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You're Reading:Excuse me miss , this phone dropped off your bag? .. s01e06

Excuse me miss , this phone dropped off your bag? .. s01e06

by Tasos


Nov 22, 2015

… Manuel was excited , no … he felt superior , like a dominant man , an authority , a leader.He could tell from the moment they met , he knew that one day would be proud of that choice…He stopped for a minute , looked out of his window … but what if I chose someone else?.. no no , go away thoughts , I want to relax and think of my next move.


The landscape outside was wonderful , trees surrounded by a veil of diluted fog on this


Saturday Morning – New Zealand…






The area belonged to Manuel , a heritage from his rich father … a plot out of many.A former Giant Breeder , exporting everywhere in the world.He was listed as #1 Seller for 5 years in a row on the blackboard of the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.

His father was talking all the time about that , he was proud … but Manuel was worried.He was suspicious for all this sudden glory.

And how can a 10 years old kid know anything of business?…No , right , a kid could not knew a lot about business but he could tell the Difference.


Don’t underestimate kids and what they can feel , Manuel got back in the present.That’s it , I am announcing a Live Chat in Facebook, for this evening , hell , yes , my fans would love that.


Working in Fast Mode


Adrenaline spread through his body , a feeling known and welcomed , as long as he could keep it low and sleep , because lately he lost over 3 pounds due to some mini insomnia.But he was used to it , like when he was in the army,

Ok , we need a super banner for this one.Let’s see , what’s new on Canva?…Great , we need some background effect …mmm yes , now the Headline , damn , what should I write?

Lenamie Invites You to Super Chat – Don’t be late


blahh , stupid , you are a leader , there’s got to be something better.


Need a Break? .. Lenamie Hangout Night


yeah , it could be , no no , here it goes


The Dice Rolled … Lenamie for Bon La Vie


Yesss.. that’s it , now the colours , some light … it’s fine , give it a shot.


His fingers danced over the keyboard … the SEND button pushed.


He had to prepare the usual page of notes and get shaved.I need a great look tonight.Let’s see , how many will subscribe for this chat?



Back In Greece


Monica was moving on the sidewalk , pretty crowded for this Saturday noon , the centre of town was full of tourists preparing for the rain.Noisy and disturbing , she needed that break with Chloe and … she was really hungry.

Exhausted pushed herself to move on.I will take that alley , I need some space whispered to the wind.


Excuse me Miss , this phone dropped off your bag , is not that yours?.. a man smiling approached her.

She could not do a thing , the move was so fast that even a professional boxer would have serious trouble.He managed to cover her mouth in a sec , enough to send Monica to sleep and give him time to prepare the body for the van.

The driver opened the door and let the man with Monica step inside.Go go


Chloe was getting tired , where the heck is Monica?… she never got late , that is weird , too many incidents for one day , oh my , please make this day go away , please..!!..

Monica’s phone was discharged or out of area , yeah , I know , Chloe knew that something was wrong , very wrong.She felt her spine chill , what?….that’s it , I am gone from here.This is enough.

Sorry , miss , I have to cancel my dinner , here’s my card , charge me the full order .. I have to go


She got in the car the very second the van parked outside the place , on the other side of the road.Chloe started the engine.Find Paul , her instinct was calling her.


The man entered the restaurant and scanned the place with his eyes.He took a sit and pretended that he was speaking on the phone , keeping the waitress in a safe distance .. A few moments later he left



Lenamie – The Rolling Dice



Hello , beautiful people and partners of Lenamie.Our organisation is proud to announce something big tonight . really big , are you ready?

The Facebook fan page wall bombarded with comments in a second.Manuel was a grand master , he felt This Power again , he knew he would stay awake all night long , oh my….


To be continued … I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , what you guess about Monica?…Is Manuel’s Video Chat an event not to be missed?……. Your online partner












Episode 01




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