. in plasma physics.

Cloud Storage Info


Niche: Cloud Storage

Main Content: Reviews/Comparisons

Platform: WordPress via WA SiteRubix

Theme: ColorMag

Domain Created: July 2016

Secure site? YES, SSL encryption

Size: 499 URLs approx.

Main income: Affiliate Networks, Independent Affiliate Programs

WA member: DejanWA – joined July 2016

Visit site: CloudStorageInfo

Dejan, the founder describes:

The reason I created this website is to help people like yourself, find the cloud storage provider best suited for YOU. To do this I will be doing reviews and comparisons on various cloud storage providers, gathering information and bringing that knowledge to you.

The site is divided into these categories:

  • Articles
  • Comparisons
  • Reviews
  • Best rated
  • News

The site is user-friendly, very easy to navigate, and provides comprehensive personal reviews of cloud storage systems, providers, and services.

Content Examples:

  • Cloud storage vs Online backups
  • Best cloud storage for documents
  • How to ensure child internet security
  • Best online cloud storage for photos


The content is well-written divided into segments, uses lots of images, offers comparisons, information on related industry topics, and uses rating stars and tables for visual end review results.

Additionally, there are list-pages and best of topics.

The design is clean and simple, using buttons and related posts widgets, and the atmosphere is friendly.


I checked some of the ‘Keywords’ and here are my findings:

  • Keyword ‘best cloud storage for music’ – Rankings: Google #5, Bing No AV, Yahoo No AV – the site gets rankings only in Google but it’s a competitive niche with giants like CloudWards, LifeWire, PCMag that get the top 4 spots.
  • Keyword ‘zero knowledge encryption explained’ – Rankings: Google #2, Bing #2, Yahoo #1
  • Keyword ‘opendrive cloud storage review’ – Rankings: Google #5, Bing #6, Yahoo #4 just after the paid ads section.


Main Income:

The site makes money mainly by redirecting people to merchant websites and earning affiliate commissions. The owner signs up via independent affiliate programs run by the merchants’ companies or via affiliate networks, like Shareasale. It’s very likely that the owner earns revenue with email marketing as he has an active newsletter or other methods as well.

I could not find external ads from networks like Google Adsense but maybe there are ads on certain pages.


Final Review:

The site gets great rankings in the most popular search engines. Have in mind that this niche is very competitive and this site created in July 2016. The site’s competitors are huge magazines, groups of people, journalists, and independent bloggers as well.

Dejan is a very young guy with a bright future ahead, currently a student of mechanical engineering. He works in a company related to this industry and he enjoys photography as a hobby.

This site is a perfect example that even young people without great experience can do miracles by following their passions and working part-time online.


Niche: Home Brewing, Craft Beers

Main Content: Articles/Reviews

Platform: WordPress via WA SiteRubix

Theme: Balance/Genesis Framework

Domain Created: March 2015

Secure site? YES, SSL encryption

Size: 93 URLs approx.

Main income: Amazon Associates, Independent Affiliate Programs

WA member: Nathaniell – joined June 2010

Visit site: xBREWx

Nate, the founder describes:

I created this website almost two years ago when I first started homebrewing. Like my brewing, it’s been through many changes over the years.

I’m a full time online marketer and brewing beer is my hobby. You’ll find a mix of all topics related to craft beer and homebrewing at xBREWx!

The site is divided into these categories:

  • Recipes
  • Craft beer
  • Breweries
  • Beer tasting
  • Beer club reviews

The site is user-friendly, very easy to navigate, and provides valuable content for beer fans and homebrewing lovers.

Content Examples:

  • Types of priming sugar for bottle carbonation
  • Rare beer club review: Will I keep my membership?
  • Tavour beer review: my personal experience
  • The best real ale pubs in the UK
  • Thai pa – lemongrass chile pale ale all green recipe
  • Orange clove witbier all grain recipe


The content is well-written divided into segments, uses lots of personal images, offers advice on anything that has to do with beer, beer clubs, and homebrewing.

The design is very clean and simple and the atmosphere is very friendly.


I checked some of the ‘Keywords’ and here are my findings:

  • Keyword ‘Types of priming sugar for bottle carbonation’ – Rankings: Google #1, Bing #1, Yahoo #1
  • Keyword ‘Tavour beer review’ – Rankings: Google #2, Bing #1, Yahoo #3
  • Keyword ‘Best ale pubs in UK’ – Rankings: Google #5, Bing No AV, Yahoo #2


Main Income:

The site makes money mainly by redirecting people to Amazon, and from independent affiliate programs.


Final Review:

The site gets awesome rankings in the most popular search engines although it’s a small site with only 90 URLs and that happens because this niche is not very competitive.

This site is a perfect example of what can be accomplished by following your passions and communicating effectively with people.

Nate started internet marketing while living in China. There’s still a lot he wants to know about internet marketing, but he can say that he’s achieved all the goals he set, and have surpassed them way beyond what he thought possible. 

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My 1st review – February 2016


Jaaxy is a powerful suite to discover niches, domains, affiliate networks, and keywords (alphabet soup technique included).

Premium WA members do not pay for Jaaxy as they used to in the past. Now it’s included in the premium membership.

Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. There is an incredible number of hand on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research with Jaaxy is just a breeze!


  • Keyword Research (SEO, traffic, competition, QSR, rankings, domain data, 99.7% search engine coverage)
  • Keyword management (Keyword lists, save, store, export, share, and manage all keyword activities)
  • Keyword Training (extensive)
  • Niche Research (alphabet soup platform, 100,000’s of evergreen niches, brainstorm the hottest trends, uncover lucrative affiliate programs)
  • Competition Analysis (reverse engineer any successful website, different search engines, different rankings)
  • SiteRank for SEO
  • Domain search (find available domains in an instant)
  • Domain Lists
  • Alphabet soup platform

Jaaxy gathers data from all the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). The sophisticated algorithms produce traffic and competition numbers by searching all the competing website pages that get ranked for the exact search term you perform.

Jaaxy provides data on

  • Avg (average number of searches that the keyword receives per month)
  • Traffic (estimated visits on your website if you achieve first page rankings)
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword)
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator – Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red is poor).And is based on the competition.
  • SEO – a score based on traffic and competition, the higher it is, the more likely you get ranked for this keyword on the 1st page.
  • Domains (availability of domains related to the keyword)
  • Related – related keywords to our initial search term
  • Brainstorm – a list of keywords to help you brainstorm

Other Jaaxy Features

  • Alphabet Soup: Jaaxy uses google instant function to come up with related keywords. Although it is a method you can use alone, without a tool, Jaaxy can save you valuable time as the results are displayed instantly.
  • Saved Lists (store your results), Search history 
  • Search Analysis
  • Affiliate Programs: It includes Commission Junction, LinkShare, Digital River, and Click Bank.
  • Brainstorm: The tool gets data feeds from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa topics, Amazon best sellers and Twitter trends.
  • Site Rank: You enter a “keyword” and a “URL” to find the position a site is get ranked for a specific term.

Jaaxy Training:

Upon signing you will receive 3 bonuses PDFs.

  • 1000 High traffic, Low competition keywords
  • Niches, keywords, success
  • Domain industry secrets

Additionally, they included video material to guide you through.

  • Jaaxy 2.0- Keyword research and management
  • Website research and analysis
  • Niche research refinement
  • Affiliate program walkthrough

Jaaxy Blog:

You can find extremely useful and interesting topics in categories like

  • Competition research
  • Domains
  • Google keywords
  • Case studies
  • Jaaxy News
  • Jaaxy training
  • Keyword lists
  • Videos

Jaaxy – Final Review

Jaaxy can save you time, I mean a lot of time. The application is very fast and the team behind ensures accurate results. On top of the keyword research and all the important factors the tool analyses you can tag domain availability, find affiliate programs or even get a website’s rankings for specific keywords.

The alphabet soup and the brainstorm features will transform you into a marketing ninja. No more blogging cut-off, no more running out of ideas. The training section and the blog department add to the overall value of the app. You can test it and see if it suits your needs.  

You Can Test Jaaxy Right Here


They say “We take care of the technology so you can focus on your business”

Is this true?


Web Hosting Services

Key elements when choosing a web hosting service:

  • Website is up and running 24/7 if possible (full redundancy)
  • Speed – Fast loading pages so visitors have a great experience
  • Security-Safety – a service to keep spammers and attackers away, a safe environment where visitors can exchange their personal information securely (email addresses, credit card details, etc…)
  • Monitoring, statistics, management features
  • Bandwidth and website space
  • Ability to change hosting providers if needed, easy transfer
  • Reliable, fast, and friendly technical support

Here is what is included in the WA hosting

  • 25 websites on domains that you own
  • 25 free websites on a siterubix.com sub-domain
  • Instant DNS setup
  • Hosting speed – Amazon c3 large (faster)
  • Website space – 30 GB
  • Bandwidth 500,000 visitors per month
  • Data transfer – unlimited
  • SiteBuilder
  • Full redundancy
  • Enterprise security
  • Daily website backups
  • 24/7 access to server admins
  • Email accounts – unlimited
  • BotNet security
  • SiteHealth
  • SiteComments
  • Website feedback
  • Community access
  • 1 on 1 marketing mentorship
wealthy affiliate hosting services


The hosting service comes bundled with all the other features of the platform (training, community, forum, keyword and other tools…)

There are 2 options

  • $49/month or
  • $29.9/month billed annually

You can host up to 25 websites on a domain that you own plus 25 free websites on a SiteRubix sub-domain.

Free Option

You can build and host 2 free websites on the SiteRubix sub-domain so you can test their service.

Web Hosting Review


  • Full redundancy, site is almost always 24/7 up and running
  • SiteSpeed technology gives me an average of 75% for mobiles and 85% for desktop (Page Speed Insights tested via Google)
  • SiteProtect helped me remove 2 anti-spam plugins, no problem with spam since then
  • Free SSL that works
  • A powerful Site Panel with many monitoring and management features, and statistics.
  • Enough bandwidth and space
  • Easy transfer to and from other providers
  • A super friendly support team that is willing to solve issues even when they have nothing to do with their service. They always respond within minutes. They’re always helpful, fast, friendly, and in many cases, they help with problems that have nothing to do with their services. The support team is one of the best WA features.
  • Some features can’t be found on other providers like SiteComments, SiteFeedback, SiteContent, free stock photo finder, keyword tools, training, community, live chat, forum…


  • Absence of cPanel
  • Membership plugins that connect to external serves are excluded
  • No FTP access for Free members

All in all, a great hosting service that I highly recommend.

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What kind of domains you can register

What’s included in the fixed price


WA registers the 3 most popular extensions; .com, .net, .org, plus the recently added .info.

  • Full unlimited email accounts
  • Full access to emails
  • No upsells
  • Flat rate guaranteed
  • WHOIS protection privacy
  • Advanced DNS automation and management
  • Free SSL certificate for a lifetime

You can transfer domains from other registrars to host them at WA, and vice versa

Fixed Price:

  • $13.99/year – everything included
  • Renewal price – $13.99, never changes

Security and Privacy – Unlimited domain protection; all domains come with privacy protection and the security features already built into SiteRubix, meaning the SiteSpeed, SiteProtect, PageSpeed Insights, 24/7 support, hosting services, SiteBuilder, SiteManager, SiteContent, SiteFeedback, SiteComments, the community, forums, live chat, private messaging system, training, keyword and niche research tools, link tracking, SSL certificate.


Domains Review

You can’t register fancy domain extensions but the domain package as a part of the SiteRubix platform is very powerful. This comes as a result of WA being an online business community with training, forum, hosting services, and website management features.

The price is competitive and includes unlimited email accounts which other registrars charge for. There are no upsells, and the Free SSL certificate makes the deal really appealing.

Highly recommended


Forum, Live Chat, Network

Private Messaging, Member Profiles, Classrooms

Community, Forum, Live Chat

  • The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it
  • Getting help in a timely manner through access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect
  • WA is a community that truly cares
  • You can find people to help you all day, every day
  • A platform with an abundance of teachers
  • 800,000+ community size, members from 195 countries
  • Help is instant, the pay it forward mentality
  • Average time to get an answer is 1.8 minutes
  • 32,000 community interactions per day
  • Expert coaching, with a personal touch

Live Chat

The live chat of Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what SETS this community APART from others.

I received help instantly when I was a newcomer numerous times. This is extremely important when you get started with a business.

I made friends and valuable connections.

You have to experience it in order to understand its real value.

As you can see in the screenshot the live chat area is a very interactive place with messages come and go. People ask questions, others interact and chat, others have fun, exchange ideas.

I love this feature more than anything else. When I got started I had all my questions answered. Now it’s my daily hangout.



As you can see the forum is very interactive as well. The blue square numbers show the replies to each thread.

This is where you can find posts from other members, questions, success stories, or even complaints. Others share personal stories, others want to express their opinion on marketing topics, others just want to communicate and interact.

You can filter the forum threads by:

  • All
  • Unanswered
  • Popular
  • Success
  • Everyone
  • Friends
  • Referrals


Wealthy Affiliate has an inner network system, like social media platforms. You can follow others, get followed by, and interact with them personally by using the…

Private Messaging System 

You can send private messages to anyone, both people you follow, and others that you don’t follow. A very flexible mechanism to speed up your communications.

Member Profiles

Every member has a profile page. It displays their network (who they follow, who follows them), their posts in the community, their trainings, their questions, their links to their websites. Many people leave comments on profile pages, interacting in a different way than the live chat.


Community Review

I’ve used all the WA community features countless times especially when I got started. Yes, it’s very important to get timely help when you start an online business. You can’t go alone. Besides, this is part of human nature, people need help, no one ever succeeded alone, and if someone says so, this is a lie.

I used the live chat to interact with people, to make connections, and most importantly to get help with technical stuff. I needed to know how to operate WordPress, how to create menus, links, pages, posts, how to find images.

The help you get from other members using the live chat is fast. Sometimes you have to wait longer, as the chat room is not always crowded, but the average response time is only a few minutes.

I used the private messaging system to get in touch with buddies like I do on social media.

I interacted in the classrooms to get exclusive help on top marketing topics.

I use the forum for inspiration, to participate with my comments, and to offer my help as well.

Now, after using the WA platform since 2015, I can confidently say that I owe my online success to this beautiful community. WA is truly a pay it forward platform, you don’t feel you interact with competitors, instead, you give and receive help, and that leads to mutual success.

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Success Stories

A collection of WA members in any niche of the market 

Success Stories

And now you probably wonder, is anyone making money following the Wealthy Affiliate training? There are so many positive reviews on the net, there should be some success stories.

I can assure you, there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs that used WA as their vehicle. But only a few of them share their stories.

Here are a few of them:

AlexSol – First $400+ Day!!! (3 month at WA)

Date: Feb 05, 2014 

WA member since October 2007 

Summary: I have been in WA for a bit over 3 months… without any previous IM experience.
When I look at my CB account, I still can’t believe it, but here it is, around $3K. 
2 bum sales and 10 PPC sales on $40 Adspend! I guess putting time and effort into this thing does pay off 🙂

Ok now, I have to go rinse and repeat 🙂 Good luck to you all!


sporkypie – More progress: December – revenue goal exceeded

Date: Jan 03, 2018

WA member since February 2017

Summary: Earnings: $591 from Adsense, $372 Amazon, $111 from Shareasale. And about $150 from another vendor. Total: $ 1225.36. Goal: $1000. Goal exceeded!

Expenses: about $60 for ghostwriting, and whatever my monthly prorated WA fee is.

StubearBlack – 3 Years at WA, leaving my 9-5 job, and becoming truly independent

Date: Jan 02, 2018

WA member since December 2014 

Summary: I really don’t know where to begin. To start off, it’s been a roller coaster journey for me at WA, but I can tell you it’s worth it. A lot has happened in 3 years, and it’s not always pretty and doesn’t always feel good.

So on July 13th, 2017, I woke up and felt different. I felt refreshed like I hadn’t felt in a long time. I knew something different was going to happen that day but didn’t know what it was. Long story short, I was called into the general manager’s office and he laid me off.

When my site first started gaining traction, it was a like a plane taking off. What I realized after December of 2016 is that marketing isn’t quite what I thought it was, and doesn’t quite always work like you think it’s going to, or should

After my best month in December of last year, traffic started going down. In December I made just over $2000 and reached my goal for the year. January income went down, and in February I made like $600. Lol.

dylanrieger – Month 7 – $4550

Date: Jan 02, 2018

WA member since Aug 2015

Summary: This is my last money post until I hit 10k, which I expect to happen this up coming fall.

I made a little over $4500 in commissions from Amazon and this came from 1269 sales and 39,000 unique clicks from Google.

Don’t worry if you’re not getting the same results as me. This is the 7th month of my website but I’ve been here at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 and half years now.

It took a lot of experimenting, reading and failure to reach this point. The only advice I can give you is this:

1) Don’t give up

2) You have to try and write a few hours a day. We’re in the content business and you’ll need a good amount of content to make this work.

3) Focus on making money. Don’t just write “how to” articles that have no shot at making you money. Write plenty of reviews and lengthy best of posts – those two kinds of posts are actually easier to rank than “how to’s”. I personally would go 60% to 70% money posts and 30% to 40% how to’s.

If you’re not getting any traction and your past the 6 month mark make sure to read the post I linked to up top – it’s everything I’ve learned to get such fast results.

Success Stories

Full Collection

55+ Stories

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WA Complaints

The Vast Majority Are Not Serious Accusations

WA Complaints

Remember what I’ve mentioned in the beginning?

There are also people that hate WA for their own reasons and do anything they can to change things for their own good…

70+ Ways to Make Money with WA

The available monetization options are literally endless

In this guide, I analyze multiple ways you can take advantage to make money online following the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Wealthy Affiliate Ratings

  • Training 95% 95%
  • Marketing Tools 95% 95%
  • Web Hosting (builder, security, speed) 85% 85%
  • Management & Monitoring Tools 90% 90%
  • Support 95% 95%
  • Forum 95% 95%
  • Other Services 90% 90%


Final Score

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Jaaxy Pricing

Keyword, Niche, and Market Research, Domains, Affiliate programs, and more…

My Success Story

I owe my online success first and foremost to this awesome community

November / December 2014

This is when I started to search for online opportunities in an attempt to expand my business horizons.

I am an entrepreneur since 1992. I began my career by continuing the exporting manufacturing company of my family to the local market. Since then, I have founded and still run many offline businesses, including a hotel, restaurants, cafes, and fashion stores.

I was searching online for part-time opportunities because I only had a few hours to spend in a week and working from the computer seemed like a good idea back then. 

I had no idea of how things work online, and I tested numerous online money-making programs till I found what I was looking for, Wealthy Affiliate.

I began my marketing education and I created this website. The concept was to share information and blog about the marketing industry, and promote products and services as a marketing publisher for commissions. At least for the beginning.

At that time this website was more of a hobby. I did not realize back then how things would change. As I am skeptical by nature and because of the tiny $31 initial investment I thought that a website could make only minor profits, right? Don’t get me wrong. There was no business that did not cost me at least $50,000 so far just to get started. It was the first time that I could start a new project with so little money.

And then, after a few weeks I made my first sale, nothing extreme, but it was more than enough to warm me up. I knew that this business was legit and that there was potential. 

2 months later, I made my first important sale promoting monthly memberships of a marketing community/platform. That was a great accomplishment because of the highly competitive segment of the market that my website targets. And because this company was paying on a recurring basis. 

Have in mind, that during these first 2-3 months I was focused on completing my marketing education and I was learning how to develop my website, so the time I could devote to promotions and to creating content was very limited. 

This is when things started to take off and I was making sales on a regular basis. But things have changed dramatically at the 6th-month mark. I was promoting a marketing program in the form of monthly subscriptions again. I had only managed to close 2-3 sales so far with that program. But that day I sold 12 monthly subscriptions. I could not believe it, what an amazing feeling, 12 sales in a row, in just 1 day. I knew that this business was REAL, that day I had changed. I could see the real potential.

Since then, my online business only continues to grow and WMS as a marketing partner/publisher helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services and helped them acquire qualified leads. 

It was the best decision I’ve ever made because it is indeed a very flexible and scalable business model, with little risk, minimum costs, and unlimited potential

I now make money:

  • By promoting other companies products, memberships, and services (marketing publisher)
  • By selling advertising space on my site (Google, ad networks, companies, individuals)
  • Writing reviews and articles for companies that want to get sponsored here on WMS
  • I run marketing campaigns for local clients and slowly I expand on the local market as an agency
  • Using freelancing platforms
  • Using digital marketplaces
  • Using social media
  • Using forums
  • Participating in various money making sites (referrals, leads, impressions, sales, and other)
  • and I am currently building the WMS services to expand as a global marketing agency

I owe my online success first and foremost to this community/platform.

The reasons:
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers Top-Notch marketing education and anything related to online businesses (how to make money as a marketing publisher/affiliate, freelancer, dropshipping, eCommerce stores, local marketing, selling advertising services, and so much more)
  • The enormous and supportive community (thousands of active members on a daily basis)
  • The high-quality marketing tools (keyword and niche market research, website management, web builder, and more)
  • The high-quality tech support
  • I got help as a newcomer from thousands of WA members, other WA marketing experts, and the WA owners on the forum and the live chat
  • The platform was constantly evolving and still does, they always add new services and marketing tools.
  • I was inspired and motivated by hundreds of success stories from other WA members
  • I was able to scale up even working only part-time (from the 1st sale, to the day with the 12 sales, to the first $1,000 commission from only 1 sale, to the day I expanded on the local market, to the day I start selling advertising space on WMS, to the day I created the DBR training, to the day I began building the WMS services department, and on, and on, and on).

Why You Know I’m Telling the Truth

Because if I was not, I would be telling you things like…

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll get rich in 4 weeks or
  • Become a millionaire by being a WA member or
  • How I quit my job in 5 months after working 2 hours daily

Instead, I say that any goal is achievable, any level of income is possible if you work hard and apply what you learn!

That’s all there is to it!

Wealthy Affiliate provides tools, support, and education, YOU have to make it happen

My Statistics

Companies that WMS helped them sell more products, acquire leads and referrals

Keywords on the 1st page of Google in the most competitive industry

Articles, Reviews, Posts, and Pages



Top 10 Countries: USA, India, UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil

Wealthy Affiliate – Final Review

Wealthy Affiliate passed the test of time, it’s been in business since 2005 and still helping thousands of online entrepreneurs.

It’s a company that evolved throughout the years. It began as a keyword tool for bloggers and now it’s a massive community of over 1,000,000 members offering TOP-NOTCH marketing education, website builder, web hosting, 24/7 tech support, domains, keyword research suite, niche market research suite, management and monitoring tools, forum, live chat, comments and feedback, training created by WA members and marketing experts, and so much more!

Here are just some changes that took place in the last year alone:

  • New & Improved Email Platform
  • Video Training 2.0 – Improved Video Training UX and Speed for WA training
  • Kraken Image Optimization – Industry-leading optimization for all websites
  • Affiliate Programs Platform – Search & Find the Most Lucrative Programs
  • SiteComments 2.0 and Accreditation – The Ability to Earn Through Commenting at WA
  • Super Affiliate Challenge 2.0 – A 12-Month Step by Step Training To Affiliate Success

The countless features and the quality services leave no space for questions.

It’s the company that helped me turn $31 into a multi-figure business and still is my daily hangout with fellow entrepreneurs.


Can Someone Really Make Big Money Online?

You might be wondering if building an online business is a viable model that can bring in serious income.

I get asked similar questions all the time.

I was no exception, I was afraid too when I got started. 

Have in mind, that this “online business thing” is mostly dependent on marketing.

And this is GOOD NEWS! Why?


Let me tell you a secret!

You see, marketing is what keeps companies, industries, and economies alive.

If you can become great at marketing, you’ll never have to worry about money anymore.

It had always been the #1 skill, and it will be 100 years from now…

Every company, every store, every little business needs to market its products and services. As a marketer, YOU, have all the companies in the world and literally anyone that want to sell something as potential clients.

Can you imagine that?

Standing At The Crossroads

I know what you think of. You have some doubts, that’s normal, and this is how you should proceed with any offer. This means you have a critical mind.

But I know WHY you are here. You want to build an online business and work from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere in the world.

You want to increase your income sources, you want to reach new horizons, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. A new lifestyle, being independent, and autonomous.

Imagine that for a moment!

Imagine yourself in a year from now.

You joined the Wealthy Affiliate community, you became a marketing expert in 2-3 months, and now the sales are rolling. Now you’re able to scale up and build new websites or create your own products and offer your own services.

Now you’re able to buy a new car, pay off your debts, or take this 4-week vacation with your family. Now you’re able to help more people and grow your brand to make an impact on the world. How beautiful is that!

Now your life is different, a lot different!

It’s possible to reach any goals if you receive help from experts.

BUT, if you don’t do anything, nothing is going to change, you know that.

The next year will be the same, and maybe the next one and the next one.

Richard Branson said

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

Don’t Worry About Money Anymore!

Join Wealthy Affiliate and you won’t regret it. It’s the Real-Deal. I’ve tested hundreds of similar programs and companies.

Nothing can even stand close. 

Why am I still a WA member since December 2014? Because I become better and better at what I do by following the WA training, I learn new things, and I am able to add new streams of income and implement new techniques to explode my business. 

Wealthy Affiliate will help you make big money online, there are thousands of people working full-time crushing it.

There are millions of audiences you can target. Thousands of strategies, techniques, and guides to follow. Online business is the future.

Marketing was the past, is the now, and will be the future too.

Join Wealthy Affiliate. You found what you were looking for!

If you do so, then expect my lifetime 1-1 support and some Awesome Huge bonuses beyond my Free DBR Training. You won’t find so valuable bonuses elsewhere.

Remember, you have nothing to lose. It’s a Try Before to Buy Membership. You can stay as a free member forever.

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I look forward to seeing your next WA success story and I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time…

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

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  1. Jesse

    Do wealthy Affiliate teach Amazone shopify and dropshipping?

    • Tasos

      Hi Jesse, Wealthy Affiliate teaches Amazon and drop shipping in the premium training area with Jay Neill as the host. And have in mind, that new training is created every week.

  2. Paul

    Now that’s a review…border line novel…lol. No, but really it is awesome to see someone at this point in their career after going through the Wealthy Affiliate training. This is a testament within itself and a level of professionalism for others to strive for.

    I myself am a member of Wealthy Affiliate with hopes of reaching goals in the affiliate market game. I am not quite there yet and have been going through the training for five months now. It is hard work. There are times you start to wonder ,”Why am I really doing this?” Then you see what can be attained, what others have accomplished, and you set your goals a little higher and dig in!

    • Tasos

      Borderline novel. Yeah, it’s pretty long, but I could not show less. I believe you’re on the right path, Paul. I was wondering too in the past, especially when I got started, I thought that this online business “Thing” was fake. I really did. But when the first sales came in, I knew that this “Thing” was real.

      It needs hard work, but this is a sign that the journey is well worth fighting for. The most beautiful things in life are hard to get them. If it was easy, then we would not be discussing it right now.

      Keep setting new goals, keep educating, practicing, and applying into your business. I wanna wish you massive success within the online world!

  3. Chris Caldon

    Wow! This is a well written and well researched post on Wealthy Affiliate! From start to finish it is filled with excellent information about the platform. I like how you don’t promise the world, that you have to do the work to find success.I am looking forward to reading your next post!


    • Tasos

      I like your nickname Chris, the HomeBizWizz. Fancy and authoritative at the same time.

      Thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot. Wealthy Affiliate is not promising anything to anyone, they only provide tools, support, and education. It’s your responsibility to use these tools to your advantage.

      Be strong as you fight your way to success!

  4. Nkhosingiphile

    Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best, Everything about Wealthy Affiliate in this review is very true and i am a living testimony as i have just finished the training and looking forward to starting the boot camp course. As i am reading your review on the boot camp i am grateful for the bit of advice as you are advising me to repeat some of the lessons there. I really would do as you have just advised me

    • Tasos

      Hi there Nkhosingiphile, WA is the best, period. I’ve tested numerous platforms before joining WA and nothing can even stand close. That’s because the platform provides training, help, support, and quality tools. Anything you need to build a successful online business is here. Not only, WA gives people the chance to test the platform for free and they can stay as free members for as long as they like.

      Keep educating and implementing to fast forward your results. All the best!

  5. Lok Which

    This is a thorough review of wealthy affiliate. A friend introduced wealthy affiliate to me about a year ago and I gave it a try after two months he introduced it to me . Seriously speaking this is the best platform for anyone who wants to achieve success in online marketing. A platform where as you learn you can earn . This platform is really helpful as I have gained d a lot of things through this platform, I have a website of my own and it is through this platform. I will strongly recommend wealthy affiliate to anyone who wants to venture into online business.

    • Tasos

      Thanks Lok for being honest and kind. You must be grateful of your friend, as he introduced you to the BEST marketing platform in the world. And it’s exactly as you said, a place where you can earn while you learn. Something that Universities should consider as theory is not enough without implementation.

      Keep working on your website and nothing can stop you. I wanna wish you all the best for your online endeavors.

  6. Dave M.

    This is quite a comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate! I appreciate the exhaustive detail and superb explanation of the entire platform. you have answered every possible question one could have! i am already a member, but reading this review has given me a new enthusiasm to dig deeper and take advantage of all it has to offer! Thanks for all the info


    • Tasos

      You’re very kind, Dave, thanks so much. Your testimonial is very valuable, too, and you’re helping more people understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I’m glad to spark your enthusiasm and I know that you will find your way online because everything you need is right here. All you have to do is apply what you learn.

      Good luck with your journey to the future!

  7. charles39

    I can’t agree more with you, Wealthy affiliate is University  where we  gain more than you loose aplace where you learn  at the same time they  are  teaching you. How to build that awesome business and aplace where  your success is the pride of everyone in the community that what makes wealthy affiliate unique

    • Tasos

      So glad to meet another fellow WA member, Charles. I can see your enthusiasm for using the Wealthy Affiliate services and I know you are proud of being a member of this beautiful community. I am with WA since December 2014 and I’ve watched this company evolve in all areas. And they continue to do so.

      WA is an extremely valuable resource in an ocean of mediocrity. To your success!

  8. AV 2001

    Hey there,

    Ive really enjoyed reading this article on “Wealthy Affiliate Review” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information about this affiliate marketing platform. The two features which I’ve liked the most is the fact that they offer lots of help and you also get access to top quality training resources in order to be successful in the online world. 

    I’ll share this article with my friends and family members. Thanks a for for taking your precious time in writing this post. Keep up the good work! 

    • Tasos

      Hi AV2001, you’re very kind. I am thrilled that you found this review valuable, it really means a lot. You highlighted the most important features of Wealthy Affiliate successfully. WA offers so much help that no newbie falls behind. When I got started, I was asking questions all the time, and people were responding willingly to help me out. I am thankful for that and it played a big role in pushing me forward.

      The training resources that you mentioned are absolutely endless. The main training modules, the classrooms, the live video classes, the video archive, the forum, WA members’ training, all contribute to helping people succeed.

      It’s a marketing platform bundled with so many quality features that simply can’t be compared to other platforms.

      Thank you for sharing this article with your network, this is awesome. Best wishes in your success journey!

  9. Daniel

    I must say that I did not see any review about Wealthy Affiliate who is so informative and engaging. This is truly one awesome platform for learning but also for earning. I am a member more than a year and I am so satisfied for now. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking to learn basics about affiliate marketing as it is one of the most popular ways to earn money online and most important to me, it is legit.

    • Tasos

      Hi Daniel, thanks for your kind words and I am so glad that Wealthy Affiliate works for you. It’s indeed one of the best marketing platforms out there, and I tested a lot.

      You’re right, affiliate marketing has become a very popular business model and of course, it’s legit and lucrative. People can start earning income immediately without worrying about investing thousands of dollars just to get started.

      I wanna wish you all the best for your online business and as a WA member


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