You're Reading:Would you Feel Comfortable Waiting to Get Micro-Loan Payouts from Tradeex’s Borrowers?

Would you Feel Comfortable Waiting to Get Micro-Loan Payouts from Tradeex’s Borrowers?

by Tasos


Mar 9, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing




I deal with another investing company, claim to be featured by a a professional team of trading experts. The formula in that kind of modern programs is very simple for all participants…”Invest-Let the Experts Do the Work-Reap the Rewards”…It is a model very promising, who does not want to make money without having to work?..But unfortunately the industry is surrounded by unlimited fraudulent schemes targeting investors who lose money at the end.

I do hope that this time the statistics will change…



Inside Tradeex.Pro



This is how visitors are welcomed with catchy homepage headlines like…

  • Investments with yield from 1% up to 5% daily
  • Investments in micro-credits – 52.5% ROI in 30 days
  • Investments with professionals – A simple way to success
  • Beneficial terms for partners – Up to 30% for recommendations
  • Make your money work for you
  • No additional fees and holds
  • Unique rank system will greatly increase your income
  • Invest today and by tomorrow you will have a stable pasive income


Just by tomorrow, let’s see..


Why to Choose Tradeex

  • Tradeex experts work in 4 segments of exchange trade: Forex, Shares, Raw materials, Metals
  • More than $300,000 trade capital indicates that partners and investors can rely on Tradeex with confidence
  • 5% of each deposit is accrued to the Insurance Fund
  • You can withdraw all accrued income of your deposits immediately at any time
  • SSL encryption
  • Technical support 24/7


Statistics shown

  • Invested $2,76 million
  • Paid $1,59 million
  • Days Online 160
  • Current percent 1.01%


Video Presentation

The beautiful asian lady is not convincing and probably has nothing to do with the industry. She is just hired for a “scene shot” in an empty office somewhere in the world.







Investments in Micro-Credits

  • According to them…mircrocredit – is a credit for persons, who doesn’t have access to traditional banking, for different reasons, but need money immediately
  • Wikipedia says…Microcredit is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to impoverished borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history

they continue…Financial analysts of Tradeex team had examined many lines of investment activities and have chosen to provide microcredits for physical and legal persons worldwide.


OK, great news…let’s move on


Invest with Minimal Risks

They say…Our experts have created mathematically thought out mechanism of investment interaction with microcredit market, on microcredit base according to Tradeex investment program.

Investor gives a small amount of money for a short period and gets high rate of interest, and borrower receives money immediately under highest percent


Investment Program


  • Invest in the unique program and start gaining a profit with a team of experienced managing traders. Your funds will be managed by professionals that have many years of experience in stock trading and that you can rely on.
  • Assets of our clients are allocated between our traders’ accounts proportionately. Thus, there are large amounts accumulated on trading accounts, which are under our traders’ control. They manage and trade in the clients’ interests, paying a percentage of profits of deals in the end of the trading day

Underneath there is a table showing transactions in real time, but we can’t extract any information as it is very generic.


Tradeex financial strategy allows to almost completely exclude the probability of losses on investor’s accounts. For example, even if one trader will lose something in trading this month, this will be compensated by successful work of others. Even if we assume that all traders lose (which is impossible because of the different strategies and many years of not operating on a loss), we will pay you at least 1% of daily income from company’s own funds

Insurance Investment

Taken from the website…””High-income investments are always connected to a certain risk. In most cases, brokers are not responsible for the actions that their traders take and for safety of your funds. In Tradeex LLC. we value the assets of our investors that’s why all investments made by our clients are insured. Our financial analysts developed a unique and simple insurance system, in which a part of the company’s whole profit and a part of every investor’s deposit (5%) are being transferred to the insurance fund under a certain percent.

Insurance Fund accumulates and constantly multiplies big financial pool, which is the guarantee of stable payments (at least 1%) to our investors at the circumstances outside one’s control (natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, etc.) This sum is automatically withheld from the company’s profit and don’t influence the profit of the investors.””



  • 12.5% for 10 days by 1.25% daily
  • 52.5% for 30 days by 1.75% daily
  • 150% for 60 days by 2.5% daily
  • 270% for 90 days by 3% daily


How microcredit works

  • You apply – the company forms client applications for credit
  • You deposit – the applications are financed by investors
  • Money turnover up to 10 times – borrowers start paying their loans
  • You get a profit – investors benefit from borrowers payments


Payment Processors

AdvCash, Payeer, Perfect Money, bitcoin







Affiliate Program 

There is a 3-tier compensation system with 2 ranks, Investor and Partner.

Investor Rank

  • Bronze (deposit from $0), 1st level 5%, 2nd 0%, 3rd 0%
  • Silver (deposit from $50), 1st level 7%, 2nd 2%, 3rd 1%
  • Gold (deposit from $500), 1st level 10%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 2%
  • Platinum (deposit from $1000), 1st level 15%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 2%
  • Pro (deposit from $3000), 1st level 22%, 2nd 5%, 3rd 3%

Partner Rank

  • Investor (turnover from $5,000), 1st level 5%, 2nd 0%, 3rd 0%
  • Manager (turnover from $10,000), 1st level 7%, 2nd 2%, 3rd 1%
  • Agent (turnover from $35,000), 1st level 10%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 2%
  • Director (turnover from $100,000), 1st level 15%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 2%
  • Pro (turnover from $200,000), 1st level 22%, 2nd 5%, 3rd 3%


You don’t have to invest in order to participate in the affiliate program













Reviews from Tradeex Clients

A small description along with the person’s image

  • Matt Johnson – Investor…an image search uncovers that person with another name found on another url, see screenshot







  • James Braun – Entrepreneur…an image search uncovers billion results, Google’s best guess is “Dimash Adilet”..








  • Samanta – Housewife…an image search shows billion results, the same image refer to another woman, named Jane Vargas this time, giving testimonial for another company called “Fortunial”






  • Alexander Starikov – Private Trader…the same image shows another man, named James Andrews this time, giving testimonial on the “Fortunial” website, just like Jane Vargas did








  • Scott davis – Tradeex LLC partner…again an image search shows billion results, this time the same image refer to a man named Dmtry on another web property






  • Alice Henderson – Photographer…this image returns billion results as well


Disappointing research results



About Page

Tradeex LLC – is a rapidly developing company in the head of a successful team of the professional traders, which have been engaged in stock trading for over 15 years. For these years we’ve concentrated a colossal experience in this area. Today we possess an impressive commercial capital, more than $300.000.000 and this sum is always growing. Before we reached a success we have had to pass a difficult way.

Yours faithfully, Alex Shark. The Tradeex LLC Founder… 

Other 2 founders were listed on the same page, Den Hardy, Tiler Morris


A general search for the term “Alex Shark” shows a flickr photographer, an actor on IMDB..a search for the term “Alex Shark Investor” returns No relevant result

An image search for the 3 founders uncovers only 3 results in each case. Meaning these images are probably real, but that does not mean they relate to the names mentioned by Tradeex.








Contact Information Provided

Address: 7th floor, 40 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 USA. Address #2: 110 Bishopsgate, London City, EC2N 4AY, UK. Phone: (+1) 31 527 91166. Email: advertising@tradeex.pro, Email: support@tradeex.pro


Legal – Registration Docs

London Company 10365116, New-York company 5009953

  • Indeed, the companies house has listed the company Tradeex LTD with the London number.
  • However a 2nd search for the company on the New York Department of State returns No result both for Tradeex name and the number separately.


Owners – Domain

The whois database indicates the registration date for the domain tradeex.pro, late August 2016. As registrant appears the name Alex Shark. The address 7th floor, 40 Wall St, New York, 10005 is also listed and tel +1.967166879



Demo Account

You can not trade with fake money, it is just an option to see the dashboard. It displays a random account but you can’t proceed with any action.







Social Media Action

Only the Facebook page has a few sporadical posts with the last one created on early November, over 3 months ago. The Twitter account has only 2 tweets and the Instagram page only 7 listings.



Final Words



This is the team of trading experts with over 15 years of experience?…Are you convinced to place a deposit?..Because I am not. I am not investing a penny. To do so I need strong evidence of that trading expertise, and of cousre I want Real Contribution to the investing world.

A beautiful website empty of content is not what I call Real Contribution.


Legitimate companies do not enter the market in such a shady way. At the beginning they try to create a strong portfolio showcasing their investing results with own funds. Then they try to attract potential investors. In the meantime a blog department bombard visitors with valuable content every day. Webinars, reports, podcasts, free information on the trading markets. Tradeex has not even published an article yet.

Where is the Raw Materials department?..Where is the Metals?…Where is Forex?…Where is Trading?

Who are their partners?…What is their strategy?…everything is kept secret…Before I invest I need full transparency at least


Should we talk about the images mini research I made?…all the reviews are fake using images found on other properties. This is definitely not how expert companies behave.

And who is Alex Shark by the way?…an investor that is NOT mentioned anywhere online..!!!


Now let’s discuss about the most important part of the program, the Investing Plans and this is the main reason to make you avoid this platform.


Remember when they talked about “Micro-Credits”?…that some people in need of money tend to receive payments from Tradeex’s investors. These people are supposedly individuals that lack collateral, steady employment and have unverifiied credit history.

So what Tradeex is doing here?…Is the company giving money to these untrustworthy borrowers from external investors deposits?…And We, as investors are waiting to get paid from these unknown people that live somewhere on Earth?…Is this a financial plan?…What is Tradeex?…an off the record Bank for poor people?…are you willing to get paid from micro loan payouts that Tradeex passed up to random people?…a very risky situation at best.

I strongly doubt that Tradeex is going to trade in the financial markets…besides they can not verify their expertise.


I challenge You to do This instead of investing….

Contact Tradeex on the official website and mention that you are in need of money. You are an untrustworthy borrower in need of a micro loan. You want micro-credits…You read what they say and you want money. Let’s check their reaction…


Moreover the strong and obvious Pay-to-Play MLM affiliate program is a trap to make you deposit the maximum of funds.


Anyway, it is another dangerous program that it would be better for you to stay away from. However if you want to proceed do not deposit more than the minimum amount to check things first.


All HYIPs work for the owners first and foremost. They can do whatever they want with your money. They can disappear at any given moment and could shut the website down. What would you do in that case?…



Alternative Way to Make Money Online Away from Risks



Investing in such dangerous programs won’t make you rich. In fact, chances are you will get broke. I know it sounds tempting, to make money out of thin air, but that is not how money are being made online. You have to work like the traditional offline business world.

If you are willing to work hard then I suggest you get started with an affiliate website, the most newbie friendly online business model. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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