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You're Reading:A Family Trip that Amplifies The Importance of taking a Break from Work

A Family Trip that Amplifies The Importance of taking a Break from Work

by Tasos


Dec 29, 2015




I don’t know about you but for me this was a super productive year.In order to accomplish all the tasks I had and to participate as an active member of my family I got exhausted.Too many nights gone without sleeping at all.The signs for a break were more than obvious.

So … I decided to take that break after all.The kids wanted a trip to my favourite cousin , 330 km away from our base.We packed a few bags on Friday morning and the mini tour begun.

Despite the noise and the impatience of the young boys the drive proved to be a healing process for me.I had the time to think and to plan so many projects for the near future.




The welcome was more than warm and we arrived right on time for the dinner.

Suddenly the house was full of kids.7 in total , aged from 4 up to 14.

The night was magic , just like Christmas.The food was excellent and we had fun chatting , listening to music and watching movies at the end.


Did I stop from working at all?


Nope , I admit it.Running a website is not the easiest job in the world , you need to be there , online.

I had my laptop with me and there was WiFi connection but I kept the promise to myself.I used my lap only for 3-4 hours , mostly to engage in social media and to check emails.

As you can see I only posted a very short Christmas message , in order to keep in touch with you.



How do I feel now? – Importance of taking a Break from Work


I had some fun after a very long time , since this summer.!

I enjoyed my kids and had made new contacts.!!

I visited relatives and talked about the past and the future.!!!

I recorded a few videos for my projects.!!!! … ( is this counting as work? … probably yes )

I even slept well , two nights of 9 hour sleep in a row , that is a record for the last 7 years.!!!!!


But most importantly … my mind is relaxed and I have new ideas.On top of that I feel excited to get back to work.

I feel alive and empowered.Now I have energy and a strong will to continue even harder for the upcoming months.



I think that everyone deserves a break , no matter the job or position.Being an employee , boss , manager or independent entrepreneur … you have to take a break from time to time.

If you don’t , you reduce the productivity rates and you risk your mental health and peace.An exhausted body is not the perfect ally , especially if you are a business owner and you are responsible for everything.

How could you make the right decisions when you are stressed or even depressed?


The doctors suggest regular pauses from work as they highlight that a series of diseases might knock your door.Additionally they ensure that in order to achieve maximum levels of productivity you need to rest well.Not only a few times in a year but every day , short but mentally beneficial breaks.


Final Words


I feel revived and my body is taking its shape again.We have already planned our next trip for this Easter holiday , again back to my favourite cousin …. we can’t wait for that.

If we did not take that holiday trip I know I would not be writing that post today.

Sometimes we feel that there is no time enough to do all the things we have planned.But we are not machines , we are humans.


Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.Are you taking breaks from work?…What is your formula?…Till next time , your online partner.











Importance of Storytelling





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  1. Ian

    This post has a great message and one that I think i needed to hear since I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard to generate quality content.

    I think it’s important to get away from working (even if we love what we’re doing) to gain some perspective on things since online activities can easily dominate our lives if we let them.

    • Tasos

      Indeed Ian , working online in a consistent basis without taking breaks can break us apart.I have been through this for quite long time.And I can tell that the levels of productivity are getting reduced the more you work.That trip was something I needed , hopefully I listened to my wife and kids.

      I love what I do but I have to look up for myself too.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for discussing this subject with me.I wish you to enjoy your breaks often.

  2. Anh Nguyen


    This is really true, sometimes I also feel out of sorts and just need some air from my normal daily routine.

    It was inspiring to hear about your trip with your family. I believe it’s important to consider planning ritual time offs during the year to just renew yourself and also keep in touch with friends and family.


    • Tasos

      Welcome back Anh , we need some air ,r we can’t work without stopping at all.Being online hides a lot of traps and you can get caught working for days.

      Thank you for this visit and I am glad you got inspired from our little trip.It is very important to keep in touch with family members and friends , besides these are the moments everyone remembers.

      All my best for the New Year , cheers..!

  3. Stacey

    I love this post and that you’re able to reflect on just how important taking a break is. I could not agree more. I’m also working online and find it’s easy to be online ‘working’ all the time. The thing is, when I’m in that mode I’m not necessarily that productive. I can burn out and procrastinate.

    Recently I also took a break and the benefits that came from it were amazing – like yourself I had all these new ideas and when I came back to the laptop I felt that my business and productivity definitely gained. Also I was lot more focused.

    I love that you and your family were able to enjoy this time together too, time together is irreplaceable & that’s the most important thing after all.

    All the best to you and your future endeavours (and vacations) 🙂

    • Tasos

      Wow , welcome Stacey , so kind of you.It is really very easy to get in the trap of working constantly without a break.I’ve done it and it is painful.Not to mention that for those working on a laptop other problems may arise , like pains in the back.And you underlined the most important issue , being active in that level is not necessarily means being productive.

      But if you take your breaks , in between working hours , you rest your body and mind and so you can come up with new ideas.And even return focused and organised.

      We did enjoy our time together and especially for the kids it was a pleasant surprise to have their dad around all the time.

      I wanna thank you so much for this awesome visit and for your enthusiastic observations , good luck to you too , all my best for the New Year…!!!


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