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Another dangerous program is floating the internet wires, and a team of filthy trading scammers trying to victimize as many newcomers as they can. A repetition of the same old formula. A fake video production to make people believe there is a software to automate trades and generate millions of dollars.

All of that at no costs, totally free of charge…but the truth is far from it…



Inside the Wall Street Focus Group



The filthy movie has just started, sit back and enjoy…


  • His name is David Lombardi…catchy one
  • The business man elegantly dressed stands in front of the camera, at the background I can see US flags and a police car….That adds a tone of certainty and provides status, a mind game begins…
  • He is the head project manager for the Wall Street Focus Group
  • This year he is announcing the Cobra5 Trading software that has been developed for the last 10 years….oh my gosh, what a technological superiority
  • Leading financial analysts were behind the tech team
  • We may not recognise his face but he has been involved with giant projects, like the House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, Snickers bars, Pokemon GO….as a head manager of the projects of course….yes, I believe you now David…
  • His job is to gather people for testing experiments, before the big time launches. You can get access to these focus groups without having to pay anything at all.
  • The Cobra5 Trading software generated daily profits of $380 up to $800 for the in house members of the firm. Now it is available to the public, if you decide to join the group signing up on that webpage.
  • Another man comes into play, named Jimmy Russo…part of the Nasdaq tech team and responsible for the developing of the Cobra5 software

This software can generate massive profits for you, but please listen carefully, it won’t make you millionaire overnight, Jimmy explains.

  • And it is not a fake software like the others that promising you $5000 or $10,000 profits per day. And at the end of the day all they do is to steal your money.
  • They are the real financial gurus you should be listening to, because they are on Wall Street. The proof of the century…


Rules and Gudelines

  • They are not looking for desperate people, only for smart individuals to be part of the Focus Gorup in order to give correct data to David and his team
  • Only 75 people will make it inside
  • After the 90 days you will be obliged to pay the $997 monthly license fee in order to continue using the software, but they do not take any billing information upfront
  • Every member must provide daily feedback on their results. Accurate data please


Upon Signing Up



Now we watch David talking to former members of the Cobra5 team.

Janice, 43 years old she started trading in the past but with no great results. Then she found out an article on a tech blog written from David, and the doors opened…

Lamar, is the 2nd actor and he was a trash truck driver, getting paid the normal salary as everybody else. From the $30,000 annual rewards he climbed to $56,000 in just 90 days of using the Cobra5 software.

Mike, the 3rd and last actor for today, was trying to make money online trading at the Binary markets. But then he found an ad of David about the Wall Street Focus Group and the rest is history


Is it Free after all?



If you sign up on the landing page you will enter inside…and …

Nope, as with all the binary scams out there it is inevitable to deposit $250 the minimum to open an account with their recommended broker. You can NOT use your broker because the software won’t be activated.


Now please tell me, have ever seen beta testers paying for a software?….Oh come on, people wake up….






Final Words



What I really do not understand is this, and I believe this is where the scammers fail, because it does not make any sense…

A hidden tech team is developing a software for 10 years, all of them financial analysts and experts. But now they want to release the software to the public, the minute they can use it forever for themselves.

Why so much generosity?

Beyond that, they are not searching for people inside their financial circles, instead they release a video online to gather people from all over the world….Unbelievable


This is when you get scammed and you deposit the $250 in order to participate. And when you do you say goodbye to this money, they vanish to the thin air….


Other than that have in mind that the domain of the Focus Group registered one month ago. Where is the 90 days group of summer 2016?…

More importantly the owner is hiding his / her identity from the public using the Whois Guard protection…


Another filthy scam that is targeting your pockets….



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But you have to promise to yourself….you will work for it…


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.
















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