The Million Dollar Duplicator Scam Will Duplicate Your Photo

by Tasos


Sep 30, 2015

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I came across another luxurious Binary Options Software Solution.I was curious and searched for other reviews online the moment I realised that this program was very suspicious.I can’t believe how many positive reviews are out there.Everybody is an affiliate of this Duplicator Machine….OK…So this is the future of marketing , let’s see.


Another Binary Review on a Product called “Million Dollar Duplicator”..Will This Scam Duplicate Real or “Monopoly” Money?



I was so damn furious that I had to double check everything.First of , inside the Duplicator website , which by the way , is a very nice looking and organised one , there is someone posing as the Founder / CEO , named “Michael Bradley”.There is a problem though.I searched for this image on Google because I remembered that face on another scam production and the results I found verified my suspicions.The same image alone gives about 588 results , all pointing to some “Investor Guru” called Edmond Clark aka as a betting tipster for soccer games.

Now I feel comfortable.

So … Michael Bradley is Edmond Clark , may be he had to change his name due to maximum threats of his life.Who knows?…The FBI might clarify the situation for us.



More Photo Apocalypse


The second member of the team is “David” without a surname.OK , right click on the image then search for this image on Google.Surprise surprise … 386 results – Name : “Markus Spiske” … It is getting interesting

Third member – “James” – software manager , right click , search Google... BOOM – 936 results , chat technical support from Dell.A random picked photo from someone that does not know about it yet.The same image appears on various sites.Examples

  • mylivechat dot com
  • tekniverse dot com
  • protechbuddy dot com


The BELLS are ringing , the decibels are echoing deadly in the night.



The fourth member of the team – “Sophie” – customer support.130 results , another shock waiting.That female posing with the exact same photo on various sites as well.Go on…

  • Beautiful smiles quotes for girls – imgkid dot com
  • Refe99 dot com – quotes pictures and graphics
  • Itimes dot com – smile quotes.


I guess she is supporting the Duplicator customers by saying “Quotes” for betting losses to sweeten their hearts.What an angel.I hope the real owner of the photo realise it soon and accuse this Duplicator with a sue.



The fifth and last member – “Lily” – analyst special.Only 95 results this time.The funny information arrives when you watch her image under sites like this one

  • Aalayamtourism dot com – India Tour Operator.
  • Skrudzostrategija.it – another WordPress site.


This analyst has special gifts and at the same time operates other sites and works for an Indian Tourist organisation…Hmmm..Very interesting news today.






Do I have to Dive Deeper In Order to Prove that the Duplicator is Fake?



When I first entered their website , one hour ago , there were left 12 spots only available.Now the counter has stopped to the magical number #1 , and it’s stuck there.I know it is never going to drop to Zero.

The video rolled in but the voice was terrible , like a machine talking … Could not the producer reduce the reverb? …

Incredible Claims Of Sudden Success


The duplicator’s owner is very hungry.Without prior notice he mentions that this system is of course totally free , as 100% , and that within 48 hours we will be generating $30K per month.The reviewers that gave that product a high rating are also desperate to make some affiliate sales.But for how long?

More fancy headlines like that one

“This video is not trying to scam you”


.. Yeah I know , but why are you underlining that already?…Instead please show me how this system really works , give me a demo , a trial period , something.

  • No , Tasos , this video is not a scam but it has the potential to change your life forever.
  • You don’t have to buy anything today , N O T H I N G
  • So please put your credit card away … Another huge lie as I suspect , let’s see at the end.
  • If you are not able to make huge profits within the next hours , I personally guarantee that I will paypal to you $2000 cash.


This is no B.S. – Back It Up With Solid Proofs


The new modern recipe , $5 video fake testimonials bought on Fiverr or anywhere else.As you an see from my screenshots the “Serious Entrepreneurs” that voting for the Duplicator are real gentlemen.

So , this is where I lose and you have to trust this Binary crap , go ahead … use this Duplicator and then come back here to show me your results.I need to see that millions of dollars you generated overnight.



Want to stay FREE from loans , debts , bills , the mortgage , the past life of misery and despair?…Then don’t look any further.

I wish it was that easy Mr Michael.

An auto-pilot that runs every day to deposit money into your bank account.I can’t believe how people are still believing in that BS..!!..


Recorded Video testimonial by “David Cole”


That part is really entertaining.Another voice on the microphone calls Michael on Skype to inform him about his trades with the Duplicator.Amazing , he won 24 trades in a row.More than 100% accurate results , what a ratio , congratulations “Duplicator” .. No , there is more , 2 hours later the “Machine” stood at 43 continuous wins….Oh god , may be I was wrong after all.

No , it goes even deeper , 84 wins in a row.I never heard of a machine winning all the binary movements with such an ease … 156 – 0 … 188 – 0 .. And the broker still allowing him to play and Rip them Off apart.Yeah.



The Background Story – What Else?


Michael and a pack of good friends and partners developed this fabulous machinery.Among them programmers , traders and statisticians.But Michael goes too far , I think he is starting to fall.He personally guarantees you not 97,8% , not 99% but 100% accuracy.


And why Mr Michael you are not trading for you and your wonderful team? .. Why don’t you hold the money and donate to the poor countries?.. Why are you searching for volunteers , the minute you can give any present to anyone in this world?



The Next Page – Member’s Area



More fake elements , signs of Forbes , CNN , oh come on people , what Forbes has to do with such a software? .. Forbes and CNN?…Wake up people , don’t take these baits like that.You are reasonable , say NO to the crap.

More fake buttons , not clickable , these buttons are not guaranteeing anything,What a waste of time.





Congratulations – You Unlocked a Broker Account for FREE



Although we said that this is a free of any charge opportunity to get access to the broker you need to make a small initial deposit , Tasos , sorry.

No , it’s OK , Michael , I have already an account with a broker that I trust for many years.Just send me your free software and I will take care of the rest and test it.

Hmm … I am afraid that can’t be done Tasos.

And why not Mr Michael?

Don’t call me Mr , OK , I have provided all the proofs you needed , I can’t believe how greedy people are nowadays.No , you don’t deserve that software for free Tasos…Go away and find another magic machine , if it exists.But you won’t find it Tasos , you know why?…Because it does not exist

At least we agree on something Michael , eventually.


Final Opinion – Conclusion



This has gone too far.There can’t be published online so many positive reviews about this crap.I can’t believe it , no I can’t.I do not have much to add , this presentation was just another nightmare.People you have to wake up and I mean , NOW.


But is it Not Possible for someone to Make Money Through Binary Options Trading?


Of course it is.As with every business out there.But you won’t make it happen by using that “Duplicator Magician” or any other fancy machine that is created to fool and trick you.You need first of all knowledge.A proper and decent training.You have to dedicate many hours daily to practice and analyse statistical and mathematical data and problems.

In a year from now you would probably gain enough experience to start trading with real money.But it is a long and dangerous ride.Have in mind that Binaries include high risk and there is no software to predict these movements.I will repeat myself one more time like I did in other reviews , like Sarah’s , Wlliamson’s , Oz Robot’s , Millionaire Blueprint’s.


There is no software like that simply because if it existed they would not sell it.If they however decided to sell it they would not do that for $250.That $250 are the initial deposit that most of the brokers need to credit an account.If you pay $250 a commission is granted by the person who referred you to this broker.That means the “Duplicator” website , in our case.

And remember , Binary is a risky model , even the most experienced individuals lose money.Additionally you have to be a strong personality and play without emotions and most importantly , to have the courage to stop when you must stop.Period.


If the Million Dollar Duplicator was a legitimate company they would have let me access my own personal broker’s website and trade from there.They would have send that “Non – Existed Software” through email to me so that I begin to trade immediately.But they are not doing it.Guess why?…Because they are not affiliated with my broker , only with their own broker.


P.S I almost forgot what I discovered in the beginning.Decent and legitimate organisations and website owners are not using fake stock photos , borrowed from various sites online.


Important NOTICE : If I were in your position , even if they were giving this magic software for free instead of $250 , I would not install this on to my computer  … Who knows what information that software might be stealing from your data and personal accounts.Do not ever trust Software like this one.






This is called “Organized Crime” 



I hope you enjoyed yet another very negative review , but I am in a war right now , with all these new brokers coming out of nowhere , ripping innocent people and newbies for good.No mercy to the evil.We can win together.I am welcoming your thoughts and concerns.Do not hesitate to deposit your own experience with any of these fancy programs that promising overnight success

I wonder if there is any product that is worthy on Clicksure

Success really exists , but it has to find you working … someone said


If you are looking for real online opportunities then look no further than “Affiliate Marketing”.Till my next review , your online partner,.

















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  1. James

    Seems like an obvious scam after reading you article. Its great that you’ve done the research in order to show other people exactly how clear it is to avoid this scam.
    I’m sure that many people have fallen for this before, so its good that you’ve shown at least a few people that it should be avoided!
    good work!

    • Tasos

      Thank you for this input James , I do hope that people will avoid this worthless product.You are very kind , all my best.

  2. Market Merchant

    I enjoy these kind of sites, the content, and what not, unfortunately I tend to view the majority of them, more as joke sites.

    That is not to be mean just honest. Make a million today, multiply your million, thousands a week from home!

    Now I say joke because I view these statements as a joke, yes you can make a million dollars over night, online. However, what most people don’t know is, that happens after years of creating sites, and building revenue that is consistent, until you get there, but is not at all possible for the new affiliate.

    This makes them a bit funny as I know the insides, however your site is honest and open about what it does/takes to get there, and maybe going into a bit more detail with more personality would be cool.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Market Merchant , yes , these are joke sites.You outlined it perfect , to make millions of dollars needs some time.Years of experience and publishing material online while building a huge following of royal fans.It can’t just happen for a newcomer.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your experience.

  3. marcelg

    Eye yeye yeye!

    Wow thanks for clearing that one up. Another major scam artist / fake system out there just to prey upon the vulnerable.

    First red flag with the image search. Great investigative work Tasos. Thanks for posting about this.

    I just feel like we are getting surrounded by scam artists these days.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Marcelg , I knew it from the moment I saw that picture , I had seen this man before in another poor product.That is what they do , use images of random people and who knows what else.

      We are not only surrounded , things are getting worse every day.Thank you for this visit and for supporting my review with your opinion.

  4. NemiraB

    Hello, thanks for Million Dollar Duplicator’s review. It is pretty clear from your description what is really something wrong here.
    It is a pity that people are fooled with nice smiles and fake pictures. I guess that all we would like to believe that money can show up without effort and hard work.
    It seems strange that somebody using this software , could make millions, because this guy could use it for himself. Why he needs payment, which is not adequate to this amount, which can be made with this software?
    Your analysis is diligent and intensive. I hope that your visitors would stay away from this shiny object and would choose real, transparent company.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Nemira.Your observations are spot on.Yes , it feels so nice when you listen to these videos wondering that money can be made without any effort at all.But if that was the reality , no one would have to work anymore.So , this is called “Utopia”.

      Exactly , why someone that already making millions want to share such a secret software with the rest of the world?..and asking for our deposits up front.Nonsense.

      Let’s hope that people will realise soon what is going on and that the online world is no different than offline.Thank you for another visit and for your great points.Your participation will make my post even clearer.All my best wishes to you.

  5. Evie

    Oh No! not another binary software program that claims you can make all this money by doing nothing. I feel these programs are growing like weeds. I’ve seen so many of them and we all know that there is no software that works like that. I’m glad that you’re around to pull out the weeds. Thanks for your great review. I only wish you the best.

    • Tasos

      That is what I say when I fall into these new offers almost daily , Evie…Oh No..

      You mention one , 3 new come out tomorrow.Just because they heard somewhere that these fancy videos do work and they can take advantage of newcomers they think they are smart.This is how they want to make a living.We are in war , literally.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your support , your participation will help people understand the “Truth” behind these elegant presentations.I wish you the best as well.

  6. Sam

    Hi …been following your site since last night and am glad someone feels the frustration and anger at these scammers …. makes you feel like nothing is genuine on the internet anymore . Gold digger.trade is another scam to be wary of ..exactly same principal … free software … open new broker through their affiliate link blah blah … keep up the good work … I’m just starting out in internet marketing and this has opened my eyes to the tactics that are being applied.

    • Tasos

      Good to have you back Sam , I can feel your excitement.Your prediction is like a Bull’s Eye…Only a few of these small online make money opportunities offer true value.A very small percentage.

      I came across that name “Gold Digger” the other day but only by that title I would be afraid to invest.I have a list of 40+ binary new software releases , but unfortunately all seem “Scams to the bone”.

      Let me open Gold Digger for a minute…mmm , nice music.”Outright scam” , these commercial strong voices are pointing to Frauds.This is not how you approach people to sell , you need to give something in return.If we needed a movie we would go to the cinema.Give me some Trading Tips instead.

      Moreover there is “NO other content” on that landing page.People stay far away..

      Thank you for pointing out another low quality product , for your kind words and for your participation.


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