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Interviews with 30+ experts from different industries

Free Documentaries

100 ideas to replace or even grow your income.

Discover ways to:
Recoup your losses
Feed your family

Revealing new paycheck generation methods

Exposing unforeseen dangers

Sharing insider secrets

Premiers Tuesday, May 12th

Exclusive World-Wide, Limited-Time Broadcast – 9 Episodes Air Over 9 Days


 The Experts Are Holding Nothing Back

the financial insider event of the decade now


A solution to keep the dollars coming in… 


Without slaving away for someone else’s dream, only to have your livelihood threatened when hard times hit.


Feel safe knowing that your family is taken care of.


Don’t risk running out of cash.


Which opportunities you should pay attention to.

Why Free?

You deserve this critical information and Revealed Films is committed to making sure every single person that needs it has access during the crisis

the experts know exactly what to do

It might seem counterintuitive but…for those who know exactly what to do and where to strike in these small windows of circumstance…it’s a massive financial win

It Happened Before

It will happen again

100 Powerful Ideas You Can Profit From

The Great News? You Only Need 1

What If This Pandemic Is The Best Thing That Happened To You?

I bet you are concerned about your job right now

Did you lose your job? Like 30,000,000 people did?

Companies struggle, how will they make it next year?

This pandemic was the biggest wake-up call of our lives

But what if this is happening FOR us, not TO us?

What if this is the beginning of a new and better life?

How To Replace Your Paycheck

During this economic crisis

paycheck solution

Dr. Patrick Gentempo & Revealed Films

Wealth Breakthroughs/Revealed Films LATEST

9 Episodes Documentary

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