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Not all survey sites are legit. Please leave a comment on this thread if you have a bad experience with a site. Let’s make this world better by promoting only decent and paying companies


  • Toluna.com…also known as toluna influencers. Unacceptable rules. I found out they were reducing points from my dashboard. In their terms, they say…all points earned are valid for 16 months. If these points are not redeemed will be deducted from your earnings. And here’s the thing: they have set very high thresholds (Paypal 65000 points=$15, Spotify 28000 points=$7, Mango 100000points=$25) so that in order to reach them you would need years. Does not matter if you’re active or not. I was not so active (1 survey every few months) but that should not be a reason for earnings deduction. I had over 35000 points, now I have 27000. And beyond Paypal, the other prizes are ridiculous.

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