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You're Reading:My 24 Hour Income – Big Problems / Frozen Withdrawals – the Final Countdown has Begun

My 24 Hour Income – Big Problems / Frozen Withdrawals – the Final Countdown has Begun

by Tasos


Dec 21, 2016




Today I am bringing you news about a revenue sharing advertising platform that I monitor for the last 2 months, among many others. Such a bad program in which I did not invest a penny. And there were many reasons that kept me away from the system…



My 24 Hour Income Ponzi



  • Awful advertising services, almost non existent. Where are the credits for visiting directory ads?
  • Only a few PTC ads now and then, the same over and over again.
  • No one is advertising, everyone is buying positions / ad packs.
  • A system that pays off existing members who invested earlier with funds deposited from new affiliates.
  • A pure Ponzi structure leading mathematically to the final disaster.


An admin, Drew Burton, making funny videos supporting his big scam, claiming that there are even people getting rich thanks to that platform. That 2 months ago.


No retail products, no value, just funds upon funds to create a short period of semi healthy “money” cycles  During the first period will all these Ponzi schemes the owners and a bunch of early investors make a profit, on the expense of the vast majority of late investors / affiliates, who will watch their money vanish in the thin air.


I have already analysed the situation dozen times and it is not getting any better. That systems are born everyday attracting investments like magnets, mostly from people that have no idea with what companies they deal. Or they think that getting rich is a piece of cake as long as you participate in these bad schemes.


Problems Begun




Now times have changed, and Mr Burton can only recall those days, when people were getting rich with that phenomenal system of my 24 hour income.

But the site is down for weeks now, under a permanent maintenance cover.

The url my24hourincome informs members that they are working on the background.


I bet they do, preparing their final escape. Another MLM revenue sharing ad platform empty of everything is been taken down, but the admins want to show a calm spirit and who knows, may be new victims will be found to deposit even more….if…they will return


A centered video produced by Burton announces the big withdrawal problems that begun when many members asked to get paid at once. The magnificent system of my 24 hour income can not support withdrawals anymore.

And why is that?…The answer is very simple. Recruitment of new affiliates slowed down and no new money coming in. That means funds will be frozen and members will witness their requests in pending mode for ages.


Drew took it one step further, trying to cover the collapse with funny announcements.

They will return with a new script, (the script was fine, it is was not a problem) but Drew had to say something, Additionally they will operate under their own hosted territory. (another fake reason, just to show that the team is looking for solutions)

They will accept withdrawals of $10 per member and they will try to increase the threshold, a dollar per day.


What makes this even more funny (depressing) is that I remember affiliates promoting this biz opp as unique and especially one of them talking about Drew Burton as a “very cool guy”…Being scammed in his own total ignorance,


If you have already invested and you did not make a profit yet, then I can tell you that your money is lost forever. This is with what people mess when they do not do their own due diligence before they decide to invest in such glorious and very promising systems.



When will you stop this madness?…Still there is time to get things done…There are solutions my friends. Legitimate companies exist, both offline and online.





That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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