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A/B testing is a crucial way for the savvy company to improve PPC conversion rates. This where the rubber meets the road in your campaign.

In this post, we are going to speak specifically about converting your PPC traffic once it comes through to your website.

A focus on conversion is what separates Push Group from many other agencies. You’ve got the visitors to your website -a feat in and of itself- but in order for them to go from visitors to customers, you need the best possible version of your web page.

A/B testing allows you to test your hypotheses and find, with the power of data, which web page design is most effective. Half of the visitors see one version of your page, while the other half sees the second version. May the best conversion rate win.

The thing is, it’s not always that straight forward. To get the most out of your A/B testing, it comes down to best practices to make sure you’re getting useful data efficiently.


3 A/B Testing Hacks For PPC Traffic

Use Your Time Strategically

Successful A/B testing is not for the faint of heart. To get anything useful from your results, you’ll need to wait until you have enough data for them to become statistically significant, which can take time. It’s important to be patient, but you may not be making the best use of your resources to have the testing done in-house.

This is where hiring an expert can come in handy. A marketing group will have the experience and the knowledge needed to make the most of your A/B testing, while taking the burden off your plate. For example, for A/B Testing in London, companies often turn to the Push Group

Push Group was named by Google as best EMEA agency for growing business, so conducting A/B testing through them could be a way to leave less on your plate while still growing your business.

Keep it scientific

At its heart, A/B testing is about testing a hypothesis. You’re testing to see whether a certain facet of your page design has a measurable impact on conversion rate and, if so, which version results in the highest rate. As any student reading one of the natural sciences knows, an experiment is quickly made useless by including too many variables.

In the world of A/B testing, that means that having too many differences between the A version and the B version can make all of your hard-won data borderline useless. Yes, you may learn that the A version leads to a higher conversion rate, but what specifically about it led to that result?

Without knowing the precise difference that made one version more successful, you won’t be able to replicate your success and will have wasted time and resources. And just like any biologist or chemist, you’ll need to be patient while your experiment runs its course so that you’re able to gather enough data to interpret usefully.

Listen to the data

One of the most challenging parts of A/B testing can come after all the data has been gathered, and it’s time to interpret what it all means

There’s a temptation to read into the results what you want to be there, and will the truth of your hypothesis into existence. Although this is understandable, it’s deadly to the success of your testing. It’s crucial to put aside your preconceived notions and be open to the facts as they are.

Even a slight difference in data from what you expected can lead to valuable insights and ways to increase those treasured conversion rates. Keep an open mind and watch your projects prosper

Final Words

A/B testing best practices can make all the difference for your conversion rates. With these tips, you’ll soon be on your way to turning even more visitors into customers

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