You're Reading:TheAdsTeam – Huge Ponzi MLM Scam Trying to Escape Mentioning “Retail” Sales..Tough Breakdown.!!

TheAdsTeam – Huge Ponzi MLM Scam Trying to Escape Mentioning “Retail” Sales..Tough Breakdown.!!

by Tasos


Dec 17, 2016



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Things are getting worse in the online advertising arena. I have already reviewed dozens of poor masked as ad platforms Ponzi schemes that attract money from investors all over the world.

The funny thing or should I say depressing is that are affiliates promoting these biz opps as legitimate trying to recover their losses, probably. But may be they are new to the game and don’t know with what companies they deal, or they are brainwashed by other filthy affiliates.



Inside “The Ads Team”



  • Real people – Real Ads
  • Advertise with us to get real targeted audience
  • 25000 total members
  • 9 million views
  • 23513 alexa rank
  • 63 days since launched

May be I found the advertising platform I was looking for many years.


Furthermore the promotional video introduction is one of the worst I came across lately. An advertising platform that revolutionise the industry by being affiliate of big companies like Adidas, Go Daddy and Amazon???

Ha ha, that was a good one, but it fails dramatically at least on me. But there are people that will be impressed and proceed with a deposit, unfortunately.


More on that on my conclusion…


The owners

Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan are presented as heads of the program on the about us page.




The Revolutionary Products



Banner ads, text ads, login ads, PPC ads, Traffic Exchange, PTC ads, Ad Packs.


“”I have never seen those products before, I believe they were manufacturing Ads for many months before the final launch date.””


OK, enough, let’s get to the juice…I have been using this platform for over a month now, but not as an investor of course. I deposit money only after deep research and only in a few revenue sharing platforms that provide ad quality services at least.


The ad services here are not superb, are not poor either. An average of low quality as happens in the majority of the modern ad platforms.

The traffic exchange gives credits to free members so they can place their own ads with credits earned. That is positive.

But you can not place banner or text or other ads without purchasing ad packs.


More importantly my daily investigation on the ads placed both on the directory & exchange system returned disappointing results. Only a few ads, the same all over again, can not justify the total members number and the fancy headlines.

That all mean a small percentage of people using the ad platform, the vast majority of affiliates show interest in the revenue sharing pools by buying ad packs.


Ad Packs – Compensation Plan



The main product which brings over 99% of the revenue in the company.

  • $10 and you get 4 PPC banners, 250 website credits, 800 text, revenue share up to 110%
  • $25 and you get 10 PPC, 500 site credits, 2000 text, 2000 banners, revenue share up to 115%
  • $50 and you get 20 PPC, 1000 site credits, 5000 text, 5000 banners, revenue share up to 120%

Referral Commission Structure

  • Level 1 : 8%
  • Level 2 : 2%
  • Level 3 : 1%
  • Level 4 : 1%
  • Level 5 : 1%

So The Ads Team is an MLM advertising revenue sharing platform. In order to be eligible for ad pack earnings you should visit 10 websites daily. This is a good thing, at least TheAdsTeam includes that minimum requirement to ensure a few website visits.


Affiliate “Retail”??? Program

This is where the company is trying to hide the Pure Ponzi scheme under which is operating, and is really a shame. Stand up and confess, we are worthless and lazy, we want people’s money in order to make some quick bucks and disappear.

But no, TheAdsTeam is making extra ordinary claims that it brings to the table Top Retail Sellers…


The fact that TheAdsTeam is an affiliate of Big Retailers does not mean that TheAdsTeam is making retail sales.


If TheAdsTeam is promoting these retailers then TheAdsTeam is making affiliate commissions, which are coming from the retail companies. But in no way retail sales are taking place on the TheAdsTeam platform. Retail sales are being made from these retailers.


And the most disgusting thing is that TheAdsTeam placed their affiliate banners all over to redirect traffic to these Retailers and make even more money from the visitors. That is a huge scam tactic. Unacceptable and totally rejected.


TheAdsTeam has no retail products to present and all money coming in are from affiliates / investors / victims that buy ad packs. And the SEC has already confirmed that adding credits to ad packs is not changing the Ponzi structure. If all money coming in are from affiliates then we talk about a Ponzi scheme. New funds are used to pay off existing investors.






How People are Making money with the platform

By purchasing ad packs and waiting for them to mature and claim their ROI. However no one can ensure that if you buy an ad pack you will get paid. In order for that to happen new money must be coming in, if new affiliates are not been recruited or no one is investing then the system will stop paying, plain and simple.

By referring people into the system and gain affiliate commissions on their purchases.

By clicking on PTC ads, with the exception here that you won’t get paid at the end unless you decide to invest in the system. Another red flag because free members should be eligible to claim their PTC earnings even without purchasing ad packs.


Pay and Play or should I say Pay and Wait if TheAdsTeam will Pay?


Money processors

Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Perfect Money, bitcoin



Final Words



A very dangerous program in which you you should not invest by all means.

The domain was registered back in the May of 2016, although the program was launched in September. Have in mind that during the first months the company might pay users but from some point on all payments will freeze.

Recruitment of new affiliates can not last forever. So new money won’t be rolling in, and even with all existing players re-investing in more ad packs the system will collapse leaving the late investors with losses. The late recruited affiliates are the majority and the only few people that will make money using this system are..


  • The owners that hold multi top positions everywhere and get compensated with affiliates commissions on all levels.
  • A few early investors that might withdraw earnings without problems before the final collapse.


I am not saying that to terrify you, just to warn you. I participate in over 50 rev shares at the moment and 4 out of 4 companies did not pay me yet. All these modern ad platforms are nothing more than masked Ponzi schemes that need affiliate cash in order to survive.

No real products, no quality advertising, no external money from legitimate resources, just an ad credit platform to enable Ponzi MLM recruitment / ad packs sales.


Do not get seduced by the TheAdsTeam FAQ where they mention that their company is legit and not a HYIP / MLM / Ponzi. In order a company to be legit should provide real products / services. The ad credit system bundled with ad packs purchases is not a product at all.


All these schemes eventually disappear, and is a disgrace for the industry.


The failed coverage of the Ponzi operation with the “Retail” affiliate program mechanism is one of the worst scam techniques ever used…..



How I Make Money Online



For me, revenue sharing companies is a gambling game, and as such I only invest from time to time small chunks that I can easily afford to lose. But you will never see me promoting these programs even if I make money (at the moment.)

Because I want my affiliates and followers satisfied, and if I recruit people into a system that will steal their money at the end I am damaging my reputation.


What I do is promoting legitimate companies, that offer valuable real products and I make affiliate commissions. A model with minimum to zero costs, with long term potential and endless opportunities. More importantly it pays off way faster than most of MLM biz opps.

How I do that?…on that website by adding content and attracting online traffic. If you own a website there is no limit as to how far you can extend such a business


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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