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You're Reading:Quick Marketing & Business Tips – Episode 17

Quick Marketing & Business Tips – Episode 17

by Tasos


Jul 17, 2021

Quick Marketing & Business Tips

Episode 17

Welcome to our video series “quick marketing and business tips” where we’re giving you actionable advice, tips, and recommendations, to grow your business today.

This is episode #17.

Let’s dive right in!

Episode 17: Emotional motivators

As we mentioned in previous episodes, everything starts with research.

We research the market, the competition, and the business itself.

Your target audience is part of the market and consists of people interested in your offerings, solutions, products, and services. These are your potential customers.

Reaching out to your target audience should be your #1 goal.

Now that you know your target audience it’s time to connect with them emotionally through your brand’s messages.

People buy based on emotional triggers. Then, they justify their buying decisions with logic.

Your copywriting should make customers feel something and take action.

Strong Emotional Motivators

#1 Aspiration & Hope: people have dreams and hopes for the future. They want to become better versions of themselves. Life has the potential to change. Help them get there.

#2 Curiosity: there’s a gap between what people know and what they want to know.  When we trigger curiosity people become active and they won’t stop until they satisfy this desire. Tease them with your messages.

#3 Shame & guilt: both are negative emotions and apparently not exactly the same. In marketing, we manipulate these emotions into a positive outcome for our customers. “Stop overeating, it makes you feel ashamed. Our gym will help you get healthy in 30 days or less”.

#4 Fear: people are afraid of missing out on something great. We can create fear-based advertisements but we have to be careful. We should not go too far.

In order to subtly create fear, we can use loss aversion. People prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. It’s better not to lose $10 than to find $10. “Save up to 45% with our special discount coupon and save up to $100. The discount coupon expires at midnight.”

#5 Pain: people want to solve their problems and no one wants to feel pain. Exploit your products’ benefits and address your customers’ pain points. Show them how your products will help them feel relieved.

#6 Belonging: humans are social. They feel the need to belong somewhere: a group, a community, a club. This way, they can deal with unpleasant situations more effectively and win over their common enemies. Make them feel part of your family.

#7 Urgency: one of the most powerful motivators. Even when customers know they need your products won’t take action immediately unless there is a: deadline, limited time offer, bonuses that go away in 3 days, etc.

There are way more emotional motivators we can use in our marketing messages.

Thanks for watching and if you want to learn more about marketing and business, check out our private training workshops.

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