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You're Reading:How the “Profit Glitch” Presentation is Misleading Visitors…Free=$97

How the “Profit Glitch” Presentation is Misleading Visitors…Free=$97

by Tasos


Jan 9, 2017




I was approached by an affiliate of a company to join yet another lucrative opportunity. One of the millions that exist out there, with the difference now that this offer was totally free. I put my wallet away and pressed the provided link in my email inbox.



Inside “Profit Glitch”



The headlines are always promising,…touching the hearts of wannabe entrepreneurs

  • Earn money 24/7 using our exclusive system
  • 100% hands free income for everyone

How it Works – 3 Steps

  • Create a free account
  • Activate the system in your members area and start making money
  • Tell us how you want to get paid, twice per week…not everyday…

So, if I understand correctly I just fill out a sign up form and start making money right away, without doing anything at all?…really?…let’s move on


The homepage video commercial

Making money online is not an easy thing to do, you might spend hours, even days trying to figure out what you can do to earn money from home. You are overwhelmed by the load of information and gurus are just around the corner ready to release an attack on you.

But,. Profit Glitch is a unique exclusive system for our members to help them make money. Everyone makes money automatically.

How?…simply by using the power of Blockchain.


And if you decide to use the income builder you can make money every single day with just a few clicks.


Because they were developing that system for the last 3 years. With Profit Glitch you earn daily cash on autopilot.


No further description is given, so I had to sign up…


Member’s Area

In 2009 bitcoin was invented. At first mining bitcoins was easy and the owner of Profit Glitch had huge success only using his PC. In 2011 he invested in more powerful mining computers while he started inviting friends and family to join him.

By staying ahead of technology and upgrading his systems continuously he managed to make huge profits with Bitcoins. That systems are running 24/7 and made the owner very rich for that last 7 years.

Why Profit Glitch is Unique

With other bitcoin mining companies the money that you earn is limited to how much power you purchase from them.

With Profit Glicth there is no limit to how much you can earn, in fact people using that system are making thousands of dollars every day. When you become a member your membership fee is one time with absolutely no monthly fees. From Zero to Hero.


Not exactly a FREE offer after all..How can a company fail dramatically in just a few minutes???…I thought it was like…I create my free account, activate the system and start making money, or not?


The fiasko continues...

Your $97 membership fee is allocated in a fund for us to keep purchasing BIGGER and BETTER ASIC mining equipment. ASIC means ‘Application specific integrated circuit chips’.

So, someone builds a website, you sign up for a free offer that will start generating money for you on autopilot and then you read a few words about the bitcoin history and the impressive background of the owner. And then you have to pay $97….Are you ready to deposit money yet?…Does this owner deserve your hard earned money?

Hell, NO

Let’s move a little deeper, but now we know that we deal with a Huge Scam


The Income Builder

In addition to earning automatic income with Profit Glitch, every week our team scours the internet for the newest and easiest ways to make money online and updates your builder with that information.

Meaning, more spammy offers, so that the owner will make affiliate commissions out of you on top of the $97 membership fee that you have already paid.

The Affiliate Program

  • You earn $47 commissions for every sign up through your links. For every additional sale they give you a Turbo Boost in your builder system
  • After 10 sales you are upgraded to gold and your income will be doubled
  • After 25 sales you are upgraded to platinum and your income will be tripled.
  • The 50 sales threshold is when you 7x your income.

Wow, the opportunity of the centuries ladies and gentlemen..!!!…what are you waiting for?…it is only $97

Hurry up, the no monthly fee lifetime membership offers ends in 1 day and 13 hours….hmmm, may be they are right, where is my credit card?



Final Words – The Facts




We deal with yet another awful program, a misleading presentation that targets newbies. In the worst case the owner (the man signs as Robert on the site?) will grab your email address to bombard you with his upcoming crappy offers.

In Your worst case you part $97 in hope to receive a fully automated income system. Well I have to disappoint you here, money can be made online, but you have to work just like the offline traditional jobs. Nothing is automated, this is just a fancy catchy claim that sells. Because people indeed, are looking for ways to make money without having to work. Not on this planet.


Moreover a whois research for the domain uncovers the registration date, mid October 2016. The owners are hiding their identities using privacy protection.


How can we trust such a company to deposit our $97?…Where are the facilities?, I want to see pictures of the bitcoin mining systems…Where is the team of experts behind this genius program?…Their biography?…their photos?…Where is the cryptocurrency knowledge?

It is over 2 months now that this website is up and running, no one ever written an article on it…where is the blog section?…where are the comments?…nothing at all…!!!



How to Make Money Online



Making money online it is not easy. Of course anything is possible if you want to make it happen. But you have to work, all you need is a website. This is how I started 2 years ago.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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