Ray Edwards Clear as Crystal Delivers Extreme Value on Why Marketing Fails

by Tasos


Mar 5, 2017





I am excited, no, way more than excited to be honest. Why?..Because I watched one of the greatest videos in my life so far, a marketing lesson that could change anyone’s point-of-view about businesses in general. Now I can see a bright light coming my way and I can’t wait to put this new knowledge into practice.


Why Marketing Fails



Ray Edwards – Free Video Course Series



For those of you that downloaded the e-book I mentioned a few days ago, the $2 billion sales letter by Ray Edwards, there is a bonus free course.

Ray, one of the greatest copywriters and highest paid professionals online, surprised me for one more time.


Selling without Sleazing – The key to more income, more impact, more freedom


That lesson aims to empower you with the tools to make your business a thriving one. It will open up new possibilities and the road for the graceful , no stress business you’ve always dreamed of.

The promise of these 3 free lessons is that you can learn how to write copy that sells without being pushy or salesy, simply by following the 4 frameworks Ray is teaching.


Part 1 – Why Marketing Fails and How to Fix It


The first part of the video course explains why marketing fails. Why many businesses struggle just to survive and others actually thrive. What makes the difference?


The 4 frameworks

  • The 5 emotional motivators
  • The Unique Core Thesis
  • The $200 million sales letter blueprint
  • The persuasion multiplication equation


Then Ray is busting the 5 myths of modern marketing in a way that is not just simply motivational but will get you excited to get off the ground Now.!

These myths hold many people from reaching their dreams and hopes by becoming entrepreneurs. They fear that the market is saturated or that they don’t have what it takes.

Well, not my friend…it is not too late and you have what it takes. Now is the time and Ray will help you find the road to success…


Eventually Ray is analysing the 5 emotional motivators and the Unique Core Thesis.



Final Words



I won’t reveal anything more here on that article. I want you to head over and sign up for the Free video course. Listening to Ray will change the way you make business forever.

You will find out that your marketing, your writing, your podcasts and webinars, your emails, blog posts, all your online communications are on a different level.


The 5 emotional motivators analysis and the Unique Core Thesis explanation will leave you thinking and you will take action to change the way you do marketing. These tools can help any business sell more no matter the niche or other external factors.


You may be thinking that the economical crisis sets the rules or that you sell a product that is not Top-Notch, or even that there is so much competition and only a few businesses can thrive but No, this is not the reason.


With the lessons of Ray I promise you that you can outrank the competition and you will be able to sell your products / services effectively to anyone.


Don’t wait one more day, not even one more hour….



P.S If you find these lessons valuable and you are interested in becoming an affiliate of Ray Edwards, you can do so by following this private link.




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.




I am promoting Ray Edwards as an affiliate. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page


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