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You're Reading:Why Vision BTC Limited is Not an Investment Company to Trust

Why Vision BTC Limited is Not an Investment Company to Trust

by Tasos


Jan 4, 2017




I came across another investment program…but what is really happening?…everyday a new site pops up. Are people making that much money just by investing in these programs?, are all these ROIs guaranteed?…is anyone losing money?…



Inside Vision BTC



Promising headlines all around

  • Officially registered and operates in accordance with current UK legislation.
  • Return on your investment is guaranteed, no matter what happens
  • You are a few steps from success
  • Choose one of the most successful strategies with daily accruals or make huge profit after the end of the investment period.

Stats seen

  • Running days 23
  • Total accounts 795
  • Total deposits $136,000+
  • Total withdrawn $74,000+

About Us

Vision BTC Limited is a UK registered company focused for over 6 years on specialised investments such as stock options, foreign exchanges, oil trading and cryptocurrency exchange markets.

Vision BTC is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market price.

Why to Choose Vision BTC

  • Genuine investment platform
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption
  • Registered and real company
  • Professional management team


Investment Plans

  • #1 – 117%, 13% daily for 9 days, minimum deposit $20, maximum $299
  • #2 – 150% after 7 days, min $300, max $499
  • #3 – 200% after 6 days, min $500, max $1999
  • #4 – 250% after 3 days, min $2,000, max $100,000

Referral Program

  • 1st level – 5%
  • 2nd level – 2%
  • 3rd level – 1%

Payment processors

Perfect money, Neteller, Payeer, bitcoin


Companies House certificate

Company No. 10487009 5th floor 162 Regent Srt, Soho, London, UK.

Owners Domain

The registration date is 18 Nov 2016 and the name of William Cole appear as the owner.


Indeed, the certificate is valid on the Companies House website but I searched in Google for the address provided. Guess what, there are at least 8 companies listed at the very same address in London on the companies house site.

Here are the names

  • Andy Bailey Lighing LTD
  • DMSJ limited
  • Hopscotch creative limited
  • Kevin Bichard LTD
  • Plobato limited
  • RBT enterprises limited
  • Rillington limited
  • Ruane – Claydon limited

I can see a pattern of LTD companies.

Further research for that particular address uncovers a bunch of other companies. 20 more LTD companies are listed there.


A London tax haven for LTD brands?


I searched in Google for the term “William Cole Trader Investor” … results on MarketWatch website – Mr. William H. Cole, IV, is Chairman at Cecil Bancorp, Inc., Assistant Director at University of Baltimore Educational Foundation, Inc.

It seems that this Mr Cole has probably nothing to do with Vision BTC. No investor or trader came up with that name.



Final Words



We deal with a very dangerous program.

Vision BTC (Bitcoin Trading) claims that the extremely high ROIs are guaranteed. I say no one can do that for no reason. It is just a fancy way to attract investors.

Let’s examine the ROIs. ..Come on, 13% daily profits?…Not even Coca Cola can ensure such earnings. Or 250% after 3 days?…why?…because you invest $2K?…


The company is supposed to be an experienced player in the trading markets however all I can see is a ghost coming out of nowhere, registering a website one month earlier, with an owner that does not exist in the traders / investors search queries.

The address provided return so many results that can not be ignored. All these LTD investing companies are located there. Very suspicious


The website is empty of content. There is not even an article written. Is this a giant investing company or a scam targeting our pockets?…Legitimate companies show their real expertise. When they build websites they publish material and information on their niche. This is how trust is built as time passes by. In order to SELL (attract investments in that case) you have to give first. Vision BTC Limited has nothing to contribute to the financial world.


I believe this is another Ponzi scheme with an expiry date. All invested funds from newly recruited affiliates will be used to pay off existing investors (at the beginning – probably small withdrawn requests). Soon enough recruitment of new affiliates will dry out and so the program will die.

A website designed to make the owners rich as they get the most of funds. Only a few earlier investors might make a profit if they are able to withdraw their earnings soon enough without problems. And all later investors / affiliates, lose out their investments once and for all.

A very dangerous HYIP with high ROIs announced and in no case guaranteed. I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this company.



How to Make Money Online Without Risks



You do not need to chase every HYIP or revenue sharing company out there. That programs are risky and the majority of participants lose money at the end. This is how the owners are getting richer, as they collect over 95% of funds and disappear when the collapse is at early stages.


If you want to build an online business on your own and avoid working for others I would suggest that you get started with a website. This is how I started, 2 years ago and I definitely love it.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














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