You're Reading:Is “My Income Place” a Program Where We Can Thrive Financially?…Not Exactly

Is “My Income Place” a Program Where We Can Thrive Financially?…Not Exactly

by Tasos


Jan 27, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

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We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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Another advertising revenue sharing company is under investigation today. Of course it is promising huge earnings to its members, all they have to do is sign up and purchase ad packs. Then profits will be rolling in because that kind of companies supposedly share revenue with their valuable members.

Is it so easy to make money online?…are we living among a new army of investing millionaires that profit everyday from these programs?…is there any risk in investing at all?…


I really hope that…



My Income Place is a Place Where We Can Thrive Financially?



Welcoming headlines on the homepage...

  • Purchase ad packs & start earning
  • Your perfect place to invest
  • Become a member and get $1 bonus to try our platform
  • MIP is a professional advertising company that provides high quality ads to boost your online business

Here is an interesting claim…” We know that for many users it is important to know if our platform has external income, My Income Place is backed to guarantee the sustainability of our System by AP-USA Construction Company of multi-family and commercial projects. In Los Angeles California USA”



Their Core Services

  • Ad Pack Plans
  • Business Directory Ads
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Text Ads
  • Login Ads
  • Affiliate Commissions


Ad Packs with Strong “External” Income

  • #1 Copper – Turn $1 into $1.25, Mature at 125%, 50/50 rule (meaning you have to reinvest half of the earnings), daily return 5%, 15% referral commissions, 2000 ad credits, 10 directory listings, NO requirements, max ad packs 150
  • #2 Silver – Turn $5 into $7.50, matures 150%, 75/25 rule, daily return variable, 15% ref commissions, 5000 ad credits, 25 dir ads, copper packs #1 required 100, max ad packs 5
  • #3 Gold – Turn $10 into $13, matures 130%, 50/50 rule, daily return 10%, 15%  ref commissions, 10,000 ad credits, 50 dir ads, 250 silver packs required, max packs 500
  • #4 Ruby – Turn $20 into $31, matures 155%, 75/25 rule, daily return variable, 15% ref commissions, 20,000 ad credits, 100 dir ads, 100 gold ad packs required, max ad packs 500
  • #5 Diamond – Turn $40 into $54, matures 135%, 75/25 rule, daily return 20%, 15% ref commissions, 30,000 ad credits, 200 dir ads, 350 ruby packs required, max packs 1000


…they underline, Daily return up to 20%, distribution every 5 minutes…


You have to watch 8 ads daily in order to participate in the revenue sharing pools.


The ROIs promised are extremely high and can not be guaranteed in any case. Another important detail is that the program use an obvious Pay-to-Play system in which you have to invest more and more dollars in order to step to the next level ad packs.


The 15% referral commissions is split into 3 levels – MLM

1st 10%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 2%

Advertisers Benefits

  • Affordable advertising packages
  • Super fast response
  • Custom price offers
  • Targeted, guaranteed pro quality and quick traffic
  • Traffic from outside site members too


Statistics Shown

  • Launched 08 Dec 2016
  • Total members 3293
  • Total Purchases $36,000+
  • Total Payouts $7,200+


Payment Processors

Payza, AdvCash, OK Pay, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, bitcoin

Other Features

Licensed script, SiteLock Malware free, Comodo SSL


it failed the SSL test, it is obviously an http URL


FAQ – Important

Do I need to view ads to earn?…NO, 100% passive income, except for ad packs that have a daily assigned percentage of return, there you have to surf 8 ads to receive distribution.

How your Profit sharing works?…we share profits from every ad pack sales, with all members who have active ad packs. But we do not guarantee any profits, or speed of earning from profit sharing


Compare these 2 answers and then compare them to the Ad Packs details where they Mention fixed daily returns. Ad Packs #1, #3, #5 have 5%, 10%, and 20% return daily.

They do not guarantee any profits, or speed of earnings but they can guarantee daily return at the same time,..


Now let’s talk about the 5% daily return, which is the lowest, but…anyone could make a fortune out of it alone. Come on people, 5% daily return?…Is My Income Place the Bank of the World holding Shares from Every Multi Billion Company out there?…we don’t have to discuss about the 20% daily return, do we?


FAQ continues…

Is “My Income Place” a HYIP, Ponzi, pyramid scheme or illegal?….NO, they say, we sell advertising services, not profits.


Let me answer on this one with my conclusion


Owners – Domain

By performing a whois search I found out that the registration date was 04 Oct 2016, while the owners remain anonymous for the public using privacy protection.

Well, let’s see what we have…The anonymous owners at “My Income Place” talk about a connection with a construction company somewhere in LA, USA…AP-USA construction company.

By performing a Google search I found a company A.P Construction. Co on the URL apconst.com. The headquarters are in Stamford, CT. I searched inside for the terms “My income place” & “MyIncomePlace”…no results.

Another company found on the URL apconstruction.com, in Philadelphia and New Jersey. I searched for these 2 terms mentioned above…No results

Another one found on LinkedIn, named A.P Construction company, in Stamford…by doing a CTRL+F search on page I could not find any mention of “My Income Place”.

Another one found on the URL a-p.com, named Adolfson & Peterson Construction, with offices in various American states but not in Los Angeles. I performed a search on the 2 terms mentioned again and I got No results as well.


There is no other company online under that name in Los Angeles, as they provided on “My Income Place” the “Anonymous” owners.


And even if we believe that there is a construction company that has a connection with My Income Place…Let me ask you this question…Where are the photos of the owners of My Income Place and those of the AP Construction company?…I was waiting to find articles, images of the facilities, the “Real” connection between the construction with the advertising services because it is very unusual for an advertising company claiming something like that.

And they do that on purpose, not to be accused for a Ponzi structure.







My Income Place Ad Platform



I am member of this program for a few weeks now and I had purchased the Copper Ad Pack using a bonus upon registration. If I remember correctly I got the bonus because I signed up during the pre-launch phase.


Here is what I published on the Revenue Sharing & HYIP monitoring page a few days ago…

06 Jan 2017 there is $1 repurchase balance bonus that you can use to buy the copper ad pack and test the platform for results. You get 2000 banner credits but the minimum is set to 2500, you get 2000 text credits with the minimum at 2000 (you can place only 1 text ad), no directory or cash link credits. Clicking on directory ads is not giving directory credits nor adds cash to your balance, only 1 cash link ad available, so the only way to make money is wait for the ad pack to mature…but how an ad pack can mature if no one watches ads..!!!…poor services…20 Jan 2017 same admin on WholeWorldAdPays.com & USRevShare.com


Now let’s see how the platform operates,…

Right now there is a problem with the Payza processor…All members are asked to proceed with an external method…Inconvenient

The Cash Links department is a disappointment. 1-2 or even zero ads displayed. Another sign that the company is not a giant as they claim.

The directory ads is another element that adds to my suspicions. I can see ads of My Income Place, USRevShare, WholeWorldAdPays and a few ads from other advertisers. Not so many affiliates are placing any ads, nobody is interested in watching ads, this is a platform to avoid.

Clicking on directory ads does not give you directory credits….many things are wrong with this platform.


Another thing I want to highlight here….They talk about traffic from outside of the site as well

It is pointless for someone that is not a member to click on the ads displayed on that website. And the only ads can someone click without being a member are the directory ads and all belong to the same owner (s). MyIncomePlace, USRevShare and WholeWorldAdPays.

So we talk about a visitor that landed on My Income Place website and clicked the ads. Not only that someone will not gain anything, more importantly the ads that will be clicked on do not belong to the members. So you get NO outside traffic. In reality all traffic generated belongs to members / affiliates.


You can buy ad packs using both the main and the repurchase balance apart from the payment processors, and that is positive.

There is an option to upgrade your account in order to increase your earnings. 30 days for $25. How exactly you are going to be benefited is not clarified. Additionally you can choose to buy vacation days plan.

Minimum cashout $2.50, maximum $100.


Ads Purchases – Examples

7 days fixed banner ads – 125X125 at $3, 468X60 at $5, 728X90 at $7.


Connection with WholeWorldAdPays, and USRevShare

The admin announced by emails that they are seeking for partners from the other 2 sister projects they run. Additionally he underlined that because the USRevShare website is under re-construction members can request to transfer their funds from there to “MyIncomePlace”.


That story seems awkward and very suspicious.


Why would they ask for the funds to be transferred, we can wait for the other 2 platforms to operate normally in the near future, why is this hurry?…We can invest in any of the 3 platforms we choose….besides they have external sources of income as they claim, or do they not?




Let’s analyse the facts now…






Final Words




My Income Place fails to deliver its promises dramatically….Here is why…

  • The site is not SSL encrypted
  • There is no “Outside” traffic, a pure traffic exchange for affiliates who invested in the system
  • No connection with the AP-USA construction company, no company found in Los Angeles.
  • The owners are hiding their real identities, there is not even a single phrase written about the other construction mother company.
  • Obviously the stock photos can not add prestige to the pseudo company.
  • Daily returns of 5% up to 20% is outside of this world. The Pay to Play ad packs mechanism is a huge scam to dry off pockets from newbies, wanna be investors.
  • The ad platform beyond the beautiful design has nothing new to offer, Mediocre ad services and only a few affiliates placing their own ads. Over 90% of the ads belong to the owners.


And YES, it is another pure Ponzi program that is going to die once recruitment slows down. Because all money coming in “My Income Place” is funds from affiliates. New members pay off earlier investors. No external cash flow, sorry guys.

And who is making money?…the owners of course and may be a few friends.

Members will be watching excited their dashboards grow with fictitious numbers while they will be combounding ad packs and re-investing like maniacs and when the withdrawal requests can not be executed it will be too late for late affiliates to receive any promised return. Then may be a dance of sweet excuses will take place, like it happened with “My24HourIncome”….or….

At that time the admins will been long gone ready for their next Ponzi.


Very dangerous program, I suggest that you avoid it at all costs.



Update 13 Mar 2017

I had purchased the copper ad pack using the $1 bonus. But the pack did not receive much commissions and expired although I was clicking on the available ads almost daily. My main balance is around $0.67 and I can not reach the $1 threshold again because of the very few cash link ads. A valuable test that proved this is a poor platform. That is why I never buy out of my pocket.




How to make Money Online



Participating in such low quality revenue sharing masquerades is worst than gambling. I know it sounds like the easiest way to make money but it is the riskiest of all. You are solely dependent on the intentions of anonymous owners that can and will disappear with your money without having to give any excuses.

However if you are willing to work then I suggest you get started with an affiliate website. This is how I started 2 years ago and I definitely love it. The time is right and the time is Now.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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