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7 Quiz Builders & Generators To Engage Your Audience

by Tasos


Mar 7, 2021



"7 Ideals" New Update Jan 22


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Affiliate Summit West: On January 23 - 25, 2023, 6,000 affiliates, advertisers, ecommerce sellers, networks, and tech suppliers will gather at the biggest affiliate marketing event in the world. Happening live and in-person, at #ASW23 you’ll attend cutting-edge, tactical sessions delivered by experts AND you'll also get access to exclusive networking opportunities that’ll help you build better partnerships. Are you ready? 

Tawk: Customer service KPIs to increase loyalty in 2023. Customer Service KPIs can help you track performance and identify areas for improvement for employees, organizations, products and services. Tawk REVIEW

WealthyAffiliate - Kyle (co-founder): AI Content is Killing Online Businesses! There is great appeal to AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated content these days, with the popularity of tools and platforms that allow you to efficiently generate content from AI Engines like OpenAI. I can appreciate the draw. It is simple, fast, and it generates very convincing content. You can literally create a 1,000 word article, that is 100% unique in a matter of seconds. The problem. As quick as you create your content, it can be detected as AI generate by simple tools online. And the leaders in the search engine space, Google and Microsoft are the leaders in the AI space. So be forewarned before you try to publish AI generated content on your website. t is very easy to detect, and as a result websites that are hoping to gain SEO benefits from content being spun out of AI engines are going to be disappointed, in fact, they are more likely to be devastated and removed from search altogether. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are you using AI content tools in your business? 

Icons8: 10 dos and don’ts of UI/UX design for dating apps. You should keep up with key trends, consider established patterns, follow competitors and understand human psychology.

Plasfy: the Easiest Graphic Designing Tool. An all-in-one easy-to-use online software that allows you to create professional graphics and designs for your business in just a few minutes. Use the preexisting templates to design your masterpiece! Add clipart and background to your designs to make them more appealing! You can create designs for Social media, Marketing strategies, Print media, Office work, and Advertising purposes or customize designs as per your use!

VideoProc: Converter: The VideoProc converter comes with a range of tools and functions that can help users cut, trim, merge, resize, convert, flip, and adjust video and audio files. You can use VideoProc to add subtitles, watermarks, and effects, and also balance shaky clips.

This tool is empowered with Full Hardware Acceleration and Full GPU acceleration that gives this software high speed, without compromising the quality.

Aside from recording and altering, VideoProc also works as a tool that you can use to record online content like music and videos and download them on your PC. You can save every one of the recordings in a variety of formats including DVD, MP4, HEVC, DGI, AVI, MOV, ISO, WMP, and HDR, among others.

DepositPhotos: creative trends 2023. 

Today's consumers crave new experiences. They look forward to engaging with brands that provide an alternative look at routine and inspire others to get going. Using creative approaches, XR technology, and more complex production techniques in 2023, content creators will have the opportunity to win over various audiences and invite them to escape.

Whether on a journey to discover new locations, explore oneself during an immersive wellness experience, or dive into old-school anime aesthetics—this year will be completely different, but no less exciting.

To share a wider perspective on where creative communication is heading, we teamed up with industry experts and the Depositphotos creative community.

EnvatoElements: January FREE Files. Drag-N-Drop Glitch Transitions V.2, Vela Brochure Template, Color Hex logo template, IPSUM keynote, Gineva script font, Chinese New Year stock video, Ice cream patterns, Black jazz performer photo, Infinity high-performance HTML, fitness workout stock video, upbeat futuristic audio file, mountain landscape photo

EnvatoMarket: download FREE Wordpress themes. That’s right! Every month you will find a number of premium WordPress themes available to download for free. This means you can access some of the best WordPress themes in the world, straight from the ThemeForest catalogue, and use them for your next web project—without having to pay a dime. So get your creative juices flowing: what will your next website look like?

Deeezy: Oil Duotone FREE Photoshop Action. It’s enhances and adds more beautiful to images.
It will help you to stunning your images to make unique and awesome looks. This set contains 10 different color option
When you open unviewed eye. My Working Software Version : CC2020 English Version. Software supported version: CC To Latest English Version.

AIOSEO: How to Easily Find and Fix Orphan Pages in WordPress. Orphan pages are website pages that have no inbound links from other pages on your site. Because of this, they’re hard for users and search engines to find. As a result, “orphans” may get little or no traffic.

NameCheap: 99 Cent Domain Names. Grab a domain deal and the extra bargains you need. Calling all bargain hunters! Use our coupon to pick up a 99 cent domain and collect everything you need to get your idea online today. Discover a variety of hosting plans to suit every budget, and affordable tools to help your website thrive.

CutOut 8 Pro: The Best Photo Cropping Software. With CutOut 8 Pro you can perfectly crop out image motifs, flawlessly position motifs in front of new backgrounds, or remove distracting objects with a single click. You can easily swap backgrounds and lend your portraits a completely new look, so realistic as if the photo was taken in front of the new background. It works like magic! This user-friendly software has now become budget-friendly too, though not for long. Grab this deal for just $29 for a limited time only.

Dealjumbo: This Week Special 20% Off Code. ALL DEALS (fonts, mockups, graphics, photos, textures, under $10, on sale). Don't miss it and save HUGE 20% on any deal! And support freelance authors. Ending: January 27! Code: P20SD (Expiration date: 27/01/2023 23:59:59 CET - central europe time)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

InVideo: Save 30% on ALL InVideo annual plans with code JAN30! Code: JAN30. Expiration Date: February 1st, 2023. Save 25% on ALL InVideo monthly plans with code JAN25! Code: JAN25. Expiration Date: February 1st, 2023. Brand promos, long-form ads, branding templates, product video ads, offers & coupons, video presentations, listicles, YouTube video editor, invitation maker, intro maker, outro maker, Facebook ad template, slideshow maker, ad maker, video maker, YouTube intro maker, Facebook video ads maker, make a poster, Instagram video editor, meme generator, promo video maker, meme templates, online video editor

Fiverr: The Secret 6: Here’s what everyone’s searching for on Fiverr. In this report, you will find everything you need to know about top trending searches on the Fiverr platform.

Roobet - Jan 23 gif 250x250


200+ business & marketing tools collection 72x90 banner

Quizzes are trendy, engaging, and can be fun. The benefits of using quizzes are countless.

You can excite your audience, qualify and segment leads, gain insights into people’s minds, improve your marketing and sales processes, increase ROI, create better products and so much more.

You can also track employee and customer satisfaction, test your students, identify gaps in knowledge, reduce student stress, turn quizzes into online courses, and stay engaged with your quiz takers.

There are various types of quizzes you can create online with the help of dedicated solutions.

We scanned the web to provide you a list of the most reliable resources to ease your decision.

It’s a list we’ll be updating frequently.

Let’s dive right in!

Quiz Builders & Generators


riddle - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: Quiz maker – Create a quiz, Collect leads, Engage your audience. Excite your users with 15 quiz, personality test, and poll formats. Create a quiz, then qualify and segment leads based on quiz responses. Easy – no coding required.

Solutions for:

  • Publishers
  • Agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Nonprofit organizations


  • Multiple quiz types: quiz, auto-quiz, personality test, poll, survey, opinion poll, multi-poll, journey, list, reaction poll, upvote, form, tap & find, order it, story
  • Integrated marketing: connect marketing software
  • Quiz embed: publish anywhere, works for any sites, CMS, with videos.
  • Form builder: Add a lead generation form to your quiz. Collect the data you need with over 15 fields. With an intuitive drag/drop functionality, our form builder is quick and easy to use. 
  • Data privacy: GDPR-compliant
  • Personalized messages: Automatically send personalized marketing messages, based on each quiz taker’s responses. 
  • Quiz marketing toolkit: 
  • Marketing tracking: improve your marketing – track your quiz conversions using Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Manager, and more. Make a quiz, then measure who starts, finishes, and completes your lead forms.
  • Quiz making with no limits: no caps on how many people take your quiz or fill in your lead form
  • Custom lead generation form
  • 100% white-labeled: your quiz, your brand, Add your logo (or your client’s) – then upload your font, and set your quiz colors, backgrounds and CSS for a seamless brand experience.
  • Image and video options: Easily find and add images, videos, & GIFs with our test maker. Create content (like Buzzfeed quizzes) that jump off the screen. Search Google, Pexels, YouTube, Giphy, Facebook, Twitter, and stock photos – or upload your own pics or MP3 audio and MP4 video clips.
  • Accessible quiz technology: Engage your whole audience – with our fully accessible quiz maker. Riddle is WCAG 2.1-compliant – so your quizzes can be taken by people with a wide range of disabilities
  • Get creative with custom CSS
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Google AMP support
  • Double opt-in: lead generation options, including Google Sheets, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign.
  • Quiz options: Immediately reveal answers after each questions or save until after your lead generation form. You get to decide.
  • Results gating: Gate off each quiz taker’s results unless they complete your lead form – or let them skip it. The choice is yours
  • Save leads: Make a quiz, then automatically save leads to your Google Sheet, as an Excel or CSV file, or use our Zapier app and webhook
  • Redirect results: Convert more leads by sending quiz takers to different URLs, based on their quiz results
  • Custom results: Set up custom CTA buttons based on quiz takers’ results. Perfect for targeted offers, content recommendations, and more
  • Quiz timers: Make a quiz with a timer – give your audience a time limit to either answer each question or finish their quiz. Quiz timers are a powerful way to increase quiz completions and word of mouth virality – everyone loves to brag when they beat the clock!
  • Contests and promotions: Make any quiz an online competition (similar to Buzzfeed quizzes) with our quiz builder. Like Kahoot create, collect entries with a lead form – then challenge your audience with a quiz timer (‘Get 90% correct in 60 seconds for your chance to win!’).
  • Multiple users: Create a quiz with your colleagues and clients using our Teams feature. Give everyone their own login – with three levels of quiz editing privileges. 
  • Quiz metrics: Find out what works (and what doesn’t) with our quiz analytics. Track starts, finishes, shares, and leads – then download for in-depth reporting
  • Training: free training, complimentary onboarding, monthly webinars, and best practice sessions, plus the blog
  • Cancel any time: 30-day money-back guarantee

Other departments and resources: surveys, journey, FAQ, help, code examples, API, acceptable use, blog.



  • Basic: €39/mo or €29/mo billed annually
  • Pro: €69/mo or €49/mo billed annually
  • Team: €299/mo or €199/mo billed annually

Try it for free for 14 days.

Online Reviews:

  • Capterra: Rating: 4.8 · ‎36 reviews
  • G2: Rating: 4.7 · ‎3 reviews

About: A dedicated bunch of quiz geeks, we launched Riddle back in 2014 with one goal – to be the most powerful, beautiful, and intuitive quiz maker around. Boris Pfeiffer – CEO and founder, Mike – co-founder and CMO, Uwe – co-founder and CFO. 

Riddle Technologies AG is a corporation under German law with its main place of business in Saarbrücken, Germany. Lenaustr. 1, 66125 Saarbrücken, Germany, Tel. +49-6897-9392500. Register Number HRB 104331, Our European VAT ID is DE815729151.

Work Management Tools

Regular Updates


quizmaker - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: Create an awesome quiz in minutes. Quiz Maker is the easiest way to make quizzes FREE.


  • Quiz types: show a score, show a score & grade, show only a grade, poll/vote, assign a type/personality, assign multiple types, survey/other
  • Themes: galaxy: various templates to choose from and are customizable (fonts, questions, answers, background, buttons, background image, question background), you can upload your own themes
  • Settings: Quiz (progress bar, back button, questions per page, time/header, randomize order, quiz timer, quiz login, auto advance, star t& end dates, security, language, API post), plugins (on mobile force single column of answers, blobk IP address collection, prevent printing, single page quiz, hide correct answers, show selections only in results, allow retry of questions until correct, hide questions in results report, end quiz at a fixed question number, save for later button, stop questions overlapping images, set current date, hide unanswered questions in results, change scored answer styles, hide error alert messages, show only background in results, set the maximum width, Google analytics, add your own font, change default image dimensions, reload the page between questions, Facebok pixel, override error message, block IP address based on question, all of the above option for checkboxes, wait icon for next button, stop YouTube video on next, redirect respondents based on outcome, auto redirect on quiz completion), integrate (use Google spreadsheet as login, add to Google spreadsheet, Mailchimp merge tags, Mailchimp respondents, Mailchimp add to list, Zapier, Excel)
  • Results: results (certificate, leaderboard, score, grade, show a type/outcome in results, thank you message, email results, show answers, redirect to URL afterwards), scoring, grades, types
  • Leads: lead capture, allow respondent to skip lead capture
  • Share

Benefits: the quiz that made $1.1M, 20M free page views, increase memory and learning by 50%, identify gaps in knowledge, reduce student stress, turn quizzes into online courses in minutes, auto graded, gamify with leaderboards and timers, keep it secure, collaborate with colleagues, capture leads and generate business, customize look and feel, make it fun and go viral, stay engaged with your quiz takers


  • Free
  • Standard: $49/mo or $35/mo billed yearly
  • Premium: $49/mo or $35/mo billed yearly
  • Platinum: $69/mo or $59/mo billed yearly

There’s a free 14-day trial. 

Other departments and resources: updates, guides, help, survey maker.

About: 200,000+ quizzes created, online since 2003, 99,99% uptime, spans 19 countries, 0.025s response, real-time security. 


Business & Marketing Tools Collection

Work management, tracking, organizing, payments, accounting, Google, keyword, market, and competition research, SEO, analytics, and related, marketing & advertising, web development, website monitoring, domains & website hosting, coding, and related, design & multimedia, marketplaces, entrepreneurial communities, hiring & outsourcing.

200+ business and marketing tools collection banner 666px


interact - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: Make A Quiz To Generate Leads For Your Business. Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. It is built for businesses and has all the features you’ll need to create your own lead generation quiz that grows your company.


  • Types of quizzes: personality, scored, assessment
  • 800+ pre-made templates
  • Colors and styles: colors, fonts, logos, images
  • Add branching logic: drag n drop builder
  • Create quiz questions that engage your audience: image questions
  • Select all that apply questions
  • Show correct answers right away
  • Capture leads and segment your audience: customize your option form for maximum conversions
  • Integrations: every major email marketing and marketing automation system)
  • Segment your quiz leads based on which result they get or how they answer a particular question
  • GDPR compliant and registered with Privacy Shield
  • Custom quiz results for each outcome of your quiz
  • Redirect quiz results to your own landing pages
  • Track conversions with built-in Facebook pixel and Google analytics
  • Embed your quiz on your website: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage
  • Promote your quiz on social media
  • Promote it as a Facebook ad
  • Use built-in promotion options to make a quiz popup or announcement bar on your website
  • Analyze the results and see your quiz performance at a glance
  • Survey-style analytics
  • See individual lead responses including answers to each question and which result they got
  • Mobile responsive, works on every device
  • Interact setup specialists are on hand to guide you through quiz setup and promotion

Other departments and resources: templates, integrations, live examples, case studies, blog, podcast, help center, certified consultants, customer reviews, system status


  • Free
  • Lite: new businesses and entrepreneurs, $29/mo or $17/mo billed annually
  • Growth: consultants and small businesses, $89/mo or $53/mo billed annually
  • Pro: agencies and marketing teams, $209/mo or $125/mo billed annually

There’s a free 14-day trial.

Online reviews:

  • G2: Rating: 4.6 · ‎61 reviews

About: Founded in 2014, well before quizzes were hot on social media, Interact started with the idea that online marketers needed a new way to quickly and easily help their site visitors understand the unique value their businesses brought to the table. From that idea, Interact’s quiz builder was born. 

80M+ quiz questions answered, 8.5M+ quiz completions, 80% of quizzes that started were finished, 42,000+ average leads generated every day, 60,000+ customers. The Quiz Collective, Inc.

Cloud Backup, Storage, Hosting

Reliable Services


123formbuiulder - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: The Easiest Quiz Maker Ever. The Most Feature-Rich One too. Set up fun, engaging, beautiful quizzes that people love to take in just a few clicks. Whether you’re building a classroom test, or a team bonding activity for your team, 123 Form Builder makes quiz creation quick, simple, and painless.

How it works:

  • Pick a template or start from scratch
  • Add, delete, and customize fields until your online quiz looks perfect. No coding needed, it’s all drag, drop, and click.
  • Publish your quiz, let those answers roll in, and then check the quiz results easily.


  • Types of quizzes: simple, personality, history, geography, physics, human anatomy, chemistry
  • Time your classroom quizzes
  • Generate leads with fun quizzes: customize with enticing photos and graphics, add your company’s branding to every quiz, collect lead information and organize it into smart reports
  • Engage employees: a multiple choice quiz maker app that’ll enable you to create employment induction workflows and engagement campaigns in minutes
  • One question at a time, as many as you need
  • Conditional logic for complex quizzes: show fields when certain actions are done. For example, if a student gives you a wrong answer, you can create a field that will show them the correct answer, so they can learn from their mistakes
  • Connect with people and tools
  • Stay in touch with email notifications
  • Send email certifications
  • Integrations: 80+ of the most popular tools used by businesses around the world, examples: Mailchimp, Google Drive, SalesForce, Wix, Hubspot, Weebly, Evernote.
  • Collect responses and automatize scoring
  • Easy quiz creator with automatic scoring: creating conditional logic rules on quiz results, send quiz scores in email notifications, show respondents their missed answers, assigning points to questions, counting partial answers
  •  Export results where you need them
  • Reporting capabilities

Other departments and resources: web form builder, survey maker, poll maker, HTML form generator, blog, testimonials, documentation, become a partner, security, status, careers, media kit, GDPR.



  • Basic: Free 
  • Individual: $24.99/mo or $19.99/mo billed annually
  • Team: $59.99/mo or $49.99/mo billed annually
  • Enterprise: custom, start at $199.99 per month and adjust to your needs

Online reviews:

  • G2: Rating: 4.1 · ‎55 reviews
  • Capterra: Rating: 4.4 · ‎119 reviews
  • GetApp: Rating: 4.4 · ‎119 votes
  • Trust Radius: Rating: 8.6/10 · ‎40 votes
  • TrustPilot: Rating: 4.6 · ‎313 reviews
  • GlassDoor: Rating: 4.9 · ‎24 votes

About: 123 was born in the heart of Transylvania, Timisoara. Founded in 2008, we collected our first subscription a year later.

200M+ form subm,missions, 2M+ signed up, 35,000+ companies signed up, 85+ employees, 185 countries.

Online Marketplaces

The Ultimate List

(Buy and Sell Products)


outgrow - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: Generate More Leads And Traffic With Outgrow’s Interactive Quiz Builder.


  • Bring on your brand: logo, colors, assets (images, icons, and more), fonts, style
  • Powerful funnel analytics: conversion rate at every stage, section and question-level funnel charts, detailed analytics for each user
  • Branching logic: Unlimited Branches For Each Question, And/Or Logic, Send To A Specific Question Or Result
  • Conditional messaging: Different Messages For Different Results, unlimited Result Conditions, Add Images, Videos To Each Message
  • Smart builder: text input, single select, multi select, numeric slider, opinion scale, rating, date/time picker, file upload, and more
  • Easily create complex formulas: mortgages, bond, interest, if/else and nested if Statements, upload Math from Excel, percentages and Discounts
  • Engage with graphs and charts: line charts, pie charts, tables, bar charts, radar/polar charts
  • Embed anywhere: full screen, iFrame, as popup, as chatbot
  • Boost your marketing: close the marketing loop (personalized Confirmation Emails, dynamic text, segment leads & assign to different campaigns), generate new targeted leads (flexible lead gen, optimized for conversion, multiple form field options), improve social footprint (add share call-to-actions, embed like and follow buttons, share on social media)
  • Integrations:  over 100+ apps.
  • Teams, agency accounts, support 24/7, SSL secure

Other departments and resources: templates, support, partners, wall of love, calculators, surveys, chatbots, assessments, increase conversions, increase ROI, increase sales, blog, certified partners, idea generator, intern with us, marketing trends, marketplace, podcast, webinars, careers.


  • Free (covid offer)
  • Freelancer limited: $22/mo or $14/mo billed annually
  • Freelancer: $45/mo or $25/mo billed annually
  • Startup SpL: $85/mo or $55/mo billed annually
  • Essentials for teams: $115/mo or $95/mo billed annually
  • Business for teams: $720/mo or $600/mo billed annually
  • Custom for enterprise, agency: contact the sales team

Online reviews:

  • G2: Rating: 4.8 · ‎236 reviews
  • Capterra: Rating: 4.9 · ‎174 reviews
  • TrustRadius: Rating: 7.5/10 · ‎57 votes
  • SoftwareAdvice: Rating: 5 · ‎168 reviews

About: Pratham Mittal, co-founder, Randy Rayess, co-founder. 50+ team members, 50,000+ calculators, 150+ countries. 401 Park Ave, 10th Floor New York, 10016.

Online Survey Tools

Regular Updates


surveymonkey - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: Create a quiz and get answers fast with automatic scoring. Make your own quiz and assess anyone’s skills, knowledge, competency, and more!


  • Types of quizzes: corporate training, student educational, corporate compliance, just for fun
  • Track who has taken your quiz and who hasn’t: Email results to people that have taken your online quiz, or remind those that haven’t.
  • See real-time stats and rankings: Get question-level data to see which were easy or difficult for quiz takers.
  • Learn more about your quiz takers: Analyze quiz taker data on scores, ranking, percentiles, and completion times.
  • Take your quizzes on any device
  • Make your quizzes and tests pop: Add your branding, display customized feedback on questions, and more.
  • Use the quiz maker to test your questions: SurveyMonkey Genius scores your questions, ensuring a perfect quiz every time.
  • Enable quiz mode by checking “Score this question” for each quiz question.
  • Assign your answer options points with the plus or minus signs.
  • Send out your quizzes via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more.
  • Go beyond asking questions: Congratulate high scores with a “Great job!”, Give encouraging feedback, “Better luck next time!” after a wrong answer. Show them the correct answer after an incorrect one.
  • Save time with automatic scoring: Hide or show quiz takers their score and correct answers, right after they finish your online quiz. and more
  • Share your quiz data: Email a link to a quiz results page after respondents finish your quiz, Export your quiz statistics to popular formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV, and more, Integrate quizzes and results with apps like Tableau, MS Power BI, Slack, Zoom, and more
  • Get your employees trained easily and effectively
  • Templates: customers, education, employees, events, healthcare, market research, nonprofit, other.

Business Plans:

  • Team advantage: €30/user/mo, billed annually
  • Team premier: €75/user/mo, billed annually
  • Enterprise: powerful admin tools, integrations, collaboration. Contact them

Personal Plans:

  • Standard monthly: €39/mo
  • Advantage annual: €36/mo, or €432 billed annually
  • Premier annual: €99/mo, or €1,182 billed annually

Targeted responses: Get survey responses from around the world in minutes with SurveyMonkey Audience.

Target the types of people you want to hear from based on specific attributes, like country, gender, age, income, employment status, and more.

The Basic plan is FREE.

Other products:

  • Enterprise: a secure survey platform
  • Integrations & plugins: bring survey insights into your business apps
  • Audience: collect survey responses from their global consumer panel
  • CX: understand & improve customer experience
  • Engage: measure & increase employee engagement
  • Usabilla: get in the moment feedback across all digital channels
  • TechValidate: create marketing content from customer feedback
  • Apply: collect, review, and manage applications online
  • Wufoo: gather data and accept payments with online forms
  • GetFeedback: customer feedback for SalesForce

Online reviews:

  • G2: Rating: 4.4 · ‎16,875 reviews
  • Capterra: Rating: 4.6 · ‎8,310 reviews
  • TrustPilot: Rating: 1.6 · ‎388 reviews
  • SoftwareAdvice: Rating: 4.5 · ‎8,213 reviews

  • GetApp: Rating: 4.6 · ‎8,307 votes
  • SiteJabber: Rating: 1.4 · ‎77 reviews

Other departments: Resources: best practices for using surveys and survey data, Curiosity at work: blog, tips, and more, Help center: tutorials, how-to guides, and more, Community, Developers, Investor relations, Careers


About: Locations: San Mateo, California. Portland, Oregon. Seattle, Washington. New York. Ottawa, Canada. Dublin, Ireland. London. Berlin, Germany. Amsterdam, Sydney.

With 20 years of survey expertise and insights from billions of questions answered, we fuel the curiosity of over 17.5 million active users worldwide.

Presentation Tools & Sharing Platforms

Regular Updates

The Ultimate List of Multimedia Resources

Regular Updates

Images, Graphics, Audio, Video, Animation, Themes, Plugins, Code, Apps, Education, Jobs, Buy & Sell Art


freeonlinesurveys - quiz builders & generators

Main slogan: The free quiz maker for testing students and staff.


  • Types of quizzes: education, lead generation, organizational culture, compliance, corporate training, fun
  • Quiz time limit
  • A/B testing
  • Filter & segment
  • Exit pages
  • NPS
  • Zip/postcode lookup
  • API access
  • Show or hide scores
  • 1000 responses
  • Drag n drop builder
  • Enhance your design: use your brand guidelines, Choose theme colors, change fonts and add images, video and text to provide more context to questions, Set custom score messages to show personalized feedback based on quiz scores or use an exit page redirect to send respondents back to your website.
  • Quiz reports and analysis: automated scoring, segment data, average score sheets, cross-tabulation, individual responses, need to share scores?
  • GDPR

Standard Plans:

  • Free
  • Essentials: €12.99/mo billed annually or €20/mo
  • Pro: €25/mo

Students & non-profit plans:

  • Student (verified only): €2.99/mo billed annually or €7.99/mo
  • Schools & non-profits: €19/mo billed annually only

Business plans by KwikSurveys:

  • Business: €25/mo (full trial accounts available for all plan types)
  • KwikSample Marketplace: Purchase survey takers from our marketplace and get results within 48 hours.

Other departments and resources: form builder, poll creator, Survey 101: tips and tricks for creating surveys, Question types: a list of all the question types, Help docs, Creating a survey, KwikSurveys, Buy survey responses.


About: Problem Free Ltd. Desklodge, 1 Temple Way, Bristol. BS2 0BY, United Kingdom/. Company #:04602671. VAT: GB823579410.

The Digital Marketing Game Has Changed

The Web 3.0 Future | Live Annual Quiz Funnel Workshop

Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning of an extended catalog. I will keep the thread updated frequently.

In the meantime, check out the other related resources we have in store for you.

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts. Which solution is the most promising? Which one should I add? Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

The Magic of the "7 Ideals" methodology (beta)

I'm opening up a beta group so you can test a part of our methodology at no cost!

With my value-driven customer-centric strategy and proprietary frameworks, the marketplace is going to change.


The main framework of the method is explained in detail

I also released the basic principles that are infused in everything we do, the most important part, and

I shared the story of how I got here.


I'm introducing a special form of live events that no one is using and that will help your brand thrive and impact the world.

Plus I have developed a revolutionary funnel strategy. 


Become one of the first new-wave business owners that deliver superior user experiences due to our secrets.

LIMITED SPOTS (we kick off this month)


UPCOMING WEBINAR this Sunday Oct 23 @ 10 pm GMT+3


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