You're Reading:The Innovative 50K Mission Will Scam You In Excitement

The Innovative 50K Mission Will Scam You In Excitement

by Tasos


Sep 26, 2015

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

Heading for interviews laughing




12 months ago , a covert group of Wall Street investors opened the doors to a few lucky people giving them the chance to earn more money in a day than most people earn in a year.6 days ago they re-opened enrollment with new system tweaks designed to deliver the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.This clandestine group of traders is looking for exactly 25 brave new people


..”What the heck…Oh no , not another movie , it’s early in the morning , can’t it wait till the sun goes down?”

…”NO , my name is David Howell and you are here because you need my advice and software to make money , Tasos , do not deny it”.

“But how am I supposed to get a seat when there are only 25 spots left?”

“If you are not ready to jump today , the offer is gone , can’t help ,sorry”

“But is it working?”

“Hmmm , if you want to retire in as little as 30 days from today then this is your software , don’t look further”



With This Review I am Investigating Another Fancy Binary Offer Called “50K Mission” .. Is It a Scam? .. or Legit?



The software had been used by a special group of fortunate people in real time and 99 out of 100 reached the $1000 profits in less than a day.Some of them generated even $5000 the next days.The program is amazing but unfortunately is only available for a small “Elite” team … Would you join them?

Can you imagine bringing in $50K in a single week? .. I guess this is their slogan






Fake Testimonials – Exaggerated Claims All Around



Will this ever stop?…No , every single day new binary options secret software opportunities flow into the market.The 50K Mission has already proved to be one of them…one that is promising $5K , $10K, $20K profits per day.The usual scenario of buying freedom , unlock a luxurious lifestyle , pay the bills , send the  kids to college , buy a new car .. or two , pay-off the house and of course HELP others.


That is what the main purpose of 50K mission is and that is why they are doing it.To help others.And they take it one step further with this new style video production.They show pictures of poor countries , homeless citizens , kids looking for water in the middle of nowhere.


All of these pictures are aiming your subconscious , to make you start thinking  of others and their huge problems instead of focusing on the offer you are dealing in front of your screen.




An Innovative Idea I Could Not Predict



..Listen to the exact words of David … “We will give you the software for FREE , absolutely , but we are asking exchange from you to donate $50K to the non-profit group or charity of your choice right after your first $500K”.

“Nice David , you got me surprised.You are a decent gentleman , I was wrong about you”.


50K Mission Key Features – The Whole Package


  • Guaranteed profits on 100%
  • No limits – on how much or how fast you would earn
  • Fully automated – another auto-pilot





More fake comments from Facebook and Twitter


David is showing some fake comments through the social platforms.I know they are useless but I double checked with their facebook page.

Instead of finding out the comments that were published on their website , the only messages I uncovered there were 3 complaints from people that probably used the “Non existed software” … Yep , another obvious fraud tactic they use quite often.That is why you have to read some reviews online first before you buy , but unbiased reviews.Because there are MANY positive reviews about the 50K mission that praise this program , be careful all along.






Another Free Offer With Almost No Requirements



David’s promise is real , this is 100% free , no credit card or paypal information needed.But you have to open a broker account…No , it won’t work with an already existing broker account you might have , you have to open a new one on their suggested and “Affiliated” broker of course.Imagine if I was opening a new account in a new broker everytime I run into these offers.I would have been broke by now.


Countries Allowed – Inside The Broker



Although my country is not listed on the Clicksure announcement banner of 50K Mission I  managed to reach their broker and open an account.Really funny , is not it?

Well , the VX Markets , the broker , needs my $250.Well, I am not paying $250 for watching a video like that , NO …. Do you really think the 50K mission deserves your $250?…Really , for what?…What information the 50K mission delivered?…Only hopes and dreams.Well , I have had enough of those , I am not paying without receiving.I hope you will do the same like me.






Final Opinion – Conclusion



Another binary fraud is added to the already extended catalogue.Things are getting worse with all these offers online.The bad thing is that there are a lot of fake positive reviews , so you have to step up very carefully.I don’t have much to add , a similar movie presentation like Sarah Markel , Oz Robot , Millionaire Blueprint and so many others.Run to the hills and stay away from these scams.

Don’t get fooled by so thin websites that are empty of content and actual free published information.Do not believe websites that their only content is one Video Sales Pitch ... Do not fall.Trust only websites that offer value for free.Check their content and then decide with clean mind.Do not rush.Overnight success does not exist.Sorry , you have to work really hard.



You can do it but it won’t happen with a secret software that is dominating the Binary markets in a few mouse clicks.No one would have shared such a software.


If you are researching for legitimate online opportunities I would suggest that you build your own sustainable business foundation for the years to come.That can be done by following the “Affiliate Marketing” model.It is not complicated , anyone can do it.It requires though your devotion and real efforts.





I hope you enjoyed another very negative review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till my next review , your online partner.





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  1. jschicanha

    wow this is quite interesting ever for this reason i have been going through many websites searching for the best results concerning my research on becoming a successful entrepreneur but mostly the don’t satisfy me at all and i’m planning to follow this article more often

    thanks for sharing and keep me updated with more information related this

    • Tasos

      Thank you JS for your participation.I wish you all the best for your entrepreneurial quest.!!

  2. Vera

    What a huge market of fraud the binary option market is. Trading has such a bad image, these tons of binary option push button scams make it even worse.

    Too bad for those real traders who worked hard to learn the business and do their job in forex or other fields successfully.

    And really shocking that there are still so many people falling for these scams!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Vera and yes this is one of the worst internet markets.You happen to meet me in a point where I have decided to turn completely away from these scams and fraudulent products.

      Whenever I come across with such suspicious sites I just press the exit button.

      Additionally I believe there are so many awesome products out there that need our promotion for they deserve it.

      Too bad for those who got training , mastered skills and trying to dominate an unpredictable financial area to compete with those worthless entrepreneurs.

      People have to wake up , but I am not here to help them on that anymore.There are opportunities that had to be discovered.

      Enough with them , thank you for this awesome support and for your interest.Good luck on your work.

  3. Rick

    Thank you, Tasos for bringing this obvious scam program to light. It makes me angry every time I see one of these scam artists promoting their Binary Options garbage. I was a victim of this type of scam (don’t remember the name) many years ago. It didn’t take me long to realize I was not going to make any money so I wanted my deposited funds back. At first I got a run around then they requested I send them a photo of my drivers license and social security card to verify my information. Needless to say, I lost that money and learned a valuable lesson. I appreciate your Honest review of these types of sites and hopefully it will help others to stay away. When I was scammed, the only reviews I found online were the positive ones that the scammers had set up themselves. Like you say, do your own research and find the real comments.

    • Tasos

      Hello there Rick , exactly , a worthless scam artist.Simply there is no such software to predict the Binary movements.

      Getting a refund or even getting paid for winning trades require that you send the brokers your personal data , like identity and security numbers.The same goes for sport betting companies.But I would feel very uncomfortable to send my data to an unknown origin broker , especially the ones I visit lately.I am not even giving them my credit card details.I do not know what they have in their minds when they collect these data.I wonder how much money are being lost every single day for all these scams.

      The fact that you lost money back then was a lesson for you and now stronger you can deal easily with such promotions.Everybody should proceed with caution and should try to find unbiased reviews.Because especially with the Binaries the “Positive Fake” reviews are countless.Most of them belong to the owner of the product.

      Thank you for dropping by and for stating your experience , that message will drive people to the right direction

  4. Don

    Hi Tasos,

    Thank you for making us aware of another scam on the web. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous how quick they grow out of nothing and when I read trough your review I totally agree that it is a scam and you should stay away from it.

    I don’t know if I have over read it, but do you have to pay a monthly fee or is it a free software?


    • Tasos

      Hey there Don , yes an obvious and worthless scam , once again , in the Binaries.Lately I have watched a tremendous increase of new published Binary garbage , so I guess there is plenty of work to be done.That means also that people fall for these baits.Additionally every day I can see new brokers and that adds to my suspicion.Actually they are making money out of newbies.

      No , the $250 is needed to create an account for the affiliated broker of this scam and the software is supposed to be free.The funny thing is that they are not sending me the software to use it with my own personal broker.They want me to sign up with their broker , of course , in order to grant their commission.But even if they have sent me that software totally for free , I would never install it on my computer.I do not trust crooks , how can I trust their software?

      Thank you for this visit and for participating in the conversation.

  5. Bryan

    Wow, I don’t know how people create scams, sucker people into paying money for them, then still go to sleep at night. I don’t know how many people have fallen for this scam, but I hope it hasn’t been many.

    Thank you for revealing yet another scam. I hope the people who might fall for something like this find this review first.


    • Tasos

      I still wonder the same things Bryan.How can they sleep after selling crap and taking advantage of other people for the sake of money?…This product seems a new one , I really do hope that only a few fallen.

      Will this ever stop?…No , in fact the last days I have came across so many outright scams that I feel I am inside a war zone.Let’s prepare for the next battle soon.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the opportunity to participate in the comments.Your answer will help out more people.

  6. Michael

    This is a very interesting website and delighted.As you highlighted, I never trust binary options in some sort cause they ask you to deposit $250 to start with and after that I see where this is going, A LOSS and more money to the broker and so on. I got a call from the broker after I fill in the details (no bank details of course) including my phone numbers and the broker got very patronising and pushy about depositing my money, I said no and hung up, this is an example for what you expect! there is no easy money out there and all hard work, It’s this hard work like in wealthy affiliate will set you the rewards but it will take time.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Michael , yes do not trust Binaries , especially these offers that come with a magic software.I have tried numerous affiliated partners and many different brokers but every time the same old story.

      And nobody is willing to accept my desire to test their software on my own broker.Every scam needs me to deposit money on their affiliated broker.Hell , NO.

      I would never give my bank details to an unknown broker , not even for a $50 account.Money can be made through Binary Options , but not in the way these “Artists” promote.If you follow decent training and gain high experience and you have a strong character to bypass emotions then you can do something worthy.But generally I do not suggest Binaries as it is an unsustainable business model.

      In every business hard work and consistency make the huge difference.Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your experience with the broker here.Your message will help a lot more people understand what is going on behind the scenes.


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