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You're Reading:Razzleton – A Perfect Example of HYIPs to Avoid

Razzleton – A Perfect Example of HYIPs to Avoid

by Tasos


Jan 2, 2017




Today I am investigating a very promising program that entered the market dynamically and received thousands of investments around the globe. A company specialised in the wholesale distribution of medicines.

Up until lately these kind of investing companies did not exist. Now is a trend but still is very rare to find a company in that particular niche. It seems very awkward for a medicine distributor opening the doors to the public in order to attract investments.



Inside Razzleton



Let’s watch some of the luxurious headlines

  • Razzleton Healthcare LTD invites you to participate in a highly profitable business
  • Our company has been in the wholesale drug market since 1995
  • A flawless system ensuring stable profits for all shareholders of Razzleton
  • Our mission is to ensure maximum profit for each of our users, while keeping any possible risk at minimum

The commercial professionally designed video mentions

  • Annual $10 million turnovers
  • The company decided to expand its reach by opening room for private investors

Why to choose Razzleton

  • Genuine invest paltform
  • Registered company
  • Insurance for principal
  • Domain for 10 years
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption
  • Professional management team
  • Reliable support staff



  • Since 13 July 1995
  • Investments start 19 Dec 2015
  • Running days 7844
  • Total deposits $17+ millions
  • Total withdrawn $2+ millions

On the footer of the homepage a certificate with the Companies House is illustrated. Company number 10365403, Incorporated on 8 Sep 2016.



Investment Plans



You can choose from

  • Beginner daily – Interest rate 2.1% for 15 days, minimum deposit $10, maximum $1000
  • Stability daily – 2.3% for 55 days, min $1001, max $10,000
  • Pro daily – 2.9% for 55 days, min $10,001, max $100,000
  • Antibiotik – 150% ROI after 15 days, min $100, max $1000
  • Lab R&D – 300% ROI after 30 days, min $15,000, max $20,000
  • IT R&D – 1000% after 60 days, min $5000, max $15,000
  • Med R&D – 5000% after 90 days, min $200, max $10,000
  • VIP – 500% after 20 days, min $20,000, max $50,000
  • VIP+ – 1500% after 40 days, min $10,000, max $40,000

Multilevel referral bonus for new deposits and daily accruals

  • 1st level – 7% + 7% of accruals
  • 2nd level – 2% + 2% of accruals
  • 3rd level – 1% + 1% of accruals

Representative affiliate program

  • 1st level – 10% + 10% of accruals
  • 2nd level – 3% + 3% of accruals
  • 3rd level – 1% + 1% of accruals

Payment processors

Perfect money, Payeer, bitcoin, Nix money, Neteller, Solid trust pay, advcash, Payza, Yandex money, Qiwi



If you ask me all these data seem very promising but do not judge a book by its cover…



Further Investigation Uncovers



As I have already explained I never invest without a deep research.


The ROIs announced by Razzleton are far away from reality and make the program look “FAKE” to my eyes. Come on people, 300% after 30 days?…5000% after 90 days?…if the company is making that much money why do they need private investors?…to make them millionaires?…or to steal their money?

I believe the latter because their investment plans include deposits of thousand dollars. Would you invest $10K just like that?


A domain research uncovers that indeed the first registration date was back in 1995. But… it was updated on Sep 2016…Furthermore as owner appears the Razzleton HealthCare LTD and the name of Jayden Woods. An address in London is provided but a Google search for “12 chelmsford road london united kingdom n14 5pt” returns so many results that could not be ignored. Obviously this address is not “very genuine”

The name Jayden Woods brings in the light a novelist and random people on Facebook.


And more importantly the domain is out for sale. Do you believe it?


Razzleton claims to be operating since 1995 but I could not verify a relation with popular pharmaceutical magazines. I visited various magazines and searched for “Razzleton” but all returned zero results.

Furthermore a generic Google search for the name “Razzleton” returns only results concerning this new investing system. Razzleton appears on reviews, HYIP monitors and the like. Not even one article about a giant pharmaceutical distributor.


The Facebook group is a fiasko, where the few posts are about withdrawals proofs….I wonder if other pharmaceutical giants post on Facebook that crap as well. Where is the interaction with clients, team members and companies around the world?


On the official Razzleton website I could only find stock images. Is a medicine giant afraid to show the owners and team faces?…Where are the real photos?…Where are the real facilities?…


Where is the BLOG department of such an old company?…With the domain registered back in 1995 I would expect at least 5,000 articles published. Guess how many there are… ZERO



Final Words



Do I have to say more in order for you to understand that we deal with a Huge Scam?…I am sorry, this is the hard bitter truth. And watch out, more and more similar companies are born everyday. Do not invest your money just like that. Always do your due diligence.


Razzleton has nothing to offer beyond promises and fake data. A certificate and a website. Wow, I should invest millions of my dollars right away.


A scam HYIP that was born to attack affiliates investments. Have in mind that in the beginning this kind of programs might pay out small withdrawal chunks. But soon enough the owners will disappear with the majority of invested funds.

Another Ponzi program to pay off existing investors with money coming in from newly recruited affiliates. A mathematical inevitable collapse is waiting around the corner.


Stay away and you won’t regret it…Keep your money for legitimate companies.



Alternative Way to Make Money Online Away from Risks



This kind of programs are very risky and no one can guarantee high ROIs without retail products of high quality in place.

You don’t have to chase every HYIP or investing company to make money. Most of them are scams and target your pocket.

However if you want to avoid the risks and want to create a long term business then you gonna need a website, as a starting point of a very lucrative career. This is how I started 2 years ago, and I definitely love it.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support, I am waiting for your comments and thoughts, Till next time, your online partner.














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