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On August 2005, as the financial crisis ripped the world’s banking sector, Michael Watson quit as senior trader at one of the top investment banks in the world.


Nope, it was not a financial crisis ripped off the banks. It was the banks who ripped off everyone else for good, in order to recover their own losses and huge mess.


Now, after creating 100 millionaires from his 2014 Obcasio intake, he is opening the doors again to the public….Another fancy scenario today for yet another Binary Scam Movie…



Obcasio Software – Dance of Claims



  • Free access to the software
  • Guaranteed $2000 daily profits, every single day…..even when the trading markets are closed…Yep, yep
  • Obcasio means opportunity in Latin … and you thought to give a bad name to such a beautiful word, or am I wrong here?
  • Today is the final day to grab this chance
  • You can reach $730,000 easily this year alone
  • Sarah is winning some trades in front of my shocked eyes

and blah blah blah



Final Words



You think that this is an once in a lifetime opportunity?….your heart is shaking because you want to be on Sarah’s place?….


I will disappoint you dramatically….


This is another Binary Scam to empty your account. A hilarious attempt to trap newcomers and novice traders or wannabe millionaires.

If you deposit the minimum $250 in order to open an account for their recommended broker, say goodbye to that money forever. You only make richer the filthy team behind this crappy video production.

That software is a simple plugin designed to give some random signals to make you believe that it is working.


I have seen these videos thousands of times in my life and the scenario is pretty much a repetition. I believe the scammers are running out of ideas.



Opportunities are Everywhere



Don’t chase a dream that does not exist. Yes, you can be a millionaire even online, but as with all the jobs out there you have to work for it. Nobody is giving away any magic software, no one can guarantee nothing.

You are for yourself, but you can make it happen.


If you want to make money online and you want to avoid the risks of the Binary Options Trading Market then I suggest that you build a website on your own, just like I did, 2 years ago.

There is only one catch…as I said, your personal work / devotion.


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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.



















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