You're Reading:Why Push Button Salaries is a Common Binary Scam Artist

Why Push Button Salaries is a Common Binary Scam Artist

by Tasos


Oct 10, 2015

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

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1 million dollars in the next 27 days , guaranteed.The voice behind the video ensures that he repeated the same process with 10 people already , now it is your time to get rich , really quickly.He is searching for 10 new candidates to share his secret before the end of this video … But things are not exactly as the voice says.


I have a Feeling that if We Push Those Button Salaries The Only One who is Going to Get a Salary is the Producer , Another Scam Artist



Why am I saying that?…Push Button Salaries is a new product launched few days ago on the Clicksure affiliate network.One network that is unfortunately filled with scam productions and nothing else.Even worse than Clickbank.They are competing one another.The push button salary website is just a typical landing page to get you trapped into paying for a dream that does not exist.


$10K out of his own pocket

If the voice won’t make us rich in that period of 27 days he is going to compensate us with $10 grant.The voice is definite because Julia Sanderson was another lucky person who used his methods and got rich.

That means that anyone who is landing on that page is richer with at least $10K in his pocket.


But I am not impressed by these fake video testimonials , not at al.


It costs you nothing to become a millionaire , a ZERO investment offer


Let’s see , is that 100% free?..I strongly doubt it.

All the screenshots that the voice shows are ISA Authorized.They have been checked and found out legitimate.The average daily earnings will fluctuate around the $5K or $6K mark,

Here is how it works

You simply say Yes , sign up and let the voice do the rest.

But why is a multi-millionaire like him want to help unknown people become millionaires too?..Good question.


He does not have to , he is not obliged , but he is only helping out 10 new individuals as a payback to some crazy Wall Street Jokers who doubted about his methods and powers,They laughed on him and now it is his time for “Revenge”

…I wonder why they announced that offer in an affiliate network then and why they did not forwarded it to a secret list of their friends…A lot of questions really..!!..

By the end of these 27 days the only thing that the voice is asking is to let him record you over a video , to show other people that this thing really works.


His trading system has nothing to do with Forex , penny stocks , internet or affiliate marketing , tricking the Google algorithms , a secret lake of Web traffic , or using an app to generate billions out of mobile phones. 



This is Binary Trading , oh my , not again.Please don’t do this to me again.


This is the only way to get money out quick and solve any financial problems you have.It has nothing to do with pyramids , like the MLM companies or other form of the Mixed Level Marketing , this is not a complex system , it’s just a genius way to scam you out of your ignorance.

Will something rise or fall in price within a certain period of time?..That is what is about , and the whole procedure is fully automated by his new software…Yeah , I know voice , I have heard all that before , hundred times.


You don’t have to blog every day , like the fools who are doing this thinking they are doing something useful for the community (me included in that list)...Thank you voice , I have to reconsider , I think.

You don’t have to buy ads to promote your product or business.No need to sell stuff on Ebay or Amazon.Who wants to get involved in these frustrating systems?


But the clock is ticking , hurry up.Only 10 people will be invited to this offer before 2015 ends.


You don’t want a luxury vacation? , you don’t need a sports car? , you don’t like hanging out with beautiful models in Las Vegas or the New York City? ..,Then it is up to you to leave.

I signed up immediately for this tremendous offer , what do I have to lose anyway?…Ten grant are waiting for me in the worst case scenario , right? 


The software promises to find all the best trades for you on auto-pilot.In a few hours you will be earning your first 5 figures.But the problem is that only Martin’s broker is compatible with his software.So you have to open an account with that broker , you know…Yeah I know Martin (or voice) what this means , but do everyone knows?

Martin is making this software exclusive to one broker because this is the only broker with ISA authorization and further Martin is able to increase the security and be able to protect your investments.



Open a broker account right now.Let’s see , the usual price of $250? , or are there new surprises waiting for us?


Well , the certification buttons are all fake and not usable.The Forbes , CNN , Huffington Post labels are photoshopped and totally useless because what the heck CNN or Forbes has to do with such a system?…One that is supposed to be a secret for only these ten selected entities.Martin you disappointed me.

Titan Trade – The Broker (Partner In Crime)


Yes , the $250 minimum deposit is required , just as expected , this is the 100% free offer.If you decide and pay these $250 out of your credit card and only , say goodbye to the money , Martin is making a commission out of you with this Titan Trade broker.Additionally I would feel very uncomfortable in giving away my personal data for these unknown websites.There is not even a paypal option available.







Final Opinion – Conclusion


Where should I start?…I have been discussing about that subject , a lot lately , as these new binary offers are endless , literally.

When I enter an affiliated website with a Binary Options Trading Broker I expect trading lessons.I don’t need these fancy video claims and the bought testimonials for a lousy fiver on the net.I don’t need an automated software to make me a millionaire in 27 days.Because there is no such software.


If a software like that exists , then it is a secret weapon of giant corporations or governments.If however they decide to sell such a software the price won’t be $250 , it should cost millions of dollars.That $250 is the minimum deposit for the majority of the Binary Brokers.


This product is NO different than the Quick Cash System or the Oz Robot or the Michael Williamson’s machine and so may others I have reviewed in the past.Do not waste your money on false promises.Do not trust websites built in a day , empty of content and filled with one Sales Pitch Video.


Additionally have in mind that in order to make a profit in Binary market you will need experience and tons of training.There are successful people in this business as with every business model , but even they lose money , they can’t always win the machines.Because that machines are designed to Take your money.Binary market is unsustainable and no one can guarantee you that you will make any money at all.






That’s it , I hope you can make your decision now.I am welcoming your comments and thoughts as always.Till next time , your online partner


Want to know the Common Patterns that Scams are Using?…A Mini guide to help you




















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  1. Lee

    When will I ever learn! Having said that, I must already be learning as now I check out reviews of these types of products before I buy them,whereas at one time I would of just jumped straight in!

    I feel quite embarrassed having read your review for even giving the “Push button salaries” a second thought.

    I find it funny now looking at it from a different angle when he says he was trying to prove something to his friends on Wall Street. It’s actually laughable really.

    I’ll be keeping my money safely in my pocket so thanks for that!

    • Tasos

      This is the modern marketing era , Lee , they try to catch people’s emotions , and who knows , may be they can make some sales.Or may be this is their vision , to trick others , a masterplan.

      Thank you for another visit and for your meaningful participation.


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