You're Reading:Ridiculous Rules in Profits4Us Income Plan – Bitcoin Gifting Admin Targeting Newbies

Ridiculous Rules in Profits4Us Income Plan – Bitcoin Gifting Admin Targeting Newbies

by Tasos


Jan 5, 2017



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Under the microscope is an MLM company currently in pre-launch mode. The website welcomes visitors with a long message…

  • Join our community assist program (CAP)
  • Help each other create wealth through our bitcoin accumulation program…..typical MLM invitation
  • Meet our mascots, Cappie and Bapsie for inspiration and motivation
  • Buy precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) in tradeable sized bars to preserve your wealth
  • Work hard, stay focused, sell the concept…


Inside the Profits 4Us Group



The propaganda continues..

  • We put your interest first
  • Earn while you learn entrepreneurship, online marketing, wealth creation and preservation,
  • Make your wildest dreams come true….and more

We can help you re-inforce your currency’s declining buying power and show you how to build an extraordinary income by converting your “fiat” currency into bitcoins


The owner and creator of the Profits4Us Group, Paul von Wildenrath, has devised a simple, affordable, yet powerful income plan based on the power of leveraging


Contact details on the About page

P.O Box in Pretoria, South Africa.

Owners – domain

The registration date is April 2013. Owner is the Profits4Us company and an address in Johannesburg is provided…Old domain, let’s see, are they launching any soon?

A google search for the owner’s name uncovers a Facebook page, a You-Tube channel, a G+ page and other social accounts but I could retrieve any information about past MLM companies. May be this is the first time for Mr Wildenrath to start up an MLM business.


How it Works

You subscribe to the bitcoin (BAP) program for 0.102 BTC, paid only once.

Then a recruiting game begins and you have to refer people to the company.


Profits4Us offers 2 opportunities

You can be a customer / agent and buy precious metals in the store and earn once off commissions when you personally sell products in the store.

You can be a member of the BAP program (Independent associate) and earn from 3 income streams

  • 0.01 BTC commissions that you earn from every new customer that buys a position in the 5 X 8 gifting matrix
  • The accumulated balance of Bitcoins as increases in value … no one can guarantee that though, but at the moment, yes bitcoins increase in value.
  • Once off single tier commissions when your customers buy precious metals in the store.


Important notice

At the time of writing, 4 Dec 2016 the new software is not ready yet but you can still promote the program to invite people and when we launch at the end of the month or in January you will be able to secure the highest available position in the matrix.


Requirements in order to join this lucrative opportunity

  • Positive minded, willing to help others
  • Computer and internet literate, with your own laptop


  • Able to afford the data required to run their business and airtime to make phone calls, or earn enough money from their new Member signups to cover those costs plus their Membership fee plus their monthly overheads.
  • They must be able to afford the 0.102 BTC Membership fee (incl. transaction fees), which must be paid in full within 2 hours of joining the Program, otherwise their registration will be cancelled and it will once again become available to the next person who joins. This is to prevent people from joining, not paying, and then occupying “dead” space in the matrix


This is where it gets “Hot”

  • Every member has 30 days from DOJ (Date Of Joining) to personally sign up the first 5 new people to ensure permanent activation of their account.
  • Members have 180 days (6 months) to sell a total of 30 positions in their downline, at 5 every 30 days, to keep their account active
  • If this does not happen, their account will be temporarily de-activated (ie: suspended) and during that time they will not be able to sign up new members or earn commissions, all of which will be forfeited to admin and used as competition prize money and to pay for our annual conferences
  • The member must then pay admin a “reactivation” fee of 0.02 BTC to have their account re-activated
  • They then have 30 days to sign up the next 5 members, or their account will once again be de-activated. This is to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the business. Once they have their 30 sales, they can either continue selling, or Retire!


The admin continues to surprise me…

This is how quickly you will fill your matrix if everyone gets their 30 new sales in 180 days or less!

You make 30 sales.
They sell to 30 people each: 30 x 30 = 900.
Those 900 sell to 30 people each: 900 x 30 = 27,000.
Those 27,000 sell to 30 people each: 27,000 x 30 = 810,000.

The admin’s fantasy is beyond Earth’s boundaries….and how much money you make in that case Mr Admin?…so bless this matrix to eternity..!!


In just 4 steps, you will have more than double the number of sales you need to fill your matrix!…the admin is not giving up

Commissions will be paid peer-to-peer, directly from each member’s Blockchain account into their own Blockchain account. Fees are not first paid to Profits4Us for re-distribution to existing members.


This one is even more interesting

PROMOTING the B.A.P. Program to others is the Secret to Success in Profits4Us, because you will be earning more and more money after finding your 30 new customers and HELPING THEM to do the same (so YOU can also earn more commissions), unless you want to speed up the filling of your matrix by a) buying more positions yourself, and b) by bringing in more and more customers yourself. Work hard, with diligence and consistency, and you should be able to retire in less than 12 months


Retire in less than 12 months….with money that people lost on you…Impressive way of thinking…this is the positive minded people admin wants in that business


The admin can not stop

You earn a 10% commission on all sales in your downline in the B.A.P. Program, but you only have to personally sign up 30 people in less than 6 months for your account to be permanently activated. Everything after that is profit.

Commissions are paid as follows

You earn 10% of every B.A.P. member’s registration fee in your matrix, paid directly into your Blockchain account by the people in your 8-level Sales Team (0.01 BTC of their total of 0.102 BTC).

0.01 is not exactly 10% of 0.102….but 0.0102 is…admin wins more money from that slight detail as well on every member


Every new member pays 0.01 BTC directly to the 8 people above them in their upline, plus 0.02 BTC paid to the Profits4us admin’s Blockchain account as a registration and admin fee. (The extra 0.002 BTC is for transaction fees).


Privacy Policy

It is mentioned that the site might ask from members to provide personal details including government identification or passport number. Proceed with extreme caution in such case although I do recommend to NOT send personal information on biz opp sites.

They are referring to ID or passport numbers only but if they ask for verification documents stay away from the program.


You can ask for a refund within 5 days after your registration.

Facebook Fan Page

By reading some of the posts published on the FB wall I discovered a new site they are preparing. The url is profits4us.club and the official homepage is profits4us.co.za

Other staff members

Marilyn Jones – Area manager, Elmien Van Der Walt – salesperson, Sharon Vd Merwe – sales manager, Paul White – sales manager, Petrus Vd Schyff – supervisor, Sebrenda Ras – salesperson, Andre Olwage – supervisor, Andries Van Tonder – regional manager, Anaschka Bester – salesperson, Hannelie Burger Havik – salesperson, Zolani Penxa – supervisor, Doug Oliver – sales manager, Lynette Quimpo – salesperson, Charles Leo – supervisor, Anet Koegelenberg – salesperson, Karin Foster – salesperson



Final Words



The website of Profits4Us is not ready yet and as a result I can not evaluate the Store department which is absent. I will update the thread when it is available but still I can discern that it will be a store strictly for affiliates / investors that want to buy gold bars.

I strongly doubt that the store will be available to the public, meaning no retail sales will take place and this points out to yet another Ponzi / Pyramid scheme.


Now to the most important aspect of Profits4Us plan, the rules of the BAP program


First of all it is an obvious bitcoin gifting program, even the admin mentions it.

You have only 30 days to make 5 sales in order to keep your account active. Every 30 days the same rule applies till you reach 30 people in less than 180 days. If you fail on any step then you pay an extra fee to reactivate your account.

All that lost money going straight to the admin’s pocket to cover his personal expenses and the annual conferences

However if you manage to make 30 sales the admin is promising that you will be in position to retire….the question is where?…in prison?..just joking


I never met such a rule and is totally ridiculous resulting in an ongoing stress that will dry off affiliates efforts to zero.


Then the admin is trying to lure as many people as he can by mentioning the multi positions a member can have. Of course this tactic helps the company make even more money out of one person only and imagine what will happen when that person won’t be able to recruit like a maniac.


I believe this is a trend lately, more and more Bitcoin gifting programs come to life in order to steal bitcoins from people around the globe. In that case the regulating agencies will have a hard time in retrieving information from Bitcoin exchanges.


I would summarize the program as a bitcoin gifting matrix where hard recruiting is the only requirement to succeed. How do you succeed?…On other people’s ignorance and failure. This is what happens with that programs.

Have in mind that the admin had already pre-loaded every matrix with his name on top thus will receive all first registration fees plus the transaction fees on every peer to peer transaction and the extra fees on re-activations.

Then when the time is right he will be able to leave and shut down the opportunity.

May be a few earlier investors might make a profit but I can predict that the vast majority of affiliates will lose their hard earned bitcoins.



How to Make Money Online



If you are looking for ways to create an income online then you don’t have to chase these poor programs. That kind of matrices are designed only for the owners and you will have a hard time only to break even.

But if you want to create a long term online business, just like I did 2 years ago, then you need a website. From there the sky is the limit.

There is only one catch … your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am wating for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies






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