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You're Reading:Walking On A Scam Borderline With The Traffic Authority Review

Walking On A Scam Borderline With The Traffic Authority Review

by Tasos


Sep 21, 2015


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23

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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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“7 IDEALS” Methodology Overview & Invitation

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This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021.

A systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing proprietary and custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups.

It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

It’s a proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole and gives you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid and flexible strategy and action plan.

It involves a set of principles, processes, models, frameworks, tactics, and techniques that you can use to achieve and surpass your business goals and objectives.

It’s not just a methodology to promote your products and services, that’s only one tiny aspect. It’s a methodology that helps you design, run, manage, and grow businesses. From an initial idea to becoming a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.


Overview & Invitation


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I stumbled upon another online opportunity that was very appealing but I was not impressed by their main video introduction.That first moments do count a lot and I don’t like to be “Hyped” right away.Instead of explaining their services and the system they bombard you with “Fake” testimonials.I can doubt already the legitimacy of this company.They promise to deliver a package that brings masses of online traffic to websites so that we can somewhat compete with Facebook and Google.

Traffic Authority’s video voice ensures that the company is not selling useless products , not hyping gimmicks or unreliable and unresponsive email lists.



I Will Try To Identify If Traffic Authority Is A Scam With This Review

The 2 Main Slogans Inside Traffic Authority


♦ You can build your own “Traffic Online Empire”

♦ Do You Want To Make Money Like Google And Facebook?





The Owners Of CPC Broker – System Tools – Payment Plan


Greg Chambers , Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey were the owners of CPC broker and according to their records they were among the first to offer “Clicks On Demand” traffic to internet marketers and generate over $10 million in sales.

What To Expect If You Join They System


  • Streaming traffic to your business
  • Sell high quality traffic to your friends and MLM partners
  • Get paid huge commissions in the process over and over again

Traffic Authority mentions that all clicks will be coming to your website from US and Canada.Although TA sends traffic from US and Canada only  , the program is accessible to all countries.Commissions are being paid out via e-wallet through iPayout.


  • Capture Page Builder – High converting capture pages in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Advanced Link Tracking – Where your traffic coming from , who are these visitors ,
  • Money making pop-ups
  • Mobile monitoring and redirection
  • Countdown timers for your pages
  • Split testers
  • Website rotators
  • and many more


  • TA Reseller License – $20 / month.Done for you marketing system , including website , sales funnels , resources and the support team.Access to the VIP Facebook Mastermind Community.
  • Reseller License & Traffic Optimizer – $47 / month.The previous package plus the optimizer.
  • Reseller License & Traffic Optimizer & Traffic Academy – $144 / month.The previous package plus the academy.


You can not purchase through pay-pal , you have to give away your credit card details.





The Revolutionary Compensation Plan


..is called Infinite Leverage and is designed to help you earn top paying commissions from your traffic customers.The money are synchronized with the traffic packages , tools and the training courses.They distance their plan away from the complex system of the competition.Let’s see how it works.

  • The commissions are recurring so that when a customer is buying repeated times you will be compensated.
  • If a member of your team make sales you will get commissions too.
  • You can therefore earn bonuses according to the sales volume of your team.
  • You have a sponsor to help you get started.

Some common problems with MLM compensation plans from other companies , according to Traffic Authority.


  • Too small commissions
  • Most MLM plans pay only 10% – 15%
  • Selling low prices products with no real potential
  • Require a high sales volume to make a full time income.
  • Almost impossible to do any effective paid marketing
  • They pay on the total volume of sales rather than the same amount each time you make a sale.
  • They reward leaders with high volume and not the new people that starting out

Now The New Infinite Leverage Plan Got Rid Of The Cons And Expanded Upon The Pros


When you make a sale , each product pays out a commission depending on the product.They range form $20 per month for the tools , $50 per month for the training and all the way up to $4000 per sale on the traffic packages.

The first 6 sales on each product type are split 50 / 50 between you and your sponsor.After the first 6 sales on each product , the split changes to 80 / 20 (80 is for you , 20 for your sponsor).This can help your sponsor stay motivated to help you make more sales in the future,

If you are not qualified for a product but you make a sale , that sale will be sent to your sponsor until you are qualified for the product so you can start earning commissions.

2 different ways to qualify for a product


  1. You can purchase the product and instantly qualified for the sales.
  2. You can sell 3 products of the one you want to qualify passing 3 sales to your sponsor but after those 3 sales you will start earning commissions on the product.

Example : Let’s say you bring in 50 members in the pre launch period and you become a Traffic Authority reseller who is qualified for the Diamond level.20 out of them buy the Traffic Optimizer tools for $27 per month.10 of them get the Traffic Academy training at $97 per month , 7 decide to upgrade to the Gold level , 2 upgrade to Titanium and 1 to the Diamond.

The traffic optimizer commissions are calculated at $20 out of $27 per sale.That $20 is split 50 / 50 between you and your sponsor for the first 6 sales.That means $60 for you and $60 for your sponsor.The remaining 14 sales are split 80  /20 , so you can earn $224 and the sponsor $56.And every person you bring in the company that decides to become a reseller of the traffic products will drive commissions to you as sponsor.


The same rules apply for the rest of the examples products.The Gold membership that costs $1097 brings $500 commissions.The Titanium package that costs $4297 brings $2000 commission to split with your sponsor and then with your team.The Diamond of $8397 gives $4000 commissions.

The Infinite Leverage plan is indeed one simple plan with no weird hidden scripts.But the hardest part is to make sales and convince people to sign up for the Traffic Authority packages and levels.In the above example they calculated that 40 out of 50 people will convert and buy at least one package form their website.That is totally unrealistic , 40 out of 50 means 80% in conversions.To be realistic we want to calculate from 2% up to 10% tops.


Of course they are doing their job and they want you to sign up and buy the packages so that you can build a team so that this team’s members will buy even more packages.The problem here is the same as with all MLM plans.Still the big money stay on the company.






Marketing Training – Facebook & Social Media


I find this particular part of Traffic Authority training as outdated and deceptive.They only focus on how to spread the word about Traffic Authority and nothing more.Although they mention that you do not want to spam people on social media with your offers they only thing that they teach is how to leverage the Traffic Authority ads over and over again.Pre made posts , images and banners , all have the main purpose , to intrude people with ads and sales shouts.

I am not saying that you won’t be able to bring in Leads with their training , the question is “For How long?”..Is that the social profile you want to build for yourself?…An ad publisher?…Where is the quality of your posts that are going to help people?…I do not use these marketing techniques in my social accounts.I do keep publishing helpful material keeping a low ratio for my promotions…If you want to publish only ads and sales letters ,go ahead ,but don’t be surprised if people start to unfollow you all along.


Email Training


They suggest that we send out more personalised emails to people , I agree on that.The problem is that if you are just starting out and you don’t have a website full of information then a user list is useless for you.Would you reply or more importantly would you accept to join an online opportunity from an email that has arrived by someone unknown?…Someone that can not support it with additional content?

They therefore propose to use as alternatives a call , a skype message , Voice message or even a Facebook private message.But of course that can only apply to your friends and family.

Email Solo Ads


They suggest to you use someone else’s mail list by purchasing an email solo ad…Do you think that people will be interested in opening emails form unknown addresses that probably will arrive on their junk folder?…

Moreover their templates are nothing more than Sales Pitches.I can discern a pure focus on money from that company.

Training – Buying Traffic


They say that the quickest and easiest way to gain traffic is to buy it.And of course this is when Traffic Authority comes into play , to supply you with the right traffic packages.There are 2 options here , to buy directly from TA or from other solo ads providers that they co-operate with.

This second section is redirecting to a page full of testimonials instead of a page that is describing in detail the cost and the method of this solo ads.I think TA is only interested in convincing people into buying their offers.



Training – Contacting Leaders


The method is to send emails to leaders that we know including a video made by the owners of TA to let them know about this opportunity and how they can benefit from…mmm..I really doubt that a leader will be interested in such an offer.

They additionally suggest an alternative method of contacting those leaders on the phone…Who is going to apply that method?

The phone and email scripts templates are very similar to the personal email templates.I can’t see great value on them and they are not different as they were supposed to be.The content of those emails is not following a very professional path.Just Sales Pitch again….Will that ever stop in this world?


Important Discovery


In my back-office inside the TA website under the leaderboard tab they include a list of their super affiliates.The bad thing is that I found the name of “Kit Elliott” there…Remember him on one of my latest reviews, the Commission Check Club?…For those that are unfamiliar this person is a total scammer , a black-hat evil marketer that has no boundaries and limits.He would sell anything for a price.If you ever cross paths with such a marketer beware of your pocket.It might end up empty in Record Time.





Final Opinion – Conclusion – Is Traffic Authority A Scam?


Obviously the Traffic Authority website is mostly interested in generating sales for themselves.Although they do include a sample training section , that is designed to drive you into buying their products.Moreover the training does not include necessary details on their traffic packages and how they work.There is not even a free trial to test the packages for yourself.You only have to trust TA and buy and then hope that people will buy from you.But that is not how internet marketing works.


Besides you can’t expect great results when you are setting a simple landing page to redirect people only to TA website.How many sales do you think you will get?…Be my guest and try it out…More importantly you can’t test the tools , these are only available for the premium members.

Therefore the packages are very expensive.You will be intruding people into buying overpriced traffic with no guarantee on the results.

Although TA is an MLM organisation their compensation plan seems fair and it is a simple one.But the commissions are not as high as I would expect for such expensive products.The “Big” money will stay on TA.

The participation of “Kit Elliott” in their affiliate team is not adding trust to their offers.


The Traffic Store , The Traffic Optimizer and the Traffic Academy are presented as essential elements for your success.However they do not demonstrate how they work and what to expect.That way you can not judge , you only can “Hope”.

But I can not recommend to my visitors a system that is based on “Hope”.I want to recommend ethical offers , on fair prices that do provide extremely high value.No , Traffic Authority is not for beginners either.To start buying traffic and therefore sell that kind of packages you have to learn the basics.Both for internet and affiliate marketing,That training is not included in TA , so there is a huge gap left to be filled.


Overall I would not say that TA is a scam , because I can’t prove it.But it drives me into this direction.Many false claims all around , fake testimonials and no real value.They are misleading with general facts and you can’t examine the tools and the packages for yourself.They care only for TA and they guide people into becoming Ad Intruders.A borderline product if I had to summarize it up.


There are way better opportunities online if you are in a “Hunt”.If you want to build a sustainable business for the years to come I would suggest you to get involved with Affiliate Marketing.

P.S : Beware of biased reviews and promotions on Traffic Authority , because many dark marketers will try to convince you that this is just another Once In A Life Time Opportunity.They promote everything that comes in their way.But that is not helping anyone , only their pockets.





Thank you for your trust so far.I will be back with more reviews here , on Web Market Support.I welcome your thoughts and comments in the discussion.Till my next review













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  1. David

    Thank you, Tasos for your an eye-opening review which shed light on a very questionable product. There are way too many internet scams out there that try to disguise themselves into something trustworthy. You make some good observations. Like you, I would love to draw more traffic but only do so by providing real value to my audience.

    • Tasos

      You outlined it so perfectly David , a questionable program.I won’t waste my time with suspicious products , no , I need straightforward solutions.Of course , value to the readers is the foundation of a website.Why should someone visit me if I am not offering something worthy?

      Thank you so much for this visit and for your support.

  2. Richard U.

    Thanks for the clear cut review on this product. I myself have not tried it but I have words around about it too. Any product that does not provide up to 90% help and support to its clients will not meet my criteria of product to recommend.

    I quite like the detailing and your effort in making it understandable to any one.

    Good job and please keep it up.

    • Tasos

      Hello Richard , you do very well in selecting carefully the products you recommend.There is a lot of crap out there.We need to filter the best of them.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation.


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