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You're Reading:Turbo Cycler – Solution for Struggling Entrepreneurs or Bitcoin Gifting Scheme?

Turbo Cycler – Solution for Struggling Entrepreneurs or Bitcoin Gifting Scheme?

by Tasos


Dec 12, 2016




I was warm welcomed on that website, the affiliate promoting it already told me that the program would change my life if I took that “Leap of Faith”…I know I responded…



Inside the Turbo Cycler



  • Are you still struggling to earn online?…Then check out our plan and features
  • It is the fastest way to grow your earnings with the Leader in Networking
  • The #1 cycler plan for BTC earning
  • Member to member payment only

Who They Are

  • Not an investment, HYIP or currency exhange site
  • They offer a powerful recycler plan to help each other
  • It’s an opportunity to earn 1.26 BTC daily
  • Helping you with direct funding for your financial needs…It was ZarFund using the same exact phrase
  • Just a click away from financial freedom


How it Works



A classic MLM cycler is in place to direct members exchange bitcoins and gain financial freedom…at last..!!!

A 2X3 matrix (2 wide – 3 deep) places 2 affiliates under you on the 1st Level, 4 on the 2nd and 8 on the 3rd. Total positions 14.

  • Level 1 – Entry Costs 0.03 BTC – You can get 2 member payments of 0.03 BTC each = 0.06 BTC in total
  • Level 2 – entry costs 0.05 BTC – You get 4 X 0.05 BTC payments = 0.20 BTC in total
  • Level 3 – entry costs 0.15 BTC – you get 8 X 0.15 BTC payments = 1.20 BTC in total






Final Words



The domain of TurboCycler.us was registered just 20 days ago. As owner appears a company named BigRock Solutions LTD, which is a domain registrar. This means that the real owner of Turbo Cycler is hiding, and that is a very convenient way to do “Filthy” business online.

A very strong reason for you to NOT join the program.


A pure cash (bitcoin here) gifting scheme that is born in order to feed the multi positions the owner holds. When someone joins the program and pays (donates) 0.03 BTC to his / her upline … that is money going straight to the owner’s pocket.

They do not even try to hide the pure Ponzi structure under which they are operating by showing pseudo products / services.


Yes, it is a program with which you can make money by recruiting affiliates and donate you bitcoins.The domain registration date is an advantage for those that are interested because recruitment at early stages is easier and new money will roll in for the first months or weeks.

But once recruitment of new affiliates slow down, the vast majority of late participants who did not manage to recruit at least 2 affiliates under them…all lose money. And the owner disappears for a while and returns after 2-3 months with a new innovative cycler program to suck more money from newcomers / victims.



How I Make Money Online



I prefer to drive traffic to my website by adding content in a consistent basis. This way I can promote products / services from companies around the globe. Real valuable products that people enjoy and use.

The internet hides unlimited opportunities as long as you own an online property. But you have to work for it….


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.

















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