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You're Reading:My Cycler – Greek Ponzi Scheme Shamelessly Dressed as Advertising Platform

My Cycler – Greek Ponzi Scheme Shamelessly Dressed as Advertising Platform

by Tasos


Dec 13, 2016





The affiliate promoting this program was acting like a kid. “listen to me, man if you want to make something memorable, if you want a great future ahead sign up with this link, you won’t regret it..”…I was having fun though..”Really, OK, let me review this offer and I will get back to you”…

OK, I got back with a full review on a new innovative advertising platform ….



Inside My Cycler



  • New secret technology designed for no stopping the cycling speed…..I wonder how many miles per hour this cycler can reach..!!
  • We launched 27 Nov 2016..total members 7000+ … total purchases $400,000+ … total payouts $30,000+….Wow, impressive, but obviously Fake
  • An advertising company offering high quality services to promote your business and at the same time make money with our Straight Line Cycler.
  • The only advertising company offering a full Network Marketing Training in the form of videos and e-books.

FAQ: This is not an investment company, HYIP or Ponzi scheme. You purchase advertising packages to promote your offers. Earnings are just a bonus to our valuable members





As with all modern ad platforms you get ad credits bundled with every purchase. Then, you can use these credits to advertise websites, landing pages, affiliate products, whatever you want…

The series of videos and e-books.


How it Works – CompensationPlan



You pay $10 to purchase position in the Cycler. That $10 create 5 X $2 positions on Level 1 (steel line), one every day for the first 5 days.

When a $2 position purchased you are placed on The Steel Line. The Steel Line is 3X1 company forced straight line matrix. When the position completes you earn $6. The $6 opens you a new $2 position on Steel Line and $4 opens you a position on Bronze Line.

…and goes on for 5 cycling levels

  • Level 1 (Steel Line) – 3 X 1 forced matrix – entry fee $2 – pays 3 X $2 = $6 of which $4 goes to Level 2 and $2 for 1 new position on Level 1
  • Level 2 (Bronze Line) – 3 X 1 matrix – entry fee $4 – pays 3 X $4 = $12 of which $8 goes to Level 3 and $2 for 1 new position on Level 1 – Profits $2
  • Level 3 (Silver Line) – 3 X 1 matrix – entry fee $8 – pays 3 X $8 = $24 of which $16 goes to Level 4 and $2 for 1 new position on Level 1 and $2 to your sponsor (upline) – Profits $4
  • Level 4 (Gold Line) – 3 X 1 matrix – entry fee $16 – pays 3 X $16 = $48 of which $32 goes to Level 5 and $2 for 1 new position on Level 1 and $6 to your sponsor – Profits $8
  • Level 5 (Platinum Line) – 3 X 1 matrix – entry fee $32 – pays 3 X $32 = $96 of which $40 goes for 20 new positions on Level 1 and $10 to your sponsor and $10 admin fees – Profits $36


  • Total profits to withdraw when the cycler ends $50
  • Total 24 new positions on Level 1 auto generated
  • Total future earnings of new positions 24 X $50 = $1200
  • Members can buy multi positions for $10 every 15 minutes


Is this the opportunity of the century…?….it seems like one?…then wait for my conclusion






Payments processors available

Payza, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin


Owner of My Cycler

The owner is from my country, Greece and his name is Manos Sergakis. He is presented as a Network Marketing Expert / consultant. Over the years he has developed unique strategies and approaches to professional service business marketing. He created tons of content, videos, live streams…etc.

However a Google search uncovers just other old rev share companies and cyclers along with his name. I could not find a website where he demonstrates his own marketing work.



Final Words



The fact that the owner is from my country won’t make my review any different.

Sergakis founded the MS advertising LTD in Sandanski, Bulgaria. And there is a reason for that. Bulgaria is a known mini tax haven for neighbor Greek entrepreneurs that want to pay reduced taxes and enjoy other economical benefits. But by doing so they do not participate in the Greek pension system. They just saving some of their costs.

Anyway, this is not a very important factor to consider, what is important is the straight forward Ponzi structure of “MyCycler”.


There are no retail products of course, and the ad credits bundled along with the matrix positions won’t save the day. The key thing is that all money coming in My Cycler are money from new investors / affiliates and are being used in order to pay off existing investors / affiliates.

A classic Ponzi scheme in its simplest form.

Ponzi schemes do not last long because recruitment of new affiliates can not last forever. At the beginning these companies might pay their members but from some point on no new money will roll in and as a result an inevitable collapse will take place.

The owner, holding multi top positions on every matrix will receive the most of funds. Some of the earlier investors might make a profit if they manage to withdraw their earnings soon enough. However the vast majority of late participants that won’t be able to cycle out will lose all their investments.

With MyCycler program allowing members to hold multi positions and considering the $10 monthly costs I can predict affiliates losing way more than the initial $10 fees. A very expensive cycler compared to others.


The e-books & videos might seem like products but are only accessible to affiliates that take place in the Matrices. My Cycler is just another recruiting game and nothing more .


Sorry, but that is the reality with modern cyclers, revenue sharing companies and HYIPs.


If you want to join MyCycler this might be a good season, with the cycler running for one month only. But at the end of the game your recruited affiliates will lose money and you risk in damaging your reputation.




How I make Money Online Ethically



I do not gamble with my money. Only from time to time, and just for fun. I am not promoting companies that do not offer value and I do not recruit people into these “Bad Pyramid Schemes”.

What I do is promoting Real & Valuable products / services from companies around the globe. Such products that people enjoy and use. More importantly I don’t have to pay in order to join these companies

I always suggest people to get started with their own website, just like I did, 2 years ago. Endless business opportunities, long term potential and no risks.

One and only catch though…your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help






That’s it, another review has finished here, on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.


















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