This is your chance to let me do the marketing so you can focus on selling more books


I am bringing awesome news today as during the weekend I was focused on a new e-book created by Nick Stephenson. Although I follow Nick for over a year now and I always enjoy his video training sessions, this book surprised me. I was not expecting that Nick would reveal so many important details about his self-publishing processes.


Nick’s Background

He’s an Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo best-selling author of fiction and non-fiction. Additionally, he helps other authors and entrepreneurs find their first 10,000 readers. Over 1 million people have downloaded Nick’s books.

He is one of my mentors and he is the best when it comes to self-publishing tactics that work Right Now.


For a full review of Nick’s premium training continue here.


Reader Magnets


First of all the book is free, you can get it by simply following this link.


What is all About

To bring readers that are truly interested in what you have to offer. An irresistible force that draws readers to the promise of getting great/valuable content and building a strong connection. It’s about a meaningful interaction with the right set of people and creating a direct line of trust for the long run.

The key thing is not to go after a quick and dirty sale, you can build the foundation of a successful business for years to come.


What Nick accomplished using the “Reader Magnets” technique

  • He launches new books in the top #200 on Amazon.
  • His last email campaign brought in thousands of sales
  • He does not need to rely on Amazon, iBooks or any other retailers to make a living.
  • He does not pay for advertisers to get sales and compete for spots.
  • He got 1,000 subscribers in a couple of weeks
  • His audience continues to grow on auto-pilot


How is he doing that?

It is all about getting readers to commit.


Then Nick describes the whole process from start to finish. A step by step guide to help any aspiring author get his work in front of the right “Eyes”. And that can be accomplished by making readers subscribe to your list by offering free books on giant retailers, and extra bonuses with the help of a landing page.

It is not enough to have people sign up to your email newsletter without offering superior value first. And Reader Magnets will clarify everything for you.


I don’t have to reveal anything more at the moment. Besides, it’s way better to read the book on your own.







The Power of Communication


Key Points

  • The power of email is huge compared to social media traffic and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.
  • You own your list. Nobody can take it away or change the rules (Facebook, Amazon, Google)
  • You dictate the content. You can write whatever you want, promote any product you like, cover any subject or topic. You don’t have to pay extra money for advertising.

You can use your email list to launch your new books and/or run promotions on your existing work to give it a boost.


Important Steps

I won’t go into much detail but rather I will give you a summary of what’s included in the rest of the book.

  • Step #1 – Set Up your books: what to do if you don’t have a book ready yet, what to do if you do have one ready. Examples and instructions on how to use retailers sites and what free bonuses to offer.
  • Step #2 – Drive traffic and convert it into subscribers. How to set up a landing page the right way and make visitors hungry for more.
  • Step #3 – Integrate your landing page with your email provider.


What you Can do Using Reader Magnets

The entire process takes about 5 days to implement. Then you will have an email list that is growing as long as you have something to offer to your readers. Additionally, you can expect

  • Extra sales as a result of the mailing list
  • Get reviews for your books by segmenting your list into a specific group of loyal readers that are willing to give reviews on new items. Nick is using this tactic with pre-release copies of his books.
  • Beta readers
  • Build a social media platform later on. You don’t build a loyal following by making connections with random people. First, you have to bring fans of your work into your mailing list. Then you can ask them to follow you on social media.


Extra Goodies


A list of other book marketing titles and blogs that Nick have read and found immensely helpful, plus…

2 Case Studies

Study #1 – How one author boosted his sales from $20 to $3,000 per month

A mystery author, Michael Maxwell, partnered with Nick Stephenson for his new launch. Michael has been writing novels for years and spent a long time querying agents and sending off manuscripts before deciding to self-publish. Like many new authors when starting out he struggled to find a readership early on.

Although he had glowing reviews, professional editing, stellar formatting, great designed covers, enticing product descriptions the books just weren’t finding their target market.

After a quick glance over his back catalog, Nick recommended a few tweaks to ensure Michael’s books were showing up where readers were actually looking.


The results were pretty phenomenal


Study #2 – Russell Blake

Russell began his writing career in 2011 and has written over 45 novels, including co-authored books with literary heavyweight Clive Cussler, and has hit the 1st page of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists on more than one occasion.

Russell’s approach to publishing: Business is filled with difficult truths, especially retail, which is what the book business is. He tends to argue for several things:

  • Quality, adequate craft, editing and packaging
  • Production speed to meet income objectives
  • Genre choices that will maximize possible success

He puts out top-quality work and regularly writes for 8-12 hours per day to meet his publishing deadlines. He keeps his focus on what matters most: keeping his readers happy.

Right from the beginning, Russell understood that it takes time to develop a readership. The first 10 months were tough for him. But ha managed to become successful.


Fast forward a few years, Russell is still keeping up his impressive production schedule. There was only one key objective Russell wanted to address.


Take his book launches to the next level


Nick and Russell developed a strong platform for fans where Russell would have the chance to communicate with them about new releases and promotions. Not only, but he could also implement a focused launch strategy to build excitement and drive more sales during the launch weeks.

Nick describes the whole process and the results so I won’t have to proceed with details right now.


More goodies that will arrive soon

Free video training sessions






Update 11 June 2017


Video series

The training is absolutely amazing and Nick covers in details the whole process. If you are an advanced writer or experienced blogger, podcaster, coach you can take advantage to approach masses of people without having to be sleazy or salesy.

Most importantly Nick is showing you how to give incredible value to your readers by giving away Free material at the exact right times to engage with a selected portion of your subscribers. As an effect, you wipe out people that don’t want a long-term relationship and you keep your focus and efforts on people that really matter for your brand.

Nick is explaining everything, his approaches are modern and straight to the point. He defines his audience, he is giving value and Free stuff strategically and then turns random subscribers into raving fans. Every brand needs fans. Not just simple subscribers.


You don’t want to lose that training




This is your chance to let me do the marketing so you can focus on selling more books



Final Words


Nick is breaking the barriers for struggling entrepreneurs and aspiring authors that want to hit the bookshelves. The self-publishing way is a beautiful inbound strategy that can work in any segment of the market.

If you follow Nick’s methods you will build a loyal fan base and you won’t have to rely on external retailers and Giants to drive traffic and make sales. You can do it on your own and the formula is pretty much simplified.


I absolutely endorse Nick Stephenson’s work and I suggest that you get the copy of this e-book now. You won’t regret it. Reader Magnets is a book that you don’t want to miss. If you are an author or you want to become one then this book is the starting point of an exciting career.


Other Nick Stephenson’s Resources:


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. Go grab the free eBook now and I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.




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