You're Reading:Investment Frenzy Continues with “Oil Rig Fund”… Fancy but Not Real

Investment Frenzy Continues with “Oil Rig Fund”… Fancy but Not Real

by Tasos


Feb 23, 2017



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Investing programs are trendy and catchy attracting people that want to make money online the “Easy” way. Who wants to work?..Nope, the modern technology is there to serve our needs. Or is it not?…Unfortunately over 95% of investing programs are scams, fraudulent, suspicious or deliver no value whatsoever…

This time I hope that we deal with a legit company…let’s dive deep



Inside Oil Rig Fund




When you arrive on the official homepage the beautiful logo announce…a Premium oil trading merchant. The header includes a sign up form and a calculator for potential earnings….


Straight to the point…


They continue…

  • Welcome visitor, this is an international oil trading and investment corporation. Have you ever thought of investing money in the most valuable asset of the century?
  • Mission & Vision: Being one of the leading investment companies globally with financial activity conducted in oil market, OilRigFund.com is a truly recognized for its excellence in customer service and tons of satisfied customers in more
  • Our business development department introduces our state-of-the-art investment solutions that will totally blow your mind off with the potential returns you have the chance to get. Our way to share with our customers is well thought-out and combines both flexibility and profitability in order to feel free to use the funds for our company needs and generously pay interests to our investors for their help
  • The Affiliate program is a unique way for you to earn money by referring your friends or family members. Feel free to use our great affiliate tools to double your earnings.


They claim to be an investment leader, let’s see, will they deliver on these fancy promises?


Oil Rig Fund Visa Debit Card

Can be used to shop online, pay for goods and services, withdraw cash at ATM’s worldwide using clients balances in USD, EUR, GBP or CNY. No need to manually fund cards for each use as funds are situated in a user’s Oil Rig Fund Wallet.


Great, I can use the Oil Rig Fund balance to withdraw cash at ATMs around the world….excited..for more…!!!


Video Presentation

The man behind the camera is not very convincing and the short video ending letting us know about the deposit section. I was waiting to hear about the oil trading and why is the most valuable asset of this century. The man just assured that we deal with a professional team. I am secured, 0.5%, let’s go for the rest



Investment Plans


  • #1 Trial – daily interest 8%, in USD, minimum deposit $25, maximum $249, investment period 15 calendar days, total return 120%, instant withdrawals
  • #2 Shares – daily interest 21.4%. in USD, min $250, max $499, 7 calendar days, ROI 150%, instant withdrawals
  • #3 Oil Investment – daily interest 40%, in USD, min $500, max $999, 5 calendar days, ROI 200%, instant withdrawals
  • #4 Gas Investment – daily interest 83.3%, in USD, min $1000, max $10,000, 3 calendar days, ROI 250%, instant withdrawals


Payment processors

Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, bitcoin


VIP Membership Advantages

  • Instant withdrawals for VIP investors
  • Free debit card
  • 24/7 support
  • $250 welcome bonus
  • Free referrals
  • Special promotions, extra security

Deposit a minimum of $1000 and you become a VIP member. Simple as that, don’t forget to contact them with a support ticket to verify.


Affiliate Program

As all modern HYIPs they offer a program where members can earn by referring other people in the system. The details uncover a lot for the owners intentions

Deposit amount $25-249 1% Referral Commission
Deposit amount $250-9995% Referral Commission
Deposit amount $1000-100k 10% Referral Commission



Statistics shown

  • Started 18 January 2017
  • Days online 36
  • Total members 12969
  • Total investments $2,5 millions+
  • Total Paid $1,5 million+


Legal Documents – Address

On the official website the following address is provided: 113 Truro Technology Park, Truro, TR1 2XN United Kingdom. And a telephone number strictly for VIPs Tel.: +44 1872 261*** (VIP only). Moreover they give the Company’s registration number 10492700. Indeed, on the companies house website that number indicates the Oil Rig Limited company.

The name Devon Bowen appears as an officer representative.


Owners – Domain

The whois search tool helped me uncover the registration date for the domain oilrigfund.com, mid November 2016. The owners are using privacy protection to hide from the public.


How they “Play”

They say…””OilRigFund is an international investment company specializing in oil trading that involves purchasing securities of companies engaged in oil mining. Global competition for exhausting oil deposits has begun and private companies as well as governments are increasing spends on new equipment in order to get the last profits from oil trades as oil is going to be extinct within next fifty years or so. What we do is investing in companies such as British Petroleum by buying their futures and securities and then re-selling them after a significant price increase.””


Where they Stand Today

  • They saw an opportunity online and they know a lot of people that would be happy to trust their funds to “Good” hands….= Oil Rig Fund
  • Due to the higher than expected number of online investors they were able to reduce the bar of minimum investments thus allowing even more people to join the “Team” and get on board for “Success”.


They continue further…””Each your investment is transferred to our united trading account. This is a centralized pool that is used to buy securities and oil bonds from largest companies across the globe. As soon as each bond is purchased, we use complicated system of graphs to continuously keep an eye on price change and be ready to take immediate decision if there is a sudden drop.””

All our investors are paid through the range of our investment plans. They combine profitable interest rate as well as flexible plan durations making your investment experience with us fun and pleasant as money flow continues to increase while no specific knowledge is required from you””



All of that sound pretty cool, but I need some proof of their expertise…let’s move on, is there anything more?


Nope, this is where the contribution of Oil Rig Fund to the investing world ends. Are you ready to deposit?…are you ready for the VIP membership in order to get their phone number?…do you want the free debit card?…wait a minute, time for my conclusion…








Final Words




The red flags are obvious all around this beautifully designed but empty of content website. Another HYIP that will fail to deliver on any promise given and here is why…


They talk about oil investing and oil mining without even refer to any external partner, resources, reports

They claim to be an industry leader in a rolling 36 days period?…Is that possible?


The daily ROIs are extremely high and are far away from reality…Come on people, 80% daily interest?…in a week you are a millionaire. Is it so easy to make money?…Real companies do not give exact percentages and they mention the high risk involved. In order for you to invest and make money someone has to lose.


More importantly the owners are hiding from the public. Where are the names, images, facilities?…I want to see the progress of ongoing projects. I want to know in which companies they invested and why. I want free information on the oil industry from the team’s experts. They did not even write a single article about.


Let’s move on…

The affiliate program uses a hard Pay-to-Play mechanism in order fro you to deposit at least $1000 to receive higher commissions.

Instant withdrawals are supposedly working only for VIP members. They did not even reveal the phone number, unless you pay the $1000 tarrif.


The statistics are fake. Over $2.5 millions deposited in that company in just 36 days. I bet it is less than $500.


I believe we deal with yet another cheap Ponzi system, where all money coming in OilRigFund is deposits from affiliates that fall in the trap for the “Out of this Earth” ROIs. Newly recruited members pay off exisiting investors. A game that is going to die once recruitment slows down. It is when the “Anonymous” owners will disappear collecting the most of funds. A few friends or earlier investors might make minor profits leaving the vast majority of participants with a loss, and broken hearts.



And here is how legitimate investing companies would enter the market…


They would start by working with personal funds and investments till they create a strong portfolio to showcase to potential customers, at least for a year or more.

In the meantime the blog department would bombard the industry and visitors with tips, analytical reports, videos, and online courses.

They would create a fan base on social media channels and get in touch with other companies and their teams.

They would arrange meetings and shows around the world to attract more followers and demonstrate their talent face to face.


Then it would be the time to ask for public investments in order to expand the oil investing machine to infiity.



What we have here?…just a website, 3-4 pages long. Do I have to tell you what to do next?



How to Make Money Online Away from Scams and Risks




If you want to gamble with your money, go ahead and try Oil Rig Fund or any other pseudo HYIP out of the hundreds that exist. Do you really believe that the world is full of investing giants/experts that are not only making huge profits daily, they want to make you successful. And why to do that?…If you were an investing expert would you share profits with random people online?…But they need your funds, anyway…

For those that are willing to work, I have good news. My online journey begun 2 years ago when I got involved with affiliate websites. It could not have been more adventurous. The most newbie friendly online business model, long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your commentds and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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