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You're Reading:Novel S01E04 – The Basement

Novel S01E04 – The Basement

by Tasos


Oct 26, 2015

Episode 01






My head was spinning like crazy , eyes slowly opened … I thought the room was moving.No  , that is not my room … what is going on?.. My palm moved onto my jeans unconsciously to secure that the precious “Flash Drive” was in place…Pheew .. Damn it , I am a prisoner in that secret building , where is Anthony? .. where is Ewen? … I was pretty sure that I have met Ewen before but could not figure out exactly how or when.


a Note on the Main Desk


My cell phone was there , wow , I would not expect it , I thought I left it back home.Checked the clock , 18.53 Saturday , the curtains wide open , I realised it was quite late.I have been sleeping for a while.Let mid cold water run onto my face trying to alert my senses but I was heavy , my feet tired.

Glinnnk , Glonnnnk … A door alarm? .. There was nothing I could do , I had to play that nasty and evil game.Ok , guys , I am ready … opened the door

Hello sweet , you are the new expert , right? … There is a laptop on the desk for you and a note , we will be waiting for you downstairs , take the elevator , press (-) 3 … at the basement.


She left quickly without letting me the chance to respond.Who was that angel?…The game was getting wild , Anthony had trapped me for good , I had to conform really fast , for my own sake.

Approached the desk , is that gold all around?..That room alone should cost a fortune.A new technology laptop with the badge of Clockbug on it , dark blue , beautiful and professional.I pressed the button….


Few Hours Earlier – Chloe


She left the company almost running in a need for a coffee.Moved to the west , wandering what was going on.She already tried to call her partner (Our Hero) 5 times on phone with no results.Her favourite “Michelle” cafeteria was 10 steps away.

Hi , I need a strong cappuccino , please , make it double this time.Picked a table with a couch in the left corner…She could not concentrate at all but she pressed herself.


What if her partner was in danger?…No , he must have left town … that sounded logical , he needed to take a rest for a while.That is why he sent that email , informing her of the sales and his brand new investment.The bakery – cafe on the other side of town.She had to visit that place today.Another pain , another problem.

But the strange thing was that he announced the meeting of Paul (the bank director) asking her to prepare a mini interview.He would not miss that meeting , he was waiting quite long for that event.

I guess I have to go alone she whispered .. watching the sky turn grey .. the first drops of rain touched the ground.


The Basement


Opened the folder with my name on anxious to find out what was there.It was like an email presentation , fancy , colourful but at the same time occult.

Dear Tasos , have a nice day off , we will talk soon.The girl’s name is Erica , she’s your new ally.Follow her directions and get to the basement.We don’t want to look bad at your eyes.We admire your work and we predict a shiny future.Don’t disappoint us.You only have access to certain areas , later.


I wanted to call Chloe but I was not sure what I was going to tell her..:Hey Chloe , 3 guys and a man I know from the US kidnapped me , don’t be afraid , I am in a secret building in an unknown place but I am OK , don’t call the cops.”…She would have panicked.

And the meeting with Paul on Sunday afternoon?…I had to evaluate the situation.At least I had connection to the outside world , my cell phone and web access.It could have been worse than that.


I stepped out of the suite , there was no other door in the floor , my room was huge.My breath almost stopped when I realised that I was standing 99 levels above the ground.The elevator panel could not be wrong… 99 … minus (3) … 102 levels in total.

That building was not in my country , I had no doubts.


The mini journey lasted no longer than a few seconds.I was surprised once again.An interior pool with bar , buffet , snacks…I scanned for Erica , when someone touched me from behind.

Hey Hero , are you hungry?…There is breakfast , despite the fact it is already late.Enjoy the water , is perfect.I have to close a deal , be right back.


Ok , let’s recap I said to myself while I was picking some bites.I was forced here and instead of further violent interrogations or other criminal activities I was enjoying such a luxury in the 3rd basement floor of a giant building somewhere close to my country.My usb was secured , I had my cell phone and a laptop to use.

On top of that there was Erica , the beauty itself.Was in their plans to seduce me?..to hypnotise me?..what?…Neh , they could have done that already.What a mess.I hope Erica will keep some distance.



Back In Town – Earlier


Monica contacted Paul’s secretary concerning the details of the meeting.She hung up the phone , but where is Chloe?…we have a lunch soon.

Chloe called Monica in the office.Did you find him?…Great , some good news…Ready for food?…I am heading there , shut down everything and come at your pace.We have plenty of time , do we really? Chloe thought in anxiety.


What is going on with Erica and our Hero?…Why Anthony and Ewen disappeared leaving just a note?…Till next time , I am welcoming your comments and thoughts.Your online partner











Episode 01





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  1. Brianne

    I guess I do not understand your webpage. The first page I got was I think the “novel”. I don’t fully understand why that is on your site when it seems like most of your website has to do with affiliate marketing or other types of marketing plans. Just wondered.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Brianne , it is an experiment.Should we always write about business and that only?

      Thank you for visiting and for your participation.


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