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You're Reading:Nick Stephenson Adds Incredible Value With Free Books & Video Training

Nick Stephenson Adds Incredible Value With Free Books & Video Training

by Tasos


Jul 11, 2016

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USA Today Bestselling author Nick Stephenson:

On August 20th, Nick shared a proven blueprint to go from $0 to $1,000 per month (or more) from book sales.

Attendance was limited to 500 people – and as a result, many people got left out. 

The webinar replay is now available until the end of the month. You can also download the webinar in video and audio format, and slides.

Workshop replay

Today I am very excited to bring you awesome news. During the last week, I watched the free video training series that Nick Stephenson has put together and read his e-book called Reader Magnets.

Nick has become one of my very favorite speakers and with that free material is revealing a lot of secrets for authors that want to take action and self-publish their work.

For a full review on Nick Stephenson’s premium training continue here.

Nick Stephenson – Free Books & Video Training

What To Expect


Nick is breaking down the importance of building an audience on your own. Why you should attract people on Amazon and other retailer sites but with the purpose to drive them onto your mailing list in order to become your fans.


It all starts with an irresistible offer, a reader magnet that attracts readers to the promise of getting valuable content. Nick is doing that on Amazon and other retailers like Kobo, iTunes, and Nook setting the price of his e-book to ZERO. This is his “Funnel Book”.

Then he promises to deliver another book for free in exchange for the email address of each user. The “Magnet Book”.

Moreover, he uses a website with a landing page to collect email addresses and deliver the second free “Magnet” book. Additionally, he highlights the usage of auto-responded emails and the sequence he is using to add value and keep his readers happy and active.


What Is All About


Nick is an amazing speaker and beyond his lovely voice, I like his character as well. He is descriptive and gets to the point right away without annoying.

That video training is a break down of his key points to an author’s success through self-publishing.


Important parts of the training


  • How to convert random traffic into subscribers
  • How to overcome the 4 major objections that all people face (apathy, cynicism, mental barriers, and procrastination)
  • The steps to a successful email launch series with examples
  • Specific strategies to scale up your email list
  • How to automate the whole procedure

The Premium Package – “Your First 10K Readers”


Full review on “Your first 10k Readers”.

The premium version of the training includes everything Nick has to share with his students. Beyond all the above-mentioned points he will be showing you…

  • How to get 100+ 5-star ethical reviews for your books and offers
  • How to create a launch team to spread the word about you and your brand
  • The launch blueprint – how to launch your next book or product online by overcoming objections and getting people excited to buy
  • How to use Facebook advertising to scale up

and more…

What’s Included


5 core modules plus advanced training and bonuses – step by step digital training program with live support (lifetime access to all the material)

Module 01

4 video sessions – 90 minutes covering

  • Why Amazon is a search engine of buyers
  • the secret to scoring merchandising deals
  • how online retailers really work
  • pricing strategies
  • KDP Select vs Broad reach

Module 02

4 videos – 90 minutes

  • how to drive endless traffic to your books and websites
  • how to leverage the e-book search engines to show up where readers are already looking for
  • Keywords and categories research
  • How to Promote like a Pro and which advertisers are worthwhile
  • A strategy to scale up

Module 03

4 videos – 70+ minutes

  • Build your platform – convert browsers into committed fans
  • The proven system to get readers OFF Amazon and onto your mailing list
  • How Nick found 16K new readers without free promotions
  • The step by step process to turn your author website into a money-making machine

Module 04

6 videos – 120+ minutes

  • How to sell to your platform without using scammy or sleazy tactics
  • Why building trust is more important and more profitable than making a quick sale
  • How to get readers waiting for your new launches and the 4 objections to overcome (in detail)
  • The exact process he is using to get 5-star reviews from just one email

Module 05

3 videos – 45 minutes

  • Launch day strategies
  • The system to use to launch new releases into the top #250 on Amazon and the top #15 on Nook, Kobo, iTunes
  • How to build your own Street / Launch team
  • The number one mistake most authors make on launch day and what you should do instead

Bonus Module – Facebook advertising

  • Facebook profit on auto-pilot
  • Forget organic traffic – how to use 1 billion users database with paid ads
  • How to target your perfect readership
  • How to track and manage your ads so they remain profitable
  • How to scale your marketing to exponentially increase your results

Advanced training

  • 6 video sessions – 4 hours with leading authors and entrepreneurs including (Joanna Penn, Mark Dawson, Bryan Cohen, Simon Whistler) and others
  • Topics – How we increased Joanna Penn’s conversion rates by 50%, How Mark Dawson scored merchandising with Amazon for 12 titles, How Bryan Cohen sold 3000 books in one day using online events and more…
  • Find out these authors’ secrets and apply the lessons to your business

Live Support

  • Case Studies
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group where hundreds of other authors are there to help you
  • Nick and his team are active daily on the Facebook group to help you even further

More Bonuses – Tools of the Trade

  • Online tools Nick is using to manage his business
  • How to create high converting opt-in pages
  • How to get thousands of readers using giveaways
  • How to research categories and keywords with a click of a button
  • How to automate your email marketing using Mailchimp

and more…


More Bonuses – Group coaching

  • Pre-recorded Q&A sessions with real students – asking anything, Nick answering
  • Technology setups, Facebook advertising strategies, setting up effective websites, choosing the best reader magnets
  • Download the videos and audios

Last Bonus – Six-Figure Email Swipe Copy

  • His email copy
  • Exact duplicates of the most successful email campaigns he sent
  • Putting what you’ve learned into practice- all the emails you will send afterward, one by one explained
  • Swipe them, tweak them, use them as needed. No need for questions here

Final Words

I am super excited as I already mentioned at the beginning of the article. Nick has proved his value throughout the free video training series and he knows what he does.

Additionally, the “Reader Magnets” free e-book is a goldmine itself.

There are 3 options as Nick says

  • 1 – Do nothing and expect nothing to change
  • 2 – Go on your own with trial and errors
  • 3 – Buy the premium package to speed up your results and build a brand effectively.


I absolutely recommend that you take action immediately. Nick is a marketing expert and can help you not only sell books but any products or services you offer.

His step by step system works and he is a fan of adding value all along the way. This is how modern marketing works. You have to build trust before you make sales. And engaging with your audience is very critical, instead of chasing numbers.


The price stays the same, as you can trace it in my previous review, it is very affordable and it’s a huge deal for what you get. Plus, you’ll receive my huge bonuses bundled with this course. Have in mind that other entrepreneurs are charging X3 X4 times.

Other Nick Stephenson’s Resources:

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I look forward to seeing your next author’s success story and I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. For more information, I refer you to the disclaimer page.

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