Power To Pivot

A free 1-day live virtual immersion workshop with the most influential, impactful, and amazing people on the planet to discover an industry that is growing exponentially during these crazy times

July 15 @ 9 am PT | 12 pm ET


“Halfway virtual” world & economy

Power To Pivot

1-Day Live Virtual Immersion Workshop


*A secret industry that's exponentially growing even during those unprecedented times

Dean Graziosi & Guests

Inside this 1-DAY live interactive training, you will discover how to take advantage of your own assets to build a better future:

  • Stop playing small, start or scale your own thing & THRIVE
  • Gain the roadmap to confidently pivot and take advantage of this window of opportunity
  • Pivot your thinking
  • Pivot your plan
  • Pivot your action

Our extra bonuses:

  • coming soon

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is this “day one” or just one day?

The industry that

changed my life

Get Ready To be challenged

Turn any idea into an economic opportunity

If you have an internet presence and do not yet have products and services, the speakers at this event will guide you to create digital products and services and train you to promote them.

If you have a business and want to add digital products and services to your portfolio, then you should not miss this challenge.

If you still have neither a business running nor an online presence, this event will be the starting point of a new and brilliant career for you.

if you don’t own your future, someone else will

are you prepared for the future?

create life

on your

own terms

Don’t just sit and accept where things are. Nobody’s coming to save us. Especially when it comes to your economics. This event is for you if you want to explore new things and pivot by investigating new ways in an industry that’s exponentially growing.

Get Ready To be challenged

At our last event, 1 million people gathered together

Our last challenge touched 837,478 lives. This time, together, we can change the world (starting with you).

This is like the SUPER BOWL, the WORLD CUP, or WOODSTOCK…but this time it’s not just for entertainment…

We’re going to be growing together, learning together, planning & strategizing together.

A step-by-step business success blueprint to change your life forever

who is it for


Anyone with a message


people that want to share their stories & experiences and impact other people's lives


those that want to turn their mess into a message to affect millions of people


people that want to express their creativity and emotions and connect with others on a deep level


those that want to share their passions to inspre, motivate, and create change in other people's lives


people that want to use their current skills, knowledge, or experience and turn them into digital products


people that want to immerse in self-education and move fast with confidence, clarity, and follow a proven path


aspiring entrepreneurs


people that want to build and launch digital products


those that want to become knowledge brokers and report on other people's skills, expertise, knowledge, experiences & passions


people that want to follow a successful business path step-by-step


those that don't have a huge following


people with no online or digital experience


those that want to take advantage of the new dawn of the digital economy that is growing geometrically


people that want to work from anywhere in the world and take advatage of the covid-19 restrictions


those that want to get inspired by charismatic entrepreneurs that impacted thousands of people


business owners that want to add digital products to their portfolio


entrepreneurs that want to impact people and leave their legacy


marketers, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, practitioners, small business owners, influencers, experts

Simple But Important Steps



If you don’t believe your thinking has held you back then let me ask you this… Why has feeling like an imposter, inner self doubt, fear and the people around you already cost you way too much? How many opportunities have you missed in the past because of your thinking?

You know you were designed for more yet something is making you play small and hesitate from reaching your next level.

So in this one day event you will be ignited with an unstoppable mindset… while at the same time gaining your plan of attack. 



Everyone wants to create next level success… but the sad truth is, most people don’t know where to start or are following the wrong plan.

In order to avoid this regret you must unlock the SMART “here is where to start” plan for your future. A plan that is  working RIGHT NOW for thousands of everyday people all around the world

And during this event you’ll learn how to “course correct” by learning from those who have already pivoted and have forged a path for you to follow



Knowledge means nothing without the right action… Learning isn’t enough. That’s why Dean and his guests are not only going to show you how to pivot into the self education industry but also focus on how to confidently implement and make it real.

You have already missed too many opportunities in your life because you didn’t take the proper action. Join us LIVE on July 15th and together let’s make sure that doesn’t ever happen again. 

the knowledge industry

changed my life

An industry that’s growing exponentially!

why you need this, why now!


someone will control where your life goes from here...shouldn't it be you?


there are new strategies and new ways to be explored so you can pivot into an industry that is only growing


an industry where you can share what you already know, and use assets you already have


you only need to find something of value to share



let me ask you

a question

How quick has the last five years gone for you?

All these dreams of where the world could go, we think we have all the time in the world. 

But, in reality, we don’t.

the dawn of the

digital economy


Every single speaker during this challenge is someone who has impacted thousands of people because they learned the strategies they needed to TAKE CONTROL of their purpose and in turn, their future…

Dean Graziosi

– World renowned entrepreneur

Jay Shetty

an English author, former monk, and life coach of Indian descent

Lisa Nichols

a celebrated motivational speaker who has inspired millions through her seminars and her role as a featured teacher in The Secret

Jesse Eker

– son of T. Harv Eker, who is an author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation

Anthony Trucks

a former NFL linebacker who first competed in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 9

Alison Prince

 an award-winning British children’s writer, screenwriter and biographer, who settled on the Isle of Arran in Scotland

Lewis Howes

a New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur

Chris & Lori Harder

– Chris is an entrepreneur, investor, avid philanthropist, and podcaster. Lori is a self-love expert and motivational speaker who is famous for hosting the Earn Your Happy podcast hosted on her inspirational eponymous blogging website

Amy Purdy

an American actress, model, para-snowboarder, motivational speaker, clothing designer and author

more to be announced…stay tuned!

Every single speaker has impacted thousands of lives

VIP Upgrade portal walkthrough

conquer your


If you don’t change anything now, will you be proud of your life when you look back in 5, 10, 20 years?

Get Access To Free Training

We support people that want to enter the self-education industry  that is booming dynamically with free marketing and training bonuses that will be announced before the event

Your host: Tasos Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Creator of the “7 Ideals” Method, Entrepreneur since 1992, Business Administration @ University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

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The Magic of the "7 Ideals" (beta)

The Magic of the "7 Ideals" (beta)

We are opening up a beta group so you can test a part of our methodology at no cost!

The main framework of the method is explained in detail

We also released the basic principles, the most important part, and the story of how we got here.


We are introducing a special form of live events that no one is using and that will help your brand thrive and impact the world.

Plus we have developed a revolutionary funnel strategy that is going to shake the marketplace. 

Become one of the first new-wave business owners that deliver a superior user experience due to our secrets.

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We'll explain everything in an upcoming webinar but in the meantime you can...


Book a 30' video-call interview on the next page, to help us understand where you are at your business right now, your needs and goals, and we will give you a detailed analysis of how the beta group works.

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That's writing with others.


This amazing community of authors, Hope Writers, of which I am a member for 1.5 years now is organizing a 5-day writing challenge on Instagram and you can participate for free.

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