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Images are the lifeblood of any website property. Magazines, blogs, agencies, entrepreneurs, individuals use them on a daily basis. While the majority of photos can only be purchased there are resources and sites that offer free images that you can use in any way you want. I have already published a series of related articles and today I came across another beautiful website….




Inside “Negative Space”



The simplistic by design homepage welcome visitors with a main headline…

Beautiful, Free high-resolution photos with no restrictions. For commercial or personal projects, all of the CC0 licensed images are completely free to use.


CC0 License – You have the right to 

  • Download any photo
  • Use, copy, edit, share those photos
  • You don’t need to provide any attribution although they encourage you to do so.



Their goal is to give photographers a platform where they can share images with the world.


How it Works

You simply perform a search or browse through the….



  • Architecture, art & design, Business
  • Food & drink, landscapes, nature
  • People, sport, technology
  • Transport, travel, typography

Popular collections

  • Camera, code
  • iPhone, MacBook
  • UX, web design

Another cool feature is that when you open an image the app enlists related images. Additionally, they provide a mini statistic option to check how many views an image has in total, and the original source.





Photographs – Examples





Blueberries Bowl – by Joanna Malinowska







Black Vinyl Turntable White Laptop – by Pixabay








Woman Headphones Pink Background – by Alice Moore








Underground Subway Train Tunnel – by Andre Benz









Mother Child Classic Car – by Sebastien Hamel









You can Advertise on NegativeSpace


They offer banner ads and dedicated sponsored spots on the homepage, category collections, and search result pages.


  • Sidebar Sticky 300×600, 20,000 impressions, $5
  • Sidebar Top 300×250, 20,000 impressions, $5

Sponsored content lasts for 7 days, including a linked image and title. Moreover, they will share it on their social media accounts. Right now Shutterstock is being advertised on Negative Space.



Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I uncover the registration date for the domain, 30 January 2015. The owners are using privacy protection.




Final Words



It is essential to renew your stock images arsenal whenever possible. That is why I am always on a hunt for new resources.

Whenever I come across such a site I immediately subscribe to their email list. Most of them deliver the photos in your inbox, a very practical way to enlarge your collection.







I hope you enjoyed this resource as much as I do. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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