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You're Reading:Quick Marketing & Business Tips – Episode 20

Quick Marketing & Business Tips – Episode 20

by Tasos


Jul 23, 2021

Quick Marketing & Business Tips

Episode 20

Welcome to our video series “quick marketing and business tips” where we’re giving you actionable advice, tips, and recommendations, to grow your business today.

This is episode #20.

Let’s dive right in!

Episode 20: A quote by Blair Warren

In a previous episode, we discussed that you need to get your customers’ attention and in another one, we discussed the tremendous power of emotional motivators that you can use in your messaging to get your target audience’s attention.

And today I want to discuss a quote by Blair Warren and it’s this:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Warren had been studying persuasion for years and this sentence contains 5 of the most important insights he learned by studying and applying principles of persuasion.

Warren describes these insights as “very simple” but at the same time frighteningly powerful.

These insights had been used by madmen, leaders, politicians, marketers, salesmen, seducers, evangelists, and entertainers all over the world and he says…

These are the tools for anyone that must connect with others and more importantly make these connections pay off.

So let’s examine these 5 insights separately and the first one is encouraging people’s dreams.

People have dreams and hopes for the future, and if you encourage their dreams in your messaging, you’ll be well on your way to success to create a movement, a movement-based business, a business that is followed by passionate fans all over the world that promote your brand willingly on their own.

The 2nd insight: justifying their failures.

Accepting responsibility is essential to gain control of our own lives and reassuring others that they are not responsible for their failures is essential to gaining influence over them.

This is what politicians do, and you need to show compassion and empathy in your messaging, you need to clearly express that you understand, feel people’s pain and that they did what they could, and that they are not responsible for their failures and there is a solution to their problems.

Allaying their fears.

When we are afraid we can’t concentrate on anything else.

When you try to approach people that are afraid don’t just tell them how to feel because they won’t feel that way, it’s not enough. Don’t just tell them “don’t be afraid”. Because this won’t stop them from being afraid.

You need to work with them until the fear goes away, to provide evidence and facts, tell stories, offer your support, calm them down until the fear goes away.

And this is where marketing research is so important because by performing research you’ll be able to understand people’s fears and then you’ll be able to take advantage of that in your messaging to approach them.

Confirm people’s suspicions.

One of our favorite things to say is “I knew it”. When someone confirms something that we suspect, we feel a sense of superiority and we are attracted to the person who made it clear to us.

This is what Hitler did when he confirmed the suspicions of Germans about the cause of their troubles and this is what cults do, they confirm the suspicions of their prospective members by telling them that their families are out there to sabotage them.

And Warren highlights that is a simple thing to do, to confirm the suspicions of those who are desperate to believe them.

Help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Nothing bonds like having a common enemy. And all people have enemies. It has been said that everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle. The thing they are struggling with is their enemy and it can be an individual, a group, a problem, a setback, a rival philosophy or religion, it does not matter.

When you join people in their fight, you become more than friends, you become partners.

These are the 5 insights described by Blair Warren in his “One sentence persuasion course”. You can use them to draw people into your business world but use them wisely because they are extremely powerful.

Thanks for watching and if you want to learn more about marketing and business, check out our private training workshops.

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