You're Reading:Download Royalty Free Videos for your Projects at Coverr

Download Royalty Free Videos for your Projects at Coverr

by Tasos


Nov 18, 2015



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Last Updated: July 02, 2018

As you progress with your website or blog soon you will realise that you need to expand in other areas than the usual written content.We have discussed about the latest marketing trends and how new customer needs resulted in an ongoing battle for brands and companies to get recognised.

People are in hurry and they look for information that can be delivered fast and that is appealing.

That is why Visual Content really matters a lot.But it is not enough to publish beautiful images on your blog or create amazing banners for your social accounts and networks.


I am talking about Videos and I am Presenting you “Coverr” , a Website to Download Royalty Free Material


All videos inside the “Coverr” website are under the Creative Commons CC0 public domain.That means you can copy , modify or distribute any of the material even for commercial purposes without having to ask for permission.




  • Food
  • Mood
  • Nature
  • Tech
  • Artsy
  • People
  • Urban
  • Animals
  • Animated
  • Aerial


How it Works


You just visit the website and choose any of the videos listed in their homepage.

You can either watch it as a “coverr” where it will be displayed at the main header of their website as a loop or you can download the zip file to your computer.


How to Use Them


Download , Upload to your website , Add the snippets provided following their instructions (HTML , CSS , Javascript)

Or you can use any software to modify , edit or mix them with other videos to create something on your own.


Quality – Duration


All the material are short up to 15 seconds and their High Quality will leave you satisfied.Mostly people use them as a header loop but you can do whatever you want.


What else is in Coverr?


Coverr project is the child of Coders Clan and Veed Me.

At Veed Me you can ask for custom videos or to edit shots.

Coders Clan can create a coder for your site.




You can contribute your own videos according to their guidelines.They ask for beautiful shots , specific length and other requirements (such as video format).

Upon submission you hold the rights to the material and you agree that is available to the public.

Your name will be placed on their contribution page and you get a link back to your website.

This is a method that can expose your work to others.Coverr is receiving a lot of daily traffic so your name might be noticed by clients , agencies or artists.




Do not forget to subscribe in their mail so that you get notified every week for their new projects.Very convenient.


Final Take


This is what Coverr has to offer.Beautiful short videos for multi purposes , ideal for any marketing campaign.The Top quality ensures customer satisfaction.

It is time for me to start with Video Marketing and Coverr can really make a difference.


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I hope you enjoy their artwork , I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Do you like their videos?..Is there anything missing from their website?…Till next time , your online partner












Royalty Free Images





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  1. Tommy Potter

    It is compelling what you say about Coverr. Never heard of it but after reading your page I think is worth giving it a try. Just two questions: is it works the same like Wikimedia Commons where you can use images just giving the proper credit to the author or is it like youtube where you just upload your link, and it shows up right away?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Tommy , you can use those videos right away , without worrying about any attribution at all.Although applying some credits to the original source is what makes these companies offer even more qualitative products.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.Good luck with these videos.

  2. Lee Zhi Wei

    How great. I have been looking for something like this for my headers on my sites. I have stagnant headers. The perfect place to place this will be in the middle of your post where people can actually stop & rest for a while. It will actually encourage readers to read on after the short break.

    Thank you

    • Tasos

      Great points Lee , so glad you liked this resource.I love Coverr and their videos are absolutely amazing and you can use them however you want.Yes , the middle of a post sounds like a good idea.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation in the comments.

  3. Viljoen

    Royalty free videos are fairly new to me as I only embed Youtube videos on my blog. My blog is mainly about product reviews, so it will be hard to find videos on Coverr for my blog.

    Here and there I will write a pillar article that might include a video from Coverr. How much does it cost to download videos from Coverr or are they 100% free?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Viljoen , the videos at coverr are ideal for website headers where they can be placed as loops.Additionally you can use them to mix new videos on your own.They are absolutely free to download.

      Thank you for this visit and for your question.Good luck with your blog.

  4. ImaDesigner

    Hi, there.

    When I read the title of your post, I was like: What? Royalty Free Video? I didn’t even know that it existed.
    This is an awesome idea and a great tool to use for my business. Video content is really powerful, visually appealing and can do wonders for your sites.

    Thanks a lot for this. Keep up the good work.


    • Tasos

      Welcome Imad , I am so glad you liked this resource.In this modern internet era you are able to find awesome people that could give anything for exchange some popularity.

      Video is really powerful , I agree , and I just starting out into this direction.Thank you for this visit , for your participation in the comments and I wish you good luck with your visual projects.All my best

  5. Tim

    Hi Tasos,

    I think you are spot on with needing good images and video as consumers attention spans shorten. Like you say this is not all that is needed, quality content is and probably always will be of utmost importance. But images and videos are a critical element.

    I’ll definitely have to check out this ‘coverr’ you speak of, never heard of it until now. Cheers

    • Tasos

      Welcome Tim , yes , quality content in written format is always the base of a website but visual content is consumed easier and can make a big difference in social media.

      I am sure you will love the Coverr videos.Thank you for this kind visit and for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Yvonne

    Thanks for posting this article. Coverr will be very useful for me to explore and hopefully engage my readers more. The biggest plus point for me is that it is royalty free. The homepage of Coverr looks well designed and interesting. I’m going there to check out the details soon.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Yvonne , I really believe that Coverr has a lot to offer and you have nothing to worry about licensing or other legal details.Their videos are professional and very interesting.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind interaction here in the comments.Good luck with your video projects.

  7. Shawn

    I really like this!
    Thanks for the article, I have been looking for something like this for quite a while now!
    How did you run into this website?
    I can use some of these right now and I really like the 7 new ones every week.
    Thanks so much for sharing this, I am on my way there now!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Shawn , oh , that sounds wonderful , did you like their videos?… I am subscribed to that website for quite a long time but till now I did not had a chance to blog about.Can’t remember how I came across it though.

      Thank you for this visit and for your support.

  8. Jim

    This is great. I have been looking for something like this for my headers on my sites. My headers are boring. Another place to put this is in the middle of your post to break up the monotony of reading for a few seconds. This will keep readers on your post longer to where they will want to read on. I have booked marked Coverr for my use when needed. Thank You.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jim , yes , why not , you can insert those videos in the middle of a post.You can be as much creative as you want and break the monotony of reading.

      I am glad you enjoyed this one , thank you for this kind visit and participation.

  9. Ananda

    Thank you so much for sharing valuable information.it is very useful for setting up relevant coverr video as home page for my business website.

    We can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

    I will try it out today and share my experience.


    • Tasos

      Welcome Ananda , great news if you use one of their videos as your homepage header.I am glad you liked that resource.Waiting for your results.

      Thank you for this visit and for sharing your thoughts.


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