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S01 E02 – Saturday – Just before dawn 



I could not see anything , just feel.The heli was moving fast , at least my senses led me to that conclusion.It would be useless to retry get some sleep , my body was tensed , the levels of adrenaline at a high peak.My mind travelled back in time.Forgot everything for a few moments , drawing a mini playback of that day …



How I Made the Day of My Secretary so Great


…She was working for over 5 years at the company.I looked at my calendar and noticed that her birthday were coming on Friday and it was Wednesday.I knew that she was going to ask for something if I slightly let her an opportunity to grab.But I would not.

By noon I had an appointment downtown so it was a perfect chance to step in the office for a few minutes.Chloe was working on a new project ... Welcome sir , how was your day so far?


Closed the door , sun lights coming through the open curtains warming the room.I looked at her , obviously anxious.

Not bad , how about you?

OK , sir , I guess I’m finishing this new report any minute now.

Pretty fast Chloe , was expecting that on Friday morning , anyway , thank you but … I have an assignment for you later on.


Her face turned pale , but that was normal.She was afraid , a new assignment could mean days of hard work.I could discern her inner feelings.I would feel the same in her position.She tried to keep her voice clean but failed … Oh sir , of course , my pleasure.




She was brave and would do anything for the company.She got hired during difficult times for her family.That job was her pill , I could easily feel her devotion and her satisfaction.She loved what she was doing.That is why I decided to promote her and pass some privileges , just one year later … shocking news for the company , many rumors from the female sub community.

Her parents were proud , she was living a dream.A young talented girl with a master education working downtown to this firm , director of the branch office , responsible for a small team.Her salary was beyond her expectations and I was always giving small bonuses every month , especially for the most productive associates.


She could handle all of the transactions with ease , always on time , all the extra tasks and external jobs that she loved so much.But I knew that this job was not her destiny.She was a free and creative mind , she was born an entrepreneur , although at this time , that would not even cross her mind.




Great Chloe , I leave the envelope here , the blue one as always.Have to go , I am late.

Thank you sir , I will … but sir … sir … but I was already left , leaving her in disappointment , curious in a negative way…Chloe though of all that , her eyes were heavy … a new assignment … no … She left the office to hide in the ladies room , looking the mirror.She wanted that Friday off so much.

She was working really hard lately.It was her decision to add some extra hours to the daily calendar , in order to cover some extra costs for her parents.And the last week was exhausting.Now her birthday plans to hangout with 2 best friends coming from Australia were in danger.





The Blue Envelope


But the envelope was a pleasant surprise for Chloe.I could remember her voice , calling me later on that day to thank me so much for giving her not only Friday but Thursday as well to get prepared.On top of that a mini present was a reason to send this girl to heaven.

But most importantly I can recall her refreshed devotion to the company during the last months.She knew that her boss was not only interested about jobs and tasks , he was a human and a flexible partner.She had something to wait , that little extra bonuses that make life so pretty and exciting.


On the other side my plans were to offer her a “Big Deal” , a partnership offer , her chance to become an entrepreneur and prove to herself first and foremost that she was capable of anything.She was missing a little bit of self confidence though and that was my target.


…my mind came back to the present.I smiled under my mask , now Chloe was my partner and not an employee.I finally turned her low self confidence in a hurricane of business ideas…Someone broke the temporary silence….It’s time , Team.In 2 minutes , prepare.






Damn , I was trapped in that heli from these mysterious agents , my life in jeopardy.


It was then that I realised I had my usb flash on me.Deep into my pocket.Now there was hope.If Chloe could discover the red envelope , but even that had to wait , it was weekend.I had to think of something fast , stress waves all over me … where are they going?…Is Chloe in danger?…another problem added to my already extended catalogue.




Have you ever thought how important is to work with happy employees?…I mean really , these are your partners.Make them want to give their best.



Thank you for reading , I am welcoming your comments and thoughts.To be continued….here on Web Market Support.


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