They say …”Turn any Passion into a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business”…



I’m examining in depth every feature of this community to discover if this promise is real








All the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

WA – Index/Guide





Is Wealthy Affiliate Truly a University as their Members Call?



Before Joining Wealthy Affiliate


Prior to the main review, I sure believe that it would be better to give you some background.If you are one of those who got spammed or fooled or used … in the online marketing field then I indisputably know how it feels
because I have been an internet victim too.I was quite impressed by the modern “get rich quick” scheme that all of these fake gurus offered.

This is the number #1 method they use to attract and manipulate people that looking to work online.Did you ever pay in advance in order to participate in a promising and luxury program?…just like I did?



It was like the end of the world when it happened.I was full of anger along with confusion, how can I lose money just like that?
I was screaming to myself.And it was not only about money…

The time I consumed…time is not counting?

All the hopes and the desire to succeed, all of that were gone …hopefully temporarily.I never gave up, I knew deep down that there was something alive, there are 1000’s of companies trying to promote and sell their products…I was positive in finding the decent ones.So I gathered my strength and continued in searching for real online making money possibilities.



And someday I was reading a review about an American marketing company that I had been a member in the past.



The reviewer definitely was telling the truth because everything he was stating reminded mine experiences from those days.And that kept me on reading through the article. Eventually, he was claiming that he was making money through internet marketing and highlighted the above Wealthy Affiliate community as his top recommended place for someone to get started in online business at no costs.

I was very skeptical at this time..but I knew he was right regarding the other company he was reviewing, so he had a big point.
I decided to check this one out and promised myself to leave in any case of an undercover scam attempt.And I signed up for the free account.



First day in Wealthy Affiliate Community


When I logged in I took a look at the main page which prompts to forums alike style.There was a Live Chat section, a website builder tool and other menus with courses.That first impression was really nice so I set up my profile with a few words about me
and then I took the green (beginners) course indicator to see what’s next.


A personal Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Forum


Well, well I thought I’ve heard all this before.Everybody claims a warm welcome…blah, blah…blah. It was saying “anyone can achieve success from working online”

sure I accept that’s what I am still looking for but all I do is falling to scam after scam.

The post continued …”every start can be difficult” – I know …

…”you don’t need any experience at all in getting started online” – oh really? and who is gonna teach me? I whispered



…”success is not an event” the author moved on….”Is very accumulative and everything you do from now on will contribute to your future success”



Oops..!!…that last statement really made me change my point of view.At this time I was waiting for something like this


..stick to our program and in the next days or weeks, you will be earning more than 2000 / month…



Moreover, there was a video tutorial about the making money process.I was expecting quite the same repetition of general “low value” information like the other companies and organizations I associated with.Colored graphics expressing wealth and status, enhanced photographs with smiling people earning 20,000/month with a check in their proud hands, elegant women driving luxury cars

and promises,…promises but only promises.Don’t you hate it when you just run into such fake pledges?


Came to my surprise that this video was an interpretation of the following 4 step diagram, an analysis of the whole process of getting money online.

a) choose anything you like or a passion of yours (the niche)

b) build your website

c) get ranked in search engines

d) earn revenue from the traffic.

The poster promising that all of these steps will be covered in detail through their education platform and he was encouraging us to ask questions and to take action on what we learn.You see I was waiting for a well-covered tactic of something like

..”buy our products in the special offer of 70% discount within the next hour and become a member of a giant, be a millionaire”.



Instead, there was a real step-by-step education course, divided into sections and subcategories.I slipped over to see if it’s fake, incomplete or sketchy…NO…It was full of valuable information, documents with tips, advice, videos, charts, presentations, a very “in deep knowledge”.It was exploring the ways can someone benefit using his own WordPress Blog/Site.


Marketing secrets to getting organic traffic, extended lessons in keyword analysis and tools, support, discussions, live seminars via the web browser …and much more.



I felt that something different exists in here







Next days  in Wealthy Affiliate 



Continued normally with my training, I joined several discussions, commented on older and new posts while interacting with other members in the Live Chat room.Everybody assured me that I made a right choice by joining this community and they answered
all my questions with pleasure.I did not expect to be answered so quickly.


The place was alive or was it just an illusion I was having hypnotized by the devil marketing skills of the author?




Wealthy Affiliate Training


There are 5 certification courses each one of them divided into 10 lessons.Every lesson includes both written and video material with exclusive information on internet marketing and how can someone build an affiliate marketing website in order to attract online traffic and therefore promote other companies products and grant commissions.The lessons are followed by tasks you need to complete.

1) Online Entrepreneur Certification

2) Building Your Own Traffic Website

3) Making Money Online

4) Mastering Social Engagement

5) Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation


All the standard education courses are build from the owners of the site Kyle and Carson, who do present a unique learning method.Every chapter is analyzing “in deep” and not just scratching the surface like the most methods that exist today on the net.The videos are motivational, easy to understand and full of valuable and unique information and they do cover every aspect they claim.


Wealty Affiliate – Education/Main Training Modules (Part II)







Classrooms within Wealthy Affiliate Campus – A Guide To Affiliate Marketing


The Classrooms are the secret weapon of this community.Inside you can ask specialized questions according to your problem and experienced members of the forum post tutorials, updates and their own training to cover the above questions of the newer members.An interactive part of the community which comes as a solution to modern internet marketing.When you build a website for the first time it is essential to be guided by experts and not just left with the information alone.

1) Getting Started

2) WA Affiliate Program – one of the best in the market, not only because of the high commissions the WA members get but for the knowledge and the support you receive from experts in this area.

3) Keyword, Niche and Market Research – How the search engines operate, what is happening when people search on the net, how to target online traffic for conversions

4) Everything WordPress – Tutorials, videos, articles on WordPress platform, plugins, operation

5) Authoring & Writing Content – One of the most important subjects.Because in the modern marketing era, Google, search engines, and people are looking for Quality content and not just websites or landing pages focused only on sales.

6) Search Engine Optimization – Very in-depth section again.I think they cover everything and they follow all the latest Google’s updates and guidelines.

7) Social Engagement & Marketing – Plenty of information on every social platform

♦ 8) Website Development & Programming – One very important subcategory.It’s not only the marketing education that matters when you build a website you need further training.I had all my questions covered.

9) Local Marketing – Another approach to marketing sales targeting local companies and helping them rank in the engines.

10) Video Marketing – Undoubtedly, the video is today’s leading and favorite format of material.

11) Email Marketing – Email marketing still is the king, especially for companies with a lot of subscribers

12) Pay Per Click Marketing – When you pay for ads that get clicked.Extended training as always.

13) The Wealthy Affiliate Platform – Everything that concerns the forum function








General activity inside Wealthy Affiliate – How It Works – Support



Let me show you how this website really operates and how easy is for anyone to use the tools provided.

The most important factor is that everybody contributes.


Everybody share knowledge and useful tips.There are 100’s experienced marketers that blog and post on a daily basis about anything that has to do with this business.Some of them offer tutorials or videos or live seminars.Don’t forget the fact that the overall active population of the community is 10,000’s of people.So I think you have a better and clear point of view now



Another very important factor that leads Wealthy Affiliate to the top is the live interaction of both the co-owners of the site.


Not only you can send them private messages in which you are getting decent responses but you track them …in the Live Chat hanging out, offering information and even fix problems that members deal with their websites.Both of them are high experienced marketers that started out 15 years ago.

Now let me ask you …how often do you have the chance to speak directly with the owner of a forum?…And ask him for personal advice?




Wealthy Affiliate Tools and their importance



The main general search tool that is accessible on every page makes the navigation a handy game.You feel lost, don’t know where to find your answer?…You simply name your phrase and the tool provides all the available content according to your search.You feel lazy or too tired to search on your own…?.You post a simple question and then answers coming from other members in minutes or in the worst case hours.In other communities, you would have to wait at least a day or days just to be answered.

The Keyword research tool that is disposable supply statistics and data in seconds. A must-have tool in marketing operations which you can’t find in other Training Forums.There is a save data function as well in case you store information for future references.



The Link Tracking …who does not want to know which links operate better?…It’s analyzing every link you have so you can interfere with your campaigns.


Well…I think you get the point…I don’t wanna extend into more details right now.



I challenge you to do this on your own.It is Free to try.You can examine it for as long as you want



It’s a TRY before you BUY “product”Don’t you like it when you have the chance to try something before having to spend your tough gained money?






Wealthy Affiliate BONUS – Discount



If you like to check this place out you can follow this link directly to my personal profile within WA community and I will be welcoming you there with some startup tips that can help you navigate inside and I will be in touch in cases you need further help.
You might also wanna check out a special offer that exists today.If you like this place and you want to move on in building your business the premium membership for the first month has a 59 % discount reaching only the $19.The only thing you have to do is sign up within your first week.

I know that all of these may sound to you like “too good to be really true” but I dare you to confront me on this review.



The most important factor of all.Wealthy Affiliate is not promising Success to No-one.It’s clearly stated that you have to work really hard to make it happen.They only provide the education, the tools, hosting and the interaction.


If you feel ready to move on continue with me…



What kind of websites I will be building in WA?…WA uses the WordPress platform.There are about 3000 different modern themes to choose (premium), starter includes around 20.There are hundreds of free plugins that can be installed and activated instantly.And there is a bunch of video tutorials, especially for WordPress operation.Additionally, the auto-update enclosed function keeping your site up to date.My site is using this platform as well.


You can check on your own. It’s Free and takes a minute to complete




I enclose a Video where you can check how easy is to Setup your Website with SiteRubix







Wealthy Affiliate Technical Support Team



Almost forgot the 24/7 tech support team that deals with every problem and offers daily or day after day backups.And they are very fast at what they do.I remember a day that I run into an issue with my website settings and they resolved the problem within 40 mins without bothering me at all.And the hosting service is unbelievable, the websites are running at high speed, and their security platform ensures no need for using extra security plugins on your website, everything is covered on their end.

And that is something that is very important and only a few hosts can deliver such high-level services.



Wealthy Affiliate Membership and Costs



FREE starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate (what’s included)


This type of membership is absolutely a must for every newbie out there in the online marketing world.It costs only 0$, a well rounded zero.No hidden /spammy go-throughs\ , …no credit card details ,…no anything ::weird:: or “unusual”.

The starter member has admission to 3 classrooms, the getting started certification course, the keyword tool with restrictions and 2 free fully hosted websites.The first 7 days of starter account is exactly as the premium but after that period you lose the live chat, the blog/post creation, and the commenting privilege but that can be replaced by using properly the general search tool so anyone can find an answer that had been posted.Also, the post and the blogs of other members still stay accessible so any question can be covered because there are 10,000’s of posts and blogs inside

PREMIUM Membership in Wealthy Affiliate – Pricing – Hosting



This type of membership stands for serious people looking to earn money in the online arena or those who want to raise a current business to sublime levels.Additionally, with the starter account, you have access to live video classes, ALL the classrooms…ALL the themes in WordPress,… ALL certification courses, the communicating platform and …“DOUBLE referral commissions.”..Also unlimited keyword research plus weekly keyword lists and extra bonus materials in pdf or other formats

Total cost per month is 47$ including the host of 25 owned domain and 25 Siterubix websites.(there are discounts)

You host 50 websites and have access …to all of those features at 47$ per month.Pretty inexpensive.



Wealthy Affiliate Complaints – The Bad Things about this Community


There are some bad things inside WA as it happens with all the communities and networks.No place can be perfect, that is a dominant rule. WA is huge and people are posting every day on various internet marketing topics.Just as for every network people often use the tools provided for their own sake and promotion.

While the majority of the population is active and helping each other there are members that only seek to expose their business.Other members are annoying usually distracting the forum operation sometimes even contacting others through personal messages asking for feedback or to visit their websites in exchange for something.


A small minority of people post irrelevant questions or blogs in the wrong places asking for things unrelated to the actual content.Most of the times these members are new and are eager to find answers for their problems while they could use the Live Chat function which is the ideal place to ask gently for instant help or the Classrooms for advanced queries.

The moderators always keep the forum spam free and remove content that does not follow the rules but in such large forum, this process takes time.Other members are concerned about their WA rankings and although that does not affect their website improvement they keep on blogging almost daily. But it’s a free community, anybody can be self – expressed.


Moreover, there are some common complaints from new members that obviously seek for quick results.They expect financial success in weeks or in a few months but as the modern internet world consists of million websites in every niche success is inevitably delayed.


Long gone are the days where someone was publishing a website and in days this website was attracting a huge amount of online traffic.The competition nowadays is enormous and only to get ranked in the search engines takes time.So keep that in mind when you start an online business.


Offline businesses are no different, the competition is very high and to differentiate yourself and make people trust you needs time.Those members that are seeking for quick money often react, whine and blame WA despite the fact that the training clearly mentions the exact opposite.


Another ordinary malfunction is watching new members using the Live Chat only for bombarding people with technical or other questions without using the search operation first to access the community’s knowledge.


Being a new member inside WA sometimes you will feel overwhelmed but as you participate and get informed soon you can filter such members out and in the worst cases, you can unfollow them totally ignoring their actions.





FINAL Opinion – Conclusion …The Truth about Wealthy Affiliate Exposed







Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is a Real University, in which you are not only learning Affiliate Marketing but you take action from the very beginning to create your own business on the web.I have been participating in dozens of training portals before I joined WA and afterward so … I can assure you that you won’t find so much information elsewhere.And there are no Up-Sells coming on.


The Training is comprehensive, the Tools are unique, the Support is enormous, the Live Chat is a great resource for instant help and the participation of the owners set the level too high for an internet marketing forum.The Certification Courses that created from the owners are strictly following the Google and other search engines guidelines, are updating frequently and simply cannot be compared with other communities and the Classrooms provide authoritative knowledge on certain marketing areas.


The active interaction with high experienced marketers will grow your skills and the Live Webinars will mature your actions.The Hosting Service is fast and secure and the Support Tech Team is there 24 / 7…The Price is fair and is much cheaper than other similar networks.A totally legit opportunity that if you take it seriously then it can lead to your online success.What else you should need.?


The vast majority of the members are helpful and acting by the rules but there are some members as I already discussed that cause some malfunctions to the forum.Most of the times these are new members anxious to get fast results ignoring others and the common goal of the community, Having that said it will take some time to recognize them but you can’t let that stop you from trying this great online opportunity.


WMS RANKING of WA: 9.5 /10.I give a 9.5 because If I was giving 10 …then it would mean perfect but perfect for me does not exist.




I am waiting for your thoughts and comments.Do you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate or other Marketing Platforms.?


You may also wanna check out the FAQ section I prepared especially for this community after repeated researches and discussions with 100’s of people



Frequently Asked Questions about Wealthy Affiliate – Who Is It For?


“is this program legit and/or you recommend it?”

…Absolutely it is a totally legit program.You are not obliged to pay or to buy anything.Besides you can use the free starter membership and see if suits you.I have not stopped recommending it from the day I started.

“I am a student and also working at the same time.Can I be successful if only working for 1-2 hours daily?”

… The fact you are student and working will even be an advantage for you because you don’t expect fast results.At this point, a lot of people fail and eventually, they give up because building such an online business takes time and good results come to those who WAIT….just like any kind of business out there.In your case I suggest you check it out and take your TIME, Don’t rush.

” I own an industrial product and want to promote it.Shall WA help me in making it happen?”

…Whether you own a product or you just stand in the middle as a re-seller WA is a unique tool to give you all the HIGH information
you need to target the market, attract and engage with your audience and therefore to sell and build a trusted line of followers and clients.But as I always mention don’t push results, it takes some time unless you are an expert in marketing and sales.

“I am just a normal guy who retired lately and I want something to do.I was thinking of writing a blog that can talk with people like me and share experiences.Is it also possible to earn any additional revenue from that activity?…Although money is not my first priority..maybe I can help my son who got married”

There is no doubt.This is what I always say to people.And not only to retired that want to express their energy.This platform is a must for everyone.If you are passionate about something and you feel you wanna write down your thoughts you can use a blog/site and with the appropriate knowledge and community’s support, this underestimated detail can become a returning profit in the future.

Who does not need some extra income?…Whether you are a student, or a divorced mom with children, a businessman, an office employee, a blogger, a doctor ..”WA”.. can only be an added skill to your present capabilities.

..”I already have a business running and I own a website that I paid for but I am not really sure if I got benefited much of it.Is there something wrong with the site and/or how WA can be any of use for me?”

…WA can really help you at this point.You won’t have to change your website but by attending the courses and partake in the classrooms and interacting with fellow entrepreneurs you will getting experience in the marketing science.And that only could turn to a profitable outcome for you.You then have the knowledge on how to market your clients better.You will find yourself coming up with new ideas day after day.You will discover how other members act and the way they build their websites and you gonna take full advantage of it.The more informed you are in a business …the more successful you can become.

“Is there any other way of getting paid from WA partnership besides the website operation?..because I understand it takes time to build a successful website and have people surround you and trust you”

…YES.You can join the WA affiliate program.see my full post on that matter.WA offers to their subscribers (both starter and premium) the affiliate boot camp courses.You will be trained in referring people and earn revenue in the process.

I have to underline here that joining the WA affiliate program is OPTIONAL.You are not obliged to do that.You can make money on your website and/or you can refer people to WA as an added income resource.It’s all up to you.And this referring program uses a simple payment plan, not the one used in MLM companies.You only get a commission from one referral at a time.You are not taking his life, not empty anyone’s pocket.Just an ethical and kind approach to join a knowledge community and work hard with true potential.You might also want to check out my article on 15 key benefits of Affiliate Marketing



Till next time, your online partner



All the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

WA – Index/Guide






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